Mark Ruffalo Convinced Josh Brolin to Play Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Josh Brolin talks about playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, traveling with Ryan Reynolds and getting into shape for Deadpool 2.
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Mark Ruffalo Convinced Josh Brolin to Play Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers



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Stand-UP Comics
Stand-UP Comics Vor 5 Stunden
This interview is just cringe
tina tina
tina tina Vor Tag
omg .. his voicee..... just keep your eyes close.. .hahaha
Zaid Vor 2 Tage
Josh Brolin would've loved the fact that both Infinity War & Endgame made more money in one day than that "Superman-Batman-Flash" movie made in its entire theatrical run lmao
sludgejudy Vor 3 Tage
jesus he talks exactly like how robert downey jr plays tony stark
Stefanie Stinnette
Brolin tried to make it good
MR. ICE Vor 4 Tage
I can’t thank Mark enough.
Aryss Peralta
Aryss Peralta Vor 4 Tage
Brolin looks like my dad
Shamus McWright
Shamus McWright Vor 4 Tage
Josh brolin looks like he has a face on his stomach
Adam Malec
Adam Malec Vor 5 Tage
MF.. I gave my son the nickname "dead-poo" so years ago
Nick Vor 6 Tage
Wauw thanks hulk..
KC Luu
KC Luu Vor 8 Tage
He was a CIA operative, Cable, and Thanos all in the same year.
Humayun Arif
Humayun Arif Vor 8 Tage
I love his performance 3000 thank you josh
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Vor 10 Tage
Thanos = Rich Piana
B. Stone
B. Stone Vor 10 Tage
thats bullshit. you can tell he did steroids from the popping veins.
Samael Merihem
Samael Merihem Vor 10 Tage
Brandon's come a long way.
Pelle Auvi Raaen
Pelle Auvi Raaen Vor 11 Tage
josh used to be so cool.
Loose Soul
Loose Soul Vor 11 Tage
Its Josh "the thanos" Brolin
Jack Lame
Jack Lame Vor 12 Tage
I really wanna know what was in the fake script
SketchbookLP Vor 12 Tage
Deadpooh has already been done d1466nnw0ex81e.cloudfront.net/n_iv/600/3574307.jpg
Jona V.
Jona V. Vor 12 Tage
I would cry tears of joy if Brolin would play Thanos as a flaming effeminate hipster. Hahahaha
Zald The What
Zald The What Vor 13 Tage
Wait a second: Thanos snapped his fingers to half out the universe Hulk snapped his fingers to reverse it
Tony LaRusso
Tony LaRusso Vor 13 Tage
UM.. Where is it stated: Mark Ruffalo Convinced Josh Brolin to play Thanos?? All Brolin said was Ruffalo was like, you got a put on the onsie! Nothing about the role.
Thanos Vor 13 Tage
I look pretty good in human form
Jitin Joshi
Jitin Joshi Vor 13 Tage
The affability Josh brings with his, at times below the belt(hernia) humor with a ting of guilt afterwards is swarney. btw I didn't know he looked so Patton Oswalty from the back.
AwesomePossum703 Vor 13 Tage
So he refers to Thanos as "the big purple guy" smmh what a poser
Amaurys Fernandez
Amaurys Fernandez Vor 14 Tage
Josh Brolin is a national treasure
Rodrigo Schramm
Rodrigo Schramm Vor 14 Tage
I hate awkward hugs
Seanachie's Court
Seanachie's Court Vor 14 Tage
who convinced him to play thanos in endgame though?
Joe Rifai
Joe Rifai Vor 14 Tage
He sounds like Steve O
Karl Renner
Karl Renner Vor 14 Tage
Cable is my favorite comic book character so seeing Brolin as Cable was awesome. Seeing Brolin as Thanos was awesome. By my math Brolin is awesome.
marvelous videotrendz
josh brolin could play a super villain to superman as general zod as well. and robert knepper as the joker. wooow!
_t-d_ Vor 14 Tage
They needed to hype Bro-lin for Endgame. It could have been 2 billion opening weekend, but no... failure.
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Vor 13 Tage
He’s not in it that much
Re_ Design
Re_ Design Vor 14 Tage
He sounds so much like a thanos!
Lorena Bolson
Lorena Bolson Vor 14 Tage
He is gorgeous
Peter Brown
Peter Brown Vor 14 Tage
Josh Brolin is Cable! Badass!Brought my favorite X-Men to life just like Jackman did with Wolverine!
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil Vor 14 Tage
¡Josh Brolin, Rhys Ifans and Christopher Nolan should do a movie together!
PsyQoBoy Vor 14 Tage
*Thanos snaps his fingers erases half the universe* *Hulk snaps his fingers brings back half the universe* *Iron Man snaps his fingers erases Thanos and his army*
JLAShazam Vor 15 Tage
Thanos is so goddamn charismatic!! Lol
Phil Clarke
Phil Clarke Vor 15 Tage
Josh should be Batman. Sorry Ben.
heyy'all Vor 15 Tage
I think I love him
Richard Punongbayan
What are they going to do now that deadpool is in the MCU? Who will be the new Thanos
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas Vor 15 Tage
Cool guy but to think that is possible in three months without steroids is laughable
candi World
candi World Vor 16 Tage
Fk’omg sexy now that’s how u get older
Action Albert
Action Albert Vor 16 Tage
Josh is hilarious.
jughead18sp Vor 16 Tage
now that deadpool will be in mcu, i love to see avengers interact with cable
The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed
So technically Josh is playing 2 people in the MCU now.
maggie198333 Vor 16 Tage
Proposal is a good movie.
TheFallingFlamingo Vor 16 Tage
Wow, Josh Brolin is a great interview. I kinda get the feeling he felt like he was being awkward, but he couldn't be farther from the truth. Great clip.
MikeJones Vor 16 Tage
Im sorry I love brolin but he did not look like that naturally in 11 weeks after gaining weight for the previous role. Just not how fitness works, especially at that age. He is 1000% on PEDs.
Joe Hung
Joe Hung Vor 16 Tage
The only reason the Proposal is good is because of the Great Betty White.
Lethal_Trilogy Royale
it looks like the guest was interviewing the host when it suppose to be other way around.
stryfetc1 Vor 17 Tage
I think it's so dope that Josh knew who Biggie was!
Hanamichi Sakuragi
Hanamichi Sakuragi Vor 17 Tage
Josh looks like a cool guy but still can intimidating you. You can buy him a beer but never have the guts to ask him for a second round
Fumiko Nobuoka
Fumiko Nobuoka Vor 17 Tage
Dang....every interview I see with Brolin makes him hotter.
William west
William west Vor 17 Tage
I didnt know josh brolin could ever get more bad ass after sacario untill thanos what a great bad guy
Dario Castaneda
Dario Castaneda Vor 17 Tage
Thanos will mark a generation as much as Darth Vader did back in the late 70’s n early 80’s
Dario Castaneda
Dario Castaneda Vor 17 Tage
Seth obviously had never read a comic in his life.
jay punzalan
jay punzalan Vor 18 Tage
Hulk convinced cable to be thanos
Trevor Delepine
Trevor Delepine Vor 18 Tage
This is like 90% Cable, 10% Thanos.
rekamniar Vor 18 Tage
I think josh brolin is more comfortable in this interview
Stefan J.D.
Stefan J.D. Vor 18 Tage
The one thing I always appreciate about Seth Myers is he always brings comic book creators on. Dude, Seth, get Todd Mcfarlane on here, man! Todd can talk and he’s always funny as hell!
Matthew Vor 18 Tage
Josh would be a badass frank miller Batman.
Mo 2k
Mo 2k Vor 18 Tage
It's funny he says he has a hernia on his abs but that picture of cable also shows weird bumps on top of his abs
Leandro Portillo
Leandro Portillo Vor 19 Tage
Wow main streamers really don’t have any Business talking about hip hop. That’s not Biggie, it’s Ross.
Vik Johnson
Vik Johnson Vor 19 Tage
Josh Brolin is actually fuckn hilarious!!
Marino Buneta
Marino Buneta Vor 19 Tage
he is just cool guy
David Maldonado
David Maldonado Vor 19 Tage
The laughs these hosts try to fake are so cringy
357MagnumPlinkster Society
HGH is only bad for plebs
1ctf playz
1ctf playz Vor 23 Tage
should have snaped his fingers
Time Code
Time Code Vor 24 Tage
This man is the best part of the avengers movies in general
The Bearded Uber Guy
That was Rick Ross not Biggie. You have done Thanos well bro
My God what a cool dude
Shady Chick
Shady Chick Vor Monat
Dangerous D_Bag
Dangerous D_Bag Vor Monat
Now that Cable is in Marvel now, how can he play both Thanos and Cable if Thanos doesn't die in endgame?
dan dan
dan dan Vor Monat
I clicked on it :(
Edgar Santi
Edgar Santi Vor Monat
Josh Brolin was a frontrunner for the Batman part for Zack Snyder movies before Warner Bros. decided to give the part to Ben Affleck as a recognizement for winning the Oscar, for this reason Josh went emmotianlly down, however, the positive side is that being rejected as Batman allowed us to watch him as The Mad Titan and that even empowered him up to play a great character as Thanos.
Ian Helgerson
Ian Helgerson Vor Monat
Seth is so empty, no connection to anything anymore.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Vor Monat
He is the best👏🏻
Drome Gaming
Drome Gaming Vor Monat
I never knew Josh Brolin was so personable.
ECKO723119 Vor Monat
Lol the bieber cut well atleast their intials match 😂🤣 Brolin is fucking awesome
Alexander Zamani
You can't play Thanos, I am the ONLY one who can play thanos.
Xavier Caron
Xavier Caron Vor Monat
Josh browlin is a great actor
Supreet Chavan
Supreet Chavan Vor Monat
I am going To admit that Josh Brolin is more Cooler than Robert Downey Jr
Abu Hasnat Chowdhury
As said destiny arrives all the same...he was destined to be thanos
BlackVegeta Vor Monat
That was a Rick Ross reference of Thanos... His album Rather you Than Me
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco Vor Monat
Hey Thanos, you should give Jimmy Fallon a hug.
holiday07 Vor Monat
If only Thanos could be as cool as the guy playing him.
Bradley Gamble
Bradley Gamble Vor Monat
from the side he is gorgeous.
HYBRID Vor Monat
Hulk convinced cable to become thanos.
Mr. Doggo
Mr. Doggo Vor Monat
The man who was beaten by Thanos convinced Josh Brolin to play the man who would beat him. 🗿
Nocap Bo-jack
Nocap Bo-jack Vor Monat
Rick Ross not biggie 🤦🏽‍♂️
Chris Connolly
Chris Connolly Vor Monat
Wow and here I thought late night, comedy didn’t allow conservatives on their shows unless your thanos of course
Darth Watson
Darth Watson Vor Monat
Eric Staples
Eric Staples Vor Monat
Really? It wasn't the big bags of cash that convinced him?
Paxton Hambling
Paxton Hambling Vor Monat
Josh Brolin is way too cool
Dustin Cordell
Dustin Cordell Vor Monat
hard to believe this is chunk off the goonies
Dustin Cordell
Dustin Cordell Vor Monat
+Carol B. yor're right :) sorry
Carol B.
Carol B. Vor Monat
Sorry, but Jeff Cohen played "Chunk" in Goonies. Josh Brolin played Mikey's older brother "Brand" in Goonies.
Daniel King
Daniel King Vor Monat
5:58. Myers looked so sad
Tino Contreras
Tino Contreras Vor Monat
Now if there's a Deadpool crossover into endgame, how's cable and thanos gonna fight. Lol okay we all know there's no crossover... Yet... But it's a good question.
KYR FL1P0FF Vor Monat
Probably by killing off thanos before any potential crossover
Caligreen420 Vor Monat
Ron pearlman , would’ve been a better thanos
Hard to believe this is the same guy who was Sean Astin's older brother in "The Goonies": de-vid.com/video/video-EluL5bDFpk8.html
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