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Lisa Best on how friendzoning should not be a thing. Lisa Best stand up from the Just For Laughs Straight Up, Stand Up series.
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7 Feb 2019



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madraccoon Vor Tag
How dare she compare her friend nobody is as sexy as shrek
Dilson Camacho
Dilson Camacho Vor 3 Tage
honestly... weak.
Joana Ramos
Joana Ramos Vor 5 Tage
funny comedian, boring crowd, annoying comment section.
AmazingSase Vor 7 Tage
This is garbage, people, don't be afraid of speaking the truth coz of bullshit PC
Richard Alexander
The crowd sucked, not her.
Ava Adams
Ava Adams Vor 11 Tage
She sounds like Jackie from rose 😂😂
samotbrandon Vor 11 Tage
Attractive lower half, from the waist down
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley Vor 14 Tage
Poor women, their lives are soooo hard.
mvb819 Vor 15 Tage
Are all lesbian comediennes this bad?
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Vor 17 Tage
Poor material.
αwkwαrd *
αwkwαrd * Vor 18 Tage
hey!! i have a silver toyota corolla too!! car twin!!
Florian Liouville
Florian Liouville Vor 18 Tage
What a self absorbed way to look at things. The guy respected your free will... he didn't force himself on you. But him no longer wanting to be friends if he can't be in a romantic relationship is different, how exactly?
Julian Hyde
Julian Hyde Vor 20 Tage
She reminds me of Joon from Benny and Joon.
H S Vor 21 Tag
She is also a restaurant
Mike Salka
Mike Salka Vor 21 Tag
Yup , another awful female comic , they just need to stop , or at least stop bitching about not getting paid big money for specials , shit is god awful
terrible terrible jokes
Char Bunny
Char Bunny Vor 21 Tag
She's quite good. I'm surprised the audience was dull
D F Vor 22 Tage
people that call themselves weird are not weird, and nothing she said she did as a kid was weird.
Zoe Ruth Carman
Zoe Ruth Carman Vor 27 Tage
She’s lit, kinda nervous but I’d be too, I laughed quite a bit 😂
Kredova Vor Monat
Sam Madera
Sam Madera Vor Monat
i think her content is good but her voice is just kinda annoying myabe ? idk
Kayra Vor Monat
She was ok But I imagine her as a crazy lady who's talking to herself, like the delivery of the jokes to the audience is weird and ruins the stories
Henry R
Henry R Vor Monat
She sounds too much like an old, Midwestern mother. I'm assuming it's not how she really talks, but I honestly find it kind of annoying. Also, if I was a stand up comedian and the audience sucked, I would just call them out on it. Chances are, it would make them laugh and lighten up the mood.
Chad Barnes
Chad Barnes Vor Monat
Why everyone complaining about women breastfeeding in public if I get to see tits and there kid's not crying seems like a win win to me.
nicky tu
nicky tu Vor Monat
It's a bit cringey for me how similar the car twin joke is to the Awesome Possum joke... and how louie delivered it better lol
ShadowPBPBC Vor Monat
she is so terrified i literally hear it in her voice, and her face just keeps getting redder and redder..... ^5 Lady the breast feeding thing, it's called jealousy, call these sh...green eyed monsters out on it, they are not offended, they are just jealous as all hell. mostly because they aren't getting any of that! i see it in women all the time, and libtard leftists men.
Vinnie DeJoris
Vinnie DeJoris Vor Monat
Maybe you & Fluffy should both tuck your tails between your legs & get that old day gig back.
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace Vor Monat
Just listen to the audience in this video. Whether you think she's funny or not, just listen to the lack of laughter on this video. That's a clue.
Prachetas Nayse
Prachetas Nayse Vor Monat
Good material, shit crowd.
50 Pence
50 Pence Vor Monat
BelleFlower15 Vor Monat
Omg how are comedians supposed to function when they're performing to such awful crowds? She had good energy and her jokes were funny but I can't handle the cringe of listening to the crowd just leave her hanging.
fake fake
fake fake Vor 15 Tage
Someone else here said it was because the stage behind her had a mirror pointed at the crowd. That made them too self-conscious too laugh.
AntNFS Vor 20 Tage
Nah, she was essentially being loud on stage. And quitting her day job was flawed judgement.
Ezekiel Messenger
Yes let's blame the audience for her not being funny.
veghead05 Vor 22 Tage
Right? She wasn't hilarious but shouldn't hear crickets
Milton M.
Milton M. Vor Monat
I really like her
R VW Vor Monat
One minute in. How do I post a vomit emoji on youtube?
NLTops Vor Monat
Jokes were pretty funny, but she shouldn't do such a long follow-up on some of the punchlines. That's what punchlines are for. As a climax to the joke. And much like a climax, you moan while you're having one and then once it's over you stop.
B Fra
B Fra Vor Monat
Should of kept the day job....
Kelvin Ankoh
Kelvin Ankoh Vor Monat
B Fra should have stayed in English grammar class
Jacob Tiscareno
Jacob Tiscareno Vor Monat
Super funny show but I think her idea of what her friend felt about the "friend zone" is warped like he didn't stop being your friend because you didn't want to sleep with him if that was the case he would have left after day 1 he stopped being your friend because you decided his potential ended there and you basically just compared him to Shrek and the beast me personally I don't want to be friends with any one person that views me in that way. I don't think he was like I deserve you you should be with me I think it's more like, ok well I opened up emotionally a little she didn't like what she saw so I'm off to new and better things idk I just think Noone including men take into consideration the other parties feelings in that situation
miguel gonzalez
miguel gonzalez Vor Monat
Another stolen joke that car twin joke Louis ck said already like 6years ago
Brandon Sousa
Brandon Sousa Vor Monat
The best joke was at the beginning where she said she quit her day job...probably needed it.
J P Vor Monat
Aye Shubayli
Aye Shubayli Vor Monat
She needs to trim the fat on some of jokes, be less nervous and organize the jokes better. But really funny. Hope to see more.
enigma mist
enigma mist Vor Monat
She maybe funny but the comments are full of white Knights 😂
gorillawarfair Vor Monat
Sorry i have to disagree with the friend zone thing. like yeah it sucks you lost a friend, but he also lost a friend that he also desperately wanted to be with. I dont think he was being a dick, or if he was jumping out before the moment went sour.
Benjamin isaac
Benjamin isaac Vor Monat
Idk why but very few women comics are funny to me. She is not at all. Not even a chuckle or smirk and I really was trying to like it
David Beppler
David Beppler Vor 24 Tage
All female comics rely on sex or relationships for comedy. They also get a pass because they are women in a male industry. Men have to work harder. So men have better jokes and timing.
Devil's Advocate
*Are you sure that's why you date women?*
Trebor Aclihp
Trebor Aclihp Vor Monat
Sounds like Winona Ryder.
eriksven Vor Monat
Great pate mom, but I gotta motor if I want anyone to laugh at my jokes.
Aamir Wilson
Aamir Wilson Vor Monat
She’s just an awkward with chick with lame dry ass jokes
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Vor Monat
That was funny, i could identify with the car twins. Quiet unconventional.
Slender Man
Slender Man Vor Monat
Good clean comedy :)
vgnhdhe Vor Monat
How can somebody be so unfunny
Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson Vor Monat
not that good shoulda stayed at the Animal Hospital
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael Vor Monat
This is not a comedian. Ultra saturation of unfunny people because of the internetz!
Lennel Echols
Lennel Echols Vor Monat
I dont really think this is funny for the most part, but theres a manic, maria bamfordness about her. I think if she keeps at it she could really do something.
Howdy Justice
Howdy Justice Vor 20 Tage
The voice.
Dragomir Marinov
She's quite terrible, though.
Fransisco Morales
So basically she was a lesbian leading on a straight man for validation? He was right not to be your friend anymore, and now you’re literally on stage crying about him leaving, while basically trying to further humiliate him. I’m not against the premise, because I fundamentally don’t believe in the friend zone, but the way she fleshed it out was bad.
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo
I didn't quit (although some of them thought I did) but one time this 16 year old twat was given a shift lead and I had to cover a shift I did not usually work. Well I got there and they had hired this boy who was what you might call eye candy. This girl was literally using her ass to polish the prep table while wasting time flirting with this young man rather than teaching him his job. Needless to say I had to pick up the slack to get the store ready for lunch rush and this twat just kept shoveling the work load onto me. A single customer came in and she told me to stop what I was working on and see to the customer. At this point I was into my shift about halfway and hadn't seen her do a single thing except the before mentioned ass polishing. My temper rose to unbearable. I took a deep breath pasted a smile on and helped the customer, checked her out then clocked out walked into the back past the two idiots without a word grabbed my jacket and left out the back door. I came back the next day to fill my regular shift and the teen had cried bloody murder for my job. I explained myself to my super. I told her if she had to write me up I'd sign it explaining how she had been fucking off her responsibility and all I wanted to do was give her no choice but to get off of her ass and do some work. I received no write up walked into the back smiled at the teen put on my hat and apron and went to work very satisfied with myself.
Riley P
Riley P Vor Monat
Abu Cherub
Abu Cherub Vor Monat
she stole a louis ck joke 2:20
Grimm Vor Monat
I like her voice, it’s very comedic. I think her timing and transitions are a little rough and the crowd wasn’t warmed up. I’d like to see more from her, I think she’s has what it takes. I don’t think her assessment of the friend zone is correct, but the Shrek bit was still pretty good. I have never met any real adults who claim that they’re friend zoned, but I had female friends in college that were upset about people friend zoning them. I think it’s age more than gender.
99% of you won’t GET IT
She’s ironically named. 2 out of 10
mimi008 Vor Monat
She reminds me a lot of Zoey Deschanel in New Girl.
Rex Flores
Rex Flores Vor Monat
The concept of her comedy is pretty good. It just needs work.
PoopiePants Mcgee
Omg don't touch the fire lmfao
seraph2382 Vor Monat
She's like a funny version of Willow from Buffy. I like her
Frank Siciliano
Frank Siciliano Vor Monat
Saw a link for a comedienne... clicked to dive into the comments. Always a special kind of shitshow.
Mountain Life
Mountain Life Vor Monat
Frankie P.
Frankie P. Vor Monat
Butthurt people are the negative comments.
gammelhund Vor Monat
Damn what a perfect beauty.
Triston Tharp
Triston Tharp Vor Monat
This was horrible
Rachel Oh
Rachel Oh Vor Monat
Their audiences always suck. The comedians are usually good, but it's awkward because the audiences are bad.
أمال زغلول
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جاد سعدي
جاد سعدي Vor Monat
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Samuel Koch
Samuel Koch Vor Monat
I think everyone needs to take a fuckin chill pill. It's really difficult and hard for anyone of any gender or sex to be "friend zoned" and feel rejected. You shouldn't be surprised if someone is upset. It can be super heart breaking. You can't tell someone difficult news as expect them to react perfectly. People need to go through their emotions and process it. I think everyone could do a bit better job of not placing blame but just being a bit more understanding.
OLAM Band Vor Monat
A lot of great jokes and content just not enough time to digest them all ..... keep it up !! own everything
Mitch Guy
Mitch Guy Vor Monat
Y’all mean. She was funny.
Jayant Dalmia
Jayant Dalmia Vor Monat
The twin-car bit looks lifted from Louis CK's awesome possum bit
Nona Ubiz
Nona Ubiz Vor Monat
She might be called Lisa, but she is certainly not the Best. She might be a fun friend to have...if you're a lesbian...but she is not even a moderately funny comedian.
Stephen Powlingham
She's right about movie romances leading guys to unrealistic expectations but it's not too funny. I guess the friend guy noticed her good looks and figure now and then for three years then he finally broke ( assuming it was a true story). Rather sad actually.
Smiles Vor Monat
I imagine this is what it’s like in Wisconsin
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards Vor Monat
A female, unfunny Emo Philips.
حيدر ابو سفيان
حــلول طــبــيــعــيــة🌿 لــتــحــســيــن الــقــدرة الــجــنــســيــة: الــواتــســاب: ** عــلاج صــغــر الــقــضــيــب✅ ضــعــف الإنــتــصــاب✅ ســرعــة الــقــذف
parkjammer Vor Monat
Can't reach up to the level of suck.
James Wong
James Wong Vor Monat
That room isn't the best room but keep it up!
Linther Mansaray
Idc whet y’all niggas say this was hilarious and if she was Louie CK(pre allegations) she would’ve got a standing ovation. Most of y’all prolly not even funny 😂🤦🏿‍♂️ keep it up shawty
Tymniewkurzasz Vor Monat
Is she a Lesbian?
Potato Montoya
Potato Montoya Vor 2 Monate
Someone wanted to have sex with her? Huh, it takes all kinds I guess
Jeus Mane
Jeus Mane Vor 2 Monate
she SUCKS! nice hips tho
Aaron Friedman
Aaron Friedman Vor 2 Monate
I think the mctitties joke is strong. She should open with that bit so the laughs can carry her through the set.
61lastchild Vor 2 Monate
Rob Lowe is doing undercover standup?
N Corp
N Corp Vor 2 Monate
I thought she was good. I can't speak for anyone else, but I gotta admit, she kinda lost me when she made the quitting joke about making everyone's day worse, but then she revealed she worked at an animal hospital...that's kinda shitty. She should slow down, I can feel her nerves!
John Max
John Max Vor 2 Monate
more like Lisa Worst am I right?
أم سلمان
أم سلمان Vor 2 Monate
مــقــتــرحـــات طــبــيــة🌿 لــتــحــســيــن الــقــدرة الــجــنــســيــة: الــواتــســاب: ** تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب✅ ضــعــف الإنــتــصــاب✅ تــأخــيــر الــقــذف
JGS Music
JGS Music Vor 2 Monate
Oh my god.. This was total Cringe-dom...
JxJxJxJx Vor 2 Monate
Can't believe he lasted three years
cuddlycritter Vor 2 Monate
Talking about packing a suitcase!! When i was a kid my brother announced at the supper table one evening to us all that he was going to run away! My mom asked him, Where are you going to run too? He didn't have an answer. We ate the supper then my mom said to him. "Well, if you are leaving you must start packing!' My mom got large suitcase, she told him she would help him pack. She told him everything he needed to survive on his own. Plenty of clothes, shoes and a good warm winter coat, mittens and boots. She got all he needed out the draws and closet. and told him to pack it in as tight as he could to get everything to fit in the suitcase. My mom gave him all kinds of advice on trying to make it on his own then left the room. About 20 minutes later he came out and told my mom he changed his mind about running away!
Elbastardo Gonzalez
Elbastardo Gonzalez Vor 2 Monate
Definitely not easy to do, keep trying. Shows how unbelievably great guys like Dave shappell are . 👌
Wanda Smith
Wanda Smith Vor 2 Monate
How could anyone leave an animal hospital like that!
djgruby Vor 2 Monate
This is not funny at all.
chan hyun
chan hyun Vor 2 Monate
You should definitely get your job back. Jokes are lame. Bombed so hard, I felt that wave from Africa
lunacron Vor 2 Monate
Just a suggestion, stop smacking your chops. It's a little annoying.
Abdul-Hakeem Burns
Abdul-Hakeem Burns Vor 2 Monate
I think the material needs some slight adjustments. For example, instead of doing those bits in that order, she could quit and never do comedy again
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