"Look at me, I'm Rynal Reynolds!": Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick play BLANK SPACE

BBC Radio 1
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"Look at me, I'm Rynal Reynolds!"
A Simple Favour's Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick try to guess how people in the UK filled the BLANK SPACE in Nick Grimshaw's celebrity statements on BBC Radio 1.
Listen to Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, Monday-Thursday, 4-7pm.




20 Sep 2018

Anna KendrickBlake LivelyNick GrimshawA Simple FavourRadio 1BBCBlank SpaceMovieInterviewGrimmyRyan ReynoldsRynal Reynolds



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Ananya Neralla
Ananya Neralla Vor 11 Tage
"B" stands for Belcalis (her name) but agree with anna😂
wtfkendrick Vor 28 Tage
Ahh I just love them
Syseya Vor Monat
Okay, I admit it, I'm only here for Annas boobs, sue me.
Lord Raven
Lord Raven Vor Monat
Ok now it's just cringy. I keep seeing these videos of people comparing anna and Ryan, but Anna really isn't even that funny tbh. Everyone has their own opinion of humor, but I don't believe that she is just as equally as funny as Ryan fucking Reynolds that dude is a fucking loose cannon. No hate. I'm just saying I don't really find her hilarious like Ryan Reynolds like everyone else does.
TheValeyard92 Vor Monat
Wow. And people aren't listening to this anymore? Imagine that.
Atticus Evans
Atticus Evans Vor Monat
That mic placement
Phil Dawson
Phil Dawson Vor Monat
2 liberal fuck tards and a sow boy botty man
FistFight01 Vor Monat
Cardi Bacardi??
Evergreen Vor Monat
I hate it how close the guy talks into the mic
J J Vor Monat
Anna Kendrick is one of the most flawlessly beautiful perfect women in history its fucking insane
Septembergirl Vor Monat
Blake's voice changed so much :O
All Too Swift
All Too Swift Vor Monat
hannah marie
hannah marie Vor Monat
Cardi B's real name is cardigan backyardigan
Ri Ranjo
Ri Ranjo Vor Monat
Their movie’s actuallt pretty good!! 💗
Lucy White
Lucy White Vor Monat
cardi b stands for bacardi
Rachel Mao
Rachel Mao Vor Monat
Does anyone know the brand of the dress Anna is wearing? So pretty!
S Y Vor Monat
2:02 ans: why the hell did I play a green costume super hero
Eliott_toyota_tot x
Lady Gaga 10000% smells like tofu FACT
Menstrel Vor Monat
There is so much cool stuff in the world, what is this rubbish.
Holly Vake
Holly Vake Vor Monat
She wanted her stage name to be Bacardi like the drink but she couldn’t because she of copyright? I think, but she could use that name so she jus went w cardi b instead
Milly Borkovic
Milly Borkovic Vor Monat
Is this for real? They have these two hilarious women for a short amount of time, and they waste it on this shit? So lazy.
Here To Procrastinate
Bacardi, she doesn't wanna get sued so, moves B to the end and gets rid of a = Cardi B
Mastero Maniac
Mastero Maniac Vor Monat
Whats up with these bananas?
Cynthia Borges
Cynthia Borges Vor Monat
I think the "B" in Cardi B stands for Belcaliz (or idk how she spells it)
Scott Crosby
Scott Crosby Vor Monat
I need to stop drooling probably
Donnie Darkle
Donnie Darkle Vor Monat
Cardi B got her name from a bottle of Bacardi her dyslexic ass misread.
Kristin Trisha Deetlefs
Cardi B = Belcalis 🖤
Mahdi Hijazi
Mahdi Hijazi Vor Monat
It’s Belcalis (her real name)
Christian ChimChim
Queen Herondale
Queen Herondale Vor Monat
Rynal Reynolds
rynal sutari
rynal sutari Vor Monat
My name is rynal
Blake has the cutest smile!
Aamenaa Tanveer
Aamenaa Tanveer Vor Monat
Cardi B Bcardi Belcalis These are her names.
Sssophie Vor Monat
Bootiful 😂 Blake's so cute 1:08
L K Vor Monat
This is such a stupid game oh my god
Eliz S
Eliz S Vor Monat
Pickles and fish 🤣
Jarod Moodley
Jarod Moodley Vor Monat
That Blonde white guy with the yellow jacket and bowl haircut tho LMFAO ! His answers where as spontaneous as his hair style , lmao FACTS !
Crazy 88
Crazy 88 Vor Monat
Move the freakin mic
Lottie M
Lottie M Vor Monat
0:44 his face when he said "fish" lol.
Toni Muston
Toni Muston Vor Monat
Cardi b is a mix up of Bacardi which is a name she got as a kid. She explains it on Fallon!
Jadeen M
Jadeen M Vor Monat
Cardi's sisters name is Hennessy, they used to call her Bacardi...Cardi for short. So I'm guessing the B is a play off of "B"acardi
NecFish Vor Monat
The B stands for bacardi
h Vor Monat
Cardi B’s birth name is Belcalis. Her friends thought it sounds like Bacardi (like the alcohol), also her sisters name is Hennessy so it matches. So when it came to picking an artist name she went by Bacardi. But obviously that’d cause bunch of copyright issues it being a brand so she flipped it around to Cardi B.
rae1911 Vor Monat
I'm obsessed with Anna Kendrick, but damn I'm finding Blake so beautiful lately 😍😍 what a brilliant, funny, talented gorgeous duo!
remliqa Vor Monat
Lately? So I take it you don't find her beautiful until very recently.
r b
r b Vor Monat
I came for Anna's boobs and I also came for Anna's boobs.
sammy crdl
sammy crdl Vor Monat
y should do a guess the lyrics with camila cabello and see how many songs she remembers plz
candisrm Vor Monat
rosa wright
rosa wright Vor Monat
Y’all can someone tell me where I can watch the full interview? Cheers
Maja Zagreb
Maja Zagreb Vor Monat
Their movie is awful
DisneyNerd1994 Vor Monat
Are you sure you didn’t see The Nun or The Predator? Sounds like you went to the wrong movie!
Rachael Gifford
Rachael Gifford Vor Monat
B for Bacardi, but switched for copyright purposes to Cardi B. Her real name also starts with a B (Belcalis), which led to her getting the nickname Bacardi.
smh dafuq
smh dafuq Vor Monat
The B stands for bleach
Andrea Beck
Andrea Beck Vor Monat
Bercardi but her Instagram kept getting deleted sooooooooooo she made it Cardi B 🙃
José Mendes
José Mendes Vor Monat
PhantomMatrix Vor Monat
Is Anna even wearing a bra?
MattyH1812 Vor Monat
This is weird and pointless, I feel sorry for them
cat castillo
cat castillo Vor Monat
I really wish they would’ve played playground insults
Jade B
Jade B Vor Monat
Was it me or was that an awkward/fake smile from Blake when Anna said about Ryan Reynolds tricking Blake into marrying him? Protective wife 😜 no one bitches about her man.. but her 😁
Christopher Nichols
Her name is belcalis. That's where cardi got the b from
D K Vor Monat
Who is the one with blonde hair, that said Rynal?
PurelyAfrican Vor Monat
Henry and Anna were the best in a simple favour. Blake was good, but not edgy, dangerous or sexy enough! 3 actresses would have killed this scarlett johanason, margot robbie or Jennifer Lawrence but they were probably to expensive to cast!
Man, you sure know how to put digs in everywhere you go. WTF?
Smile Drinkwell
Smile Drinkwell Vor Monat
Rynal Reynolds. help I can’t breathe 😭😭😂
shalini singh
shalini singh Vor Monat
I'm guessing the 'b' in cardi b stands for Belcalis.
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo Vor Monat
My heroes 😎🙂
ROB Goldberg
ROB Goldberg Vor Monat
Anna is soooooooooo fine 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dan Sathiy
Dan Sathiy Vor Monat
Cardi B stands for Cardiovascular Bronchitis
Ckxlv31147 Vor 13 Tage
It's actually a flip of "Bacardi", she said it on Fallon
The Queen
The Queen Vor Monat
okay bro u learnt too much biology go home
Fika Nurmala
Fika Nurmala Vor Monat
*A Simple Favor (2018)* film #NOW Available : t.co/CoHUeYD19E
A MS Vor Monat
+da96103 yeah that's because Cardi B doesn't need to make sense. She's a fucked up shitty meaningless trash. Lmfao😂
JB loves Strawberries -Ahgase- TTT
I actually thought this was a sarcastic comment but it's actually on point😂😂😂😂 Never knew this😜
Michael Horton
Michael Horton Vor Monat
His name is Ryan :o not rynal
beatrixx on the beat
TOFU?! Lmaoooo fam
Zach Kabia
Zach Kabia Vor Monat
I really hate that Anna keeps making fun of Ryan. And I i am jealous of those two for Ryan.
rosa wright
rosa wright Vor Monat
Zach Kabia ??? She’s literally just joking, also, I’m sure Ryan is doing just fine.
Gioia Alyshia
Gioia Alyshia Vor Monat
The b stands for bacardi she said that in a interview
siân diann
siân diann Vor Monat
Can we stop talking about Ryan Reynolds in every interview ?? I mean fair enough if it comes up but I’m sick of people constantly associating him with her in interviews when there’s so much to her, they’re both so successful and talented
Robert Apodaca
Robert Apodaca Vor 18 Tage
She doesn't have 1% the talent he does.
Nicole Adams
Nicole Adams Vor Monat
My friends own a bar, whenever I go there all my friends ask where is my boyfriend, or when will he be showing up.
Dare - wait for it - Devil
I've seen them ask Ryan about Blake in his interviews too.
H N Vor Monat
siân diann in his interviews they ask about her , I don’t think they mind because they both love each other and proud of each other... plus this happens with normal people too like when we ask how is your husband/ wife .
Chris Holth
Chris Holth Vor Monat
Dude said “Fish” hahahahahahah
SaltShakerTV Vor Monat
Are they besties?
sondus habib
sondus habib Vor Monat
Lady Gaga wore the feathers to Venice not Cannes !
Danno GNR88
Danno GNR88 Vor Monat
I bet Lady GaGa does smell of fish
Local Vor Monat
Anna Kendrick calling the BBC on their B-Shit: 1:40 and then Grimshaw quickly changes the subject.
Phil Chao
Phil Chao Vor Monat
Those guys saying lady gaga smells like fish lol
ACDC Vor Monat
Blake was so disappointed when Nick said NOTHING lmfaooo
Narrativa Vor Monat
I love Anna's concerned face when the anchor said Blake thought it was a nude game 😂
Daniela Martínez
What about "bananas"????
Fika Nurmala
Fika Nurmala Vor Monat
*A Simple Favor (2018)* film #NOW Available : t.co/CoHUeYD19E
swag thot
swag thot Vor Monat
Maybe I'm gay
notahotshot Vor Monat
I'm quite happy myself.
Irina Ratcu
Irina Ratcu Vor Monat
KickingAssDaily No strangling the dancers
KickingAssDaily Vor Monat
Can't you read? Monday night is gay night
Gia Vor Monat
swag thot maybe i am too
khalid ahmad
khalid ahmad Vor Monat
Bermuda 😂😂😂😂😂
anisa nurraudah
anisa nurraudah Vor Monat
Play blank space with the girl who "looks like a daydream when in fact is a nightmare".
kingsmeadow Vor Monat
0:46 they found Sigrid!
Daniela Martínez
I though it was just me!!!!
J Vor Monat
kingsmeadow they could be twins!
Eric The Viking
Eric The Viking Vor Monat
Cardi b-atshit crazy
evelyn g
evelyn g Vor Monat
cardi b's name comes from "bacardi"
Tuti  Gutzlaf
Tuti Gutzlaf Vor Monat
Shaaaaaaaarrrk!!! 😁
G Flip
G Flip Vor Monat
making me nostalgic for gossip girl
Jon D
Jon D Vor Monat
Hipsters everywhere !!
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Vor Monat
Don't feed the hipsters.
Mik1147 Vor Monat
why are brits so ugly lmao
Milica Vor Monat
+Mik1147 that's the only logical explanation xD I read so many books written in 19th or 20th century by English writers and in 95% of them cousins were somehow emotionally and sexually involved. I guess the normal people just took the same pattern as Royal family, since they often marry their cousins *gross*
Mik1147 Vor Monat
Ouch lol
Milica Vor Monat
maybe because of centuries-long tradition of marrying their cousins and not mixing with other nations? lol
Mik1147 Vor Monat
Haha funny stuff
Justaperson Vor Monat
Mik1147 I've yet to see an even mildly handsome native British man.
rain Vor Monat
Cardi B: It's a take on the name Bacardi = Cardi + B Plus her real name is Belcalis..
Therese Eriksson
lazymornings Vor Monat
Blake looks so unimpressed with this bit.
Irina Ratcu
Irina Ratcu Vor Monat
lazymornings I feel like there’s so much more to her than meets the eye, I think she’s the type whose thinking to talking ratio is 100:1 at the least.
Dakirellah Mostafa
Good luck
Dakirellah Mostafa
That is fantastic today and let's get started
Dakirellah Mostafa
Dakirellah Mostafa
All the best everyone
Brian Axel
Brian Axel Vor Monat
Funny ladies.
Jeffry Hermann
Jeffry Hermann Vor Monat
I'm pissed no one said the B stands for backyardigan
Jarod Moodley
Jarod Moodley Vor Monat
Jeffry Hermann *BiG FACTS !*
da96103 Vor Monat
The first one said backyard.
Someone said backyard, close enough
The Nigelle Douglas
Her actual names starts with B
Didwm Brahma
Didwm Brahma Vor Monat
Cardi B is refined name of bacardi 🤣
Nemrac XD
Nemrac XD Vor Monat
i ❤ the last name REYNOLDS!! 😍😍😍
These two are just the cutest.
ScarlettP Vor Monat
Blake looks so good, she hasn't changed a bit since Gossip Girl
This is my Name
This is my Name Vor 29 Tage
Rana Najjar
Rana Najjar Vor Monat
ScarlettP omg.......GET OUT OF MY WAY!
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