Madonna & Lady Gaga's Feud Continues

The Wendy Williams Show
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Madonna is throwing shade at Lady Gaga and Kenya Moore is being accused of being "thirsty" for attention.




6 Dez 2018

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Boss Jhajao
Boss Jhajao Vor 2 Stunden
I love gaga, And I believe she is an icon, a strong and very talented woman.
lovey dovey
lovey dovey Vor 10 Stunden
Madonna and Gaga are two totally different people, they are not even comparable. Madonna was this huge sexsymbol popstar, at one point every girl wanted to be her or dress like her and every man wanted to be with her and lady Gaga is just a creative musician doing well.
katniss Vor 16 Stunden
James Starr
James Starr Vor 19 Stunden
No, Wendy! Madonna does not stand up there with Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross. She soars above them and should only be grouped with the likes of Michael Jackson, Elvis and the Beatles. That is a fact!
Tan Poliak
Tan Poliak Vor 23 Stunden
8:44 The shade uff :D
Misael Villeda
There’s only one queen of pop and that’s Madonna next in line is Britney...Gaga is good but when it comes to iconic Madonna comes to mind.
Igor Manoel
Igor Manoel Vor 2 Tage
Gaga is so classy..the real deal is gaga should have done that damn collaboration with Madonna so with it Madonna would let her in peace..
Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!
EVERYBODY SHUT-UP #NOW! This topic bores me & I will not entertain it other than stating #facts: 1.) Madonna is a Leo. 2.) Forbes named Madonna as the highest paid female artist of 2018.
Nicholas Morgan
Nicholas Morgan Vor 3 Tage
wendy stop the coke
shawn wonders
shawn wonders Vor 3 Tage
At the end of the day whether you like it or not Gaga is more popular than Madonna , that's fAX no printer.
stylespell9 Vor 3 Tage
Gaga is robotic and as fake as they get. Always telling the “right” things, most popular things that the masses love to hear. Madonna showed she’s human like the rest of us.
Little Monster
Little Monster Vor 3 Tage
Lady Gaga Queen Of Pop.
Marge Pellew
Marge Pellew Vor 3 Tage
Paraphrased my butt..let's face it, she copied her...get over it Wendy...
David Foster
David Foster Vor 3 Tage
I love Kenya. Stop the shade. She knows what she’s doing
Billie Davis
Billie Davis Vor 3 Tage
Did Wendy just say Madonna stands up there with Aretha Franklin and Barbra Streisand? Madonna couldn't even VISIT that universe let alone stand beside them!
Ruth Frank
Ruth Frank Vor 3 Tage
The stuff Wendy said in the chaka khan section is bs! You got to have low self esteem if you think that about yourself. How does sleeping in a bonnet define you!!
dan jones
dan jones Vor 3 Tage
Is this person really a chat show host ?? Why on earth would she say stuff like this ?? Who would listen and believe this ?? Absolutely laughing my head off in the uk
Guardian_Blues Vor 3 Tage
I’ve never liked or agreed with Wendy till now! Madonna needs to stop being a hater!
SEFYH Vor 4 Tage
Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... You have soooooo much advice about other people's marriages! Why don't you focus on taking care of your HUSBAND and his side chick! That should keep you busy for a while. 😄😄
VoyageOne1 Vor 4 Tage
Madonna is an icon but the way she's behaved for the last 10 years has been very disappointing. You're not 30 anymore, hun.
Joshua Harper
Joshua Harper Vor 4 Tage
Gaga is more talented than Madonna plus she’s a much nicer person.
javier fdf
javier fdf Vor Tag
gaga is only better voice, madonna is better dancer and performer and gaga ice person? whe she make 1 school, 1 hospital and 1 ´´pediatric center and donate millions to malawi like madonna talk about be nice person....
Sydney La Roche
Sydney La Roche Vor 4 Tage
Tbh neither one is 'current' but Madonna is legend, gaga had like 5 hit songs
Sydney La Roche so does Madonna 🤣
Michael McKenna
Michael McKenna Vor 4 Tage
Marilyn Monroe said it decades ago.
Giuseppe Avolino
Giuseppe Avolino Vor 4 Tage
#FakeNews Madonna didn’t diss anyone... be smart and investigate & don’t believe trashy talk show hosts.
Madonna's voice is not up there with Aretha Franklin... Madonna's bubble gum pop voice was put through 30 different filters and she does not sound the same live as in the studio. Iconic for her clothes and videos yes. Huge for her day but she WAS NOT THE 1ST DIVA. Lady Gaga is classicly trained. She has recorded with Tony Bennet. She has performed with Metallica. Her voice carries without a microphone. She is a talented singer and actress. She has evolved. She can sing almost any genre. And she excells. She has done more than prove herself in the music industry.
lana s
lana s Vor 4 Tage
Madonna is the Queen of Music. P.E.R.I.O.D Us fans have dealt with Haterz for 36 years . When will you all die off already
I Dazzler
I Dazzler Vor 4 Tage
Madonna became Madonna in a world/decade that saw peak MJ...Prince..and Whitney. With no blueprint to follow....let that marinate.
Fabiana Ricardo
Fabiana Ricardo Vor 4 Tage
Am I the only one that now cringes when Wendy gives marital advice? I can just see Roseanne smirking somewhere from beyond.
Oh Madonna, we all see you’re intimidated by her.
Gavin Wolves
Gavin Wolves Vor 4 Tage
Madonna is joking... gez get a sence of humour
Stacey Troffer
Stacey Troffer Vor 5 Tage
Madonna doesn’t have anywhere NEAR THE VOICE that Lady Gaga does. LG’s talent is endless. Madonna just knows how to promote herself.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 4 Tage
Exactly. And that's why Madonna counting those checks!
Alex Jimenez
Alex Jimenez Vor 5 Tage
Madonna = Legend of Pop, Lady = Gaga 😉
renee sams
renee sams Vor 5 Tage
It's different i wish grandma old hag would shut up she always complains like she don't have a life lady Gaga is a queen when your butt isn't even a princess and your so jealous of her i bet you sit around all day and all night watching and waiting to see if you can come up with something on her and guess what she didn't even say the same quote and thats all you could come up with and you know its wrong i wish lady gaga would battle you on live video sing dance etc she will blow you away GRANDMA OLD HAG NAG NAG NAG
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 4 Tage
Madonna to busy counting all her money.
Luchemir Zalessky
Joking? Gaga doesn't need to show her worthiness for another 10 years. Even if she went away from showbiz now she'd stay LEGEND who changed the way a real artist should be, if he's pretending to be. Unlike MDNA. Who?.. ah yeah she dressed funny
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 4 Tage
+Luchemir Zalessky :Because Ca-Ca doesn't want the coin right? Sure bro.
Luchemir Zalessky
At least if there was anyone as talented as Gaga, then our money would worth them checks in this biz girl. And by the way, real artists /performers today can be counted with just one hand.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
It's all about the checks in this biz girl. Count them. YAWWWWWNNNNNN.
Kezziah Valentino
Dear GrandMadonna, when are you gonna stop being bitter? It’s bad enough that you’re older yet more immature.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
You are an age bigot. Now everyone knows. Merry Christmas! 😀
Tony James
Tony James Vor 5 Tage
Love u Wendy
denise rigney
denise rigney Vor 5 Tage
no-white people do not wear that at all!
Gio cruz
Gio cruz Vor 5 Tage
Camo on .. Gaga is so full of herself right now for a bad movie .. come of Judy Galard, She need slow down !
Jen Mac
Jen Mac Vor 5 Tage
Congrats Gaga u got Madonna watching you now!
Eric Hoskins
Eric Hoskins Vor 5 Tage
Oh my god my head hurts she's annoying.
Alesia Michelle
Alesia Michelle Vor 5 Tage
Kenya can be back in friend capacity BUT! I do miss Phaedra. I hate that I do but I do... go on and pay her again.
Katie Mayflower
Katie Mayflower Vor 5 Tage
Madonna, never really had talent... I don't dislike her but she was all about dancing, flaunting her body and causing a scandal to stay relevant. She was not a good actress and her musical ability holds no comparison to Lady Gaga's and if she was really honest with herself she would see it too. I think she has bought into the hype of her talent for so many years that she now thinks it was and is an actual thing! Lady Gaga came after and anyone who comes after and is a fan of your work and you're now old and no longer relevant should make you want to be a fan of hers. BUT I'm guessing Madonna is not that kind of person. She has worked so hard to stay relevant and look young and that is not a person that will go quietly into utter old age non-relevance. I doubt that Madonna is going to make it into any musical hall of fame, but Lady Gaga will because she is truly talented! That being said, sometimes Lady Gaga tries to act too relatable and humble when really she is living a superstar's lifestyle and it's OK to just be who you are. She made it big and she deserves it! I'm not saying flaunt it, but just enjoy what you worked for...
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
Madonna is in The Rock n Roll Hall Fame.
Jessica Michelle
Jessica Michelle Vor 5 Tage
12:21 looks like NHONY Romona!!
Nathan Bradley
Nathan Bradley Vor 5 Tage
A Star Is Born is overrated. I don't think Gaga will win the Oscar. She has obviously studied Madonna and I can see it in a lot of her work. I agree that Madonna is bigger than this and Lady Gaga shouldn't be on her radar, but I can see why Gaga irritates her.
Jose Atrisco
Jose Atrisco Vor 6 Tage
Madonna just wants to be relevant again
azazel 666
azazel 666 Vor 6 Tage
What's up Wendell Williams?we all know your a man.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
Si kadeliks
Si kadeliks Vor 6 Tage
When the old supreme loses her powers the new supreme emrges.
AnthonyyRT Vor 6 Tage
Is madonna still relevant? The last time I’ve heard anything about her is when rupaul’s drag race made a feature of her in form of a challenge other than that no more
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
That proves she's an ICON! Ask Ru Paul. Nuff said.
AnthonyyRT Vor 6 Tage
Madonna who?
F S Vor 6 Tage
madonna has been very successful and a business woman. However Gaga is more talented, a singer, pianist, and actress
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
Ka-ka's perfume (discontinued ) stinks like Art Poop! BAHAHAHA!
ThisFoolishLife Vor 6 Tage
poor norman
Warlito Radaza Jr
The host , madonna and Gaga has one thing in common they are "ILLUMINATI"
Abby K
Abby K Vor 6 Tage
is it just me or is Wendy sounding more nasal?
O Rebellion
O Rebellion Vor 6 Tage
16? Maddona became famous when she was 25ish at least that’s what I been told
Da’shaun Thompson
8:56 lol I knew exactly what she wanted to say😂😂
TJ Sealey
TJ Sealey Vor 6 Tage
A bonet is a full blown situation....😂😂😂😂
aapooloomeeh Vor 6 Tage
I don't really agree on the fact that Lady Gaga needs another 10 more years to become a true living legend. I mean, yes, she's young and also is her musical career, but she already has more GRAMMY's than Madonna, holds a bunch of Guinness World Records, has a lot of different awards (music and, from now on, also from films), and made the best Super Bowl Halftime show in history after the one and only Michael Jackson (I could continue mentioning all of her success, but it's a long list). Lady Gaga is already a living legend. And time will only make her legend just bigger and bigger.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
+aapooloomeeh : Like your shoes?
aapooloomeeh Vor 5 Tage
Lance Dukel Again, Michael Jackson. And see the numbers again, because I think you're outdated :)
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
Sure. NOT. Madonna 's Super Bowl show was the most watched in HISTORY! BAM! You're welcome.
Chase Vor 6 Tage
I think Wendy’s 🍔🥤 William needs a good slap in the face
Jacob Patrick Poulsen
Why are people throwing Madonna under the bus? I`m sorry but Madonna is a living legend. She is the most succesful female artist of all time. She has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide and have the record for the most top10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has won a lot of awards during her career anf she is in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, Madonna is not the best actress and she does not have the biggest voice, but lets not forget that Madonna was on top of the world for more than three decades. Let´s see if Lady Gaga can do that? Lady Gaga flopped already with her "Artpop" album and the album with Tony Benett and "Joanne" flopped also, when you compare these albums to "The Fame", "The Fame Monster" and "Born This Way" albums. Lady Gaga was only on top the world from 2008-2011 and after that Lady Gaga fell of the map and could not meet the expectations of her former albums. The only reason that Lady Gaga is still in the media is because of the "A Star Is Born" movie, but lets see were she will be after the movie and the potential accolades for that. Madonna released 8 or 9 studio albums before she had her first flop in the music industry. The world will be reminded of how big Madonna is when she makes her comeback to the music industry and also when she dies. The world will talk positively about Madonna when she dies like the world did with Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston etc. Look at Madonnas statictics and compare them to Lady Gaga. Use your mind before writing a comment, please. ;)
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
Exactly! You don't have to be a Madonna fan to know that either. As far as pop-culture goes the only person more famous is Michael Jackson. I dare to say there are even. I'm not talking about talent, music etc. I'm talking about straight up FAME (ironically Ka-ka's discontinued perfume lol) Anyone with half a brain cell and the slightest bit of pop-culture history from the last 30 years know it. Even the Pope spoke about Madonna. You think the Pope knows who Ka-ka is LMFAO!
Crystal Moreland
Crystal Moreland Vor 6 Tage
I like gaga alot better then madona.. Gaga is extremly talented and i just love her..
Bossii Treggs
Bossii Treggs Vor 6 Tage
Wendy, Wendy..... Please don't EVER forget. That your opinion is just that. An opinion. Your credit, doesn't change the fact that humans have a path that they follow. You don't have the clout to tell anyone what they should do next. This was too much. When you talk about people's livelihood and getting kicked off shows and replaced, That's more than you talking on a talk show, that's meet you outside of your job asking you "Why are you speaking on my checks?" You are getting way ahead of yourself. I usually love your show but boo, Ms. Williams, I mean your telling people how to hold cups, what they should be saying, calling people obnoxious, calling shows with families boring ... Saying how much money someone is getting. This is not journalism, this is you crossing every line in the writing world. (and this is not just you, this is daytime today, you guys are messing with the entertainers sanity). not cool. @Thewendywilliamsshow
Endtyme Vor 6 Tage
Madonna is with not doubt jealous of Gaga since the beggining of Gaga´s career..the thing is at the beggining she was smart enough to handle but when Born This Way explode monumentaly she felt REALLY threatened not by both songs similarities but the HUGE charisma of Gaga who made Madonna felt really identified(she said that in fact at that time...) and then...HATRED AND JEALOUSY came into her room lol.Lady Gaga touched the deepest Madonna´s fears... the passing of time(Madonna HATES aging)and relevance in music industry.While Madonna can´t handle her lack of relevance in the last 10 years with her latest and really mediocre albums(Confessions....was her best and then...FLOP!),Gaga had Artpop wich wasn´t her best selling album but she could recover from that era at record time and now we have two artists who can easily be a mirror of themselves,be good friends and blah blah but simply that´s NOT gonna happen.Gaga it´s a classy type of person,Madonna it´s vulgar and bitchy.A shame.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
+Endtyme : The real money is in concert tours. You don't have to be a super crazy fan to be able to count hon. Mstill slays in ticket sales crappy album or not. Everywhere. Ka-ka not. Canceled tours. What does that tell you? You think seeing Ka-ka live is on anyone's bucket list. Sure. Crickets.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
+Endtyme : That one million word rant speaks for itself. Ka-ka's stinks like her discontinued perfume. Keep scratchy though LMFAO!
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
+Endtyme : LOL. Whatever you say dear!
Ahotbod Vor 6 Tage
Wendy through shade . I do believe you should look good for yourself
Back to You Wndy... You need another 10 seasons to prove your worthiness
Ahotbod Vor 6 Tage
Madonna stop it . You changed the world . This is not a cute look for you
Alexei Romanov
Alexei Romanov Vor 6 Tage
Is wendy williams a man or a woman!? Seriously I'm not being FUNNY - I can't tell
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
She's a man who gave birth. The first in history.
tower gal
tower gal Vor 6 Tage
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
Agreed! Cher is in a whole nother league of her own.
Niecy Is here.
Niecy Is here. Vor 6 Tage
It's simple. No one wants to see a younger version of themselves. Had Lady Gaga been 75 years of age and saying it, there would be no beef.
Laurdess Valentino
Wendy williams... ugh, get the f out of my feed
Ricky Evans
Ricky Evans Vor 6 Tage
"10 years does not make a legend or an icon..." John, Paul, George & Ringo: "Hold our beers"
Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea Vor 6 Tage
Lady Gaga is QUEEN
Loli Lol
Loli Lol Vor 6 Tage
It's interesting how Madonna's name only comes up when she feuds with Gaga
evan browne
evan browne Vor 6 Tage
Madonna can't stand to see someone living her early life in the modern day. Getting older is tough.
Varonica Ford
Varonica Ford Vor 6 Tage
Wendy's right about Shamari. This show doesn't do well for her and Ronnie
Matt Blake
Matt Blake Vor 6 Tage
Wendy, you are a gross pig...plain and simple.
Jade barchue
Jade barchue Vor 6 Tage
Matt Blake you mean a* pig 😂😂 #nicetrythough
Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith Vor 6 Tage
Madonna just old and petty. She need to stop. She is a legend and is bigger than that.
Riv Spams
Riv Spams Vor 6 Tage
What Madonna is doing to Gaga is what Nicki is doing to Cardi
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
+Riv Spams : I'm a girl just saying. It doesn't matter that it didn't go platinum. Cardi is great. Nicki is FABULOUS!
Riv Spams
Riv Spams Vor 5 Tage
Lance Dukel her album didnt even go platinum boi
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
And Nicki SLAYS Cardi too. Just sayin.
Sita Messer
Sita Messer Vor 6 Tage
There can be a hundered lines in one room and wendy's gonna snort 99 of them.
Johany Vor 6 Tage
Sita Messer LMAOOOO
Victoria Newton
Victoria Newton Vor 6 Tage
Madonna is an old worn out hag. She had her moment and it's pathetic how jealous she is. Gaga is a million times the woman she will ever be if only because she is a much lovelier person all around.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
Jealous? Pot calls the kettle black. YAWWWWWNNNNNN.
leny mex
leny mex Vor 6 Tage
Five Dee
Five Dee Vor 6 Tage
Wendy misunderstood when she compared/quoted Madonna's: Madonna said she remembers the 1 person who DOESNT like her show (not liked, like you said). Hmph.
Shae Lovely
Shae Lovely Vor 6 Tage
Wendy, you do know a bonnet is used to protect your hair while you sleep, right? Not using one may have a part in those non-existent edges lol
Illuminati King
Illuminati King Vor 6 Tage
Madonna is considered the most well known woman ever. Wendy and Gaga are too fads. Enough said, the rest doesn't matter.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres Vor 6 Tage
That's not paraphrasing. Although some words are shared, the whole meaning is completely different. What Madonna is said is actually full of ego expressing she wants everyone to like her and taking for granted the 99 people who do like her. Gaga is saying she doesn't need everyone to like her or say yes, just one who can make a difference, which is actually humble, inspiring and true.
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres Vor 5 Tage
Michael Walden It has everything to do with ego, completely self-centered and entitled. That clearly took her very far. It's pathetic though that she's bringing attention to her phrase which is completely different in meaning. It's like she's mentally disabled or possibly under influence.
Michael Walden
Michael Walden Vor 5 Tage
Not exactly what she is saying... she pays attention to the one that criticizes her, because she is a perfectionist. It has nothing to do with the ego, it happens with artists all the time. It's an insecurity. It's humanizing.
It's Ted
It's Ted Vor 6 Tage
gaga is over and barley lasted 5 years
Mitchelle M.
Mitchelle M. Vor 6 Tage
Gosh they better not bring back that heifer kenya moore to the show and yes i agree Phaedra needs to come back and Porsha isn't going anywhere Wendy!! Get over yourself!!
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
Gaga is very talented musically there is no doubt about it. However she cannot and will not EVER be the icon that Madonna is. PERIOD!
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
+Oscar Torres : If you want to see the definitive version of A Star is Born it's Judy Garland's 1954 version. Joanne who? Only Ka-ka fans listened to that. You are condescending saying Madonna is bitter. Someone who has helped children which Madonna still does is far from bitter. That's called being loving. What does Ka-ka do? Right. Crickets.
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres Vor 6 Tage
Lance Dukel Lol condescending expressions always make me laugh. I'm referring to Gaga's latest work on Joanne, The Sound of Music, Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett and Star is Born. She certainly knows how to use gimmicks and I love that, but that's not all she is. I can't say the same about Madonna. I like Madonna but that bitterness is pathetic. I think it's hilarious how people attack Gaga for such cringeworthy behavior by Madonna. You'd expect that egotistical entitled behavior from a child.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 6 Tage
+Oscar Torres : Darling please. A meat dress, being hatched from an egg, the list goes on. If that's not a gimmick what is?
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres Vor 6 Tage
Lance Dukel Madonna is certainly successful. Why would someone so successful be that pathetic? If Gaga was repeating what Madonna said or even paraphrasing, it'd be totally warranted, but that's not the case. It's so cringeworthy. I would love to see Madonna try to sing one of Gaga's songs. I can only assume, that the fact that Gaga is getting the recognition she deserves, solely for her singing, songwriting and acting without any gimmicks annoys Madonna because Madonna always needed those gimmicks and couldn't shine on talent alone.
Gaga has clapped back at Madonna wtf are talking about Wendy??? P.s I think it’s unfair to insult someone merely by their age rather than her success. You like Gaga that’s fine but grow up. No I don’t think Madonna should throw shade at anyone she is better than that. Stop with the ageism and lighten up. Respect your elders.
pouvei agu
pouvei agu Vor 6 Tage
Madonna please rest... Am worried for u, cause madonna is not young anymore
pouvei agu
pouvei agu Vor 6 Tage
Madonna cant she give little bit of love and appreciation on gaga!?? Gaga never say anything bad about madonna.. Is it madonna is too old that if she have fued she will be known by others?
pouvei agu
pouvei agu Vor 6 Tage
Its very true lady gaga never spoken bad about madonna... She really look up to her... Gaga is just a baby comparing to madonna, am not comparing about age. Madinna has been in spotlight for nearly 4 decades... She is a legend but i dont like her how she wanted to be on top and very rude and mean... Madonna should have some human heart that she is not alone in this world
Dany Targaerys
Dany Targaerys Vor 6 Tage
Actually, Madonna wasn't famous until she was 25.. be accurate Wendy, please..
Dany Targaerys
Dany Targaerys Vor 6 Tage
+pouvei agu that isn't true. Where did you read that? She came to NYC to study dance, that's not a career. She was 24 when her record came out, but it took a while to become popular. She wasn't famous well until she was 25. Again, I don't understand where this 16 thing came from..
pouvei agu
pouvei agu Vor 6 Tage
But she started her career at 16
Liebe Happy
Liebe Happy Vor 6 Tage
ooooohhhh the Shade in this episode i love it lol #bonnet #tammy
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith Vor 6 Tage
I love how Wendy asks her audience to clap about their opinion, then she will immediately insult their opinions. Hilarious!
Jim Mij
Jim Mij Vor 6 Tage
There can be a hundred people in the room and 99 don’t believe in you but it just takes one person to believe in you and it can change everything
angelxox Vor 5 Tage
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 There can be a hundred people in the room and 99 don’t believe in you but it just takes one person to believe in you and it can change everything
Man on an island
Man on an island Vor 6 Tage
What's the feud, who's got the bigger penis ?
Mike Vor 6 Tage
Man on an island PFFFT
Jas298 Riley
Jas298 Riley Vor 6 Tage
Hey You
Hey You Vor 6 Tage
Madonna is a tired old wench no one takes her seriously.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 4 Tage
+bluetwinkesaregood :😉😁
Lance Dukel agreed and preach 🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Vor 5 Tage
+bluetwinkesaregood : Madonna is in the Rock n Roll hall of Fame. Ka-ka isn't. Who's zooming who? That's not a question.
Hey You 🧐
Hey You
Hey You Vor 5 Tage
+bluetwinkesaregood #😙
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