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Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
Books mentioned in the endcard:
'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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17 Feb 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster
The Cost
The Cost Vor Stunde
What happens when extreme paranoia fades too dim light, and you stop seeing people with emotion and only see them as moving objects, meat. And the feeling of sad fades away as does the desire for love and friends? As ive been ... here for years, i no longer have a need for anyone and i never feel alone, unless i choose to? I kinda feel awesome 99% of tge time now...... I kinda think being/feeling isolated since i was 6 has turned me super human. Lol. Well i have issues with making it on time now to stuff like work. Few more months and im 33, not sure if it's adulthood or what, bug i surely know why dumb commie kids think they are oppressed.
Sebastian Cardena
Sebastian Iosif
Sebastian Iosif Vor Stunde
6:50 is the answer.
The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow Vor Stunde
youtube cmon why u recomend me this 😢😭
Ilona Barlam
Ilona Barlam Vor Stunde
Congrats on trending!
ShotzLoLZ Vor Stunde
A loner with a bone. R
T-Series Vor Stunde
Ist hier jemand Deutsch?😂 Because if not i'm lonley
Ramy98 Vor Stunde
I like being lonely anyone else lol
Sam Tucker
Sam Tucker Vor Stunde
The fact that this has about 4 million views in a day speaks volumes about what is happening across the planet. Reach out to someone, odds are they are lonely too. Also, maybe try avoiding social media, I think that accentuates our feelings of loneliness.
1,000 subscribers with one video
Nah, someone’s watching you from somewhere. Your never alone.
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah Vor Stunde
I wanted to give a little feedback about this video. but was feeling a bit hesitant. So taking a lesson from this video just putting my self out there. I felt that this video was not made with the same vision as the rest of the videos you guys make. eg: 1. at 5.24 Usually there is no frame in which we are waiting for the narrator to reach a certain part of the line so that the relevant animation can be shown. 2. 5.09 green used in this frame is much more aggressive (I don't know what the technical word for this is, it does not gel with the frame) it is not balanced. Usually the colors in your videos go very well together 3. Length - May be the video could have been in 2 parts like the fermi- paradox. These were my observations. I genuinely love the content you guys make. Please keep on going.
Curtis Vor Stunde
i still see your shadows in my room
Ethan Arteaga
Ethan Arteaga Vor Stunde
It's sad that this is #1 on trending
I have a gaming pc and a good internet connection i think i feel better lonely.
LloydThumper Vor Stunde
YES I am a loner now,but doesn't mean I haven't tried.Its just I was FED UP of how FAKE and F****D Up our generation has become...being obsessed with artificial attractions and unnecessary luxuries....Hell to even start up a conversation,its like you have to have some good looks,money in your pockets and a success story to share.....the world is gonna shit itself into oblivion soon....I'd rather die a lonely guy,exploring as much as possible and having a hearty time drinking and traipsing than blending in with this fake farted society...
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Vor Stunde
Jokes on you *I'm a only child*
Basel Al-azzeh
Basel Al-azzeh Vor Stunde
This video hit me really hard, im a shy person i cant be around people without feeling nervous or uncomfortable, i always get nervous and my face turns red and stumble on talking and i start looking to the person am talking to and feel like they are now thinking am awkward or why his face turning red like this and i just cant do anything and hope the conversation ends so i can go away, i really want to change and be able to break this shyness that i have it really hurts me so much, i cant do normal things, like i sit alone in my class, i dont ask my teacher anything and i dont raise my hand to answer a question even though i know the answer but as soon as i wanna raise my hand my heart starts beating my face becomes red and i get nervous and then i just give up, i have been dealing with this for the past four years and till now i cant escape it and its really affecting my life because i feel like am standing still and cant move on, i even graduated from college and dont know what to do i cant go to a job interview because i know ill get nervous, i cant get a girlfriend becuase guess what ill be shy and mess everything and what really hurts me is that i have alot of things to give i have alot of things to say i can answer nearly any question the teacher asks i can talk to a girl all day and dont make her get bored even once but i just cant do it once it all start in my head and the shyness and nervousness kicks in me i just cant do anything, am sorry to be long but i felt like i could release some frustration or talk about it...
Khalid C
Khalid C Vor Stunde
I needed this, thank you.
BlazeFlameGaming Vor Stunde
why is this 1 on trending h m m
Sarah Shoeburger
Sarah Shoeburger Vor Stunde
I have a friend who admitted to me that they are lonely and feel disconnected. I suggested for us to hang, but she said she wanted a break. She doesn't think I like her as a person and keeps rejecting my invites. I'm not sure how to help or what to do.
Blendi Vor Stunde
is it weird how this literally made me cry?
Beagle Husky
Beagle Husky Vor Stunde
This actually brought tears to my eyes 😢
Patrick Goodwin
Patrick Goodwin Vor Stunde
So few people want to talk about things like this. But you guys managed to discuss this flawlessly. Brilliant work guys, I can’t Imagine the difference you made in peoples lives
miguelelel Vor Stunde
lol I almost started crying when watching this it’s too accurate
Apple Cider
Apple Cider Vor Stunde
How did you know?
Skulnitar Wolf
Skulnitar Wolf Vor Stunde
I feel lonely but I don't really like interacting with people 😞🤨😪
Strozar Vor Stunde
right in the feels...
APC227 Vor Stunde
Didn't you upload this video already a while ago?
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Vor Stunde
They did but it was only on their German Channel
Cam Vor Stunde
The Driver
The Driver Vor Stunde
3:40 Correct. Feudalism and capitalism only furthered loneliness
I'm always asking my friends to hang out, always making plans to entertain old friends... You know what, they are all "busy" so fuck em.. if you're going to cause your own suffering then cry about then thats on you. Ive used all the dating apps, and woman are just not responding and making up crazy excuses.. People are lonely on a scale that's unfathomable and it's your own fault..
Zebobez Vor Stunde
What is this, School of Life?
OyunSever Vor Stunde
the best helpful video ever you made it
Stridex RB
Stridex RB Vor Stunde
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Vor Stunde
HEY EVERYONE! I just wanted to let you know that, JESUS loves you! Jesus is the Way to everlasting life. If you want to be saved from hell, come to JESUS. God sent His only Begotten Son(Jesus), to this earth, to die on the cross for your sins. If you want to be saved and go to heaven, this is what you need to do: 1. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 2. Believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins. 3. Believe that God the Father has raised Him(Jesus) from the dead. 4. Repent of your sins( telling God your sorry for everything you have done against Him). 5. Ask Jesus to come into your heart, and to save you from your sins. 6. Be willing to change your lifestyle. 7. Thank Him(Jesus) for saving your life. Pray this in JESUS Name, and DO ALL OF THIS WITH YOUR HEART!!!!! Congratulations, you are now a Christian and have eternal life.
PotatoAddict Vor Stunde
Dont try and convert people, Jeez
PotatoAddict Vor Stunde
Dank Memes101
Dank Memes101 Vor Stunde
there were no wealthy black people in Europe during the renaissance
Agustin Moyano
Agustin Moyano Vor Stunde
If I could see the creators of Kurzgesagt I would hug them. I fucking love yours videos. You are amazing guys
jacob Callnan
jacob Callnan Vor Stunde
Faith in God and a relationship with Jesus has been giving people fulfillment and purpose for thousands of years. This staves off loneliness....You live a life not about yourself, but one that loves and gives to others. Even those who hate you... true discipleship is difficult for so many because we are naturally self-absorbed...
Joel Beyst
Joel Beyst Vor Stunde
Hi pls stop making videos about me without my permission thx
Emoti0n21pt InDigo
Be yourself and love yourself Trust that we can do anything what we imagination correspond to reality so that you can achieve your thoughts :)
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Am I looking for excuses to decline invitations. No, I already got to the not getting invitations level it's great.
Falling Down
Falling Down Vor Stunde
Loneliness is incidental, it’s our inability to reconnect.
Tori Vise
Tori Vise Vor Stunde
As someone who struggles with loneliness and depression, this means the world to me. It gave me a deeper understanding of my own thought processes and how others see it. Thank so much for this.
aiden cross
aiden cross Vor Stunde
Fuck you
Anupam Singh Chauhan
This is now the best video of all times for me
BoLT XD Vor Stunde
Thank you :)
The Speaker
The Speaker Vor Stunde
I feel like I was just called out tbh
Abhishek Reddy
Abhishek Reddy Vor Stunde
Now, this is what we call "Education". Not any other else...
Naqot Vor Stunde
Anyone else found this in recommendation?
Emirly Narsama
Emirly Narsama Vor Stunde
Johnny Kim
Johnny Kim Vor Stunde
#1 on treding! Congrats!
Rigel 197
Rigel 197 Vor Stunde
I love being alone. I hate being around people.
Skump Crew
Skump Crew Vor Stunde
I’m never lonely bc I have Accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. Some days are harder then ever but I always have God to lean on🙏
Irfan Ruman
Irfan Ruman Vor Stunde
That's Why it is Perfect time to explore Spirituality (Yoga)
Arnab Santra
Arnab Santra Vor Stunde
You're doing humanity a service... Amazing video...
Sir King Derp
Sir King Derp Vor Stunde
Its a cycle that is extremely dangerous, frankly, it’s both extremely easy and extremely hard for someone to get out of it. Taking the risk of opening up to other people is a requirement to a better social life. Push through the anxiety, push yourself to be better, the grass is always greener on the other side. Just pull yourself over the fence. If you need help, reach out your hand and someone will help you out. But they won’t come if you don’t call out first.
Aghil T A
Aghil T A Vor Stunde
why no more birds??
Sometimes I feel so alone, I just don't know, feels like I been down this road before, So lonely and cold, It's like something takes over me, Soon as I go home and close the door, Kinda feels like deja vu, I wanna get away from this place I do, But I can't and I won't say I tried but I know that's a lie cause I don't And why I just don't know... - *Eminem*
DJ Leaf Gaming
DJ Leaf Gaming Vor Stunde
Well, I guess I’m going to die of cancer.
xXxSkyViperxXx Vor Stunde
the lonely fam be comin
Its#R3ns _
Its#R3ns _ Vor Stunde
I feel lonely right now
Toll Moose
Toll Moose Vor Stunde
i feel attacked help
zaurawr Vor Stunde
*lonely club 🙋🏻‍♀️*
pxthetic trasxh
pxthetic trasxh Vor Stunde
if you have a fear of loneliness, you have autophobia. no, not the fear of autocorrect.
Adrian Barbosa
Adrian Barbosa Vor Stunde
Farhan Rafid
Farhan Rafid Vor Stunde
Can I get the background tune name ?
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders Vor Stunde
Lmao sets up the point perfectly and drops the ball at last minute. You’re really playing with fire
ManaJack Vor Stunde
There’s nothing out there for me, Alfred...
Kenyan Gent
Kenyan Gent Vor Stunde
Why are you being so LOUD for?
Shiela Tanilon
Shiela Tanilon Vor Stunde
Please everyone talk to our God and ask for companionship and don’t let you fall from temptation. Feel his presence and put him to your heart he will not leave you. I love you so much! There’s a many reason to live and that’s is see the world true beauty and stops for negativity. Begin your day with a smile and try to accomplish something. 😘😘
ban youtube
ban youtube Vor Stunde
I'd rather be alone or lonely than to be fucked with or fucked over by a fucked system.
emma stone
emma stone Vor Stunde
Why is this so me..
Matthew Talbot-Paine
"You can't eliminate or ignore a feeling until it goes away magically" challenge accepted
Juan Fri Martinez
wonderful video
ghettofridge Vor Stunde
Being in touch with who you really are and what you like goes a long way in forming lasting, meaningful relationships as opposed to those where you feel your sole purpose is to please others.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Vor Stunde
social media is actually antisocial media
Yeetboi 1000
Yeetboi 1000 Vor Stunde
Why is this trending
I'm depressed. Like to help me😪
Fatty McPoopytits
Cthulhu did nothing wrong
Ybn Namir
Ybn Namir Vor Stunde
How is this number one trending?
sunny's shanghai
sunny's shanghai Vor Stunde
It's funny. Sometimes when u r alone with yourself, u don't feel lonely. Sometime when u r with ppl together, u feel very lonely inside.
Z-man T
Z-man T Vor Stunde
#1 on Trending wooooooooo
Escape Vor Stunde
If you read this I wish you a great week 🔥❤️
GH0ST6 Vor Stunde
I don’t get how this is #1 on trending lol
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders Vor Stunde
Matthew Talbot-Paine
I think you are just describing being 30...
Arka Vor Stunde
Holy shit. I've been waiting for a video like this forever. It resonates with me on so many levels and is so correct. I have been lonely for many years but have essentially come to feel complacent with my situation. I am so glad that they brought attention to how lonely people perpetuate their cycle of loneliness by continuously denying social opportunities and closing yourself off to everything. You become addicted to the very kind of behaviour that made you lonely in the first place, and you start to see everything very negatively. I have personally found myself focused on negative things such as conflict between people and the negative attributes of others. Furthermore, almost anything that has tried to take me out of my comfort zone (being alone and away from people, surrounded by expedient things such as the internet and video games) is often responded to with hostility. This is particularly ironic because being in that comfort zone for extended periods of time causes a slow burn of your soul and chips away your very humanity. I feel that my behaviour has been ingrained over many years, and this video has validated my desire to seek professional help for it. Thank you Kurzgesagt.
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez Vor Stunde
It's hard to get out of this vicious cycle but worth trying. Friends make life meaningful.
Leonardo Bigott
Leonardo Bigott Vor Stunde
Such a great video
Henry Mezzacappa
Henry Mezzacappa Vor Stunde
*_Story of my life_*
LIT Tiaa
LIT Tiaa Vor Stunde
Sub to my channel if this vid is mood asf
val subaan
val subaan Vor Stunde
This hurts
EAteearsehole Vor Stunde
Western culture, LOL. 1 is the loneliest number, since the number 2.
Николай Иванов
Where are birds? They could be lonely too!
Николай Иванов
About the problem - I used to feel myself lonely and I had maybe two really close friends, but I've started finding positive things in that feeling and have given people a chance to get a little bit closer to me, and it helps (for me!). Maybe we shouldn't demand too much from others (friends, colleagues) and should try to find more positive in ourselves. Maybe this is very personal advice but... since others could be alone as you it can make you closer and you'll stop feeling lonely!
Kushal Lama
Kushal Lama Vor Stunde
you people are life saver😇😇
fack ur shit
fack ur shit Vor Stunde
*Suicide rates drops to 0%*
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor Vor Stunde
#1 on trending. Amazing video.
Michael Lamont
Michael Lamont Vor Stunde
I'm MGTOW. Most people piss me off. Women are Evil vindictive creatures. Being lonely is better than working your ass off to please Narcs & sociopaths
Kelsey 101
Kelsey 101 Vor Stunde
Jesus is the answer and the key. He is unconditional love Himself!
louisa leonard
louisa leonard Vor Stunde
well maybe if I wasn't such a GOD-LOVING COMMUNIST PIECE OF SHIT, I wouldn't be as lonely :')
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