Marseille vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 10/24/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

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24 Okt 2021



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ignacio warro
ignacio warro Vor 28 Tage
LOL. My Tourangeaux friend did mention once how Marseille were some nasty people when it came to the soccer field -- but man.. after seeing the way they try to tilt the greatest in the world, made it that much more satisfying to watch have their goal annulled. LETS GO PSG!!!
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Vor Monat
The scary license biomechanically shave because wednesday inferiorly nail of a zealous peen. moaning, outrageous timpani
Nick Lee
Nick Lee Vor Monat
Bruhh that VR shit is getting annoying 🤦‍♂️
That Michigan Guy
6:20 not even a foul
Sharpie Vor Monat
we got robbed
Keisha Martin
Keisha Martin Vor Monat
zaebic katnylu
Jahnoi Salesman
Jahnoi Salesman Vor Monat
Absolutely awful video editing. Almost unwatchable
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos Vor Monat
Marseille fans suck d
Jason Zamora
Jason Zamora Vor Monat
Messi is gonna retire after this haha
Juan Pablo Alatorre
What losers Versailles they had more players all the opportunities but couldn’t score. That’s what makes the difference between Mediocre teams and great teams
Jeromy Caballero
Having this game played at 50,000 feet was a cool idea.
Giaco Lomelli
Giaco Lomelli Vor Monat
The PSG manager coach is not for the team, Messi, Neymar and other player are not playing their game. PSG needs another coach
desbair_simp Vor Monat
how was that a red that should been a yellow
fbi10 Vor Monat
PSG got lucky , marseille should have won
Breyno Vor Monat
Saifeddin Shahrour
Messi the best
Hebinda pun
Hebinda pun Vor Monat
Marseille is playing really good ..thank s to paoli..
Bilal Fatouh
Bilal Fatouh Vor Monat
Under sends it over 5:00 lol 😂
Jimmy Given
Jimmy Given Vor Monat
The most boring league in Europe !
jk Yun
jk Yun Vor Monat
After Messi join psg became weaker.
rohan2587 Vor Monat
why is a crackhead editting this?
David Feau
David Feau Vor Monat
En revanche il y avait deux equipes qui ont Fournie un agreeable match, “very entertaining” Comme nous disons en anglais very nice commentaries
David Feau
David Feau Vor Monat
Neymar mauvais, lent, predictif, don’t pas vraiment dangereux, il de raid etre Sur le banc pour etre Aussi nul ! Catastrophe
Joseph Saint fort
Neymar looks disconnected.
Lox Vor Monat
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Mr. SirBobbyBoy
Mr. SirBobbyBoy Vor Monat
God ain’t even real bro. Relax.
Arturo Puebla
Arturo Puebla Vor Monat
Remember when payets teammates used to say they know he is going to score the free kick. He used to make incredible goals
jorge bautista
jorge bautista Vor Monat
Hahaha para todos los que decían que FRIONEL la iba a romper en donde fuera , es que el PSG necesita a iniesta , Xavi , busquets alves Puyol Víctor Valdés macherano y a guardiola 😭😝🧐😎🤣😛
TheGrinch_1499 Vor Monat
When did everyone got interest into French football
Dexψ Vor Monat
Wtf am I watching. (Editing) I was really pissed at first but then I went to the comments and just couldn’t stop laughing 😂
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Xavi Maldonado
Xavi Maldonado Vor Monat
Felt like I watched a marseille best of
T-Virus Terrance
Hello, Humans. Kangaroos keep growing until they die. They are the world’s largest marsupial. TERRANCE OUT
honeytgb Vor Monat
Piece of Shit video
Alex D
Alex D Vor Monat
Donnaruma on the bench again 😂
Ahmad El-Saadi
Ahmad El-Saadi Vor Monat
One of the worst highlight videos i have ever watched. How is a company like beIN letting this be uploaded
True Crime Queen TV
David N.
David N. Vor Monat
Stupid highlight. What happened to the Neymar disallowed goal?
Uriel Landeros
Uriel Landeros Vor Monat
Ohh yea, these guys are winning the Champions League alright 🤣🤣🤣
ourforgiveness *com
"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
Ransom Reed
Ransom Reed Vor Monat
This is garbage editing. I gave up watching after they showed the var decision but not the goal.
Eric Htx
Eric Htx Vor Monat
All psg needs to do is get rid of neymar and they will start winning important games
Breyno Vor Monat
What the heck are you thinking? It’s the coach! Neymar is amazing and is a big impact to the team.
The XRoyalProX
The XRoyalProX Vor Monat
Messi to man city! He will be great next to de bruyne
Fundyx Vor Monat
No que el mejor equipo.....
andriasc Vor Monat
Hakimi is a weak player if you have to push the opponent to get the ball
Miguel Barrios
Miguel Barrios Vor Monat
Cr7 could have chosen the easy route and gone to man city or psg and win easy wins, but went for another challenge with man utd . People judge him no matter what team he is at. Not to judge Messi but he plays the same role as Neymar and don’t have any chemistry because they need a actual leader in the team. Not saying Messi ain’t good but he doesn’t have that camptain role like cr7 or Ramos. Let’s see after Ramos is back psg does better.
Thunder Buddy
Thunder Buddy Vor Monat
There is no play makers for PSG from midfield. This 10 must easily score a goal
H Vor Monat
Miss can't play well once out of Barcelona comfort zone; Neymar seems to play 45 minutes, another 45 minutes disappeared. Mbappe lacks enough support. Only Navas played defense.
Where tf is Ramos like when is he gonna play
Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett Vor Monat
Wow...Marseille had so many chances and a bunch of whiffs. And this was a pain to watch thanks to some moron with an editing button.
Soy Romeo Sin Julieta
*to many are here for Leo Messi but I’m here for Keylor Navas♥️ pura vida*
jeremyross631 Vor Monat
8:41 sorry I'm a newbie...what's the purpose of the guy lying down behind the wall?
jeremyross631 Vor Monat
@BGL Makes perfect sense, thanks
BGL Vor Monat
You see how the wall jumps? Players know the wall will always jump so sometimes they shoot it under them. That's why the guy laid down in case of that.
Waldo Hernandez Oronos
Just in one week between two players moneymar and Messi is 1 million euros and draw to this team that probably barely make budget embarrassment
Waldo Hernandez Oronos
PSG pay way to much money to these players for them not to score even one goal
Breyno Vor Monat
It’s there coach, and they do score, check the other games
Hamز a
Hamز a Vor Monat
Messi, Neymar , and the entire Brazil Saint Germain coorln't score a goal vs Marseille kkk😂 what a dirty Oil club..
Quang Duy Phạm
They said CR7 can only tap in but Mbape, dimaria, neymar and messi cannot even score 1 tap in against Marseille in a farmer league haha. Soooo bad!
Brazi SIO
Brazi SIO Vor Monat
you are right cristiano "scored" 3 yesterday against curtis jones like sore loser when the kid was on the ground...bring ronaldo Luxemburg Lithuania or some penalties
Sir Pelon
Sir Pelon Vor Monat
you got to be kidding me! There was a lot of Excitement with PSG because of its players.. Messi Neymar Di Maria Mbappe Icardi Keylor Navas Sergio Ramos (injured) Verratti Gueye Marquinhos Draxler Hakimi …. And You guys tie 0-0 against Marseille??? With Mbappe Neymar and messi on the field its a Joke right? Im Sorry Pochettino Step Aside and let someone lead this Team To the Glory Maybe even Change Mbappe’s mind of leaving to Real Madrid
Adrian Mathews
Adrian Mathews Vor Monat
Poch cannot manage this team
Tom 45
Tom 45 Vor Monat
What a shitty editing, looks like some amateur did it.
justcanthang Vor Monat
McCourt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtt!!!!
Entertainment Junkies
They tied, Arsenal won lol
Sanatana Infiniti
what amazing player payet still is. still cant understand why any other epl team signed him when he and west ham departed ways. his distribution of ball is just wow. shame he wasnt able to score from those two perfect positioned free kicks. i love messi but hate psg. haha. so psg should have lost.
Kijiji Pro
Kijiji Pro Vor Monat
PSG is shit. Bayern would kill them right now.
A.Knight8 Vor Monat
"Why can't PSG score with all these players?" "It takes time to build chemistry" QSG has been building chemistry since 2011, you can't buy passion. This team is nothing but a brand tbh
**M** *
**M** * Vor Monat
Except Messi because he doesn’t have much chemistry yet
Mission Forever
Mission Forever Vor Monat
Batt3Mar Vor Monat
Rafael Magana
Rafael Magana Vor Monat
Tanta estrella y no valen vrga psg 🥱
Davens the key
Davens the key Vor Monat
The worst highlight ever
Aim True
Aim True Vor Monat
Ney n MBappe need to pass back to Messi more after Messi make plays to them.. Messi cant get no goal bcuz he always dribles and make plays from halfway .
DQS_78 Vor Monat
Get RID of VAR!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE and the morons that control it...
3kAlAvYaN Vor Monat
PSG's game style is boring. I am really missing Barcelona's game. Wish Messi didn't move to PSG.
therealadriand a
Terrible editing! Doesn’t show clip of goal Neymar scored, just it being disallowed 🤣😂🤣
Rydog Vor Monat
Why no highlights confirming VAR’s decisions?
Derick Isaac
Derick Isaac Vor Monat
I guess only NBC sports has the best highlights reel. Out of nowhere VAR decision
marioni bruno
marioni bruno Vor Monat
Jesus loves you
Thierno Diop
Thierno Diop Vor Monat
Hakimi does not deserve a red card that was nothing
TJ Whisenhunt
TJ Whisenhunt Vor Monat
that's a red. The challenge is a yellow but it's a red bc it was a goalscoring opportunity
Brandon Campbell
The foul was a yellow card. He got the red card because he was the last man.
Mourad Fahd
Mourad Fahd Vor Monat
It was the worst decision for messi to go to france league.
KSJ0723 Vor Monat
Payet looks like an absolute clown with that haircut
PauluzP Vor Monat
What kind of bullshit highlights are these? Some goal is denied bc neymar offside but they never even show that.
jewel of nashville
Wasteful OM
arsonwars Vor Monat
Pau lopez in ligue 1! 🙌
I played 1 season for PSG academy.
jason m
jason m Vor Monat
Neymar is in retirement mode. He really don’t care about the game anymore
Selvin Guzman
Selvin Guzman Vor Monat
Not even amateur DE-vidrs edit this bad. The editor has no idea of what he is doing nor what football is about!
Thankgod Munachiso
Psg coachiing is very poor.....no tacktics
Pete da Greek
Pete da Greek Vor Monat
Horrible highlight real. They didn't even show the PSG offside goal, they just showed us the ref disallowing it after VAR.
TheTopAwesome Vor Monat
The violently American commentator 😆
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Vor Monat
I'm tired of wat hing this pochentino psg. It sucks. Not exciting, not Inspiring. If this was Bayern they would dominate. Psg needs a coach that will make them dominate the league. Just terrible coaching.
Good Knight
Good Knight Vor Monat
What a boring league
bjehulk Vor Monat
Payet looking like Bryant Myers
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Vor Monat
I'm glad I saw the comments first, ight ima head out
Philly Philly
Philly Philly Vor Monat
PSG needs a coach who doesn’t give a damn if a player is a superstar or not.. someone like Mourihno 🤣🤣😂
Neal Eberly
Neal Eberly Vor Monat
shit highlights...yikes
Perk 30
Perk 30 Vor Monat
Payet haircut 😂😂
Michael Murillo
Michael Murillo Vor Monat
that’s embarrassing for psg
Ryan Boljkovac
Ryan Boljkovac Vor Monat
Is no one gonna mention the commentator said var and not V A R
Black Sea Storm
Black Sea Storm Vor Monat
Adam Konieczny
Adam Konieczny Vor Monat
You’re not even going to show us the goal that was disallowed????? This is bullshit
Tania Jhonson
Tania Jhonson Vor Monat
Navas is the best Keeper
Milad Gorgin
Milad Gorgin Vor Monat
Pochettino OUT!
Rey_ £D 👑
Rey_ £D 👑 Vor Monat
Man good classic Rivalries today. 1.) PSG vs OM 2.) Real Madrid vs Barcelona 3.) Manchester United vs Liverpool
Brandon Campbell
@laxman90210 No one cared for PSG I agree. But it's historically the largest rivalry in French football.
laxman90210 Vor Monat
PSG is not really a classic. No one cared about PSG until Qatar takeover
Fetsum M-Wassie
Fetsum M-Wassie Vor Monat
What kind of editing is this? Very amateurish
Gurpreet Bains
Gurpreet Bains Vor Monat
No it’s just mbappe’s ego they served
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres Vor Monat
Arsenal let Guendouzi go...big mistake!
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