Magnus Carlsen stunned by 17-year-old super talent Abdusattorov Nodirbek | World Rapid 2021 

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After Magnus Carlsen got the better of Alireza Firouzja and Jan Krzysztof Duda, very few people thought that he would have trouble winning the World Rapid 2021, but the 17-year-old Uzbek phenom Abdusattorov Nodirbek had other intentions. Abdusattorov ground down Carlsen in the same style for which the World Champion is famed. Check out the game and get to know the tension that arose in the tournament hall when the game was going on.
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27 Dez 2021



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KOMMENTARE : 8 261   
Aryan Chaudhary
This chess thing has really picked up in the last few years. I like how they took an online game and made the pieces and stuff so it could be played in real life.
Cashiedayy Vor year
What? Chess has been here since like ancient times😂
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes Vor year
@Cashiedayy ummmm no. it was streaming on twitch way before these tourneys were ever considered
Cashiedayy Vor year
@Jason Barnes nvm y’all are trolling
@Cashiedayy sounds like you got called out. just admit you're wrong dude.
An0n1m11 Vor year
My godness
Marcos García Gracia
When this kid is 30+ years old and the best in the world, he will lose to a teenager. History repeats itself. Over and over.
Leonardo S
Leonardo S Vor 6 Monate
​@AhmetGhuzz Nah, your brain is in formative age until ~25 years old.
martins chizea
martins chizea Vor 5 Monate
Felix Lee
Felix Lee Vor 5 Monate
When I become a gm that won’t happen
Nubdix Vor 5 Monate
Anton Chigurh: Call it.
blasterman Vor 5 Monate
@AhmetGhuzz Not only grandmasters. I beat an NM ones but that was only bc he was like 70 years old and missed tactics like the greek gift
kobz Vor 10 Monate
In 17 minutes they both had to think about their decisions more than me in my whole life
michael c
michael c Vor 10 Monate
BeamerBoy619 yea! I wonder how long it really lasted and they also edit a lot out lol
john air
john air Vor 10 Monate
Ever heard of Cutting down a Video. The whole Game was NOT 17min! It was longer!
Nick Bronson
Nick Bronson Vor 10 Monate
Sounds like your life just started not to long ago
Stalker Vor 10 Monate
BeamerBoy619 hehe, funny joke
Sarvar Tulaganov
Sarvar Tulaganov Vor 9 Monate
7+ months after this game, Nodirbek and his young team of Uzbekistan made a history in Chennai by obtaining gold medal of the Olympiad. The team did not loose throughout any of the 11 rounds, where more than 2500 GM's were competing from around the world.
Twisted Vor 9 Monate
Read this in my head as "7 check months..." Lol
baby wrath
baby wrath Vor 6 Monate
There are that many gms in the world?
maciej guzek
maciej guzek Vor 6 Monate
@baby wrath basic google search says that as of September , there were 1771 chess GMs in the world.
gold user
gold user Vor 5 Monate
@baby wrath he meant their rating
David Victory
David Victory Vor 3 Monate
The 17 year old is from Uzbekistan?
fungoorstitch Vor 10 Monate
For those who don't know why he won, he won because he forced a queen trade with his last move in the game, clearing the way for his last remaining pawn (white) to be promoted to queen before Magnus' last remaining pawn could. Never underestimate the danger of a far-advancing pawn.
Muhamed Faour
Muhamed Faour Vor 10 Monate
Who actually won at the end? I didn’t catch it?!
Sam Vinnik
Sam Vinnik Vor 10 Monate
@Muhamed Faour the Asian guy
mcwelcho Vor 10 Monate
Why he dont eat the pawn?
John Mandrake
John Mandrake Vor 10 Monate
I don’t understand that still won’t be checkmate though?
Austin Baker
Austin Baker Vor 10 Monate
The moment when you reach the end of the video, then rewind to realize it's all been about that pawn from the beginning or at least the middle. The whole game was pressing the advantage and moving that one pawn to that last row, there was not a moment when it wasn't protected. A true war of attrition at the end, wearing down his time so he had to rush his moves. Incredible
memeaddict 420
memeaddict 420 Vor 10 Monate
Wow. I'm not pro enough to understand this. The black king is still able to move, right? Or are they thinking 10 steps beyond that
Austin Baker
Austin Baker Vor 10 Monate
Basically yes. The last move is what those in the biz call a Fork. He's checked the King and can also take the Queen next move. Carlsen doesn't want to move his King out of check because he'll lose his Queen but he also can't take Nodirbek's Queen because it will be captured by his King right there. And either way Nodirbek's next move would be to move the pawn up and make it a queen. Carlsen has been at a disadvantage for basically the whole endgame since Nodirbek's pawn was much closer than his pawn. That's how I see it.
memeaddict 420
memeaddict 420 Vor 10 Monate
@Austin Baker ah alright so there was pretty much zero chance for him to win
memeaddict 420
memeaddict 420 Vor 10 Monate
@Vínculo Marte the 17 year old boy according to the title
Alex G
Alex G Vor year
Meeting an actual legend is a once in a life time opportunity. But beating one, at 17 and not even cracking a celebratory dance after that handshake? Love this kid.
cluck head
cluck head Vor year
That kid knows damn well he got away with one and Magnus wasn't himself that game. It almost seemed like he threw the game.
khyle wood
khyle wood Vor year
How did he win? Queen takes Queen. King takes Queen pawn moves, pawn into Queen then what?
ronaldo Lopez
ronaldo Lopez Vor year
@khyle wood i dont get how it was won either
Sonnit Vor year
@khyle wood he wouldve killed the pawn with queen first then checked magnus with queen and king
Stephen Vor year
He beat him at 15 in 2019.
omo-Hakai Vor 10 Monate
You can see the stress slowly begin to set in. The kids damn good
airanator1212 Vor 10 Monate
Only thing that bothers me about the media talking about these guys like it’s unheard of that a kid at 17 beat the world champion. That somebody that young can be that good. Almost like they don’t know that chess historically has some of the best players first make headlines at incredibly young ages. Magnus Carlson was even 13 when he drew against the world champion at the time back in like 2004.
Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere
@airanator1212 exactly, at 17 , if you can harness your mind, you can do anything you want!
CL Bongol
CL Bongol Vor 10 Monate
rexhurne Vor 10 Monate
He's playing so past as well just look how little time he takes in his turns.
Anaximander Vor 10 Monate
You know its a big chess match when you hear peoples coughs in the background. Its just not the same without it.
Xodia Vor 10 Monate
I love the game of chess. As one who doesn’t fully comprehend the game, it’s still truly art. The meaning behind the game itself is what fascinates me and to see this footage was like watching a movie. A young Prince vs a reigning King. The endgame was INSANE!
CYRUS Vor 10 Monate
10/10 movie would watch again
Richard irizarry
Richard irizarry Vor 10 Monate
@xodz Phone I agree in part. The limited part unless one is a master that's seen it all then possibly I can see this.
Agung Marpaung
Agung Marpaung Vor 10 Monate
Nodirbek, uzbek, tanzibek
Maurice Vor 10 Monate
and BugHouse, High Art
The Shmoe
The Shmoe Vor 10 Monate
Wow, I understood the game at like 9
BeerAndCats Vor 8 Monate
I learn so much watching this level of skill. So many times through the match I blurted out “Well why doesn’t he-oh…”
JrAl Vor 7 Monate
Zak Vor 10 Monate
It’s amazing how they play the future rather than the present. I kept questioning their moves and then realized why they didn’t take pawns at risk of losing queens. Very well played.
Jack1994hoo Vor 10 Monate
Thats gow you are supposed to play chess, you dont play thinking only on whats on the board right now, but in what will happen after you make your move, and the move after
mars3l Vor 3 Monate
@Jack1994hoo and the move after
MAK252 Vor 9 Tage
@mars3l and the move after
Don't trust the NWO
@MAK252 and the move after
Tommy Mandal-Gjølga
He's shaking, the youngster.. Well done!
yonGGeun 용키키
yonGGeun 용키키 Vor 5 Monate
how do you know who won and lost?
DS127 Vor 5 Monate
@yonGGeun 용키키 Magnus resigns @16:37 (offers a handshake) . If black moves his king out of check or takes white's queen, white can take black's queen. After that there's no way to stop the white pawn from promoting either.
SC Tutorials
SC Tutorials Vor 4 Monate
@yonGGeun 용키키 the one who gives hand for shaking firstly always be lost.
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Vor 4 Monate
@SC Tutorials would it have been stalemate or draw instead if no shak ?
David Menut
David Menut Vor 4 Monate
@SC Tutorials it's a draw
the end game was crazy, he defended his own pawn while simultaneously attacking the king AND the black pawn while forcing a position which carlsen wasnt too happy to end in. really phenomenal.
Mayank SHARMA Vor year
Could you plzz tell me that why they both handshake? 🤝 , did the match tie or anyone won
Dark Emporium
Dark Emporium Vor year
@Mayank SHARMA Abdusaturov won
Mayank SHARMA Vor year
@Dark Emporium 🤔 how😅
bombek92 Vor year
@Mayank SHARMA usually the offer of a handshake admits defeat
Mayank SHARMA Vor year
@bombek92 you mean who offers handshake will lose the game ✅
Maru Vor 10 Monate
The timer makes it so damn stressful and interesting. I can pull off 7-8 moves ahead without timelimit at best, but as soon as that goes under 1 minute that thinking goes down to 2-3 at best. I'm just terrible with stress. Its insane how well they perform under those circumstances with so much pressure, incredible
chris Vor 9 Monate
Yeah I was getting secondhand stress in that endgame just imagining how my mind would be going blank with that timer
super man
super man Vor 10 Monate
Amazing end-game! Carlson's ploy has always been to drag the opposition to the end-game and slowly build a strong position and squeeze his opponent into a surrender. In this game, Carlson was tamed despite being a pawn up. Nodirberk built upon his advanced pawn and kept Carlson squeezed. I was thinking Nodirberk could have gobbled up the pawn on the G file. But...
Sergey Romanov
Sergey Romanov Vor Monat
If you write "Carlsen", then write "Abdusattorov", and vice versa. It's weird when you use the first name in one case and the surname in another.
Khalil's Kingdom
Khalil's Kingdom Vor 10 Monate
That King trap in the corner strategy was impressive. 👏
Surprised Cat
Surprised Cat Vor 10 Monate
why did carlsen call quits? couldnt he just eat queen with his
blaom miodn
blaom miodn Vor 10 Monate
He would simply promote to a queen right after the exchange since his pawn is only one square off.
Animes Lovers United
Animes Lovers United Vor 10 Monate
@Surprised Cat its mate. you can't take queen with queen thats illegal
hehe Vor 10 Monate
@Animes Lovers United HUH
Br0w0sef Vor 9 Monate
@hehe It's in the new patch.
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy Vor 10 Monate
An absolute instant classic of a game.
Isaac Duran
Isaac Duran Vor 10 Monate
Dexio Vor 7 Monate
Huge battle, Nordiberk is amazing.
Albert Shadow
Albert Shadow Vor 6 Monate
I barely know how to play chess, but this match was so exciting lol, watching someone of a barely known country like Uzbekistan defeating Magnus is epic, this reminds us that talent doesn't depend of the popularity of the country you're from.
JJ Vor 6 Monate
Lmao no shit
TidalWaffles Vor 5 Monate
no shit
Mark M
Mark M Vor 2 Monate
no shit
Carlitoz_PR Vor year
Is not the first time this kid has given Magnus so much trouble, this time he won instead of a draw. Amazing talent
Rasydan 2004
Rasydan 2004 Vor year
Useless. Vor year
HE WON OMG he is really good
S. H.
S. H. Vor year
why / how did he win there. It was exact same position!?
Useless. Vor year
@S. H. He won because after making the queen trade he is going to promote his pawn to a queen and its basicly game over for magnus
S. H.
S. H. Vor year
But why does Magnus Not just take the pawn before
Shoutg Media
Shoutg Media Vor 10 Monate
This game is so engaging tactically speaking, it should be archived in the Chess University
Weldon Mix
Weldon Mix Vor 10 Monate
You're joking, right?
Rick Y
Rick Y Vor 10 Monate
The fact he beat a chess learned and was so humble❤ Something ppl, can never 🎉
Christine Raffel
Christine Raffel Vor 10 Monate
What a play! The best performance for many year! Thank you so much for that video! Merci!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
AshiStarshade Vor 8 Monate
There were three things that surprised me. a) that Magnus traded bishops for knights for what looked like a normal game b) that he did not take the pawn with his knight when the pawn structures were facing each other c) that he did not trade his knight and queen for the bishop and queen. I don't know if I am mistaken, but it looked to me like his pawns were in a better position at that moment. Since he is the endgame master I must be mistaken about c).
Zafar Raxmonov
Zafar Raxmonov Vor 9 Monate
We,THE UZBEK, are very proud of this guy,a future king of chess.IN SHA ALLAH🤲
Yana Nima
Yana Nima Vor 10 Monate
Congrats Uzbek Champ 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿
AZ1Z3EK edits
AZ1Z3EK edits Vor 3 Monate
Game World23
Game World23 Vor 2 Monate
Oka yuttimi durrang boldimi yoki?
Jamilya Janabaeva
Alpha team
Alpha team Vor 4 Monate
Wow the fact Magnus had probably memorised 10000 chess games in his mind alone yet never saw this outcome was astonishing
Link and Drink
Link and Drink Vor 10 Monate
The opening by white was super boring and simplified, but the end game from both was absolutely stunning and extremely well played.
John Tash
John Tash Vor 7 Monate
Chessbase India, you are the star of chess production. Perfect camera focus, board angle and sound. Such a pleasure to watch.
King Bradley
King Bradley Vor year
Defending that h7 pass pawn was absolutely insane by Nodirbek. A young talent on the rise for sure
Steel Steez 🎃
Dude was a stud!!
N Vor year
Узбегим Углонларига доим Галаба Ер булсин Омийн
I'm a 17 I'm a beginner How do u all watch this in this angle
Hilmy Haidar
Hilmy Haidar Vor year
@TONY STARK just adapt, me at first it wasn't really confortable but as far as i keep doing it, everything's better
Shekshavali S P
Shekshavali S P Vor 10 Monate
I liked the way bothe the players placed the pieces at last what a respect for the game 💖
woocheong An
woocheong An Vor 10 Monate
17 years old is really admirable, his future will be even more exciting, talent and hard work are equally important, talent cannot be measured but hard work can be accumulated, I hope everyone can live a positive life
Proud to be Uzbek 🇺🇿
Esdras Manrique
Esdras Manrique Vor 6 Monate
I'm proud that you're proud to be uzbek
THE LEGEND Vor 5 Monate
@Esdras Manrique hehe
Ever TM
Ever TM Vor 10 Monate
I really like Chess, but I am not very good at it, and even so I was just blown away by Nodirbek; so many obviously brilliant moves, even to the untrained eye. Bravo.
beorlingo Vor 10 Monate
How are they brilliant when obvious?
Ever TM
Ever TM Vor 10 Monate
@beorlingo English not your strong suit, eh? I said obviously brilliant, as in, it is obvious that a given move is brilliant, not that the moves are obvious.
beorlingo Vor 10 Monate
@Ever TM brilliance is rarely obvious though.
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans Vor 9 Monate
I suspect that V advance had been worked out painstakingly in a computer, and won't be useful anymore like the opener bishop takes rook move.
Ever TM
Ever TM Vor 9 Monate
@beorlingo Well, yes, exactly. That should also be obvious... I'm assuming your ability to understand the English language... What I'm saying is that the brilliance of his moves is obvious, in that the simplistic genius of his moves is apparent even to the uninitiated such as myself.
Life with Business (LwB)
He repeated this achievement again over him in 2023🇺🇿🔥
Foo Barrel
Foo Barrel Vor year
Fantastic game, and the kid was always up on time! Magnus must have been having heart-palpitations for the last 20 minutes!
Zachary Huneault
we didn't watch the same game 4:49 in vid he's down on time
Jonathan Cortes
Chess isn't an intense game. Calm down. Small pieces of wood being moved 1 inch on a board isn't nerve-wracking as competitive mano a mano sports where there is an opposing side constantly trying to stop you (physically)
Ruairí McDonnell
@Jonathan Cortes Its harder, in some matches where they are playing for hours these guys are burning thousands of calories from literally just thinking
Jonathan Cortes
@Ruairí McDonnell ok beat it nerd
LOLOL veryfun258
LOLOL veryfun258 Vor 10 Monate
I realized horse is actually isn’t so bad, it can easily counter bishops when you see that the opponent blocked most of its escape routes
HeNeedSomeMilk Vor 10 Monate
BushidoBoyd Vor 10 Monate
TimeToPlayTR Vor 10 Monate
@BushidoBoyd pony*
IrokoSalei Vor 10 Monate
@TimeToPlayTR Ponyta*
PopcornMax179 Vor 10 Monate
It's more often it goes the other way around, where a Bishop can cover the squares a horsey would escape when it's stuck in a corner.
Lil Elom
Lil Elom Vor 10 Monate
I have always said, it doesn't matter who the other player is, it doesn't matter the elo, there's always a way to win. It's human versus human and no human makes ever perfect move. It's not like your going up against stockfish 15. This game proves my point
Zoomjah Vor Monat
That queen pawn vs queen pawn end game went on for so long it felt like it should have just been a draw. But of course when the pawns progress varies that much and the kings are so close together, I suppose eventually victory is likely be forced with that setup. (assuming no flag or blunder, as this game shows)
Creative OG
Creative OG Vor 10 Monate
Dont let this distract you from the fact that carlson beat like 15 people at once without looking at the boards. They just announced the coordinates and he played accordingly
Joe miller
Joe miller Vor 10 Monate
That is a common demonstration for advanced players. It means very little.
Camo Cat
Camo Cat Vor 10 Monate
@Joe miller can you refer me to another player who can do this?
Soundararajan Daniel
Nodirbek will definitely become a world champion in few years.
DoJoStan Vor year
The protection of the pawn was insane. What a game.
Darkish Vor year
Can you explain why they didn’t just capture each other’s pawn and get them out of the way?
mod Vor year
Its not that easy
DoJoStan Vor year
@Darkish Sorry what do you mean, Nodirbek's H file pawn couldn't have been captured by Magnus since it was protected by his queen the entire game. If Magnus captured it, it would mean losing his own queen. At the end Magnus resigned since Nordibek would eventually have two queens on the board after the check.
Darkish Vor year
@DoJoStan around the 15min mark didn’t notice the Queen was still protecting the pawn
Eric Calhoun
Eric Calhoun Vor year
@DoJoStan Not that he would have 2 queens, but that Magnus would be forced to trade queens, and Nord would queen in the next turn. The pawn would be pinned to the king , and then it's just a matter of technique, taking the pawn off the board.
martins chizea
martins chizea Vor 5 Monate
Chess sometimes can be unpredictable. Most times it's about luck and taking advantage of opportunities. He really did well. Kudos to him.
Julien Giroux
Julien Giroux Vor 5 Monate
litteraly no luck in chess
S Irwin
S Irwin Vor 5 Monate
@Julien Giroux which is why it's vastly superior to most games. Whenever there are dice involved then luck is as well.
Hank Clock
Hank Clock Vor 5 Monate
Cool how some people can surprise you immensely in a game. Friend of mine (who was a gambling freak) seemed like not a great player, and he truly kicked my ass at chess- and i've lost a loooot over the years but never a beating like that.
Shokhida Qosimova
Shokhida Qosimova Vor 8 Monate
In Uzbekistan, we are really proud of him and his dedicating efforts to this sport
Joe miller
Joe miller Vor 10 Monate
It took me a minute to understand why the ending was a victory for the kid. If that took me time to understand I can't really grasp how they can keep so many layers in their minds at once.
Shawn Anderson
Shawn Anderson Vor 10 Monate
Why was the ending a victory for the kid at the end?
Manzura Vohidjonova
Manzura Vohidjonova Vor 9 Monate
Настоящий чемпион 👑👑👑 Nodirbek
Víctor García Rocha
Imagine beating Aronian, Caruana, Nepo, Carlsen and many others in the same tournament. Damn.
Phil Laysheo
Phil Laysheo Vor year
Not Korobov though
kenny koh
kenny koh Vor year
He drew with Nepo isnt it?
Mothudi Mothudi
@kenny koh beat him in play offs
Amaiur Esparza
Did he beat all those players?
kenny koh
kenny koh Vor year
@Amaiur Esparza yeah, quite incredible.
mummerx Vor 5 Monate
that last play is so calculated, well fricking done dude.
Dalila Vor 5 Monate
I don't know anything about chess, but I've been watching these competitions for hours and I'm strangely in love with these videos and especially with Magnus. It's weird, I knowwwwww HAHAHA 🇧🇷
Jackson Jack
Jackson Jack Vor 3 Monate
Beating Magnus is extremely tough. Beating him multiple times or taking his reign away is almost impossible. Magnus took the helm when he was younger and eventually someone will take it from him but not yet
Abby The Abinator
Abby The Abinator Vor 10 Monate
What a win too... a queen with two of the juiciest targets on the opposite and farthest corners on the board.
jesus hdz
jesus hdz Vor 10 Monate
By the time he had his pawn out & pushed back Carlsons bishop he dominated the board offensively and didn’t let up.
barenuffsafe Vor year
Abdusattorov coming in like an absolute G, calmly pressed all the way then held the pawn into a victorious QP endgame against the best to ever do it. This kid was cold as ice and deserves the title for days. Big up man like Abdu nuff respect
Shaurya Yadav
Shaurya Yadav Vor year
How he won ? I can't understand. Can u pls tell...
Zzyzx Vor year
@Shaurya Yadav black queen takes queue, king takes queue, black does whatever, white gets another queen
Shaurya Yadav
Shaurya Yadav Vor year
@Zzyzx ok thnx boii
Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD Vor year
Repent to Jesus Christ “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭6:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Flexo actually
calmly? the kid was really anxious, whole body shaking. Great win.
invino1475 Vor 10 Monate
I love the total silence after the surprise win
The Bored Blueberry
The Bored Blueberry Vor 5 Monate
Both so very talented..wonder how many play hours they have between the two of them …impeccable & impressive play 💯👊🏻♟️💚💨
Yisroel Vor 4 Monate
That was pretty cool draw. Great game 🔥
Anonymous Vor 3 Monate
Someone explains to me why Magnus's last pawn wasn't taken, it wasn't defended by anything
Marcelo Antunes
Marcelo Antunes Vor 16 Tage
Magnus resigned because there was a forced queen trade coming which would allow the pawn to queen. You mean before? Because he would lose his other pawn and it would be a draw. Playing for the win.
Sam Pickles
Sam Pickles Vor 10 Monate
I watched all 20 minutes with baited breath, and then seemed to have missed the last bit, it was over so fast, what happened. That 17 year old sure was efficient, even with his handshakes. Do people not applaud in chess ? Fascinating
HiTekRhi Vor 10 Monate
No chess is another level of respect, no need for loud clapping or any distractions like that, it would diminish the impact just displayed. breathing and watching is purely enough
Duncan McKeown
Duncan McKeown Vor 9 Monate
Quite an amazing match! Talk about coolness under fire!
Sardorbek Alijonov
I don't know how many times I watched this unbelievable game, we are proud of you Nodirbek, and wish you great rewards like this.
Yessan Know
Yessan Know Vor year
Javier M
Javier M Vor year
Why did he win can u explain? Dnt get this dumb game
Jonny Lemonseeds
@Javier M @16:35 pause, Nodirbek has carlsen's king in check and if Carlsen moves his king from check his queen will get taken, but if Carlsen takes his queen then he will lose his queen by death of Nodirbek's king
Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD Vor year
Repent to Jesus Christ “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭6:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost Vor 10 Monate
Bold player going for the winning when he had chances to draw. Very nice victory and smooth white play.
Christine Raffel
Christine Raffel Vor 10 Monate
The chess has really picked-up the last year! Very good match! Chess is very good for the consentration! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
uber spumer
uber spumer Vor 10 Monate
And spelling?
Ronal-H-Mihawk Vor 10 Monate
wow i didnt even understand how the game ended, i had to pause and see what happened and why magnus lost. Stunning game, simply stunning.
Michael Stratos
Michael Stratos Vor 23 Tage
I feel the real sporting event begins at 16:48 when Magnus paw grips the pieces in such a fashion as to say “we all know who the better player is here” or since I couldn’t beat you let me show you who the better human is 😂add points the young lad notices and immediately starts to grab pieces and put them back in a robotic fashion as to say oh this is what we are doing posturing the collection of the pieces I can do this 😂 true art watching the egos of these truly humble yet competitive souls
Khann 21
Khann 21 Vor year
He has insane defensive skills. A true technician, just like Kramnik
PKN Vor year
Karpov: Interesting...
Aldous G
Aldous G Vor year
lucky kid
Solid defence
adgtheone Vor 10 Monate
I've never seen him lose before. Wow.
yamandur Vor 4 Monate
I am very happy to be a compatriot of such a genius!...
$əs3rt0rñådø Vor 4 Monate
Like many said, Magnus must have been overwhelmed cause from this position (and even the ones before) he could not have won but he could at least have drawn.
Jake Bradminster
Jake Bradminster Vor 4 Monate
I feel that Magnus could have played to a draw here, after swapping queens the white king would then be blocking the line to black king from the promoted white pawn. Then black pawn would advance, white king move to allow check from white queen, then black pawn block check. I haven't played out after that however. Edit: After playing it out checkmate would be certain if white queen to a8, white king to c3, and then white queen to h1
Medialy Vor 5 Monate
“You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player.” - José Raúl Capablanca
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Vor year
Great game. Very fun to watch. The level at which these guys calculate at any time control is amazing but at Rapid it is totally insane.
Mike Roa Greschen
@Swag M8 So what's your ELO rating?
Jim Balter
Jim Balter Vor year
@Swag M8 Pure projection, basement boy.
Saint Dufus
Saint Dufus Vor 10 Monate
Admirable confidence, composure, and restraint from this teenager.
black kid wearing yellow shirt with hands on tummy
i like how almost everyone skipped to the final moment so there is huge peak only in one part of this video
Truth And Essence
Truth And Essence Vor 10 Monate
How can you see that? I definitely skipped 😂
Andy Hage
Andy Hage Vor 10 Monate
I rewinded it like twice there. But i basically watched the entire thing. So that also creates a peak there. On mobile when you scroll through the progress bar there is a little graph looking thing above it. That's how we see it.
Tim Koken
Tim Koken Vor 10 Monate
@Truth And Essence i guess its a yt premium only feature since I can see it
Evan Fiend
Evan Fiend Vor 10 Monate
@Tim Koken It's not. I can see it.
W3LLcoOL Vor 10 Monate
I think everyone of us was shaking along with Abdusattorov Nodirbek.
JustSeb Vor 10 Monate
I understand barely a fraction of what's happening here, but it really makes me want to learn chess
Luciano ST
Luciano ST Vor 8 Monate
Tremenda partida 🔥
Samuel Nicolas
Samuel Nicolas Vor 3 Monate
Quem ganhou?
صادق فلاح
who won?
Ananias de Almeida
Essa partida foi emocionante, uma verdadeira batalha entre gladiadores! Parabéns aos atletas!👏👏👏
Lad who was Mad
Los ajedrecistas no son atletas
Ananias de Almeida
@Lad who was Mad Sim, os enxadristas são atletas, inclusive há atletas de xadrez em olímpiadas.
Thelaretus Vor year
@Lad who was Mad According to the definition of sport and according to the ICO, we are. :)
mortalrazer Vor year
He is Uzbek young most talented boy! We love you Nodirbek! 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿
Anti GTO Highlights
Anti GTO Highlights Vor 10 Monate
I dont play chess but the intense nature of the players make it fun to watch
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis Vor 10 Monate
I caught the first 4 moves (each side). Then, I lost it... great game!
The Harpan
The Harpan Vor 10 Monate
I like this one
Top1 Vor 10 Monate
I like the passion of both, thats how real sport have to feel like
anonymous Vor 10 Monate
between 2:39 - 2:42 theres a jump cut where the younger fellow took two mins for his move, he probably really took that time to understand the board incredible
TJ Vor 5 Monate
Lost soon as he sat down.The opposition had him flustered forcing an unthought full opening move
somethingg interestingg
What do u mean?
Parker Witte
Parker Witte Vor 5 Monate
TJ How in the actual Queen trade can you call that from the opening move. Lowkey I'd checkmate you in 1 move
Philip Stephano
That was some SERIOUSLY good chess. To beat Magnus in any endgame is rare but to take him out with a Q+P endgame is astonishing. Well done young man!!
Somchai Vor year
Excuse my lack of knowledge, but why was that the end of the game when Carlsons king could still evade the attacking queen?
Philip Stephano
@Somchai Hi. The final move (83.Qd4+) was fork of the black king AND the black queen. If the king moves then white takes the black queen on h8. Alternatively, if black plays 83...Q:d4 then the endgame is winning for the white pieces since his pawn is only one square from queening. Carlsen should not have allowed the fork of the king and queen but Abdusattorov maneuvered perfectly in the many moves leading to Qd4+!!
Sergio Vor year
@Philip Stephano thanks: a very nice analysis!
Somchai Vor year
@Philip Stephano Yes, thanks for your reply Philip.
Мухаммадрасул Маматкулов
@Philip Stephano спасибо.
DangerRussDayZ Vor 10 Monate
what an absolute slug match... awesome game
Carebear Carebear
Carebear Carebear Vor 10 Monate
those emotions at the end. stunning.
Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa Vor 10 Monate
Dennis Pearson
Dennis Pearson Vor 10 Monate
The Young Man Reacted Like SPOCK 🖖After Probably The Greatest Victory of His LIFE !!!....I LOVE The Brilliance of This Great Game , But It's Still Just A Little Too Reserved !!!!!.......
Accumulator Vor 10 Monate
Couldn't agree more. No human interactions in chess?
audiofunkdialect Vor 10 Monate
I love how they both fiddle with pieces while they play.
Dave Fort
Dave Fort Vor 9 Monate
Magnus has picked up some cool tricks, but he forgot one thing: it’s about the cones
Kenan Poladov
Kenan Poladov Vor year
Congratulations our Uzbek brothers for victory. Azerbaijan loves and supports you 🇦🇿🇺🇿
Tursunboboyev Ismoyil
Sog' bo'l kardash🇺🇿🤝🇦🇿
Murodjon Nabijonov
Rahmat qardoshim
Shahlo Tolishova
I love 🇺🇿🤲♥️🤲🇦🇿
Umidjon O'rmonov
Raxmat qardash
Jason A HBH
Jason A HBH Vor 10 Monate
Wow Bravo Phenom 👏 Great match.
Sigma Society
Sigma Society Vor 10 Monate
I love them fixing their pieces after the game. No hubris. Just the game.
Rashu88 Vor 10 Monate
Can someone explain me why Nordibek doesnt take the pawn with his king at his 15.59 move? His own pawn is guarded by his queen, while Carlsens pawn is unguarded?
Mohinur Abdullayeva
Mohinur Abdullayeva Vor 4 Monate
Such is the generation of real greats. Uzbekistan Nodirbek👍👍👍
Da direita; poderia ter tomado o último peão da defesa com o cavalo e forçado o bispo a se mover Da esquerda; poderia ter sacrificado o primeiro peão em troca da rainha do adversário e não fez Da esquerda; poderia ter tomado o único peão preto com o movimento do rei e não fez Da direita; poderia ter avançado com o peão preto até fazer uma rainha quando, colocou a rainha preta na frente do peão branco, não fez…
I remember a blitz game where Abdusattorov won against Naka in about 20 moves. Enjoy his style very much when he is in aggressive mood. Very mercurial Talent. We have some real genius level players coming through, along with Maghsoodloo and Wei Yi
Black Vor year
I remember magnus adopting maghsoodloo in some kinda blitz tournament
Jonah Murphy
Jonah Murphy Vor year
And Jefferey Xiong. Man's an absolute beast.
and alireza firouzja promises a lot
Zr Vor year
@Jonah Murphy xiong has plateued, he's nothing
Your Mom
Your Mom Vor year
Parham is no match against Abdus
Jen_Law Vor 10 Monate
That kid's opening is so good. That's usually my opening position and I usually win the game!
KongMeng Yang
KongMeng Yang Vor 10 Monate
What an amazing game!
Abenzer Vor 10 Monate
Learned how to play 4 days ago Felt like a genius till my first loss, these guys must have years of experience
Caio Vinicius
Caio Vinicius Vor 10 Monate
Marco Paredes
Marco Paredes Vor 10 Monate
I don't know much about chess but this...damn this was intense!
White Wolf
White Wolf Vor 10 Monate
That bloodbath around 5:25 is always my favorite part
WillieBeamen2x Vor 10 Monate
Please elaborate
White Wolf
White Wolf Vor 10 Monate
@WillieBeamen2x Those moments in Chess where it's just one piece being taken after another for a few seconds. Always fun to watch
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