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14 Mai 2018




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oPix nurizal
oPix nurizal Vor 3 Monate
The moment that we've been waiting for a long long time finally come xD 1. Lucifer reveals himself to Chloe 2. Lucifer beat the shit out of Cain xD I wish Fox never cancelled Lucifer and I wish Season 4 is coming #SAVELUCIFER
KIRA Vor 18 Tage
Netflix bought lucifer
arjun thapa
arjun thapa Vor 19 Tage
It's back yesssss
Marco Pineda
Marco Pineda Vor 21 Tag
There's gonna be season 4 on netflix, its official
Pennywise Vor 23 Tage
Zella 13
Zella 13 Vor 7 Stunden
Ofcourse normal gun cant kill Luci....you need the Colt......and other archangels....and the archangels blade too....you need a lit of stuff..snd also Sam and Dean
Martin Konrad
This was one of the best season finales of all time... I especially love, how they built up to this twist for the last episodes, you can see that these guys really had а great masterplan for the show.
GetPaidWithKyle Vor 2 Tage
Fucking cliffhangers smh
Tim's Whitten
Tim's Whitten Vor 3 Tage
That was some of the best tv ive ever seen!
John Decker
John Decker Vor 4 Tage
Filming for season 4 today 😎
Apple Gaming
Apple Gaming Vor 4 Tage
markiavelli1 Vor 5 Tage
OPix nurizal, I decided to review the first episode of Lucifer, and discover that Chloe had seen his devil face before in the pilot episode. It's right after the record producer/ suspect shot her.
katrina 90
katrina 90 Vor 5 Tage
I love the way when he says "detective"
Patrick Callahan
Patrick Callahan Vor 6 Tage
🌸 love 🌺
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Vor 6 Tage
I wish it was the wings that she saw tbh because that face is such a turn off god damn.
Lexi martin
Lexi martin Vor 9 Tage
lucifer is so hot when fighting
Bo-rad da Nomad
Bo-rad da Nomad Vor 9 Tage
If season 4 goes well, would their be a season 5?
Alvero Toma
Alvero Toma Vor 10 Tage
The word play when Lucifer was getting his devil face back sent chills down my spine cause I regret a lot of shit
Indi Heaton
Indi Heaton Vor 12 Tage
What I love about this is the fact that he became a monster whilst abusing someone for being a monster. Yes, he agreed to kill Cain so that was all well and good, but he didn't leave him to die, comfort him or encourage the guilt-ridden to hell. Instead he forced the guilt of Charlotte onto Cain, forced him from Heaven to Hell. That's what made him a monster. Usually when he talked to the dying, they always knew where they were going (heaven/hell), but Lucifer did this out of pure malice and hatred. He became the Devil again.
Jasper Quartz
Jasper Quartz Vor 12 Tage
Coob Vor 13 Tage
Send help which country VPN do I need to watch season 3 of lucifer
Pelerin4129 Vor 13 Tage
How did he got this face in the first place btw?
rebecca deakyne
rebecca deakyne Vor 15 Tage
Lucifer is fucking awsome as fuck
Antonio S
Antonio S Vor 18 Tage
Thank devil for Netflix
Exodus Taris
Exodus Taris Vor 19 Tage
I love how Lucifer's speech to Cain was also his own feelings for himself.
RoD H Vor 19 Tage
Season 4 would focus on Chloe being the only one who can see Lucifer ln his devil face. Lucifer will try to win Chloe again.
Death Wish
Death Wish Vor 20 Tage
Lucifer and Satan are 2 different demons.lucifer is femine
Anna Schiro
Anna Schiro Vor 21 Tag
3:50 I love how his eyes slowly turn red
Vanity Daal
Vanity Daal Vor 22 Tage
When is the new season starting?
Ana Muriel
Ana Muriel Vor 5 Tage
Probably January/February 2019. Because they will release all episodes at the same time.
FR3ZBY Vor 22 Tage
Valve Confirms a New Karambit Skin
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez Vor 23 Tage
So does this mean more supernatural things are going to occur
Hagbard Handfaste
Absolutely. Tom Ellis wanted a darker, more supernatural season 4 before Fox cancelled it, now that Netflix has saved it it's gonna happen. Since Chloe finally knows the truth, well they can mix in more of that stuff without having to hide it from her.
Kenway Vor 23 Tage
Netflix is a huge upgrade. Tom Ellis is a fucking gem of an actor, he deserves better. Hopefully Netflix will take this show to another level, where it was always meant to be
fox of schleich
fox of schleich Vor 23 Tage
Omg i hope season 3 will finaly start in germany 😍
Nicholas Cuccaro
Nicholas Cuccaro Vor 23 Tage
Is it bad to think that this version of the devil is actually sexy. The first two versions of his devil face were ugly as hell lol
DJ.Sauerkraut Vor 24 Tage
The whole season was available on prime for 35€ now its for free but only the first 10 episodes are available ... i officially want to end my life!
Chris Vor 24 Tage
I haven’t even finished season 2 but I just couldn’t wait to see this
TheShadowLordXYZ Vor 25 Tage
Mehmet Ugur
Mehmet Ugur Vor 25 Tage
cant wait for watching the 4. season :(
Sofia Andersson
Sofia Andersson Vor 26 Tage
Is it just me or does this show remind anyone else of the show ”Moonlight”?
thanos 357
thanos 357 Vor 27 Tage
So the devil killed superman...damn
FRISHR Vor Monat
That devil face is certainly a major improvement since season 1, considering the bigger budget for this season finale.
Kanwar Cheema
Kanwar Cheema Vor Monat
Lucifer is saved and it is going to be on Netflix
Ordek FetisiEXE
Ordek FetisiEXE Vor Monat
fuck this season final
Touat Hossam
Touat Hossam Vor Monat
i realy dont like the end plees mak a new season pless we need to watche it so we wait aney thing new plees get a new season the season for ples
bluelaser187 Vor Monat
Its all true.. The jedi, sith everything
Rodrigo Andrade
Rodrigo Andrade Vor Monat
Alguém do Brasil?
Emma -
Emma - Vor Monat
We all as fans should be so proud of what we achieved ! We’ve got our season 4 !!! Even if 1 more season is all we get I’ll be forever happy ♥️😭♥️♥️
Drake Ramanga
Drake Ramanga Vor Monat
This is the best cliffhanger I have ever seen
killachris28 Vor Monat
What if he's completely lost the ability to hide his devil face. Imagine the fucking cost of that. Thank goodness Netflix and their endless budget can afford it.
Syaila Putri
Syaila Putri Vor Monat
Netflix is the true hero ❤️
Samantha Day
Samantha Day Vor Monat
If u look to the right of the last shot you will see a mirror. Chloe is going to run off and lucifer is going to look in the mirror a realise he has his devil face on.
John Decker
John Decker Vor Monat
I wonder will she run... Probably cause I saw her back away lol
Walking Water
Walking Water Vor Monat
He will probably transform back to human form and she will hug him or something idk just a guesss
Naz Gül
Naz Gül Vor Monat
SEASON 4 is coming 😈👮🏼‍♀️
Mr.Builderman Vor Monat
Song when lucifer turns aroumd?
Jae Boss
Jae Boss Vor Monat
2:27 lucifer was looking like *"do you know how much this suit cost?"*
Luchian Vor Monat
Miss Fun And Fantastic
Worry no longer, Lucifer fans! Season 4 is on the way!!!! ✌❤❤❤
njabulo molefe
njabulo molefe Vor Monat
The show is coming back for season 4, Netflix picked it up.
Ryan M
Ryan M Vor Monat
I don't understand who we're supposed to be rooting for here... I mean he IS THE DEVIL after all... so I mean he's evil .. so the "bad guys" trying to kill Lucy would then, by default, be good guys wouldn't they?? Sooo.. what the hell ..?? This whole show is based around that sympathy for the devil crap. They pick a funny , good looking dude to play him.. throw on a likeable personality.. hell hes even got an accent. Then you show him do a little bit of good.. like punishing evil murderous men while he cracks a few jokes and smiles.. it's bullshit. He says , and I quote, he hates being blamed for all the evil in the world. He says people are evil enough without him. And have the capacity to do evil on their own , right ?? Funny how he fails to mention ONE MINOR DETAIL. Tell me , WHO snuck into the garden of Eden as only a serpent could, and WHO corrupted mankind?? Who lied to Eve into taking a bite of the apple from the tree of knowledge good and evil.. thereby corrupting mankind forever. Think about it .. "Eve" took the bite of the apple. "Good and Eve-iL" aka EVIL. How could humans have the capacity for EVE-IL "EVIL" if Eve never took the bite . We were innocent. How could we have the capacity to be evil if we never knew what evil even was. Or Good for that matter. We just were. That's why I don't buy the sympathy for the devil bull.. he knows what he did yet still tries to show God how "weak and corrupt" Humans are .. how flawed we are.. how lustful and murderous we are hoping to convince God, his father that we don't deserve his love. That we don't deserve his Grace , his salvation. Remember he refused to bow to us, he thought himself above us.. he thought himself to be of God. Thus his fall from Grace. So be careful with feeling sympathy of the devil.. it's all a lie. It's not of God. Tell me what good does saving , or punishing a few humans when you've doomed the whole species, for forever. That God had to come down and die on the cross to give us a way out , because of what the Devil did. Victory and Salvation is in Jesus Christ. Also .. notice how they portray Christians in Hollywood.. They're either totally crazy, or just trying to get money, or sheltered, or something to try to implant in the heads of people that "normal people aren't Christians" thus fewer and fewer people getting saved. Scary times we live in people.. pray up and be safe and question everything.
The Progressive Cynic
One fictional being in the bible advocated for genocide, slavery, incest, and murder, engineered the concept of racism to prevent humans from getting along (Babel), and is planning on destroying the entire universe and roasting anybody who won't bow to it for all eternity...and it isn't the devil. If you actually believe that the bible is literal and you still root for god, you either haven't read it or your sense of right and wrong is fundamentally corrupted. Also, in the comic Lucifer world (which is loosely the source for this show), Lucifer never tried to corrupt humans and he was exiled solely for asking god for free will. In fact, he creates his own universe in the comics and recreates Eden, but with humans who are immortal and intelligent, and gives them the single command that they should never worship anything. It's literally a paradise world until Amenadiel comes in as a snake to ruin it.
Ace :3
Ace :3 Vor Monat
0:28 *Most badass intro anyone has ever seen...*
light564 Vor Monat
This is what you get Tom Welling for not wearing the Superman suit in Smallville and building up our suspense for 10 years and never wearing the suit. You should have never played Clark Kent. You look better as Ultra man
Walking Water
Walking Water Vor Monat
Im dying to see the 30seconds after this moment!!!!
Adithya Arya
Adithya Arya Vor Monat
I don't mean to go all Cinemasins on this, but wasn't Cain shot? And in the next scene where he gets up, he walks as if he was never shot? Hell he even fights Lucifer hand to hand! And if he was wearing a bullet proof vest then shouldn't it be enough to stop a dagger as well?
Walking Water
Walking Water Vor Monat
Lucifer has the strength of the devil i guess or maybe he was barley shot in the arm or something.
daniella Amotian
Lucifer vs thenals
Kei Morningstar
Kei Morningstar Vor Monat
I just finished watching s3😁
Ashley Moi
Ashley Moi Vor Monat
joshinit Vor Monat
Lucifer is amazing and powerful
Andrew Owens
Andrew Owens Vor Monat
Josh FINK Vor Monat
Andrew Owens it's been saved my friend got get hyped
Abbas RG
Abbas RG Vor Monat
Is the movie over
Nicholas Cuccaro
how can they make a season four with her now knowing its him the devil...unless they hit her on the head with something and make her think it was an illusion or something...only way that could happen.
Hagbard Handfaste
Hagbard Handfaste Vor 24 Tage
The show is based on the comic Lucifer. In the comic she knows he is Lucifer, the Devil all along. They will simply evolve their relationship, now we get to see how Chloe deals with the fact that he was not lying. Like in the comic.
Sophia The flash
#lucifer #savelucifer #luciferseason4 #season4oflucifer
Ara Aka
Ara Aka Vor Monat
Creator FAKE
Redknight li
Redknight li Vor Monat
I need a season 4
sarge bananna
sarge bananna Vor Monat
Lmfao the sword of Cain is a Karambit huh?
Moe Vor 28 Tage
probably got it from a CSGO unboxing idk
sarge bananna
sarge bananna Vor Monat
Damn superman aint looking so good.
Mr Cranky
Mr Cranky Vor Monat
I still wish Lucifer would had punish Cain more
glogler Vor Monat
Let’s be honest, is anyone expecting Lucifer and Chloe to end up together, he’s the freakin DEVIL. Any normal person would run away in complete terror after seeing that face.
Hagbard Handfaste
Hagbard Handfaste Vor 24 Tage
But he's not a demon. He's an Angel. A son of God. Sure he fell, but not because he was evil. He fell because he wanted free will for him self and humans and that was not acceptable by God. In the comics Chloe and Lucifer have a great relationship. She knows the truth, she accepts it. And the key part in all of this is simple. Chloe makes Lucifer mortal. And in the comics he's strong, has his gift etc but he also starts aging. A big part of the comics is that Lucifer is good. He is the Lightbringer after all. And love is the most powerful force of all. Ever wondered why Chloe makes him mortal? Because they love each other, deeply.
glogler Vor 24 Tage
Hagbard Handfaste But what kind of relationship could they have? He has been around for millennia’s and shows no signs of aging. Chloe also has Trixie to think about. Even though Chloe does not see Lucifer as being that bad, does a centuries old demon who has tortured billions and billions of people seem like a good person to have around a child?
Hagbard Handfaste
Hagbard Handfaste Vor 24 Tage
Yes. Chloe isn't normal now is she? She makes Lucifer mortal. She is not a normal human, she already knew all along, she just would not admit it to her self. But come on, remember season one? When Lucifer got shot and survived, when she saw a glimpse of his devil eyes, when he tossed that huge man through a window like he was nothing? These are not normal things and Chloe is not stupid. She was in denial. But now she knows, and as she said in the final episodes of this season "you are not the devil, not to me" with emphasis on the last part. "Not to me".
Natt Cheesman
Natt Cheesman Vor Monat
The best cliff hanger in the world and we will get to see what comes next :D :D :D
_ Mangamaddyart _
Btw yall that are sad Lucier was canceled by Fox, Netflix picked it back up and they will stary filming again sometime in August and season 4 will be released and watchable in any state and im p sure other countries outside of the US around the end of 2018 or early 2019 (there isnt an official releade date yet) for those of yall that are wondering. The show on Netlflix will also involve more gore thats more realistic and will show more nudity because they will have lots less restraint than they had with Fox and the episodes may be longer but wont be less than the old episodes.(There will probably only be ten episodes in season four thouth). Lmao sorry just saying so people can have more info on it :>
Benjámin Kurilla
The goons are horrible. I wouldn't hire them even if they would pay me.
Kass Tv
Kass Tv Vor Monat
What’s the name of the song at the end ?
Kayla Favors
Kayla Favors Vor Monat
Ok so I'm on the last episode and I'm so confused. Are they gonna go into detail about how she feels about Lucifer being the Devil? Cause so far I've got nothing. Like they just went on with their lives and acted like everything was normal..
Banana Land
Banana Land Vor Monat
episode 3x25 3x26 were not supposed to be part of season 3. They showed it because the show was cancelled but then it was picked by netflix. Season 4 will pick up were 3x24 (cliffie) ended.
Isaac Hester
Isaac Hester Vor Monat
Does any one now if these is the last episode because if it's so I pissed of make more shit funny and I loved it
Alex Castro
Alex Castro Vor Monat
Michael Kean
Michael Kean Vor Monat
i feel that one opportunity they missed is when Lucifer speaks with his devil face it should have been deeper and hellish to make Lucifer even more unrecognisable to Chole take away the british accent you take away who Chole knows.
No no no. What happened? The next two episodes don’t give us any context as to what happened. What doe Chloe do? Does she freak out? Does she tell people? Did they just pretend everything is back you normal? I NEED ANSWERS!
Night Shadow
Night Shadow Vor Monat
Just finished Lucifer, I think it was great.... Know I don't know what to watch. any suggestions plz?
Minh Le
Minh Le Vor Monat
who think at the beginning of S4 episode 1, Chloe will back up those stairs in fear telling Lucifer to stay back and accidentally fall out of the window, which Lucifer has to wing out to save her, and after that, uhm I'm out of theory
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Minh Le Haven't you heard? Netflix picked it up for a fourth season! We won mate ^^
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider Vor Monat
When did this show get a better budget than Supernatural?
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Sunset Rider Well, they didn't do a lot of crazy stuff this season. We've barely seen any CGI, so they could really make this beautiful. Now that it's on Netflix, I'm betting we're gonna get a lot more supernatural stuff eith the same production quality!
xxx xxx
xxx xxx Vor Monat
Drew Vor Monat
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Drew Just go away then.
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson Vor Monat
This scene was probably the best one in the entire series. It was written and acted so well
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Ryan Watson Ikr? Tom Ellis did an amazing job in this scene. Absolutely brilliant!
JUST Me Vor Monat
MetroVerse Vor Monat
JUST Me Why?
Lyndon Fair
Lyndon Fair Vor Monat
Die smallville lol
Snow Storm
Snow Storm Vor Monat
#netflix you beautiful piece of media you did it, you #savedlucifer
Gohan Morrison
Gohan Morrison Vor Monat
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Gohan Morrison Netflix picked it up for a fourth season ^^
Artwell Kasawaya
Thanks to Netflix season4 is coming out soon
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Artwell Kasawaya I don't think it'll be soon man. Knowing Netflix, it might take a year.
natsuki the cutie
His wings are badass
Albert Candelaria
Thank you NETFLIX!!!!!!!
苏翠花 Vor Monat
What is the name of the film ?
Jasc Random
Jasc Random Vor Monat
Tv Series, Lucifer
GhostCity Shelton
LUCIFANS NETFLIX PICKED UP THE SHOW!!!! WE DID IT!!! Thank you Jesus. I prayed so hard, wrote letters, typed #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer #SHOPLUCIFER 5 trillion times. We did it the show has been picked up by NETFLIX!!!! Thanks ever so Netflix & cast & all who have anything to do with the show LUCIFANS thank you!!!
Kaleb Diaz
Kaleb Diaz Vor Monat
Will he loss his wings now that hes got his face back
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Kaleb Diaz No I don't think so. He had the wings when he still had the devil face too. He just cut them off, remember?
Kaleb Diaz
Kaleb Diaz Vor Monat
Im not holding my breath but will tom wellings come back 4 the 4th season on Netflix i loved him this season
MetroVerse Vor Monat
Kaleb Diaz It's not crazy to think that man. Let's remember, Lucifer got his Devil face back, and Amenadiel his wings, all because of their own actions. Amenadiel because of Charlotte dying, and Lucifer because he killed a Human. Because Kain actually cared about something for a change (Chloe), his sign disappeared, but at the end, he went back to being a selfish bastard, so his sign MIGHT have come back. Idk though, it's all speculation. Atleast now, we'll get to see what happens next! #ThankYouNetflix
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