Let's Refurb! - Limited Edition Japanese GameBoy Pocket!

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4 Jul 2018



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Rudy Robinson III
Wanting to get I to soldering and was wondering what the beat solder to use on game boy colors are. I’ve seen lead 60/40 rosin but I’m not sure. Any help?
Jose Ascencio
Jose Ascencio Vor 2 Monate
Probably you get this question a lot. But I bought 2 game boy games that promise to be refurbish or with new battery and both of them don't work. Is there a chance that could be the game boy? One of this game is Pokemon Crystal... The other one is Zelda ages....help
phoenix restorations
Where is the video of how the other pocket got all twisted?
FlyingPizza25 Vor 3 Monate
WOW Is that a fake lols so real
indigo Gloves Tech
indigo Gloves Tech Vor 5 Monate
I wish i could get Mr Sheen in the states for a reasonable price.
sleeksm4 Vor 6 Monate
Can u play us games on that import gb?
Leslee Vor 6 Monate
i remember oddworld on the playstation was hard to play and had a lot of instructions on certain button combinations lol
Michael Adams
Michael Adams Vor 7 Monate
Can you refurbish. NES 8bit
Lab Nation
Lab Nation Vor 7 Monate
Does the game boy pocket play English games or no
Bball Biopic
Bball Biopic Vor 8 Monate
Lol you have to bend down and throw that little piece of food for the monsters in odd world then walk past
Matteo Victor
Matteo Victor Vor 9 Monate
How do you stick the polarizing film?
K K Vor 9 Monate
Yes, let's talk about that.
Kepohe Vor 9 Monate
Hello, Thank you for all tour videos! I just bought a GBP with this issue for 5€. Where do you bought this polarized film? Do you have a link please?
LightDialga Vor 10 Monate
2:49 its a gameboy, but with a twist
RelaxRelapse720 Vor 11 Monate
Wish I had seen this video a few days ago. Saw a couple Gameboy Pockets at a Flea Market in Japan with that same burnt polarizing film issue. I can only assume they would've let them go for a few dollars. Oh well, I'll definitely remember that it's most likely the polarizing film, and not the entire screen that needs replaced, next time I see something like that out in the wild.
charlie brown
charlie brown Vor 11 Monate
Maybe you could refurb stereo receivers/vintage tube radios? just be careful.
Mapo Doufu
Mapo Doufu Vor 11 Monate
7:25 Ahhh you got me! :(
charlie Vor year
you make this seem so fun and hella easy it makes me consider doing it as a part time job
comingx4xyou Vor year
You should link where you buy the polarizer in the description. Great vid
Darknight 7661987
R.I.P. old game boy not to be talked about among others It is our secret
keyholes Vor year
It's so soothing to watch you fix these tired, broken consoles so they can be loved once more.
Let’s refurb! “Entire limited edition GB gets a bath! _story time_ “
Do a raspberry pi 3 b+ emulator with Recalbox :)
Richard Letner III
Loving your videos! Awesome job!
The Green Meanie
I know you listed the artist for the background music, but I can't see to find the song, what's the song title?
Sanne Polman
Sanne Polman Vor year
Could you please do a video about how you find cheap faulty consoles to repair? I noticed that you find a lot of cheap Nintendo ds consoles and such
Jon Davies
Jon Davies Vor year
You should of back light the screen whilst you was at it ;)
h2ohead1 Vor year
Hey just bought me one off eBay where do you get your polarizing lens at
Willow Scott
Willow Scott Vor year
only just recently discovered this channel, would love to see some refurbs on the playstation 2 slim version
Is Japan 4 u a business seller
Kay231 Vor year
You have the same sink as me
Dennis Meyer
Dennis Meyer Vor year
How does he clean the mainboard and the contrast setter of this gameboy?
Ralph Wiggins
Ralph Wiggins Vor year
Where do you get you polarizing film? I need one for a GN pocket I'm Working on.
adhesivetape _
I would love to see you do dsixl/ll
The Restoration of Dr Who
Why is there an entirely warped Nintendo case?
Space Space
Space Space Vor year
Loved the music
Erick Fernandez
I used to have a gameboy pocket but it was green
Mister Badzilla
I love your videos. Could you please do a video where you replace transistors in a Game Gear? They're known for losing sound and other functions over time. Thanks again for a great channel
Simon Mellins
Simon Mellins Vor year
Love these videos but... Ba-tte-ry. Not "batch-ree". Such awesome content, but this drives me nuts!
Valerie Erin
Valerie Erin Vor year
Different regions say things differently. Deal with it lol.
Ladorian Vor year
I want to see video games stuff!!!
Kerri Janelle
Kerri Janelle Vor year
This was so relaxing to watch.
John Laird
John Laird Vor year
You tried retro bright in an oven for the other gameboy didn't you?
renato bran
renato bran Vor year
Brazilian fan here! Continue the good job! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Roope Saarela
Roope Saarela Vor year
what happened to that gameboy at 2:38
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Vor year
How to Refurb a Gameboy Modul
SkyTheGuy04 Vor year
7:37 mr sheen looks an awful lot like sheen from jimmy neutron
Tokyo/Rin Vor year
I’m planning to get the shell & a backlit screen with the green original screen to make that one
The Retro Future
Sounds awesome!
William Rosado Martínez
This is like retroporn smh haha
Drew Vor year
Where do you get those storage cases for the Gameboy itself? You mentioned in your collection video that everyone's always asking and that it's just found on ebay, but I've searched for everything I can think of and can't find them.
Garrett Stelly
brownlikepoop Vor year
Sooo satisfying 🤤
Charsh392 Vor year
You literally turned on oddworld.. I'm playing the second one right now :-)
Strnadik Vor year
Have you found a way to return the black tint to the GBP? I bought polarizers from Deadpan Robot but they lack the black layer that makes GBPocket black instead of green.
Endless Mode
Endless Mode Vor year
Well done! It's always nice seeing these handhelds get new life after a refurb. The GB pocket and the GBA Micro are the only 2 I didn't own so it is always interesting to see what people liked about it.
Mr Sheen removes sticker residue as well
The Retro Future
Yeah it is great!
ben reds vintage toys and repairs
The retro future before I watched your channel I dident even know what a gameboy was but your channel inspired me to reapir game boys I repaired 2 I am starting a collection plush I'm 9 yrs old
Wasley Schultz
that was extremely satisfying to watch.
BlazeGamingHD Vor year
Hey @The Retro Future you should check out www.retromodding.com for handheld parts like shells buttons ect they sell alot of cool stuff just thought i'd let you know it could help you when repairing gameboys.
Mercedes Cakes
freepupet Vor year
How about an NES for a refurb. maybe do an rgb mod to it.
The Retro Future
Keen for the NES refurb.
freepupet Vor year
also think it would be fun to watch a lets play
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