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Start your engines! Wave 3 of the #MarioKart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass arrives 12/7! Available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members at no additional cost, or on its own as paid DLC.
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20 Nov 2022



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These courses are getting progressively better and better with each wave. It's awesome to see Nintendo taking people's feedback into account.
Hearing Maple Treeway's soundtrack was like a sucker punch of nostalgia to the gut. Would love to see Koopa Cape added in a future wave!
That Rainbow Road is absolutely stunning!
Nintendo continuing to massively glow up the GBA tracks and I absolutely love that.
It’s so good to see old courses being brought back, i had a WII console so seeing Maple Treeway , peach gardens is a huge blast of nostalgia
This update is incredible. The custom item option allows for such unique item setups.
Okay these look absolutely beautiful. But I can’t be the only one needing some more double dash representation please! Daisy Cruiser, DK Mountain, Dino Dino Jungle, Wario Colosseum. So many great ones
Finally, another horror level
Nintendo has really been killing it with this game since release. This is the kind of DLC I’m happy to see.
As soon as I saw 3DS rainbow road and that GORGEOUS music kicked in…. Tears of joy. I only wish they would bring back the first person mode too, I loved playing that track with that POV!
these race tracks look really fantastic, I don't think there will ever be a better remake. Just seeing rainbow road only makes me so so excited to play. This is what players want and this is what we get, all I can say. Nintendo you are just a fantastic team and thank you for all the beautiful courses that you have already remastered and for completely new courses that you will create.
By far the best pack so far! The graphics look so much better and it looks like they put so much more time into it :)
These look awesome. My wife is hoping for Shy Guy Bazaar to make an appearance!
Some pretty good choices here! I LOVE that they're doing Rock-Rock Mountain as that was one of my favorite courses in all of Mario Kart 7, Boo Lake looks like they're going to get pretty creative with it thanks to you being able to go underwater now which I am more than happy with (I ADORE how in the last wave they completely changed up the track of Kalimari Desert), Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road might not have been my first choice (that honor goes to Double Dash!) however it looks like they are going to vastly improve upon it which I can appreciate, and Maple Treeway...yeah that was only a matter of time (I still remember bitterly how that was like the ONLY track anyone ever wanted to play CONSTANTLY on Wii's online).
So excited for wave 3 - these courses look amazing! There’s been so many things to be hyped about for me recently 🙏🏽
I love how they end the announcement with Merry Mountain because it feels like it’s the ultimate course to conclude the third wave and the fact that it’s a great course to play on Christmas.
So excited for wave 3 - these courses look amazing! There’s been so many things to be hyped about for me recently
I REALLY hope they have DS rainbow road later on, the anti grav with all those twists and that loopty loop would be PERFECT.
This is perfect, so much nostalgia, Nintendo really doing something right.