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Lilly answers some trivia questions to test her knowledge about her home country of Canada, talks about her popularity on DE-vid, interviewing celebrities like Michelle Obama and The Rock, her love of wrestling, and making the new HBO movie Fahrenheit 451 with Michael B Jordan.
Diane Keaton Kisses Jimmy Kimmel de-vid.com/video/video-Vzb53v28z_Q.html

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Lilly Singh on DE-vid, The Rock & Her Parents



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Dlvxxx Sjnxxx
Dlvxxx Sjnxxx Vor 13 Stunden
Where are all my Toronto girls at❤️
Chloe Chimienti
Chloe Chimienti Vor 5 Tage
Hi lilly
alele bechara
alele bechara Vor 6 Tage
is this horny lily only legends will get me
J Y Vor 6 Tage
im guessing jimmy didn't watch her show..
Muhammad Abdul Malik
She should on Trevor Noah's or Seth's late night show... They both do good amount of research on the guests...
Asmita Biswas
Asmita Biswas Vor 11 Tage
Smartest girl.. So strong
Pavitra Kundar
Pavitra Kundar Vor 14 Tage
Jimmy was rude... i hate him!
meagan dorsey
meagan dorsey Vor 15 Tage
I absolutely love her. She’s hilarious, smart, gorgeous, talented, sexy she’s the whole package. Honestly, I feel like the reason she blew up is because she was just a girl on DE-vid trying to find herself, dig herself out of depression with a laugh and find an outlet. That genuine energy and charisma and honesty is why she became who she is and gained the fame and following she did. That is incredible. She found a purpose and a path in what started as her process of dealing. I love that.
wildspringflower Vor 19 Tage
Lilly Singh is amazing! Representing Indians!!!
Jatinder Khera
Jatinder Khera Vor 22 Tage
PUNJABI'S on top.
Deepesh Das
Deepesh Das Vor 22 Tage
Whats wrong with this guy. He is rude. I am unsubscribing this channel. Lily you are amazing👌
Lindsey Pindsey
Lindsey Pindsey Vor 22 Tage
I'm American and I say pop. 🤷🏻‍♀️
blindstar googly
blindstar googly Vor 26 Tage
I thought she said she will never orange
Jatin Vor 27 Tage
what a dumbass host
Iyaya Ekita
Iyaya Ekita Vor 28 Tage
She's great! Love her!
Ray Mac
Ray Mac Vor Monat
He’s salty because he wasn’t a celebrity crush
Zuala Hmar
Zuala Hmar Vor Monat
Jimmy kimmel, what a disappointment. I respected you until I saw this video. Now I won'nt be viewing any of your youtube channels or tv shows, you are a disgrace to your viewers
Keneti Pese
Keneti Pese Vor Monat
Love her........awesome
S A Vor Monat
Jimmy don’t be so rude your true colours are showing
S A Vor Monat
You’ve made Canada proud Lily time to rule the world girl!!!! So proud of you for representing Sikh Canadians🇨🇦🇨🇦💕💕
Caron Jennifer
Caron Jennifer Vor Monat
Why was he so condescending?? I mean its LILY SIGH
Ashley N
Ashley N Vor Monat
I'm from Toronto too and I never realized until now there's a difference btwn the pronunciation of Toronto with the ppl born there and not lol
lucky strike
lucky strike Vor Monat
She sucks
sani kumar
sani kumar Vor Monat
He's seems a racist person...Jimmy was actually horrible with Lily... he's like a geography teacher who is good till the time they have books in their hands😂😂....he is flaunting g.k. which we all know is low in americans
Sohan Mukku
Sohan Mukku Vor Monat
Omg Every single comment I read is against jimmy Lily has some real good fans
Sarah Mohamed
Sarah Mohamed Vor Monat
"Well, you're going to be lost a lot." "I think Americans are all so lost." SAVAGE
Mehtab Sudan
Mehtab Sudan Vor Monat
Can't wait when lily would have a more famous late night TV show than him ! Then he will know not to be rude and look down on others .
sakshi karanjkar
Everyone who viewed this video noticed how rude Jim was trying to be (racist) but Lilly handled it well...Hearty Wishes from India.
manu Manohar
manu Manohar Vor Monat
Jimmy I loved your interviews, you being RUDE BRO Unsubscribed
Achin Gupta
Achin Gupta Vor Monat
he is trying to piss her off.
Hanna Ali
Hanna Ali Vor Monat
K so I absolutely love lily singh & her videos. But this interview made me cringe. Its like shes trying waaaaaay to hard with that accent that usually black/ “women of color” have. Like way too hard, i mean even the way she’s dressed up and her makeup and all. Ugh idk i mean WHY?
Kali Golden
Kali Golden Vor Monat
Wow he sucks!
mary thomas
mary thomas Vor Monat
Jimmy is really rude and a mansplainer ...Lily admire your ability to respond graciously and draw a lot of positive energy from within as clearly that was not coming through from Jimmy ...and please we don't need to 'earn it' to subscribe to your channel ..we can use that time to earn some better content
PR patel
PR patel Vor Monat
dear jimmy , toronto has more colored people than fair people .just for your knowledge. stop asking where are you from question ? jzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Atiharsh Singh
Atiharsh Singh Vor Monat
And now she has her own show and is way more famous than this RUDE IDIOT.
Anu Pandey
Anu Pandey Vor Monat
Yeetme 420
Yeetme 420 Vor Monat
oh my god! Lilly looks stunning😍😍
Deep Verma
Deep Verma Vor Monat
ammu kutti
ammu kutti Vor Monat
She looks like hally berry
Neela Rajkumari
Neela Rajkumari Vor Monat
Jimmy Kimmel I want to slap you right across your face when I watch this interview....
Talal Vor Monat
she is ugly
Manish Kak
Manish Kak Vor Monat
'those people are called Idiots'.. oh really jimmy!!? dont go and wet ur pants as the Endgame release nears, cos that all is definitely real huh
Kunal Jaidka
Kunal Jaidka Vor Monat
F*** off Jimmy Kimmel. The girl has now got her own NBC late-night show.
linda Mathew
linda Mathew Vor Monat
Jimmy you acted so weird in this interview. Lily has some sense when she speaks and dodged your stupid questions with GRACE. HOPE She rises to the top, your ass is gonna be burning then 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂🤣
Veer Seth
Veer Seth Vor Monat
I think she lost one ear ring!
Ramesh Viswanathan
If Lilly Singh is so hung up on her Canadian up bringing & “Canadian English”, the go back to Canada why live in the US
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Vor Monat
She's a proud Canadian, and she probably likes the US too, I don't know.
Daniya saqib
Daniya saqib Vor Monat
Lilly is so gorgeous
Lisette Reeves
Lisette Reeves Vor Monat
Jimmy stinks of jealousy
Call me Fifi
Call me Fifi Vor Monat
Did he actually say you have a lot of celebrity crushes? I sensed so much shade and judgement in this. My god
Rani Z
Rani Z Vor Monat
This guy is such a loser. Sending out vibes just to make her look like she's nothing. She did a great job!
arun mitra
arun mitra Vor Monat
brainless people watching these shows and making this woman a "celebrity".
Bliss WKC
Bliss WKC Vor Monat
Thank You sooo much dearest 💐 You’re such an inspiration 🥰 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇
Sunil Katal
Sunil Katal Vor 2 Monate
not sure why n how people get popular . dumb
amina khalid
amina khalid Vor 2 Monate
I have just unsubscribed after watching this video.Such a jerk!
Jijo Mathew
Jijo Mathew Vor 2 Monate
She has 14 million followers and Jimmy only have 13m
hmmm345 Vor 2 Monate
What happened to her she is getting ugly day by day
Stacey Bernstein
Stacey Bernstein Vor 2 Monate
I'm from Toronto and I pronounce the T.
Batool Rizvi
Batool Rizvi Vor 2 Monate
Why she always wear dark base than her normal tone? When come in TV.
Yesmin Ors
Yesmin Ors Vor 2 Monate
Lilly is Queen 👸🏻🙏🏻 so humble n natural ..luv ya Lilly 💃🏻🔥 .. jimmy Kimmel is a fake AF puppet!
Jacob Timothy
Jacob Timothy Vor 2 Monate
I guess Jimmy Fallon just couldn't accept the fact that an "Indian Canadian" made it this big. He only mentioned Canadian, and goes on to demeanor it as well. Such a sore loser. Love from India Lilly Singh!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Vor 2 Monate
Jimmy dude your such a crotchety old man now it makes me sad. Remember the good ol win Ben Steins money days and the Man show?? You were the coolest!! Now you're freaking fake crying in every other video and over politicizing every other statement ... Never thought I'd live to see the day ...Joe Rogan the fear factor guy has more balls then Jimmy Kimmel. Adam is weeping somewhere for his long lost pal Jim.
Dont judge
Dont judge Vor 2 Monate
shes so pretty
Alia Mahmoud
Alia Mahmoud Vor 2 Monate
Jimmy has a rude vibe towards her...but she handled it well. At least she isn’t rude😑
The Indian Polish Connection
Well, this was awkward 😂 Can't believe he treated her like this. She has about 14 million followers Jim 😂
Klaus Vor 2 Monate
Why did he keep cutting off her jokes
Caylie Brown
Caylie Brown Vor 2 Monate
Did she cut her hair?
Jan De
Jan De Vor 2 Monate
I don't think Jimmy was rude ... Wth at these negative comments?
Shruti Nair
Shruti Nair Vor 2 Monate
Who cares, now she got her own talk show!!!
EmceePinks Vor 2 Monate
Read the comments and thought "Nah, he's never that rude, and shes cool" and wow was I wrong. Fairly rude.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Vor 2 Monate
Everyone saying Kimmel was rude. But I just can't see it you guys are just all too sensitive lol
nanana nère
nanana nère Vor 2 Monate
Jimmy not good
jojotanify Vor 2 Monate
this was kinda fake..?
tennyopallas Vor 2 Monate
Yes! Maintain your Canadianness! Whenever you live abroad you gotta maintain at least some of your home identity.
simplychillinnn Vor 2 Monate
“I think Americans are also lost” 😂. She was a good sport throughout. That last response tho haha
Khrissie Valayadam Attorney
Jimmy Fallon has issues with DE-vidrs making it to the big screen or talk show status.....
Asti Upiastirin
Asti Upiastirin Vor 2 Monate
What's wrong with pineapple on top of pizza? It's the best part! 🤭
Vibino sabina
Vibino sabina Vor 2 Monate
I watch this only for lily, lol came to know this dude through her n he's racist.... Boo to that hairy fakery fellow.
Haider Raees
Haider Raees Vor 2 Monate
Jimmy is trying hard to be funny but lily Singh went through the interview flawlessly
Mansi Mohan
Mansi Mohan Vor 2 Monate
what’s wrong with you Jimmy?? Jealous much? Indian kids keep their parents when they visit them, They are not like american kids. It’s the culture and values they havd
malika sharma
malika sharma Vor 2 Monate
Lily is great and Jimmy seems really jealous. Sad Man !
malika sharma
malika sharma Vor 2 Monate
Why is so RUDE ?
Priyanka Soni
Priyanka Soni Vor 2 Monate
This guy just couldn’t take it when the lady corrected him on the second “t” in word Toronto should be silent....& having him pronouncing it rightly. Kept trying to put her down but failed miserably haha 👊🏼👊🏼💪🏽💪🏽 Great interview Ms. Lily Singh 🤟🤟
Alison Black
Alison Black Vor 2 Monate
Jimmy you did not get the memo. LIlly has had over 1 Billion views, she has more followers then you and that is without the platform of a traditional tv show. Lilly works hard and has earned this oportunity. If it was not for utube I would not know who you were .I usally do enjoy your show, but not tonight I am disappointed. Lilly always reminds her veiwers to be kind to each other .Best wishes to Lilly in future adventures I will be following and to Jimmy as they say in show business break a leg .
Yangchen Tibet Dolkar
My dad is 83 & he still loves wrestling since his youth. Reasons is exactly what Lilly said; is dramatic, filled energy & imagination. I got to know “The Rock” from wrestling when I was kid introduced by my friend in Tibetan settlement in India. Everybody in that remote & refuge camp loved “rock”. Lily I am so happy for you & wish u all the best for ur new show “Little Late Lilly Show” in NBC. U r going to represent totally different on that stage!
Sowmya Priya
Sowmya Priya Vor 2 Monate
Omgggg Lilly singh so confident! Gave it back to Jimmy!!! Go Lilly!!
World Boss
World Boss Vor 2 Monate
Lilly is so cringey
pippy longstocking
pippy longstocking Vor 2 Monate
I love Hawaiian pizza.
Seyma Kozan
Seyma Kozan Vor 2 Monate
What a shitty interview, poor Lilly..
sachin jaswal
sachin jaswal Vor 2 Monate
Why I felt Jimmy was harsh to her???
Fernanda Pinto
Fernanda Pinto Vor 2 Monate
he said transitioning from youtube to HBO is as good as it gets...less than a year later Lily is the newest Late Night Show host! I swear these hosts act like youtubers aren't real entertainers, my girl is THRIVINGGG!!
Sheela Shines
Sheela Shines Vor 2 Monate
I came to watch Lily...Im glad...I will not be coming back.I can't take this host!! He didn't really do any research on Lily at all.
Sharstic Vor 2 Monate
Damn jimmy seems so uninterested.
Disappointed with Jimmy's attitude towards. He was definitely rude to her. But she handled it so well.
Daniel Hamadeh
Daniel Hamadeh Vor 2 Monate
KR Vor 2 Monate
jimmy is not rude in this interview, he clearly just doesn't vibe with her annoying fake energy
Amazing Videos India
Who else can listen well without untimely captions ? ❤️
Soniya Kiti
Soniya Kiti Vor 2 Monate
The interviewer seemed so rude.. HOW RUDE! 😼
Neil Madhood
Neil Madhood Vor 2 Monate
*why is Lilly Cringe on the show*
kshitiz singh
kshitiz singh Vor 2 Monate
has anyone noticed that Lily has similar look with Zelina Vega from wwe
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