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what a little punk rascal

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Kinda Awkward by ionics
the mii theme song by nintendo

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22 Okt 2017



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Oka Kitty
Oka Kitty Vor 26 Minuten
I wanna a rat
TOXIC FLAME Vor 26 Minuten
Are ari’s wings cliped
The Dragon Queen
The Dragon Queen Vor 39 Minuten
I was the same amount of obsessed as you were, but instead of birds I was a reptile lover. And after my mom joining the bearded dragon group one Facebook she was also hooked and after 12 years of begging my mom for a reptile... She got me a bearded dragon, and hes the most hand full thing ever! If you get a bearded dragon they are a BIG responsibility. Probs to the breeders...!
silverdragoonco Vor 56 Minuten
Nathan's channel
Nathan's channel Vor Stunde
Jaiden can you show your face
Slime bey
Slime bey Vor 2 Stunden
Mary lang
Mary lang Vor 2 Stunden
Used to have birds But died
NatePlayzYT Vor 2 Stunden
If it has two wings, a beak, and a feather, it’s an Ari
twiceremoved77 Vor 3 Stunden
did you name ari because of sticky fingers in jojos bizarre adventure
Brenda Esquivel
Brenda Esquivel Vor 3 Stunden
Hi Ryan
Brenda Esquivel
Brenda Esquivel Vor 3 Stunden
Octane Vor 5 Stunden
6:08 lmao the music 😂
Caroline Cortright
Caroline Cortright Vor 5 Stunden
Who are the 5.5k people that disliked this video?! Its literally just a bird being derpy and it is amazing
Alexa If I was a ghost
Do not worry your my favorite Ar- nope it’s you jaden
Abby & Nicole
Abby & Nicole Vor 6 Stunden
Ari!!!!!! Your XD but your cute
EntityORE Vor 7 Stunden
I would get one but I already have a snake and my friends have birds and they think I want to get one just because of them
Roberto Margain
Roberto Margain Vor 7 Stunden
Hola que estás muy cansada
itz gacha lucy : v
itz gacha lucy : v Vor 7 Stunden
Roberto Margain
Roberto Margain Vor 7 Stunden
Arizona Ari
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton Vor 8 Stunden
I have a 3 year old, a 1 year old and a 2 month old. YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA. 🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Kowalski
Matthew Kowalski Vor 8 Stunden
2:58 James has is Pokemon shirt on
Kevin Schonenberg
Kevin Schonenberg Vor 9 Stunden
Ari is better becease He is in collar
PianoGuy Vor 9 Stunden
Huh, now I’m thinking of getting a ari, thanks jaiden :)
J Vor 9 Stunden
can ari fly
XxShado_woofxX Vor 9 Stunden
Hey uh I know I’m late but can you tell the websites that you got ur info from? Tips?
Ashley Andrade
Ashley Andrade Vor 10 Stunden
ari was pro in minecraft? mine- mine- mine-mine MINE!!!!!!!!! craft :)
Callum Allsop
Callum Allsop Vor 11 Stunden
is ari a parakeet???? also love ur vids
James Cox
James Cox Vor 11 Stunden
Jaden: I have a pet Ari Me:* feels jealous*ya crap why did you anime Ari James: don’t call her crap
ImproAnimation Vor 11 Stunden
Ari is better than you
Myth Plays
Myth Plays Vor 11 Stunden
I need more.
Sunsh1ne_ Squad
Sunsh1ne_ Squad Vor 12 Stunden
When ur user on rblx is AriaxMe : 👁️👄👁️
Pauline Greer
Pauline Greer Vor 13 Stunden
Dufbfgfcdh dfddgg😝😎😎😞😔😙😝😎🙃😝😝🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪
Nat Animationz
Nat Animationz Vor 14 Stunden
Jaiden: pfft it's not called 'ari animations' Me: it's not but I wish it was TwT
He fling’s strabewwy all over the pwace
Anil Mahato
Anil Mahato Vor 16 Stunden
Make it go away Jaiden ❤️ Jaiden’s mom😬💩
im glad Ari has an aprociation for sHeKiRA (tHi HePs DanT lAi)
Jett Ordagic
Jett Ordagic Vor 19 Stunden
Julia Delgado
Julia Delgado Vor 19 Stunden
Pregnancy test: IT’S AN ARI. Ah yes, the two genders. Straight and Ari.
JDCoolblox 181
JDCoolblox 181 Vor 20 Stunden
3:33 his next birthday gift, indeed DRAWERS LOL
nickole Filgas
nickole Filgas Vor 20 Stunden
lochie_h7 Vor 20 Stunden
What type of bird is ari
Jessica Liu 1610022
Jessica Liu 1610022 Vor 20 Stunden
Do ari like banana
EnergeticMew69 LastName
Poor jaiden.
Molly Fleck
Molly Fleck Vor 22 Stunden
Alot of times when pets rub their face on you it's them trying to reciprocate getting pet by you. So when he "wipes" his face on you he is trying to show affection. Like a good doggo!
Timothy Ellsworth, PsyD
Omg it’s because ari is such a cute *dog*
susan garrido
susan garrido Vor 23 Stunden
Is the like, a day in the life of Jaiden video on youtube cuz... I have to see more of Ari's shenanigans...
hunter chen
hunter chen Vor Tag
I guess he hates James and boyinban
Paul Vranos
Paul Vranos Vor Tag
I can't believe Jaiden didn't understand that James was making a Napoleon Dynamite joke when asking about the large talons
Ginjiro Kage-Oshi
too cuuuuuute!!!!
Adriana Yano
Adriana Yano Vor Tag
Derby mean They are cute oh my gosh cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey cutey
Adriana Yano
Adriana Yano Vor Tag
Just put a thumbs down on the first one That I send
Adriana Yano
Adriana Yano Vor Tag
I mean the first video of Ari Was cute
Adriana Yano
Adriana Yano Vor Tag
The first Video of Ari
Gunner Grimes
4:17 Is that a Napoleon Dynamite reference?
Samuel Po
Samuel Po Vor Tag
6:08 f to the Christian channel lol
Gaming Requiem
is ari short for arividerchi
I hate birds in my house cause my friends bird snapped all the strings on a violin that I played when I was a child.Thank god it’s not my original one
Rich & Emily Hill
I do not like ari
Linkie and Gummie AKA LilyZilly
Wait can he fly?
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Happy Birthday Ari!
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