Lunar New Year Storytime! EXCLUSIVE Warrior Queen skin (Clash of Clans)

Clash of Clans
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Attack. Defend. Strategize. Download for free for mobile devices. supr.cl/ThisArmy
From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
Chief, are you having problems? Visit supercell.helpshift.com/a/clas...
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22 Jan 2020



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Nicholas Memes
Nicholas Memes Vor 5 Stunden
What the hell I can’t battle because when i tap to little boom stuff starts flying
bishnu parajuli
bishnu parajuli Vor 12 Stunden
I left the game😧
Văn Dũng Nguyễn
Văn Dũng Nguyễn Vor 19 Stunden
Bị trừ 49 cup vì có làng nào đó công trong ki một lần kiếm chỉ 3 đến 37 cup ngoài ra toàn gằp phải th9-th10 mà tôi chỉ th8 vậy cân bằng trong khi số cup một trận kiếm được chỉ cao nhất là 39 where is công bằng ??
Văn Dũng Nguyễn
Văn Dũng Nguyễn Vor 19 Stunden
Game ko cân bằng
Kamar Opreker
Kamar Opreker Vor 20 Stunden
Bring back Global chat 🙏
Join in clan class7 clashers
sangeeta chauhan
Pleaae bring back lone stars please please.....
Tom 75
Tom 75 Vor Tag
hey there. I think it is not fere that every player has been reset or lowered to 5000 points at the new season. all pro players or near pro players feast on our TROPHY. those trophies are very hard to cam buy and the game is getting tough and repetitive because we do not have chances against top bases. at the end of the season, Supercell should take only 500 trophies from each player and consider more the walls in the base war weight
Qiziq TV
Qiziq TV Vor Tag
Very good
كلاش العرب
هل هوناك تحديث جديد
Aasava Brothers & Entertainment Ltd
Supercell give clan name change update
Mansur Amirov
Привет! Я гражданин Узбекистана и пишу вам! Сначала я хочу спросить вас о двух вещах: добавить флаг Узбекистана в Clash of Clans! Второе: я думаю, что создание Clash of Clans на узбекском языке - это то, чего хочет весь Узбекистан! Мы любим столкновение кланов Мы просим вас! Удачи Supercell! С уважением, Узбекистан !!!
ProMark Vor Tag
Everyone please join my clan stealthy, i just started it and first five will get co-leader
Vala Veerendrasinh
Lvl 10 clan kisiko kharidna he
JAY SINGH Vor 2 Tage
see my channel about coc
Love Deshwal
Love Deshwal Vor 2 Tage
I regret quitting coc.
PochaAsh Gaming
PochaAsh Gaming Vor 2 Tage
Anak Tonkaw
Anak Tonkaw Vor 3 Tage
Hsq Kr beujoèèujrjji000000eoq8
tthatonekidd Vor 3 Tage
More clash rama episodes plz THEy so entertaining and awesome
اغاني AMV جنون
No 100000$ 😭 😭
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I saw my challenges. What’s a “Mega Pekka”?
Fat Yoshi
Fat Yoshi Vor 3 Tage
Am I the only one that stopped playing because they removed global?
Amir Jinx
Amir Jinx Vor 3 Tage
33 days passed and still no clash of clans video since this one. I assume they forgot their DE-vid password
Aditya Bhere
Aditya Bhere Vor 4 Tage
Bring global hit like and req for global
Artik kuresel gelsin
muna rout
muna rout Vor 4 Tage
We need global chat 😭😭😭
منصور دغريري
케일YouTube Vor 4 Tage
Hello myKaleDE-vid Can I subscribe? Please😭 I want to go to your channel too.
Sourav Purkait
Sourav Purkait Vor 4 Tage
Bed coc games searching for operant 10minutes let
Эльвин Бабаев
Clan: 'LEZGİN TV' goo
lucas peters
lucas peters Vor 5 Tage
Night base needs buffs like the mortar and the health and defenses damage
George Ribeiro
George Ribeiro Vor 5 Tage
Fallxn squid
Fallxn squid Vor 5 Tage
I'm lucky I'm Chinese
Packachu Gang
Packachu Gang Vor 5 Tage
The fact that I understand Chinese makes it better
Paradise Castle
Paradise Castle Vor 5 Tage
Hey super cell can you put a free skin in the next season in clash of clans
Robots Unite
Robots Unite Vor 5 Tage
Crap lol ,game scams you trying to get to legendary league lmao,get stuck in clouds ,even if it gives you a search low trophies, but no problem in people attacking you with loads of trophies lol ,use 2 builder potions your lucky if you get 2 battles up that end ,even if u spend gems to do it faster it don't matter ,cause your stuck in clouds lmao ,bad unfortunately unbalanced game ,when you complain, all you get is sorry there is nothing we can do ,Criminals springs to mind.
Abu Zeid Clash - أبوزيد كلاش
Abu Zeid Clash - أبوزيد كلاش
الفديو جميل جداً ورائع احسنت النشر انا اشتركت في القناه لكي اشجعك ارجو الاشتراك بقناتي مردوده بثواني انشاءالله عشان ندعم بعض وشكرا
Ngipi Ngipi
Ngipi Ngipi Vor 6 Tage
Please help learn about updates
Ngipi Ngipi
Ngipi Ngipi Vor 6 Tage
My account was lost because I mistook an account for my 8th, as a result my 8th account was lost
Ngipi Ngipi
Ngipi Ngipi Vor 6 Tage
please return my account registered in superccel id
عادل العنزي Hdkn
اخ ياكلاش الحبب
Koala GAME
Koala GAME Vor 7 Tage
anime master
anime master Vor 7 Tage
please add a new town hall 14
Reynaldo Resendiz
I might die tommrow so if i do thank you
My id is hacked
Plz help sir
Angel Esteban Reyes Flores
Deberia aber un canal de clash of clans en español
VeloBlynk Vor 7 Tage
Make a hero that flys but not like the grand warden
Tiny Steve
Tiny Steve Vor 7 Tage
Make a clash of Rama video with the royal champion
anime lover
anime lover Vor 7 Tage
Supercell please give back us our global chat. Without the global chat I feel so along in clash of clan now. I am thinking to quit the game. It's no fun like before.
sudha rani
sudha rani Vor 7 Tage
Reply me
sudha rani
sudha rani Vor 7 Tage
Hello i also play clash of clans i need help
Adwaithpa6446 6446
Shahdat Khan
Shahdat Khan Vor 8 Tage
These clan game reward is not interesting
IDK Vor 8 Tage
Is CoC inmortal??
Secret Name
Secret Name Vor 8 Tage
Broken animation ever
Cyleen Nicole Ambac
why i cant find the game the the play store i want to play again😢😢
BMB Music
BMB Music Vor 8 Tage
вот моя жизнь куплена продана
Khan Afridi
Khan Afridi Vor 8 Tage
Please help whenever I open clash of clans it says logain failed try again later. My WiFi is also strong
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