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15 Jun 2019

SATIREnet worth



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Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa Vor Stunde
Pewdiepie: "I'm sorry but its more." Also Pewdiepie: Cant afford to shoot in 1080p.
Gunnar Kennedy
Gunnar Kennedy Vor Stunde
Marcus Roele
Marcus Roele Vor Stunde
You gotta look at what happened in the months leading up to your max not what was happening right at the max. Gotta go back and see what got interest spreading.
WattoXtreme Vor 2 Stunden
I am offended that you do not know where Connecticut is 😭
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 Vor 4 Stunden
Ha, you thought.
kats3ification Vor 5 Stunden
Hah. Ps I hate your channel
kats3ification Vor 5 Stunden
Lets goooo estonia,I am estonian.I am not subscriber hah sice
bakreson Vor 6 Stunden
Water sheep saved your channel ! He was like a father to me, I loved him like a son
Bonus Gauntlet
Bonus Gauntlet Vor 6 Stunden
Pewdiepie: *struggles to say how* Me: you need some milk mate
eric walsh
eric walsh Vor 7 Stunden
Pewdiepie just confirmed he has way more than 20 million in his bank account alone and net worth goes of how much you have on paper (so property investments, company shares and other theoretical income you could have all at one time)
anuradha anoo
anuradha anoo Vor 7 Stunden
Indians are way ahead of anyone else out here,👍👍
Clashy-Bashee139 Vor 9 Stunden
Thanks For Mentioning The Philippines Bro
Philip Van Rens
Philip Van Rens Vor 10 Stunden
Felix: I never relate sweden to my channel. 1 month later: sooooooo I build an IKEA tower and a giant swedish meatball!
S H A D Y Vor 10 Stunden
Can anybody explain what pewds says at 5:23
thaddeus smith
thaddeus smith Vor 11 Stunden
you need more memes. In 2019 people want dank memes you need more memes t seris sub bots are covering your channal.
Vivanchi navavarce
Vivanchi navavarce Vor 12 Stunden
Pewdiepie calls filipino philippinians Filipinos reaction:😐
Master Fox gaming
Master Fox gaming Vor 12 Stunden
Boyan TheSomething
Boyan TheSomething Vor 15 Stunden
Wtf phillipines I am half phillipino also their were some bulgarians and I am half Bulgarian wow
saad khan
saad khan Vor 16 Stunden
Your most popular in one of my states! Utah btw!
RITISHMAN 2008 Vor 17 Stunden
You burbak pew die pie loses get lost pew diepie
Irishfaye Navarro
Irishfaye Navarro Vor 19 Stunden
Marra Moore
Marra Moore Vor 20 Stunden
you should do skyrim again
FF With Me
FF With Me Vor 20 Stunden
Who is best Pewdiepie :- like Tseries :- comment
Maddee Vor 23 Stunden
felix just pre film a bunch of celebrities hosting meme review and post those and go on break
bomba womba
bomba womba Vor 23 Stunden
RicPlays Vor Tag
yey he mentioned us Phollipines!
Grekzzz _
Grekzzz _ Vor Tag
Can we just look at the top left, and see that Pewds video views are well over the current human population, like damn 10:08
jayda xx
jayda xx Vor Tag
"Clearly, I need to become Indian." -Felix, 2019
Diana Fronsdahl
"Analytics with PewDiePie..." 🎵🎶🎵
Lowa 😂
Ziyad Kadiri
Ziyad Kadiri Vor Tag
I like the game buuuuut I like it
Mustafa Arianezhad
You have a fun in Afghanistan
Vs2m Vor Tag
Pewdiepie: * complains about analytics * Me with 20 subs: am I a joke to you?
Parth Wadikar
That's the power of "1.4 billion Asians"
haraka hooop
haraka hooop Vor Tag
Evan Hagen
Evan Hagen Vor Tag
Hey don't disrespect Iowa. What the fuck? Unsub. Douche Jk I had no idea you were so popular here and it was kinda cool to see😂
Blake Kirkman
It’s iowa not lowa lmfao
Kind Kaylee
Kind Kaylee Vor Tag
Hey pewds. I’m a *philipian* bro *PHILIPIAN*
Cameron Ruther
Do more horro games
Derick Robles
Pilipino ? Like this
ikoyszki medina
Elsa Burac
Elsa Burac Vor Tag
me filipino me fan
Meme City
Meme City Vor Tag
Any July Viewers ?
Lucifers Infant
At 9:35 he basically described the American Public School system, and it’s way of being.
Ethan Coyne
Ethan Coyne Vor Tag
Net worth is the money you have minus the money you owe in debts and taxes
Susanne Høeg
Please make that flaretv Guy stop his pewdiepie Vs t series stream
Christopher Lara
Pewdiepie mad at analytics annually gets around 8mil Anesthesiologists annually get around 300 to 400 k Am I a joke to you
The baller 101
Pewdiepie insulted my home state!!!
Kirumerica Vor Tag
Venezuela doesn't appear on his results but, here we are :' sad
Lil joshy
Lil joshy Vor Tag
Why is my challen dying? *also pewdiepie* I have the n word pass.
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