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20 Nov 2021



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Chico Wavi
Chico Wavi Vor Monat
Bron hit that man on purpose
Michael Sayce
Michael Sayce Vor Monat
@cambo Yep & bigger puss off the court, lucky for us the Lakers play the Pistons again Sunday so lets see if Lecrybaby shows up to play or fakes another injury so he doesnt have to face Stewart! he got 1game & Stewart got 2 game suspension so they are both elgible to play sunday! lets see
Ruff Godz
Ruff Godz Vor Monat
@traneia patterson lmao y'all haters always finding a way to hate the man but if the 10's does it y'all praise them lol
traneia patterson
@Ruff Godz and not denying it!😊 Feel better???
Ruff Godz
Ruff Godz Vor Monat
@traneia patterson Lmao typical hater
Ralph Pinkins
Ralph Pinkins Vor Monat
Jaime Garcia Gonzalez
Totally on purpose, out of frustration pistons were doing great…
Vice Versa
Vice Versa Vor Monat
Lebron has NEVER been the type of player to intentionally want to hurt someone it’s wild how much y’all just want to tear that man down. Y’all been finding every damn way to. It was a box out and Lebron did mean to get him off but didn’t try to intentionally hurt that man. Stop being a sheep and a goofy and open your eyes.
carolyn Williams
That was not on purpose .yall always doing to much.
Jaron Taylor
Jaron Taylor Vor Monat
@Steve tell me where LeBron hurt you lol
Jaron Taylor
Jaron Taylor Vor Monat
@Eric Baira most people saying it was intentional we’re just LeBron haters to the begin with🤷🏾‍♂️. Extreme bias on both sides
Jay Dub
Jay Dub Vor Monat
@Steve But y’all love to LeHate… I can’t stand haters… Y’all are the worse
Ab Serrano
Ab Serrano Vor Monat
LeBron could see the other player from the corner of his eye. That hit was intentional.
JJ Vor Monat
Julio Robinson
Julio Robinson Vor Monat
Yup if you look very close at his elbows he rears back with power it was his left shoulder perfectly aimed towards his facial area.
Shaun Gotti
Shaun Gotti Vor Monat
He pushing his arm tf you expected him to do? Dance?
Mr. Nevs
Mr. Nevs Vor Monat
That was a VERY intentional swipe, he partially turned and in no way was he shedding the player, don’t shed at the head.
Daquan Curry
Daquan Curry Vor Monat
Bron should be suspended that was purely intentional.
Dragon Father
Dragon Father Vor Monat
Isaiah would make an excellent pass rusher in the NFL…he looked like chandler jones trying to maul lebron 😂
doshin7777 Vor Monat
He should be playing for DET lions!!
moe moe
moe moe Vor Monat
They could even chop block him🤣
Woodism Vor Monat
@Robert Bryan Lebron is the mirror in which Isaiah wants to see himself!!!!
Just ME
Just ME Vor Monat
@Robert Bryan the dude can play , but he is a douchebag- the NBA will slap his hand and Stewart will be fined heavily!!
Robert Bryan
Robert Bryan Vor Monat
I remember when LeBron get hit like that the Lakers will be talking its a Dirty fucking play LeBron was frustrated so he threw the elbow purposely I hate LeBron when it comes to basketball because when it comes to him it's a new set of rules
Nick Conley
Nick Conley Vor Monat
“Idk what he was trying to do” 😅. And you know Westbrook wanted to get in that “how the hell I got a tec” 😂
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed Vor Monat
It was a ricochet
@Shannon kamal who you ? The girlfriend?
Shannon kamal
Shannon kamal Vor Monat
@IAMKINGCHRIS but he kept charging soo 🤷🏾‍♂️
Yeah AD was like we would have got your other eye you kept charging like that
Gforcebond Vor Monat
I got a feeling this isn't over.
Vice Versa
Vice Versa Vor Monat
Isaiah gone get his ass beat LOL
R. James
R. James Vor Monat
@david nieves if he fought a professional he’d probably just be leaking a lot more blood.
R. James
R. James Vor Monat
@david nieves was never a professional boxer. Training in boxing and boxing professionally are not the same thing.
Nope Isaiah from Rochester New York and boxed throughout high school and still does! He want all the smoke
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid Vor Monat
@david nieves 🤣🤣🤣 What on earth are you talking about? He wasn't in shock. He caught an elbow. Dropped to the floor then approached LeBron and was less than a foot away. He had all the time in the world to do something. And what does Isaiah Thomas have to do with anything?
B. Kawhi-it
B. Kawhi-it Vor Monat
Bron ran for his life🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yo, that hit was intentional though!🤷🏿‍♂️
B. Kawhi-it
B. Kawhi-it Vor Monat
Awwwwww, listen to the BRONSEXUALS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ In severe denial....The video don't lie bro. That elbow was intentional. Can't wait to see how the Bronsexual Execs handle this one😂😂😂
Vice Versa
Vice Versa Vor Monat
Y’all just hate that man LOL. He ain’t even run he was literally standing there 😂 honestly he helped Isaiah career by not fighting back why risk getting suspended for weeks and fined for a dumb ass fight
largec Vor Monat
Not intentional, that was an accident.
Jhonni Boii
Jhonni Boii Vor Monat
@JediFett big difference is if Lebron actually trained to fight then he would win. Crazy advantage Lebron has, but off of career wise of course someone who has a background and is a professional fighter should have the advantage. 😂
Shogun Vor Monat
@Michael Myers Stewart was probabaly asking Lebron " did you did that one purpose?" and Stewart was not happy with the answer. Once he saw how bad the cut was, when blood flow through his face, he finally lost it.
Marlena Lavaka
Marlena Lavaka Vor Monat
Bron did that on purpose. funny how Westbrook you're a joke
Matthew Stump
Matthew Stump Vor Monat
On purpose? He was hitting his arm off of him. Stewart's face was just there.
SebBdr Rdamer
SebBdr Rdamer Vor Monat
damn man that was a dirty dirty hit the guy was about to eat lebron alive for that play
dmckenna05 Vor Monat
"It wasn't... *clears throat* on purpose..." that was hilarious
DanteAllDay Vor Monat
This the best way to get team chemistry together lmao
CERXXX Vor Monat
"Team Chemistry 100%, Team Takeover 150%" lmao
I BE Vor Monat
gabeharley Vor Monat
Happens every hockey game
ItsaMansWorld Vor Monat
He is soooo emotional.... His dad must be proud
Shaun Gotti
Shaun Gotti Vor Monat
Back in the day Pistons would’ve tore the whole stadium up.. Now the piston are the ones gettin bullied 😂
Furkan Eke
Furkan Eke Vor Monat
“Not on purpose” sure buddy, people go to jail for stuff like this
Vice Versa
Vice Versa Vor Monat
People go to jail Yall are REALLY reaching…..sad and pathetic y’all dislike Lebron so much y’all trynna stoop that low. Plays like that occur so much but because Isaiah acted that way that’s why it blew up. Stewart is a emotional bish and if he can’t control himself he needs some help mentally
Andy Blacksmith
Andy Blacksmith Vor Monat
@Arc Wobl A pretty basic one until Lebron punched that dude in the face. Is the only basketball you watch on DE-vid clips?
Arc Wobl
Arc Wobl Vor Monat
@Rory Koblick what kinda box out was that LMAOOO
Mc Donn Dag-um
Mc Donn Dag-um Vor Monat
@Liquid ML No hate right here man, but if you play basketball, you would know what a "box out" is.
Shannon kamal
Shannon kamal Vor Monat
@Liquid ML you probably sit down when you pee 🤡! It’s called clearing out not pushing
MrSalvage1969 Vor Monat
Bottom line: Lakers won the game. That’s all that matters.
Brian B
Brian B Vor Monat
I love how they only interview Lakers about it lol!!!
Eralen00 Vor Monat
"incidental contact" my ass, he straight up threw that hand at his face
doenino Vor Monat
Why did he wait until they grabbed him to try to come at lebron
doenino Vor Monat
@Robinson David a scared dude who got slapped
doenino Vor Monat
@Aaron Parker if he wanted to do something he had the chance....I can't say what I want cause Facebook has become so sensitive just like him lol
Aaron Parker
Aaron Parker Vor Monat
Because he only rushed Lebron once he noticed his face was bleeding. How do y'all not realize this?
Robinson David
Robinson David Vor Monat
What Was You Watching
C_me_never_quit Vor Monat
I was there! My dance team performed at this event. 🥰
James Vor Monat
Next time he plays the pistons, I hope Lebron gets what he deserves
Joe Jeffy
Joe Jeffy Vor Monat
The Pistons are pure garbage the only thing Lebron is getting is a win. If anybody touches him they’ll get kicked out the NBA 💀
Kane Harris
Kane Harris Vor Monat
He wasn't elbowed in the eye but backfisted in the face which ended with him having a cut above the eye and if you were hit like so you go after your opponent too
Charles Rinehart
He clawed his face on purpose. That was obvious. Plus he didn't even address the issue after the game.
M K Vor Monat
Please. That elbow to the face was intentional. Poor form on LB. If you are so talented, why would you do that? Respect just went way down for LJ. Don't care how popular you are.
Chief Rocker
Chief Rocker Vor Monat
Shout out to #2 Cunningham he stopped this from being 10x worse!!!
BEYONDER 616 Vor Monat
Hands down, MAN DOWN 🤣
Robert Morton
Robert Morton Vor Monat
Shows that the King is really aQeen since he ran
S D Vor Monat
Another example of the wonderful role models. Let's go Brandon!
Order 66
Order 66 Vor Monat
What are you talking about i enjoyed the fight it was awesome 😎
Hagnuj Vor Monat
Karl Malone did this every other game.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Vor Monat
"not om purpose" this dude is as sharp as lebron. lets see if the media hold their darling accountable
Stef Tha Rula
Stef Tha Rula Vor Monat
Lebron what a cheap shot elbow and punched this man in his face smh 🤦🏾
Biology Major
Biology Major Vor Monat
That looked like it was on purpose and if it was, Lebron is dangerous. He’s willing to hit someone over a game
Big Jon Gaming
Big Jon Gaming Vor Monat
its not a game its a job. if one guy loses he wont have money to feed his kids and the kid dies.
WHEEET Vor Monat
That was way to fast to be shedding the player not to mention it was at head level and why would you throw your fist in front of your arm. You’re supposed to use your whole arm lmao. LeBron is an embarrassment he needs an ego check.
Fresh Fresh
Fresh Fresh Vor Monat
That was no mistake he punched him 😡😡😡😡 banned from the NBA for life !!! What a disgusting act of violence
ÐᏋᏝᎧཞᏋᏕ འoรร
This is what old heads wanted to see
Tyce Stacy
Tyce Stacy Vor Monat
On God 🤣
Pale Horse
Pale Horse Vor Monat
That was a cheap shot by the golden boy. Period.
Rekamniar Vor Monat
That was slomo but it looked like normal speed when he hit him
Vonn Bacus
Vonn Bacus Vor Monat
He stop when he was near to jordan 😂😂😂
Yorky Almanzar
Yorky Almanzar Vor Monat
Should have let them fight!
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch Vor Monat
Go Detroit Pistons. ❤️🤍💙🏀🇺🇸
Ratus Vor Monat
That's why when you face to face after getting hit, go for the retaliation quick...then let them pull you off. Just make sure you don't get hit again.
I BE Vor Monat
Dklpep Dklpep
Dklpep Dklpep Vor Monat
@I BE sorry kiddo, you’ll get over it someday
I BE Vor Monat
Dklpep Dklpep
Dklpep Dklpep Vor Monat
@I BE the tape doesn’t lie. He was literally right in Lebrons face at the start and he did NOTHING. Sorry that upsets you
I BE Vor Monat
Mike Halminiak
Mike Halminiak Vor Monat
Incidental contact, suspend the Coach as well. Give me a break with Lebrun……
Nicholas Dagot
Nicholas Dagot Vor Monat
The old mans GOAT attitude
#DontShootMe Vor Monat
That's BS coach u seen James turn around and look at the other player before.He throw his back hand punch..U cant lie to us fans we all seen type.
Jimmy Prifogle
Jimmy Prifogle Vor Monat
C'mon Man! Getting in a fight with the Pistons?
Jami H.
Jami H. Vor Monat
Yeah he did it on purpose. May not have meant to hit him square in the face, but that was intentional to hit him. He balled his hand up, looked over in that area where Isaiah is and unleashed his fist on his face. He may not have had the intention to his his face, but he had intention to do harm to him.
Lebron James is a shame for the nba
Christian L Da R&B Ruger
Ur a clown
The Old Man 63
The Old Man 63 Vor Monat
skip bayless :thank you i dont have to talk about cowboys loss today
Jeff Hawes
Jeff Hawes Vor Monat
no word from queen james...of course he's trying to figure out how he can work his way out of this one....hell probably deflect and talk about rittenhouse
madsmartdude Vor Monat
Pistons gonna Piston. At least they're attacking other players this time and not fans
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen Vor Monat
Wasn’t on purpose?? GTFOH!
MrShado Vor Monat
This is the guy people keep comparing to the GOAT?
groofoot Vor Monat
@Felipe Kerr and MJ didn't stay angry; watch the end of Game 6 of the 1998 Finals, Kerr hugs Jordan and says, 'You're f--kin unbelievable' with a huge smile on his face
Felipe Vor Monat
@DJ Stephens that’s still a pussy move lol you know Steve Kerr not that type of guy
DJ Stephens
DJ Stephens Vor Monat
@Felipe That was practice lol
Felipe Vor Monat
MJ punched lil steve kerr in the face. Fake tough guy
Mikael Vor Monat
Pat G
Pat G Vor Monat
Lebum should be fined and suspended for 10 games. Totally uncalled for and the nba should not give him a free pass on this.
Jonny Vor Monat
We were due for another malice at the palace but this is the closest we’re gonna get
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid Vor Monat
🤣🤣🤣 He was right there with LeBron's hands on him and he didn't do shit... Once both teams get involved, now he gets angry.
Cray Cray
Cray Cray Vor Monat
Buddy did all that running just so he could get in kind face and rap. Big Cap! Bball players ain't got no hands nor bout that smoke. Leave that life to the real G's
Malachi Soriano
Malachi Soriano Vor Monat
Damn i never seen bron do sum like that be4 he must of been mad
Kari Morton
Kari Morton Vor Monat
LeBron needs to bring that 😼 energy to Philly. Batteries will fly.
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson Vor Monat
Is that bad for the King's legacy?
Bryce Maurer
Bryce Maurer Vor Monat
Ain’t no king. More like a punk! (I’m a lifelong Laker fan)
DigitalTone Vor Monat
I think it was intentional, but Lebron would’ve absolutely flipped his ass if he got out of hand on him. People don’t understand how big and lean Lebron is. There’s a reason that little swipe cut him pretty good.
Buttruckers Vor Monat
I know he’ll go down with kick to the nuts
Bruh Vor Monat
Lol facts
DigitalTone Vor Monat
@Ap3x Unlimited that’s because most people on the internet aren’t athletes and don’t know anything about diet and the human body.
Ap3x Unlimited
Ap3x Unlimited Vor Monat
Shhh… according to 75 percent of the internet anyone could beat up Lebron
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews Vor Monat
I got busted in the eye once outta nowhere blood streaming. Dude didn't mean to do what he did but the second it happens you just snap and I came up swinging until I could get a breath and calm down. Not surprised at all. It's like a natural response and I'm like one of the chillest dudes out there.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Vor Monat
same here, i had a friend jump scare me around the corner, my fists went up and starting for his head until i realized who it was so i pulled back, but a millisecond later i went after him again for scaring me, and luckily i smarted up before contact was made, as he was a much bigger dude than me and retired marine lol, plus a good friend. sometimes i think people forget we are animals and sometimes its in our dna to fight/back with out even thinking about it. labron effed up and i hope he pays
Arnie Mendez
Arnie Mendez Vor Monat
watch it in slowmo. It was on purpose. Fist and Elbow swinging front then he swang it back.
Saif RS
Saif RS Vor Monat
This guy should be playing in NFL
Curtis Knight
Curtis Knight Vor Monat
AD you already know what he was trying to do
jpmusic1015 Vor Monat
Y’all need to stop the madness. Lebron weak _________ hit that man on purpose.
Paul Vece
Paul Vece Vor Monat
LBJ should've just pleaded to the refs "I'm 36! I'm 36! I'm not Thanos!!!" They probably would've let him stay in the game lol
김형근 Vor Monat
What fake
Damon Walton
Damon Walton Vor Monat
Russ said how the hell I get a Teck😂😂😂 why was dude running and acting crazy lol 😂
Tonyyail 28
Tonyyail 28 Vor Monat
Lebron watch yo back that dude looks like he’ll send some goons
Mark Yamanaka
Mark Yamanaka Vor Monat
Stewart should play running back!
Thomas Horton
Thomas Horton Vor Monat
Stewart trying to get to Lebrun looked like my mom during Black Friday
Denice Williamson
Wow LeBron really🤷🏾‍♀️
David Junto
David Junto Vor Monat
Nba needs more like this! Bron bringin th' ballz back to the battlefield!!👍✊👏👊🧟‍♂️⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🤼‍♀️☄️💪😈
Mac Jackson
Mac Jackson Vor Monat
If You look at the replay carefully u will see Leborn did attempt to hit him...It was just part of his reflex
Izabella Sanchez
And his teammates should stand for what is right instead of cheering his negative behavior !
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed Vor Monat
That shit WAS on purpose.
NavySSG83 Vor Monat
King James? LMAO didn't even finish High School
Michael Munoz
Michael Munoz Vor Monat
Cheap shot lebron looked at him the whole time
rick2783 Vor Monat
He was going to beat the s#!@ out of him thats why he was rushed him. Queen James running for her life.
henry manahan
henry manahan Vor Monat
man intentionally hit him in the face stop trying to dig deeper
Byrdmania Vor Monat
I'm surprised James didn't start beating his chest.
Coffee at the Beach
Wish people remembered role models like Jordan not James. Smh
Dyrell Welker
Dyrell Welker Vor Monat
Nice of them to only show the Lakers warped point of view
D Willie
D Willie Vor Monat
That's all he could do! Big cry baby labron!
chris putnam
chris putnam Vor Monat
Sidenote: The Lions should give Stewart a call cause they could use someone that can make a drive like that. Lol
FBI Records
FBI Records Vor Monat
Stewart should play for the lions
ZBC Society
ZBC Society Vor Monat
Everyone on here like “LeBrOn ShOuLd Be SuSpEnDeD”😂 be the same people “NbA Is ToO SoFt”🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂
Zach Vor Monat
@ZBC Society I guess poetry will have to wait
ZBC Society
ZBC Society Vor Monat
@Zach justice? 😂 he didn’t kill someone lmao
Zach Vor Monat
Yeah, cuz justice wasn’t served
W B Vor Monat
I agree not on purpose 😕
Dugza Milza
Dugza Milza Vor Monat
Lakers first time in season played team defense.
Chris Blodgett
Chris Blodgett Vor Monat
after listening to the lakers players and coaches I'm so glad Lebron is ok after his incidental contact. stay safe out there..
Claudia J
Claudia J Vor Monat
It kinda seems they are so close to each other, and they both have such long limbs. Kinda seems inevitable. But I didn’t watch the game I missed it.
Benidicto Perez
Benidicto Perez Vor Monat
They both should be suspended 10 games For a clear conduct unsportsmanship and unprofessionalism
Pharoah 1
Pharoah 1 Vor Monat
That was nowhere near a fight. It was just a bunch of pushing, shoving, and hold-me-backs 😂😂😂
foto21com Vor Monat
Weird hit though. Looks intentional, but the open-handed slapper makes it look not. Maybe he files his nails for this kind of thing - ha ha. It wasn't a punch that opened the skin up, it was a definite scratch. DIamond crusted fingernails at the salon? Photograph HE NAILS!
dachicagoan81 Vor Monat
Nobody in the Lakers want to say anything bad because they're afraid they might get traded
ok Vor Monat
its not elbow its a punch lebron u got a dirty play on that play you really upset and frostration of some lossing games
Awful Waffle
Awful Waffle Vor Monat
there is NO WAY that was unintentional.
Rorschach 0007
Rorschach 0007 Vor Monat
My favorite part abt these fights is seeing teenagers on the internet say 'x would get bodied by y'
Justin Althizer
Justin Althizer Vor Monat
Rorschach 0007 would get bodied by Rorschach 0006 👀
Zachary Acton
Zachary Acton Vor Monat
I would body ANYONE in the nba
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