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Bra sizing, bra vocabulary & even a bra saying in German!!! This video is all about bras -- specifically those worn in Germany & America!
So my question for you is: What’s your take on this? And what bra differences have you noticed in Germany, the USA, or anywhere else around the world?
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20 Mai 2018



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Linni.happysmile Vor 25 Tage
well I'm from Germany and I have heard from English videos that the US Bras seem to be very uncomfortable but I think in Germany they aren't
Thutmosis Kirchleitner III.
Now I'm also take a look at your tampon-video ;-)))
Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr
As far as I know the cup sizes A B C are the same in US and in Europe. I have never noticed a diffrence. They all go from AA to D and then both E F G. DD is no longer used. Only diffrence is the inches for the band. 32 should be 70, 34 should be 75 etc. So I dont lnow where the confiusion comes from
Maxi 〈3
Maxi 〈3 Vor 3 Monate
There is a Size AAA in Germany and AA as well 😅
Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller Vor 3 Monate
Even just in the U.S. there can be differences in sizes between different brands.
Linda Silver
Linda Silver Vor 3 Monate
When you have a AA, you don't need a bra 😂😂😂
TheMerkat55 Vor 4 Monate
My Dutch 85 cm band is 38 inch in the USA. But, the letter is the same, a D.
Ayla Thorp
Ayla Thorp Vor 4 Monate
Bra sizing is weird period. With what I just learned about German cups, I don't think I could wear their bras if they stop at Z
Fee Vor 4 Monate
Not true we have a AA cup in Germany
A. G.
A. G. Vor 6 Monate
Why do you bother with Bra at all? You would be better off without Bra... free your "twins".
Andreas Wagner
Andreas Wagner Vor 7 Monate
In Germany you can find dedicated underwear stores. The persons (usually ladies) working there are very experienced and will help you selecting the right size and type. I heard that many women going to such a shop for the first time were amazed on what a difference a properly chosen product can make, from feeling and comfort point of view.
Cal Gal
Cal Gal Vor 7 Monate
I’m emigrating to Spain and wish someone like you could do videos about life there. I lived there for 4years but that was decades ago... 😎
Diane Evans
Diane Evans Vor 7 Monate
I am sorry, but your bra in this video does not fit you correctly. Your breasts are sagging. They sit where mine do when not wearing a bra (and I am over 50). You need proper support from the band to lift you up which you are not getting now.
Diane Benzler
Diane Benzler Vor 8 Monate
My late husband called bras "over the shoulder boulder holders", he was a riot!
Viktoria Schneider
Viktoria Schneider Vor 8 Monate
In germany the size AA exists too
Rosalie DeGregory
Rosalie DeGregory Vor 8 Monate
If you wear a AA or AAA you don't need a bra unless your culture frowns on the lack of one, as American culture does.
Nancy Benefiel
Nancy Benefiel Vor 8 Monate
My biggest problem living in Europe was shoes. I simply never found shoes that fit. I guess i simply have an American foot.
a r
a r Vor 9 Monate
One thing I never shopped for while in Europe. I shop with "french" measurements. Soo much easier
Thaise Athayde
Thaise Athayde Vor 9 Monate
In Brazil the bras are one size the whole piece. If you wear 10 (American) they assume you use a D OU DD, but I'm a size 10 that has a huge cup. I can only estimate, but it's an G or H, so the band is made for a seriously obese woman. I need to shorten by hand the band of all my bras. I'm getting a breast reduction soon, so I guess this problem will be over. BTW, can you make a video about health care in Germany? I know there is a free one, but not much about. Here in Brazil there is also a free universal one, I'm even doing my breast reduction on it, because I have back issues. The whole need for a insurance in USA looks crazy to me.
Karen Pierce
Karen Pierce Vor 9 Monate
Speaking of bras, you might want to go for a fitting done by a professional who will fit you for a bra that brings your "girls" up into the proper position. Prima Donna is an excellent Belgian brand made for bustier ladies.
Paulina Angie
Paulina Angie Vor 9 Monate
If you want to go for a good bra shopping, make a stop in Poland (there are very good butiques in Poznan and Wroclaw). As for sizing, the sizes vary a lot between brands, so any chart there is can be taken only as suggestion and not as a verdict. Also the cups sizes differ between for example B and C in European and American sizing because in the US a cup size is an inch difference whereas in Europe it’s 2cm. And one inch does not equal to 2 cm. Take a look at brands like: Avocado, Comexim, Ewa Michalak, Nessa, Ava.
Flesh in the Blood
Flesh in the Blood Vor 9 Monate
BH= Bezirkshauptmannschaft in Austria
Chelsey Abbott
Chelsey Abbott Vor 9 Monate
No its not an exaggeration. I just bought a 2 new bras but they arent the same size. One is a 36 a and one is a 34 b and they fit the exact same way which makes no sense whatsoever
Andrew Virtue
Andrew Virtue Vor 9 Monate
AA probably doesn't exist in Germany because its too small to waste a bra on. Also there is no weight that needs to be supported.
Alina Simon
Alina Simon Vor 9 Monate
Es gibt im Deutschland doch auch doppelt a, doppelt d oder?
Tiana Enye
Tiana Enye Vor 9 Monate
Im Form germany ....okay i say what in german. Hallo wenn mich jemand verstehen kann kann er es ja unter mein Kommentar schreiben byyeee😂
Gene Vor 10 Monate
In Germany the cm size is not the length of the band, it is the chest circumference BELOW the breast.
Dennis Witt
Dennis Witt Vor 10 Monate
Not "little breast basket" but "breast little baskets". Big difference!
ten-chan Vor 10 Monate
In the bra store which I go to (in Germany) I just go to a person who works there and ask them for help. Because there is a lot to consider with the sizes... especially the specific cut/shape of the bra. I was a 85D for a "balcony cut", then became a 70G for a "plunge cut", because there was no "balcony cut" bra that would fit me anymore at all. So I just gave up and entrusted myself to the experts at the shop, and that has been really great. Problem solved ^^ (If you feel shy about asking somebody about your bra-size and such, don't worry, none of them comment on anything. It's women who know what they're doing, and they don't just stare at you or anything!)
Sylke Bambilke
Sylke Bambilke Vor 10 Monate
train your mussels. no need for the hareness.
AlainNaigeon Vor 10 Monate
OMG, it's quite complicated to be a woman :-)
Cosmoflamme Vor 10 Monate
don't worry, not even german girls understand the bra sizing here
hbecker Vor 10 Monate
Let the titties free
Shelly Lunatic
Shelly Lunatic Vor 10 Monate
Ich muss dich leider korrigieren. Es gibt in Deutschland AA und auch doppel D :)
Manolo García
Manolo García Vor 10 Monate
Check it out in Spain, they meassure the around the breasts instead of just the torso.
MsAliceSmile Vor 10 Monate
I've seen AA as well as DD in stores here in Germany, often from originally American stores. I think they started to label E as DD because a lot of women don't believe they could have such a “big“ size. And somehow DD is seen as a good (?) size. As soon as someone says they're wearing an E or above everyone imagines really big breasts. They don't have to be, though. I'm a 70E and that's not a lot. It's the same volume as an 80C. It's not little, but most people would see the 70E as bigger than the 80C. Also, sister-sizing is a thing. E.g. you're normally an 80B but the cup is too small? Go up in the cup and down in the band (75C). Doesn't always work, but it can help.
Diiie Marie
Diiie Marie Vor 10 Monate
I live in Germany and when I was younger I wore AA, so there is also AA in Germany
Philine Wreck
Philine Wreck Vor 10 Monate
But AA exists in Germany too? Just not in every store because it's not that much of a common size.
IceNixie0102 Vor 10 Monate
In the US, you can get AAA bra cups. AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, E, F, G, H, I, J, and now even K! (But obv both AAA and F+ are difficult to find.
Schwester Diesel
Schwester Diesel Vor 10 Monate
you forgot to mention the BH-Bügel in the german bra-cabulary (which I by the way didn't knew in english, so thanks for teaching me the word "underwire")
Sapphire Camui
Sapphire Camui Vor 10 Monate
should have mentioned at the end that it's best to try it on to see how it fits and not order online ;)
SaDi Do
SaDi Do Vor 10 Monate
Do you life in Bielefeld?
marylucy Vor 10 Monate
I always thought we have AA cup size.
Annika Vor 10 Monate
The german sizing is similar to Swedens. I would have no idea what size i am in the US though. Fun fact, in Swedish bra means good. (Det är bra=that is good). We call bras BH here too.
SheratanLP Vor 10 Monate
Uns Männer interresiert nur, wo und wie das blöde Ding auf geht ! :D
SheratanLP Vor 10 Monate
Leider konnte das Symbol hinter meinem Nick nicht bei mir dargestellt werden, daher weis ich grad nicht, ob du mich darauf böse anguckst. Aber es ist nunmal in der Realität so, daß wir Männer uns weniger für Form und Farbe interessieren, wenn wir in der bestimmten Situation sind, als dafür, wie der Öffnungsmechanismus wohl funktionieren wird. Gibts was abturnenderes, als ein Mann, der krampfhaft versucht, einen BH zu öffen und es nicht schafft, weil er hinten rumfummelt, während der Verschluss vorn ist ? ;) Manche Verschlüsse sind so gemein gehalten, daß man sich wünscht, es gäbe eine Fernbedienung oder eine App auf dem Handy dafür. So nach dem Motto, "Machst du etwa Nacktbilder von mir" , "Nein Liebling, ich suche im Internet nur nach einem Tutorial für den BH Verschluss".:D
Lisa Müller
Lisa Müller Vor 10 Monate
SheratanLP 😂
mimi buckles
mimi buckles Vor 10 Monate
I always thought it was weird that in the US you measure your rib cage and then ad 5" to get your band size. Maybe the centimeter measurement in German bras is your actual rib cage size? Also just going up the alphabet makes more sense to me than having DD, DDD. I like European bras better than American bras. They have better construction and sizing if you are a larger cup, smaller band size. I wear a 30 and most US manufacturers don't even make a 30 band size!
Anna Vor 10 Monate
Was nein?! Es ist ziemlich einfach.. Du misst die Zahl des BHs unter der brust.. zB 76cm Dann misst man über der brust... zb 88cm.. Dann gehst du hin guckst dir eine Tabelle an und du gehst zu 88cm und dann zu den 76cm tadaa dann steht da die größe.. Es heißt einfach Körbchengröße oder cup. Es gibt außerdem AA A usw nur halt nicht überall in jeden Laden, da muss man für halt dann einfach sich informieren wo oder sich welche anfertigen lassen..
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart Vor 10 Monate
Bra sizes are THE most confusing thing ever In germany i usally need 80C But in the US i need a 34D...
dhy5342 Vor 10 Monate
Eliminate the confusion, go braless.
Kathi Neu
Kathi Neu Vor 10 Monate
Für den Unterschied muss ist gar nicht ins Ausland, den Laden wechseln oder einfach nur zwei Modelle im selben laden reichen schon. Ich hasse bhs kaufen…
Lisa Müller
Lisa Müller Vor 10 Monate
Kathi Neu ja es gibt nichts nervigeres. Und wenn man mal ein passenden gefunden hat geht er ein
Markus Petschulat
Markus Petschulat Vor 10 Monate
can you do the same thing with panties? i think this will be reeeeally, reallly funny. we germans have super funny words for underwear :D
Danica Christin
Danica Christin Vor 10 Monate
AA definitely exists in Germany too, but it's quite rare as it's very small. But I've seen OTTO sell them. 34 in the US doesn't equal 86 in Germany because 34 is measured across the chest whereas in Germany it's measured under the chest.
ello Vor 10 Monate
Naja in Deutschland gibt es ja auch die sogenannten „Kreuzgrößen“. Das bedeutet, dass Zb die Körbchengröße D nicht in allen Unterbrustumfängen die gleiche Körbchengröße ist. Wenn man zb bh Größe 80 D trägt, dann passen einem auch die bh Körbchen in 75 E und 85 C. Aber die unterbrustweite ändert sich halt und man muss schauen was einen am besten passt.
Susanne Müller
Susanne Müller Vor 10 Monate
In Germany there are AA and triple A cups as well ... wrong chart you used 😂
Thoran666 Vor 10 Monate
Alles klar im BH? Ich glaub das wird mein neuer anmach spruch :D
Far S
Far S Vor 10 Monate
When it comes to condomes, try to find the sizes S and XS. I tried in vain...
Maike liebtKuchen
Maike liebtKuchen Vor 11 Monate
My take on this: always get mesured whenever shopping for bras!
Lia Blume
Lia Blume Vor 11 Monate
I've actually seen AA and DD bras here in Germany but they're not that common. I always thought that DD was the same as E.
MrunaalJ Vor 11 Monate
God this is so helpful!!! Does the sizing across brands remain the same at least?
MrunaalJ Vor 11 Monate
Little breast baskets 😂😂😂
Trifler500 Vor 11 Monate
So, if you measure yourself with one of those flexible measuring tapes, does the American size in inches match the measurement, or does the German size in centimeters match the measurement? One of them must not match if the conversion doesn't work.
Risitas' Cositas
Risitas' Cositas Vor 11 Monate
Also there is "sister sizing" in the US.
Carlo Wagner
Carlo Wagner Vor 11 Monate
Living in China my Chinese girlfriend used to wear an ultrasized DD that's hardly to find in China. Travelling to Germany it turned out that this Chinese DD was equal to a German 75 B.
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Vor 11 Monate
"is everything okay in your Bra?" lol
Echt Waibel
Echt Waibel Vor 11 Monate
Einige Marken für große Größen kommen aus England und haben noch mal andere Bezeichnungen. Und die Auswahl wird mit den Größen kleiner.
LadyShigeko Vor 11 Monate
Alles fit im Schritt? ;) And you're right. The conversion from inch sizes to European sizes is not 100 per cent. But that depends on the fit it, the cut and the style of the pieces. sizes vary from country to country. Like Italian 38 is not a German 38. It varies between companies as well. some companies deliberately label there clothes one size up, so you feel slimmer.
Karen Rae Presents:
Karen Rae Presents: Vor 11 Monate
do more with the kelime hazinesi [ vocabulary ] in German ! that great in this video. I busy with benim Turkish ! so u help my German today, thank u ! repetition is important u know so great to hear how u say words in German . . .& immediately saying the word in ingilice.
Regina L
Regina L Vor 11 Monate
I have realised this difference especially wiht Germa and Italian bras. In Italy they have a different system than in Germany, this still have the same cup size and it matches the german one, but the number is completely different. Instead of having 60, 65, 70, 75, ... they have numbers starting from 1, then 2 and so on. 2 seems to be 75 from what some of the tables say, others although say its 70. Now living in the UK I had to buy bras here as well and suddenly, the whole conversion tables don't make any sense at all anymore. Here I have 32, the tables say if I would go by my Italian size, which most of my bras have, I need to buy a 34 which is far to big. I really hate it and try to only buy the bras in Italy and if I buy them in the UK only in the one shop where I have been measured, so know my size.
black Wolf Prinz
black Wolf Prinz Vor 11 Monate
what i think is confusing an 70 C has not the same cup size as an 80C i ean ist it both a C ? but the band is longer but why then is the c cup from the bra with the 80cm strip larger then the c cup from the bra with the 70 cm strip mayby i cant understand because i am a man but something is going wrong in the womens world
Chaqq Uila
Chaqq Uila Vor 11 Monate
So my quesition for you is: What's your bra size? Please let me know in the comments below. :>
StatistNr12 Vor 11 Monate
It's about marketing. The sizes are changed, so that the average woman in both countries can buy the "ideal" brasize. A size M t-shirt in asia would be a S in Europe and a XS in America.
tora meno
tora meno Vor 11 Monate
the cup size confusion may root in the fact that a German A cup is not always the same size. I was told by a few shop assistants that the cup size is dependent on the band. The way I understand it's like this: the cup of a 85B might be actually the same size as the cup of a 80C. So if you loose weight you might need to go a Cup up with the decreasing band.
Stef6788 Vor 11 Monate
Yes absolutely confusing and worsened by the fact that both in the US and Germany the sizes stop at some point and then you have to go into British sizing because that is apparently the standard for bigger sizes.
littlechocolade Vor 11 Monate
Also ich habe on Deutschland schon AA /AAA Größen gesehen
Marina Kuchenbaur
Marina Kuchenbaur Vor 11 Monate
For my experience there are double letter Cup sizes in germany 😅 but mostly for the expensive high end lingerey brands. And for my experience, even bras from the same company differ in size even though they claim to be the same size! I have one style bra that is a 80C and a different design bra from the same company, that I needed to get in 85C so bigger cup and larger band... and I bought those on the same day 😂 so I couldn‘t have gained weight or the other couldn‘t just had been stretched out...
Peachy Vampya
Peachy Vampya Vor 11 Monate
In Deutschland bekommt man auch körbchengröße AA. Es ist nicht überall zu bekomnen aber gibt es.
2406Daisy Vor 11 Monate
Hi Dana Do a video on body language differences in the us vs Germany. You're a great observer; it would be so interesting.
Denise Wayne
Denise Wayne Vor 11 Monate
Stoped wearing bras because bras require your breasts to be around the same size and mine are a whole size apart (one is D one E(Because I got something called "Pectus excavatum" not as bad as the sample picture at wikipedia but because of that the distribution of fat cells is not as great as I would like it to be) ) and I always was in big pain so yeah I just stoped ^^ So for me it's kinda funny when people go mad about bras because for me it's normal to not have to worry about it :D
tabbyleinx3reloaded Vor 11 Monate
There's also size AA in germany but the confusing thing is, that AA is the smallest size you can buy, even smaller that A but DD (which is also available here in germany) is bigger than D.
The5ixx Vor 11 Monate
I know and hate this problem. I am still looking for the perfect bra for me and everytime I find something, it either gets more loose or I change weight or something. My bra collection (german) varied from 70C over 75C over 80B and even 80C and back again in the last three years alone. I can safley say that there is one single day every month, when one of thos bras fits me perfectly.
Annegrete Sørensen
Annegrete Sørensen Vor 11 Monate
Ya, sizes are kind of fun. But i Think you can find DD ( The only dubble letter)! At least you can in Denmark and The Netherlands so why not Germany! I think you can.
Hell Kitty
Hell Kitty Vor 11 Monate
It's actually way harder to find the "perfect bra" than just band and cup. It's also how high is the cup? How wide? How close are the cups to each other? I need a huge cup (g or h in Germany), but a small band (70/75), which is already hard to find (and I don't want to talk about pricing just yet!). But then the cup needs to hold all of the breast, so you need to know where it starts. Right under the arm? More to the front? You don't want the cup to not hold everything and add pressure to some of the breast tissue. You also don't want the wiring to go up too high below the arms (that does hurt after some time), but high enough to give stability. (there are bras that work without wiring) Then you want to see that the cups have the right distance between each other. If it's too little, it's pulling the breast in, being uncomfortable. If it's to big, there's pressure between the breasts. And last but not least, you don't want the breasts to fall out of the bra when bending down or the bra sticking up while moving. It's actually really hard to find fitting bras, especially if you've got a huge cup size and a small band. But if you don't have the right cup, you may get back problems. I already had some, because the bra wasn't supporting enough and not in the right way. And having a pain in your back, feeling that you have to sit just a few more minutes for it to stop before getting up from the toilet, chair, whatever. It's just horrible! (and I'm not old, I had those pains when I was 24/25ish) But its good to know that I'm going to have to pay close attention when looking at bras from different countries. Thanks Dana!
Ztez Maxim
Ztez Maxim Vor 11 Monate
Bust holder....boulder holder.....
Kate Wolf
Kate Wolf Vor 11 Monate
Ztez Maxim over-the-shoulder boulder holder
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Vor 11 Monate
In China, they have the same chart as America. But they are all one size smaller. Chinese B cup is U.S. A cup.
barb1506 Vor 11 Monate
There is a double D in Germany !!!!
HEY 1234
HEY 1234 Vor 11 Monate
I know AA cups in Germany too...
stpaley Vor 11 Monate
i don't know why i am weighing in on this issue but here i go: i am not sure where i learn this but to find what size you are you measure your chest underneath your breast then measure over your breast, the difference will give your cup size (1 inch=A, 2 inches=B and so on) is this correct or was i a victim of some foolishness? I shouldn't know any of this anyway
Couccun Vor 11 Monate
How the fish am i stumbled over this stuff?
Pegg2012 Vor 11 Monate
Also ich finde das Deutsche System wesentlich einfacher. In den USA gibt es soweit ich verstanden habe keine Standardisierung, sondern jede Firma macht eher was sie für richtig hält. Das Deutsche System ist in Abhängigkeit der Körbchengröße (A, B C ... ) zur Unterbrustweite (zB. 80) aufgebaut. Das Unterbrustband bleibt immer gleich weit, so lang mal sich an der selben Zahl bewegt. Die Körbchengröße beschreibt den Unterschied des Umfangs zwischen Unterbrustband und Brust und zwar in zwei Zentimeterschritten. Dh. A = 2 cm mehr Umfang zum Unterbrustband, B 4, C 6 ... usw. daher kommt es auch, dass zB. eine 70 C optisch größer aussehen kann, als eine 90 C, man hätte hier den selben Unterschied im Umfang auf einem kleineren Brustkorb. Natürlich können die Größen auch hier wie bei allen anderen Kleidungsstücken von Hersteller zu Hersteller anders ausfallen ^^ Ich habe tatsächlich auch schonmal ein AA Körbchen hierzulande gesehen, das ist dann noch kleiner gewesen als das A der selben Firma, also vllt. 1 cm Unterschied?
Kathrin Vor 11 Monate
Schälen nennt man das nur, wenn eine Art vorgeformte Schaumstoffeinlage da ist, wie bei dem BH im Video. Allgemein spricht man von Körbchen. BHs kaufen in Deutschland ist Strafe. Es gibt viel zu wenig Größen und Passformen
Lena Gercke
Lena Gercke Vor 11 Monate
In Germany there also exist AA and DD, but I think AA most is in the part of a shop for kids and youths.
nakedonthebeach Vor 11 Monate
O please forget those conversion tables and stuff. There are some websites (in German, but it's easy to figure things out) where you can enter your measures and get the bra sizes you probably fit in. And those correctly point out it's always worth also trying on one size smaller or bigger while in the store, as different brands may handle sizes differently, and you probably also differ in size in the course of a month. ;-)
Jacki Faulkner
Jacki Faulkner Vor 11 Monate
Hate bra shopping in Italy. The sizes are just 1, 2, 3, 4 ...refers to the cup size, but what about the band size? I gave up a long time ago and just stock up when I'm in the US.
Symantax Vor 11 Monate
What will the next video be about? Shitting in Germany and the US differences?
OurCrackBraines Vor 11 Monate
We do have the sizes AA and DD in Germany but they're just not that common I guess...
jeremy emilio
jeremy emilio Vor 11 Monate
All thr simple men...
ChrisCom Vor 11 Monate
Ich muss dich leider enttäuschen aber es ist in Deutschland noch komplizierter.... Die körbchengrösen variieren je nach Umfang-größe. Also ein 70 C Körbchen hat nicht die gleiche Größe wie ein 80 C Körbchen. Allerdings hab ich schon AA Körbchen in Deutschland gesehen ;)
Glutdrache Vor 11 Monate
When you're from a different country, just go to a person working there and ask her to measure you. Had the same issue after flying to London, but I wouldn't forget my uk-size now
swiss Vor 11 Monate
Clothing sizes in general are a gigantic inconsistent clusterfuck here in Germany. There are so many different systems (if you can even call 'em that) for tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, you name it. All of those are further divided into male and female. Often enough the numbers given don't even mean anything specific, i.e. waist circumference, leg length, etc. I usually determine my size by consulting the size of my current clothes and a bunch of conversion tables.
Rica F
Rica F Vor 11 Monate
You're not completely right in this. Let me explain to you how your european bra size is determined. At first you want to measure your Unterbrustumfang (under bust). Let's say you've measured 79cm. This means you would need a 80 in band size. Now you want to measure your bust. That could be for example 94cm you've measured. Now you need to substract the 79cm of your under bust from the 94cm of your bust. The difference would be 15cm and this number determines your cup size. In this case it would be a B-cup. Now, every 2 cm added to or substracted from this difference would be another cup size. A difference of 13cm would be an A-cup, 15cm B-cup, 17cm C-cup, 19cm D-cup and so on. There is also an AA-cup at a difference of 11cm. I personally don't find this confusing at all :) Maybe this little explanation helped you too. Greetings from Nuremberg!
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