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Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
Books mentioned in the endcard:
'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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17 Feb 2019

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster
Angel and Unicorn Kisses
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell i am sooooo thankful for this and glad it’s #1 trending! This puts the explanation out there for our friends/loved ones who don’t understand why those of us that actually enjoy moments of isolation do this. Very glad you added every individual is different. Some of us can go quiet for months but can stay balanced/centered/connected as well 💚
Boxes Of Random
Boxes Of Random Vor 2 Stunden
Nice job on getting #1 in trending!
93juan Vor Stunde
Loneliness is a great place to visit but bad to stay
A Halim
A Halim Vor Stunde
"Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured" (QS. Ar-Ra'd, 13:28)
myforever13 Vor Stunde
that's exactly what happened to me. I got busy with college and didn't invite people out as often. my friends didn't invite me out either and I felt like they didn't want me around so I stopped trying. and I've been friendless for 4 years now. I survive by playing games with internet people sometimes. and I tried to join a club at school but I felt more alone, but I need to try again.
Viet Mapper
Viet Mapper Vor Stunde
Yes! 1 on trending! Good job kurtzgesagt!
A K Vor Stunde
A K Vor Stunde
To anyone feeling lonely reading this, just open up. People can help, it’s just a matter if you tell them. There are other people like you, some who aren’t as fortunate and don’t have anyone, and if you don’t open up, your just as unfortunate. Strive to make a change. Once you start, others will be behind you, supporting you
The Mobile Fox
The Mobile Fox Vor Stunde
I think socia media made it worse.
Corey Handley
Corey Handley Vor Stunde
Hopefully those Of us that have know one find someone in the near future ;-)
SCRUMB Vor Stunde
When I feel lonely I feel like nobody see me
Ali Akbar Faiz
Ali Akbar Faiz Vor Stunde
deserves trending position
Agneté Juraité (elev)
DE-vid knows me to good
kathryn santy
kathryn santy Vor Stunde
New Video
Duke Vor Stunde
This video will save lives
Ali Reyes
Ali Reyes Vor Stunde
"Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember that, you are not alone."
Arthesh Patil
Arthesh Patil Vor Stunde
I have been watching your videos for a while now.......but today's vidio had been a real nice one....I could really connect to it and feel I could use it.😄😄😄
TrinkBruder Vor Stunde
This is your moment for self abuse you pathetic fuck
Rykba Vor Stunde
I felt so lonely while watching this video
Paul Janetschek
Paul Janetschek Vor Stunde
Why am I watching this, I already watched this a month ago
OreoCakestir Vor Stunde
how does one measure loneliness / I don't understand
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson Vor Stunde
"I never thought there could be anything worse than being all alone in the night. But there is. Being all alone in a crowd" - quote from Babylon 5 During my last 10 years in school, not once did anyone in my class (3 boys, 27 girls) talk to me about anything else then school related stuff. Not once did anyone contact, message or talk to me outside school. Even if I sometimes got attention for being best in class, like in music and sport. I felt that my classmates only gave me attention for my skills and not because they wanted to be friends with me. I wasn't bullied and when you talked to them they would always be nice and friendly but over the years I still felt that I became more and more alienated. I referenced that quote because I felt that it really described my life. Sometimes being alone isn't about being an isolationist or not able to talk to other people. I talked to people all the time and I was around people all the time. But when I analyze the last 10 years and see that no one talked to me because they wanted to be my friend and get to know me, People talked to me not because who I am but because of my skills. It can be very depressing. The thing is that I never saw my situation for what it was then. Either I was to young or to focused on other things like computer games to really reflect on my life. I usually say that I have no friends and that is almost true. I have one close emotional friend, but because of where we live, the only interaction we have is by messenger and we don't talk often. So when my first and only girlfriend broke up with me after 3 years, Then I realized how lonely I was. Fast forward half a year with unemployment, isolation, depression and self harm (cutting and starvation) and we are here today (I had counseling with psychologist and I will soon start a new job so things starts to feel better) I really want to highlight that loneliness can take many forms and it maybe even won't show on the outside but It really need to have more focus in society.
Bemühen Vor Stunde
I really love your videos, the whole Kurzgesagt team does a really good job and truly put time and care into their videos. Really guys love your content, and great choice on narrator.
This vid makes me want to kms. Lol
Anime Life
Anime Life Vor Stunde
Aly Vor Stunde
How about we just give hugs to everyone we know. Whether they are family or friend . Let's start a hug a person challenge🤗
TrinkBruder Vor Stunde
If you Jack Off you'll feel better. Not exactly an expert but...
Janna20k8 Vor Stunde
sometimes i feel so lonely i just wanna die
Don Leo
Don Leo Vor Stunde
We are Co-operative species living in a competitive system designed to drive us apart.
Eric Huffman
Eric Huffman Vor Stunde
Of course this is number 1 on trending...
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson Vor Stunde
I'm bored and i'm lonely
Aakarshan gupta
Aakarshan gupta Vor Stunde
the smart schizophrenic individuals are prone to this, who clearly see the mask people wear..
SGxleCK Vor Stunde
Why is this trending we humans are completely doomed.
Wild Warhog212
Wild Warhog212 Vor Stunde
im supposed to do maths and not watch this
Ethan Vor Stunde
im so alone :( AND NOTHING FEELS LIKE HOME!!!!!
kunal ambavale
kunal ambavale Vor Stunde
What? I wish i could be alone all the time. 😂
Funny Fatty
Funny Fatty Vor Stunde
I feel lonely. Problem is there are so many fake people who will easily stab you in the back.
H.Flowers Vor Stunde
Been lonely for years🤪
MC Black Empire
MC Black Empire Vor Stunde
ok so this is epic..
Riyan Putra
Riyan Putra Vor Stunde
I feel lonely and empety
Akira.MadeThat Vor Stunde
Ohhhhhh. That’s what’s wrong with me.
navin luitel
navin luitel Vor Stunde
At least be happy that you are not lonely in being lonely.😶
User Dterminal
User Dterminal Vor Stunde
Very impressive story, story telling and animations I watch your contents with satisfaction))
youtube ghost
youtube ghost Vor Stunde
Well.. no need to call me out like that
TrinkBruder Vor Stunde
Jack Off
Jeremy H.
Jeremy H. Vor Stunde
I ignore phone calls and don't make plans, but I don't feel lonely. I keep busy with my work and do whatever I want, without having to answer to anyone or worry about making anyone mad. People are vicious and I am not saying that being facetious. They really are. It's better to be alone than miserable.
Luis Aktis
Luis Aktis Vor Stunde
Who wants to be my friend
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan Vor Stunde
Lonely I'm so lonely I have nobody To call my own I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody To call my own I'm so lonely
Dialgos75 Vor Stunde
Speaking of loneliness.. anybody wanna be friends? :)
LAWLZY560 Vor Stunde
If loneliness makes you age faster, that's probably why i had the hairline of a 50 year old at 18
Hej You
Hej You Vor Stunde
I’m a 17 year old guy, I moved school recently to a school in the Uk. I used to have a lot friends back home but now I feel like an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body! It’s not like me to be shy like this but I feel like an alien here - i never thought the move would affect me like this.
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs
Loneliness for me is a state of hopelessness or lack of purpose. For someone else loneliness is different.
Shawn Comedy
Shawn Comedy Vor Stunde
I didn’t realize that other people actually feel more defensive about themselves when their lonely. I thought it was just me.
Fido_1 Vor Stunde
Everyone asks what’s Kurzgesagt *no one asks how’s Kurzgesagt*
R3dWølf 124
R3dWølf 124 Vor Stunde
It’s called depression
KRUSTY Vor Stunde
I'm just too used to it
dog penetration
dog penetration Vor Stunde
To be honest I don’t mind being alone or lonely to be honest I used to have friends but As soon I stop talking to him I felt like a burden just raise form my chest now I just stay home and play games with my online buddies and I feel much more happier
ᶘ oᴥoᶅ
ᶘ oᴥoᶅ Vor Stunde
I wasn’t feeling lonely but now i do after watching this video....😑😑😑😑😑😑
Shawn _92
Shawn _92 Vor Stunde
Comment section full of privileged millennials with "mental health problems".
akshat singh
akshat singh Vor Stunde
You guys sure make a lot of research..and then spend time to make animations. Love your works.
Marcelo Calderon
Marcelo Calderon Vor Stunde
I’m lonely without a bird in a Kurzgesagt video
Colonel Canada
Colonel Canada Vor Stunde
its funny how been lonely for long period of time in life is worst then a terminal cancer even with a healthy body you would want to die while cancer patients want to live longer and people say lonely isint as bad as it is this is just common sense some times finding friends isint enough need something stronger to get out of it when gone to far down in loneliness
Quiet Logic
Quiet Logic Vor Stunde
People just forget about me, and I have gotten used to it. It's so hard to find a close friend.
Dan175 Vor Stunde
Nice! This vid is #1 I wonder why... “Depression” Scene 1 ACTION! Hmmmm, this seems very real (camera pans to self) o_0
Loi luak
Loi luak Vor Stunde
日本語訳に翻訳してくださった方、いつも本当にありがとうございます。「It's not a sign of weakness, but of courage.」この言葉が胸に刺さりました。自殺が多いこの日本で、助けを求められる人はどれだけ居るでしょうか?  「自殺は苦痛を止めるのではなく、苦しみを何倍にも増して、家族や友人に伝えます。」この言葉は良く聴く言葉ですが、本当の事です。私の知人が自死し、私自身も苦しみの最中に居ます。 あの時何故、相談してくれなかったのか? 何故私は、連絡しなかったのか?と何度も後悔しています。 この動画であるように、慢性的な孤独で悩み苦しむのなら、人に頼ってください 人はそう悪くありません
The Smeef
The Smeef Vor Stunde
Anyone want to help me stop being lonely ?
SJ Vlogs
SJ Vlogs Vor Stunde
I get bullied but don’t do anything about it cos my “friend” hits me and makes fun of my parents and if I do tell the teacher he’d get away with as his parents made him spoilt. He even says swear words to his parents so plz give me advice on what to do
Anita Xu
Anita Xu Vor Stunde
SJ Vlogs find new friends! i know it’s easier said than done but one thing I’ve learned growing up is that you can choose to step away from toxicity. there are so many people in this world (and at school tbh) that you don’t have to stay friends with someone who brings you down
Sagar Sharma
Sagar Sharma Vor Stunde
Thanks for solving my problem, I have found it and I will change it. All the best to all other loners.
Gay Aesthetically Pleasing Peasant
#1 on trending :00
Meme Biologist
Meme Biologist Vor Stunde
more expresso *Less depresso*
Dylon Bauer
Dylon Bauer Vor Stunde
sad songs and videos really touch home, it opens your mind and gives you realization
Kyle Tyler
Kyle Tyler Vor Stunde
This video literally just described me perfectly.Yay can't wait to die of loneliness.
Kraig Adams
Kraig Adams Vor Stunde
10:10 was waiting for the better help ad to swoop in
kyouma011 Vor Stunde
Çeviri için teşekkürler
Nietzsche's Moustache
Thanks, I hate it.
Mikaela Hyakuya
Mikaela Hyakuya Vor Stunde
"if you feel lonely, you are lonely" Such a strange condescending yet direct way to put it that instantly pierced through my soul
ClimbOver Vor Stunde
Mainstream media is always one step behind, loneliness is like 2016.
Ginijkumar Vaishnav
Probably the first video without any birds 🤔....oh wait
Zero_ Nine
Zero_ Nine Vor Stunde
The beginning of the video is basically my life
Maurice Davis
Maurice Davis Vor Stunde
ethan dukette
ethan dukette Vor Stunde
Dnd! Yyyyaaaaaasssss
Dexter André Osiander
This video hit me really hard. I'm not feeling lonely lately, but I have had periods where I found myself repeating many of the cycles described in the video. I'm taking you up on contacting someone I've neglected. I hope others also do the same.
A Comedian
A Comedian Vor Stunde
This is me sometimes and now watching this video has shown me how I need to fix this! And this is a perfect video to show people or friends who you think are like this! Thanks for this video soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
江云峰 Vor Stunde
That's true. I do have some friend, but I don't have any REAL friend that I am willing to share my feelings with them. A bit lonely I guess......
Oswin Perez
Oswin Perez Vor Stunde
Well I feel very lonely so PLEASSEEEEEE SUB TO MY CHANNEL
Giorgos D
Giorgos D Vor Stunde
Get friends or deal with it
Khan Sazzad
Khan Sazzad Vor Stunde
Thats why we muslim belive in unity and harmony. 👍
monsterkagen som guy
this hits home man :(
Nanika Nane
Nanika Nane Vor Stunde
Tiffany Vor Stunde
I feel attacked
Royhan Vor Stunde
I can safely say that my iPhone is my best friend:) never had a human best friend before whats that like?
XViper Gaming
XViper Gaming Vor Stunde
Never been lonely in that case
SolarEXtract Vor Stunde
I can see and feel myself aging quicker and becoming more and more lonely with time. :(
Judas Jagar
Judas Jagar Vor Stunde
Hello, i really enjoy your videos, would you please do one about time management or planning, please?
deathfries Vor Stunde
this is literally my grandma
Pawlick Boi
Pawlick Boi Vor Stunde
Great video like always!
Zabkon Vor Stunde
Was soll das ein englisches Video auf einem deutschen Kanal dieser Kanal heißt kurzgesagt, das ist ein deutsches Wort Lade deutsche Videos hoch
tomi tomi
tomi tomi Vor Stunde
lonelyness is not that bad
Billy The guy with the chilly
Thank you I just made an account just to say that
Miss Moltres
Miss Moltres Vor Stunde
Congrats on No.1 Trending!
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