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Imagine the basketball that you were using in PE Class was once used by NBA players now 🤯 (via @rhalesgoiu/Tiktok)

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15 Nov 2021



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Sou Cial Credi tz
Sou Cial Credi tz Vor 2 Monate
The PE ones are the best they are like a old skateboard they are just perfect Edit: damn 2 weeks and 10k likes
Niggatron Vor 6 Tage
@LilhuntXD exactly
ML Vor 19 Tage
Idk about that lol they are always flat and ours don't have much grip.
Master Gamez
Master Gamez Vor 21 Tag
Everyone rushes to get the ones with the most grip
Master Gamez
Master Gamez Vor 21 Tag
@Ryan Hilkemann they are lol
Pieter Post
Pieter Post Vor 25 Tage
@skin is tasty are you incapable of thinking or are you just too young?
Poison Vor Monat
You know what's better than seeing the ball go through the stages of life? Seeing the kid at the end grabbing the old weathered ball and running like it's his last day on earth. No matter what level you play at, no matter how big or small your school team maybe or even if it's just with friends in the park, the feeling of picking up that ball never changes.
Foreseen Truth
Foreseen Truth Vor 23 Tage
This comment made me cry
Blake Vor 24 Tage
Why tf are you talking like that lmfao 😭
Dinglet 123
Dinglet 123 Vor 28 Tage
Making me emotional man
Ķäğüýā Øťşüťşüķï
@Poison what a poet🥺🥺
Aaron Weyland
Aaron Weyland Vor Monat
Nah bruh he only grabbed it and ran so he could get the good ball and use the only hoop with a net 🤣 no matter what level you play at, you never can play as good as the kid with everybody's favorite ball, on everybody's favorite court 🤣
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito Vor Monat
Fun fact, one of the actual Wilson balls was lost in sea for 18 years when it was finally found by a ship when they saw an object floating They got closer and saw a volleyball with a red hand and it turned out to be a Willson ball with a castaway stamp on the side of it
Highking Stoner
Highking Stoner Vor Monat
@Glazeman in Hollywood they usually make a few if not more props for the movie. There were a few of those “original” ones you’re talking about. Even with a simple google search it says 1/3 of original were sold at auction you muppet
As1n Ghosthunter
@Glazeman but there wasnt just one wilson ball there were multiple and one of them got lost at sea
kishgo Vor Monat
so a singular basketball lasted 18 years in the sea?💀
Hogglewart Vor Monat
His name was Voit.
@Glazeman They sell a version at big 5 that has a red handprint on it. They've had it pretty much since the movie cake out or perhaps perhaps few years after.
oof Vor Monat
Why do I feel like I just seen a whole movie
Nationz Vor 3 Tage
@RyanCraftZ bro Tom hanks was the best in that movie
King Vor 26 Tage
Why do I always feeel like I’m in the twilight zone
@TheMovieRocky 😔
TheMovieRocky Vor 28 Tage
@♪ఌ𝐴𝑙𝑒𝑥𝑖𝑎ఌ♪ that’s why you don’t laugh
@TheMovieRocky nooo😭
Menagerie_OS 嵐夜ぱ
That last clip gave me mad nostalgia. The memory of all the egotistical "athletes" rushing the ball cage to get the best ones first.
Krazyklok Vor 10 Tage
@r a he's just the person that thinks all school sports players are douchebags, a cliche used in a lot of movies
O K Z O O M E R Vor Monat
sounds like someone’s salty they weren’t athletic as a kid.
r a
r a Vor Monat
Why are they egotistical athletes? I just see kids eager to play sports
Carol Chavez
Carol Chavez Vor Monat
I didn't understand that last clip at the beginning, our school picked all the balls that were still good at the end of the year and gave them to orphanages, together with novel books and clothing we would accumulate for donation during the entire year
W Vor Monat
Why did I start tearing up
skin is tasty
skin is tasty Vor 21 Tag
you didnt
Squid Vor 25 Tage
k youtube
k youtube Vor 29 Tage
Cause the kids are running in to the cars
Zio Lan
Zio Lan Vor Monat
Them PE balls feel divine. Perfect amount of grip and smoothness, really exceptional.
Hamzah Hisham
Hamzah Hisham Vor Monat
The fact that there is a "WILSON IM SORRY" in the background makes it 10 times better
PeyB0ne Vor 29 Tage
Watched Cast Away in class, cried, wasn’t fun
Spongenoob Vor Monat
@Gabe Timmis same
Spongenoob Vor Monat
@Rashawn Sanders same
Kian Clark Baroña
@Zander Near cast away
MrFame Vor Monat
@Zander Near Castaway
reborn Vor Monat
makes me realize how much i actually miss elementary school. such a golden part of my life
Mr Vor Monat
Love it!!❤
Valcor Vor Monat
Your channels a joke just sell it already
michael borden
michael borden Vor Monat
Man please, just a original damn person.
Zachary Cain
Zachary Cain Vor Monat
Final stage is getting stuck in the rafters of the gym for a decade
mitchell ilika
mitchell ilika Vor 25 Tage
I once threw my shoes and they got stuck in the roof😭😭😭😭
six bronks
six bronks Vor 26 Tage
That’s hall of fame
My schools gym was exactly like this too. I think I even remember seeing someone's shoe up in the rafters, and it had been there for a while too. I don't even think the kid was at that school anymore.
Ap Guap
Ap Guap Vor Monat
Or at the school roof😂
Maddog Madison
Maddog Madison Vor Monat
@ItzScooter 🏳️‍🌈 those basketballs have been blessed.
Jacob Gresham
Jacob Gresham Vor Monat
Actually had me tearing up, thinking about every basketball I've used, and had to throw away 😪
Kaiden’sNorthern Fishing
The fact that all those Wilson evolution balls are $70
That Guy
That Guy Vor Monat
@Jesh Elmer Probably stole them and sold them
Jesh Elmer
Jesh Elmer Vor Monat
We had alot of them and this one kid literally lost all the ball everytime he uses it. I wonder how he do that
Jared Marsh
Jared Marsh Vor Monat
@Kaiden’sNorthern Fishing I like the solution ball better due to its ability to absorb sweat wayyyy better, but can't go wrong w either really
Kaiden’sNorthern Fishing
It’s because those are the best indoor basketballs you can get because of the materials
Boost me
Boost me Vor Monat
really? basketball is expensive wow
Jackson Ramaker
Jackson Ramaker Vor Monat
Brought back fond memories of fighting till the last breath for the best ball in the blue cage
catch Vor Monat
facts bro shii was so nostalgic
Wish-I_WarSocks Vor Monat
Years ago, over a decade lol, my freshman year of high school, coach let me take a basketball 🏀 home with me; he noticed I always picked the worn out ball and at the end of the year just told me to take it home since it was as worn out as it was. Now it is just an old leather husk in my yard, but I remember it's story and it still means something to me.
cashhcapo Vor Monat
It’s crazy when you grow up the simple old stories are the best of memories I miss those times 🥲
Vikzn Vor Monat
It means something to you so you left it in your yard to wither
Romes Garage & Auto Sales
My man's Wilson always been with me throughout the roughest days. From brother dying to breakups, I was poor , and just had no direction in life but I could always look in my book bag and there he is ... ready ... we still play... 15 yrs later
Emanuel Baba Yaga Ortiz
This is beautiful because you never realize how important these class equipment were until you didn’t have them. Then you grow up and well you hope four national sports are enough to keep life a little tolerant.
Rohan Chaurasia
Rohan Chaurasia Vor Monat
Wow, have a great day man.
SockMace Vor Monat
If it wasn’t for the basket none of us would of busted ass playing a mean defense on that blacktop. Give props to your P.E. teacher for giving us those smoothed balls that roll forever, without him we’d all been kicking rocks after lunch.
LiLi Vor Monat
This really brings back memories. I loved racing to get the volleyball first 🥲
OGTrainwreck Vor Monat
I remember when everyone in PE would rush to the basketball rack to try to get the new basketballs lol
ChairDoorMan Vor Monat
I’ve never been too into basketball, how long would the life cycle take? It seems like it would take a while, but then again being bounced constantly would probably make it wear out rather fast
Isaiah Wheat
Isaiah Wheat Vor Monat
Rest in piece to all the basketballs out there 🙏
Andres Vor Monat
That final stage brought me back so much nostalgia wtf. Of PE and lunch rushing to get the best balls to play sports, bring me back.
lil camel
lil camel Vor Monat
Man I really will miss those intense moments of trying to grab a basketball of your own good time man.
K Vor Monat
Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our boredom everyday!
Commentify Vor Monat
Actually we can't, because I saw you pop up in the comments.
Skittledime Vor Monat
I always remember the first thing we do after lunch was recess and the first thing the my sporty friends and I did was to grab a ball in the wooden box. It was always there when we got out from lunch and once we got to the door to go to recess we just ran about like 84 mph to the box. It felt so nice getting the one god ball to play kickball. I was the one mainly in charge of getting a ball cause I always managed to get the best one.
JordanUpNext Vor 14 Tage
man i remember the feeling of how fun it was bringing out the cart of basketballs out in the gym when the gym teacher said we can have free time and basketball was one of the options
Lich King Ithani
Lich King Ithani Vor 14 Tage
The fact that I can quickly tell which ball to go for when looking at the PE one. Brings back memories of high school
kenneth Vor Monat
Man, I regret quitting basketball in 4th grade, lost confidence cause of my physique. Currently on 9th grade and I've been itching to play ball, but covid ruined it.
Cast Away is my favorite movie of all time, the fact that I cried over a fuckin volleyball is a sign of great story writing
Spongenoob Vor Monat
I cried too
Lowkey NICO
Lowkey NICO Vor Monat
This hit hard af for no reason lmao I've seen every stage life Nd time flys 🤣🤣🤣
Backlash Test
Backlash Test Vor Monat
It just hit me bro. "I'm sorry Wilson" LMAO
Wasteland Stalker #222
I love that the 3 kids grabbed for them like there was across about to take the ones they wanted I've seen big crowds try and go for those 😂
NoobieSnake Vor Monat
That explains why the school basketballs are always so old and can’t grip, lol. Smooth as heck and slippery.
Josiah Lealem
Josiah Lealem Vor Monat
That Wilson moment from the movie still breaks my heart😂😭😭
Coach G S III
Coach G S III Vor Monat
😂 🤣 The Tom Hanks edit is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time
rando man
rando man Vor Monat
I havnt seen this movie since I was about 10. I'm 24 rn and got the biggest chills listening to this. Big thoughts flashed through my head like, he had to lose the ball or he may never have found himself again when he got home...
CaptainCock Vor Monat
Who coulda known that a basketball has a tragic life cycle 😭
Frozt Vor Monat
I've loved basketball all of my life, I've had an old basketball since I was 3 years old and I'm now 15, it still feels great looking at the old basketball knowing that it's gone through lots of shots, dribbles, and traveling, it's still sitting there in my rrom
justdavid Vor Monat
This brings back memories when we as little kids would fight to get the basketball out of the cart
AlphaKun Vor Monat
Wilson will be in our hearts forever 😪😂
Galaxy Vor 2 Monate
the kid who keeps his basketball in a special paper with grip *oh, need a basketball?*
Sammy Vazquez
Sammy Vazquez Vor Monat
Ending gave me so many memories damn how time passes
RasmeyKyo Vor Monat
No wonder in elementary we always find the best one 😂
Vaughn A
Vaughn A Vor Monat
we’d be checking all the balls tryna find the best one 😹
taran christensen
This gave me feelings I didn't know I had.
Scone Central
Scone Central Vor Monat
These shorts make my day better 💪
HP FAN ⚡️👓
HP FAN ⚡️👓 Vor 2 Monate
I feel like an idiot. I just got that he is called Wilson because of the basketball.
marlow g
marlow g Vor Monat
@Mills i freaking love cast away sm
ThePlugCharlie Vor Monat
@HP FAN ⚡️👓 ho ly shit
HP FAN ⚡️👓
@Mills Ya. I’ve seen the movie but I just got that.
Mills Vor Monat
It’s from the movie Cast Away. Tom Hanks has a volleyball made by Wilson.
Tom Hanks yelling for Wilson is hilarious 😂 cause he just named the ball after the company
d d
d d Vor Monat
I love how when it said recess they were all out where the cars were lol
Jwetchup Vor Monat
The nostalgia of rushing to grab the basketballs at recess though 🥲
Egg Vor Monat
I laughed at this all day, at random intervals I'd start laughing. It was awkward, but glorious.
Jackie chan_WTF
Jackie chan_WTF Vor Monat
I hear ya. I heard a joke once in school, and It'll pop up in my head once in a while, but this happened 21 years ago. I may not remember what I had for lunch today, but that joke will never die. 😊
Sara Ferguson
Sara Ferguson Vor Monat
I'm glad to see people being more resourceful with stuff :)
Subie Diecast Customs
This makes me miss PE even more🥺
MattSlapps Vor Monat
Who remembers sprinting to that cart to see who could get a ball first in gym class?
Nathan Cunningham
Brings back some great memories and also makes me sad 😞 🥲
GorgieClarissa Vor Monat
We use old basketballs as dogeballs for dodge ball. Good memories
BIBBO Vor Monat
But PE balls, their “perfect amount of smoothness and grip” hurt 1000x worse when you hit in the face compared to a brand new one
Shaner1212 Vor Monat
The audio is enough to make me cry. That was such a sad moment in castaway. You wouldn’t think a grown man crying for a volleyball would be so emotional. 😭
Seiboldt Adelbertsmiter
I know right.
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar Vor Monat
The PE ones are the best. Worn in just enough and have a smoothness, yet grip to them. So good.
Bobby Buko
Bobby Buko Vor Monat
I miss waiting for the cage with all the recess balls lol. The good Ol days, we used to go ham in kickball 😅
Isaiah Vor Monat
It was practically a home run derby
Jaime Castillo
Jaime Castillo Vor Monat
The end had me dead when all them kids went crazy on them balls
Christian 007
Christian 007 Vor Monat
Lunch and recess always appreciated them most cuz we never had another ball..wed jump the fence for it..jump in ponds for it lol
cxcre Vor Monat
wow this is sad, i never realized our pe balls used to be fresh and nice at one point. i’ll never call an old ball shitty again. it’s just an old man going through it’s life cycle🥲
Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez Vor Monat
The basket for the balls at recess re ignited a nostalgic memory I forgot I had
Juice Vor Monat
Why did I actually feel sad when he lost Wilson 😢
_ cjstm _
_ cjstm _ Vor Monat
You forgot the final one, it ends up on the roof of the school from the soccer kid kicking the basket ball.
mystic Vor Monat
The days where everyone would be rushin to the cart to get the basketball bc it’s a free day in gym
TheKingsWit Vor Monat
There's a brief interlude between PE and breaktimes where it's stuck in a tree or ceiling rafter for several years
Emcee14 Vor Monat
Damn almost had tears remembering that scene
Internet Truth
Internet Truth Vor Monat
Who else was first in line to get the basketball for P.E. We used to fight about the good ball with grip 🤣
lonedolo Vor Monat
man I remember those days when you had to camp beside the cage to get the best basketball😭😭😭or else you’d have to hoop with a dodgeball
Likonu Shepard
Likonu Shepard Vor Monat
I just had the image of Woody from Toy Story floating in the ocean trying to get to a ball that 2 times his size 😂
The Beyond Gamer
Damn reminds me of the time iused to play pe basket ball and every one would rush to get a ball and now im about to be 20 playing college football and wont ever have a lunch recess or pe free time again😢 crazy how 5 years ago in 2016 i was a incoming freshman in highschool and now thats all over this sound makes me sad i done lost so many people since then and sum ive never knew would leave this earth so soon but thats even more reason to push forward live my life for the ones who cant
riding like a russian
I still remember that in my primary school, the pe basketballs looked more like big oranges after the stripes and logo have worn all the way down
Junk1ee FN
Junk1ee FN Vor 28 Tage
I love these shorts they make my day!!
Can we all not forget the planning that went into being the guy who grabbed the ball! It didn't matter who got it as long as it was you or one of your friends😂😂😂
Benji Vor Monat
I love how they just took it and ran
Dicki Monster
Dicki Monster Vor Monat
This reminds me how poor my elementary school was , we only got 2 new ones per years 😢
MØOSHROØM _ Vor 27 Tage
During recess they ran straight towards the busses and cars to attack. He was fine with it and just said “I taught them well…”
Oldmerk Vor Monat
Legit brought a tear to my eye.
Joliemon Vor Monat
I went to a large middle school and we had to run a mile before we could grab a ball. You could imagine how many kids ran like usain bolt to get a basketball.
YouLoveGrieves Vor Monat
I love the "I'm sorry Wilson"
Albert J
Albert J Vor 2 Monate
Got to love Tom Hanks. Perfect 🤩
Demarcus Q
Demarcus Q Vor Monat
I never thought of it that way.. I always thought the wacko kids were just chewing the balls up during recess.
wilbert suryajaya
Table tennis also undergoes a life cycle,it maybe made from plastic but after somemuse the ball will slowly get thinner Stage 1:competition Stage 2: one ball training Stage 3: casual Stage 4: flattened and thrown in a trash can
layla laney
layla laney Vor 27 Tage
And then there was always that one kid who managed to get the ball stuck on the roof ruining it for everyone
l Vor Monat
i immediately thought about how the kids would storm the ball basket, glad to know it’s still like that 😂
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker Vor Monat
This shit just reminds me of how much u miss for fun sports with friends but putting together a group to play is so much harder as an adult
Micah Severson
Micah Severson Vor Monat
I love how the audio is saying I’m sorry Wilson and the ball has Wilson on it. 😂
Luis Valencia
Luis Valencia Vor Monat
I remember in gym class we used to all try and be first to grab a ball, cus if not, then you have to wait to be picked up or play next.
Kira Vor Monat
Bruh that recess shot brought back memories I totally forgot about.
Rylee Hadder
Rylee Hadder Vor Monat
It’s kind of sad knowing that the basketballs that I play with in actual high school games are going to end up just like this 😭 I mean little kids will be playing with game/championship winning game balls
Coldheartz Vor Monat
Half of the PE balls we used were old and deflated while the basketball team was nice and new
tklion03 Vor Monat
that old weathered ball brings back some memories
That's What She Said!
Got suspended as a kid for shoving someone in one of those ball cages and locking them in it 😂😂
Yone Smone Lim
Yone Smone Lim Vor Monat
The dialogue from the movie Cast Away was so perfect. I remember that movie so well. 😂
Xander Catalan
Xander Catalan Vor Monat
I actually miss school , crazy we never appreciate school until we grown.
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Vor Monat
Ngl I dropped a few tears looking back at the old days when the ball with the messed up creases was the reason we balled
Yoel Badi
Yoel Badi Vor Monat
the recess basket brought back a memory i forgot i had
Kvplr III
Kvplr III Vor Monat
Damn how life whent from who can have the best ball in the cage 🏀 TO Who can ball out the hardest 👟👖⛓ LOL
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