Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today one of my favorite makeup artists and dear friends, Mmmmitchell is here!!! We travel to a few fast food spots and let the person in front of us, decide what we eat!! Never a dull moment when I leave the house... As the world's pickiest eater, this one was really tough for me... We also have a secret to share:
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⭐ CITIES? London, Manchester, Birmingham & Glasgow!!!!
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Geter Granados
Geter Granados Vor Stunde
Why are you cyber bullying James Charles!?!? UNSUBSCRIBED!!
Haley Love
Haley Love Vor Stunde
18:44 “I’m so famous” teaaaaaa
🔮kiyomi uchiha🥀
Honestly This drama is pathetic af 🤔☕️
Aqua Jam Water Fitness !
So many hateful people on here just jumping for the chance to put someone down. Go do something productive with your lives
Siberian girl and friends
Can you please come to Calgary, Alberta please! Love you jeffree
Victoria Santana
Victoria Santana Vor Stunde
YoU’Re NoThInG bUt A BITCH LASAGNA...in case you didn’t get that Jeffree...you’re a bitch 👌😑😎
Joshua Padin
Joshua Padin Vor Stunde
You and Tati are horrible, sad and pathetic human beings. First you used YOUR FAME TO RUIN A 19 year old boys career. You bullied his LITTLE 17 year old brother online, without having any receipts on why he went back to New York City. I’ve never liked you like ever, because you seem like a snake and it sucks because your famous and you have so much power. You take advantage of it and it’s super sad and ridiculous. James worked so fucking hard for what he has and you act like your past wasn’t far worst then anything that James Charles has said or done. You and Tati are pathetic and you guys are canceled as fuck. It’s sad when you can’t talk to James in person when he tried for more than 3 WEEKS TO CONTACT YOU. IT’S SAD WHEN YOU THINK GETTING INTO ANYONES BUSINESS CAN GET YOU MORE SUBSCRIBERS. You saw the opportunity to take someone with higher power, better looking, has better makeup and just in general better than you to take him down. Your heart is black and so is Nate’s. Spreading lies and so much more to ruin someone’s life and what they worked so hard for. You are all sad human beings. Canceled, bye sister. 👎🏼👎🏼
Crisel Exose
Crisel Exose Vor Stunde
Jeffree you have some serious explaining to do!!!
Alison Juma
Alison Juma Vor Stunde
Fuck you JeFFrEe Star, making Patrick's last name a shame ...is this guy a he or a he
Mariserla Tulasi
Mariserla Tulasi Vor Stunde
Jeffrey you are CANCELLED
Brianda Quijano
Brianda Quijano Vor Stunde
Bye, sister :(
anna marie
anna marie Vor Stunde
18:44 he said, "I'm so famous" LMAO, the inside joke that james charles mentioned
Erica Mattingly
Erica Mattingly Vor Stunde
Imagine being a 32 year old and calling a 19 year old a sick motherfucker, and then accusing them of being a rapist😌✋
Aaa Bbb
Aaa Bbb Vor Stunde
1,2 Jeffree Star coming for you 3,4 James Charles at your door 5, 6 Tati grab a crucifix 7, 8 Rich Lux making tea videos late 9, 10 Shane’s lying again
sibela gjeci
sibela gjeci Vor Stunde
physically 32, mentally 19
Larkin Scharenbroch
You and Tati are both lying whores!!
Malik Malik
Malik Malik Vor Stunde
I commented here 3 days ago believe me guys it was not hard to know that Jeffery is a true monster and sick, Jeffrey you've been here in the beauty community for a long time I think it's the time to get the fuck out of it you snake.
sibela gjeci
sibela gjeci Vor Stunde
you motherfucker you deserve something worse than what happened to james
Mark Donahue
Mark Donahue Vor Stunde
How the fuck do you have that many subs.shape up dude it's the end of time.🤢🤢😝
Selena Maldonado
Selena Maldonado Vor Stunde
Bye jeffree
You’re a piece of gay shit Jeffree
Instagram vndresgt
You are losing *Followers* 🎀
Duck Legends
Duck Legends Vor Stunde
They just made burgers the least food I want to eat now wtf are they
sibela gjeci
sibela gjeci Vor Stunde
you motherfucker you deserve something worse than what happened to james
Instagram vndresgt
1 like = *1 unfollow* Jeffree is CANCELLED
alejandro berti
alejandro berti Vor Stunde
Marico hijo de puta asqueroso tramoyero Mentiroso no le llegas ni a los talones a James oportunista
em Vor Stunde
ewwww snake
Xarriable Vor Stunde
Had to get this off my chest after watching James’ video as one of your frequent viewers Jeffree... in this whole debacle you ended up drawing the shortest straw for me. Why? Because you got so aggressive in a matter where you had no dog in the fight.... regarding someone who called you his FRIEND. Jeffree, I’m not subscribed to James nor did I watch him like I did with you, but what you did disappointed me. Why did you send him such heart breaking messages after he tried so desperately to contact you? You’re the mature one, he’s JUST A TEEN. I assume his brother who you told to shut the f*** up is also that young... makes you look really bad and quite frankly made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted you to know!
Ho Emma
Ho Emma Vor Stunde
U are so mean and why are u messing up James life
barf boys
barf boys Vor Stunde
who is ur fav jeff James Tati
Can't wait Until Jeffery Star Truth Story 🔥
Eu Me Perfumo
Eu Me Perfumo Vor Stunde
I really like him, I wish he didnt have all these this shitty thihgs in his past, hurting people.
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor Stunde
SNAKE 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
James Nicole Cachuela
JEFFREE!!! Please look into the Mica Mining Industry. I know you have a heart for sustainable ingredients for your products. Please have a look in the documentary here in DE-vid. Refinery29
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor Stunde
SNAKE 🐍🐍🐍🐍
gabrielle hehe
gabrielle hehe Vor Stunde
ur cancelled bitch
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor Stunde
SNAKE 🐍🐍🐍🐍
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Vor Stunde
Truly new subscribers don’t know what heppen when someone try to drag Jeffree down U better make a tea and keep waiting
_ _
_ _ Vor Stunde
Tbh this drama is better than the Game of Thrones all of this to know who will sit on the throne of truth and morphe. 🍿
Instagram vndresgt
Who's here after James charles video? Jeffree is CANCELLED
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor Stunde
SNAKE 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Virtual Space Manipulator
Y'all be saying "I saw everything I need to see" Umm... Y'all saw what a person showed you, and any person in a situation like this will only show what's convenient for them
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor Stunde
SNAKE 🐍🐍🐍🐍
Ryley McClure
Ryley McClure Vor Stunde
Jeffree literally needs to stop acting like a petty 16 year old high school plastic. He’s nothing more than a makeup artist who thinks he’s all that because he can successfully put on eyeshadow. NEWSFLASH. A lot of us can do that we just don’t post videos about it. And also to be such a conceited self centered prick with a dick, that’s fucked up. He needs to stop lying and GROW TF UP
Alez Z
Alez Z Vor Stunde
Jeffree, you should get of Twitter and confront people face to face and not behind a screen
I hate myself for believing you were a different person after hearing your story and seeing you in Shane's video. I have bought a shit ton of your stuff even tho Im not rich. I fucking believed you man! Cant wrap my mind around what you did. That was just wrong on sooo many levels!!
K’ emani
K’ emani Vor Stunde
Lmao everyone says they’re unsubscribing, But Y’all know damn well y’all are going to continue to watch his videos. 👏🏽🐸☕️
Melana Cook
Melana Cook Vor Stunde
can we cancel jeffree already?
Aiai Monkey
Aiai Monkey Vor Stunde
Anybody who believed this man was 'changed' really played themselves. He, Tati and James all behave like bratty teenagers, the only difference is that James actually is a teenager. Bye sister 👋
Mr LOC Vor Stunde
Jeffree after this getting ready for a wave of blacklash
Gloria Ceh
Gloria Ceh Vor Stunde
You have always been fake! Stop bullying those young boys you’re just jealous because his more famous than you!
AnimatedMatter. Vor Stunde
Useless Salad
Useless Salad Vor Stunde
Jeffree get out of the pink vault we have a situation!!!!!
Dj Smi
Dj Smi Vor Stunde
Saying jeffree was bullying jamese online is bullshit. So called "Fans" bullied him like really take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming ppl.
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor Stunde
Is Jeffree just not gonna respond to this James Charles scandal? cause Jeffree is losing subs like crazy.
Moonlight Vera
Moonlight Vera Vor Stunde
Why Jeffree? I've always admired your strength, you talked about mental strength a lot and I really look up to you. But then you bullied a teen who was already being mentally destroyed, who's going through one of the darkest times of his life? Disgusted... I've to unsub. This is very dissapointing. :(
Farida Agnes
Farida Agnes Vor Stunde
bye jeffree
J Tee
J Tee Vor Stunde
Wow. I would have never guessed that Jeffree would have ever taken sides especially from word of mouth. Friends treat each other with respect love and decency. I’m just floored with what James just posted. Let’s all get past this Hate and attacks. Love for one another is what really matters in life.
Di Vor Stunde
Jeffree Jeffree Jeffree.....what should we do with you?
Aizawa Says Yes to Drugs
Lilian McIntosh
Lilian McIntosh Vor Stunde
Your hardships as a gay man has not made you a kind person. All this undermining...in the end, it will come back to you. You know I never understood why you were such a big deal. Never saw any of your products at Sephora, but now after seeing what you did to James Charles, I will never buy any of your products.
aylin zavala
aylin zavala Vor 2 Stunden
Wow jeffree I always tought you were a good person but after seeing the way you talked to james and basically tried to ruin his career influencing other people to hate him is so wrong you have shown your true colors and I can't support you for that bye jeffree
LilRocky1501 Vor 2 Stunden
J q
J q Vor 2 Stunden
Ɗerek S
Ɗerek S Vor 2 Stunden
Damn this is why guys shouldn’t be gay
Renet Audisho
Renet Audisho Vor 2 Stunden
* me dying for a good body while eating a whole box of Oreos* damn their good
Jose Cilia
Jose Cilia Vor 2 Stunden
Honestly jeffree is a danger to society not james, always trynna be in other peoples drama and want to end their career, like can he just let them handle it on their own, and people worship him for that.THAT'S THE TEA SIS.
Chloavlogz! Chloe
Chloavlogz! Chloe Vor 2 Stunden
Who wants jeffree to go to Australia I I I ¥ oh lots of people the money Singh is suppose to be a arrow soz but lots of people thanks
Kelsi Ann
Kelsi Ann Vor 2 Stunden
Katie Cronan
Katie Cronan Vor 2 Stunden
I’m unsure about you Jeffree, I’ve been a good bit of money on your products and I love the actual product. But now I’m just confused on what kind of person you are. I’m not saying James was right but I’m saying you were wrong and I don’t like this side of you at all. Very disappointed. I love you a lot but baby you fucked up.
Yant Rodriguez
Yant Rodriguez Vor 2 Stunden
Jeffree always hated James Charles.
lolita kum
lolita kum Vor 2 Stunden
Jeffree posted new tweet about your history, and actually the people now be manipulate for JEFFREE, this is so fucking tired, i'm extremely Stressed out , the people are so manipulated, fuck 💆💆💆💆💆 , I believe you JAMES I love you✊💕, they are JEALOUS, baby you Are JEALOUS, James is the best now 😅😩
Yant Rodriguez
Yant Rodriguez Vor 2 Stunden
jeffree is an envious and evil being, because he never loved the success of a child of only 19 years old, he is more frequent and successful in the makeup world. Jefree is a first class villain. Jeffree always hated James Charles.
Dede Hernandez
Dede Hernandez Vor 2 Stunden
After Jeffree sees the 2nd video of James: There is no video I do not want to lose more subscribers
Rebekah Kerwin
Rebekah Kerwin Vor 2 Stunden
James your a fool!! Jeffree is coming for you now!! Can’t wait!!😉
Elizabeth Giron
Elizabeth Giron Vor 2 Stunden
Idc who is wrong or right. There is no better reviews and content than Jeffree 🥰 TEAMJEFFREE
Dede Hernandez
Dede Hernandez Vor 2 Stunden
Jeffree: I will expose James James: expose text from Jeffree
S_d Xrystal
S_d Xrystal Vor 2 Stunden
Everyone came from hating James to not and now it's the other way around but people are really spreading more hate then there has to be. There are always more sides to the story. Remember everyone makes mistakes and this has gotten out of control.
Nicholas Bouchard
Nicholas Bouchard Vor 2 Stunden
Chloe Mook
Chloe Mook Vor 2 Stunden
New UNsubscriber! 🙌
Dede Hernandez
Dede Hernandez Vor 2 Stunden
I dont know you but you should be ashame of yourself 🥺
Patrick Hukins
Patrick Hukins Vor 2 Stunden
You’re a cunt
Patrick Hukins
Patrick Hukins Vor 2 Stunden
You’re fucked
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer Vor 2 Stunden
Everyone that’s saying how could you say all that stuff about James don’t forget just a day ago you were hating on James to it’s crazy how people change sides like come on now
Spacely One
Spacely One Vor 2 Stunden
Scum bag
thotiana Vor 2 Stunden
so he can only straight boys but james cant ???1!!
Star Nine
Star Nine Vor 2 Stunden
You are a sick person!!! He is a child!!!! You need help, trash is a choice
Hannah Saulnier
Hannah Saulnier Vor 2 Stunden
mind ur own business u creep. u ruined an innocent boys career and hurt his mentally ill brother. i hope you realize what a terrible scumbag u really are.
Leidy Hernandez
Leidy Hernandez Vor 2 Stunden
TMI Tiana
TMI Tiana Vor 2 Stunden
Virtual Space Manipulator
This people be switching sides faster than my emotions
sickening tea
sickening tea Vor 2 Stunden
were that vid of the tea sis 👀 still refreshing the screen🍵
Letsgopens62 Back 2 back champs
Second Youtube
Second Youtube Vor 2 Stunden
Interesting how u lied on James 😐 sis ur a snake
Kaitlyn Kindel
Kaitlyn Kindel Vor 2 Stunden
Bye jeffree
TMI Tiana
TMI Tiana Vor 2 Stunden
Caste Shows
Caste Shows Vor 2 Stunden
Alguien latino que solo viene a ver si hay comentarios en español sobre el último video de James? Alguien? Hola?
N. M.
N. M. Vor 2 Stunden
JEFFREE PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO REGARDING THE JAMES CHARLES SITUATION!! Because our heads are spinning due to the back and forth lying drama!!
Giovanna Gerencser
Giovanna Gerencser Vor 2 Stunden
Jeffree, you shouldn't have gotten involved. Unfollowing you.
nadine charles
nadine charles Vor 2 Stunden
Just disgusted. Shame on you.
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