Melissa McCarthy's Parents Met Judge Judy and FREAKED OUT

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Melissa McCarthy talks about her new movie Can You Ever Forgive Me, her life in the 90's, and reveals what happened when she introduced her parents to Judge Judy, who they are obsessed with.
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Melissa McCarthy's Parents Met Judge Judy and FREAKED OUT




8 Nov 2018

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stephen pfrimmer
stephen pfrimmer Vor 10 Tage
i know why i love her. i found a girl so like her, but could not connect, or was just afraid to do so. She worked at salt lick part time. Is she too much for me?
Lacey Forman
Lacey Forman Vor 27 Tage
Melissa is a great story teller. Wow, keeps you entertained. My favorite actress by far.
Someone New
Someone New Vor 29 Tage
Honestly, Hollywood will only embrace one overweight woman at a time, right now it's just Melissa's turn. She's funny & great & I love her but that's the truth.
Cheetylicious meow meow
Loving the cat attire.
e 27
e 27 Vor Monat
I would have to sis, & I’m 22.
Oreo Emesis
Oreo Emesis Vor Monat
I love Judge Judy because she sniffs out bullshit ASAP.
2dasimmons Vor Monat
WHERE your cousin JENNY during this time???
me a
me a Vor Monat
By now , you know Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are cousins . The sad part , Jenny McCarthy would speak negative to Melissa McCarthy because Melissa "was" overweight ( this took place years ago ) . Melissa always looked pretty and she's 100% "down to earth person , where Jenny would act like , she's better than Melissa . This isn't NO secrets , just the fact . Out of these two , which one would , I spend a day with ………..Melissa , she's Pretty and love her smile !!!! She's a Happy Person !!!!
me a
me a Vor Monat
I'm another Judge Judy , I will tell you like it is , No Sugar Coating Anything , "If you can't be honest with yourself , then you can't be honest with anybody " . I like Melissa McCarthy , but I don't like Jimmy Kimmel , something about him , he's not a good person .
London Xx
London Xx Vor 29 Tage
justme B yeah totally get a vibe from him too
"i love a chunky chick, no matter where you grab 'em it feels like titty" tracy morgan
Ali Devers
Ali Devers Vor Monat
I'm just here because the words "Melissa McCarthy" in the title... I'm hooked
Stevebaby123 Vor Monat
Saw the movie. It was awesome!
Mary O
Mary O Vor Monat
So funny, I love Judge Judy! I’ll admire her from afar, though.
Ascent Vor Monat
Older people really love judge Judy. Honestly, she’s a cool cat. Every once in a while I’ll sit and watch an episode with my mama and I get into every time.
Mary O
Mary O Vor Monat
Ascent I’ve loved her since I was young! LOL
Jessica Andrade
Jessica Andrade Vor Monat
Melissa: “it looks like my mom maybe holding a gun to her back” So deaddddd! Love judge judy!
Andrew Arellano
Andrew Arellano Vor Monat
Ayy he has the view coffee mug 🔥🔥🔥
Kate Parker
Kate Parker Vor Monat
still waiting for a Tammy 2 or The Heat 2 😏
Random Chaos
Random Chaos Vor Monat
She looks just like her mom, how cute.
Josh Hanson
Josh Hanson Vor Monat
I neeeeddddd this cardigan!! Where is it from???
Kristen Sommer
Kristen Sommer Vor Monat
IJ Rodriguez
IJ Rodriguez Vor Monat
Jimmy said at the end “Melissa McCartney” 😊
Rob Woods
Rob Woods Vor Monat
She looks good
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth Vor Monat
He is such an ass. Opening statement he just had to diss trump when it wasn't even needed.
Joseph John Anzur
I love Melissa McCarthy! I especially when she shares information on her parents.
sparkled 1
sparkled 1 Vor Monat
gengarrules777 Vor Monat
Suki from Gilmore Girls. I only care about Gilmore Girls. She may as well quit acting or make more Gilmore Girls
Darius Enos
Darius Enos Vor Monat
Ugh she’s a legend.
Kelly Anne Cheung
I met Judge Judy and her husband on an Alaskan cruise about 15 years ago and they were both incredibly sweet and kind! Her TV personality is just for showbiz! ;)
Mary O
Mary O Vor Monat
Kelly Anne Cheung that’s so great!
Love you Melissa! 😍💞💜
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards Vor Monat
Judge Judy and Melissa mccarthy...my favs of all time!
Blockchain Gael
Blockchain Gael Vor Monat
As soon as I hear "Israel... " ANYTHING I change the channel. I can't stand the thoughts from the horrors they do all day, EVERYDAY from their fascist nation :/
big baby josh
big baby josh Vor Monat
Love her in the puppet movie lol. Assholes say what ?_______
Melanie Eratosthenes
Melissa McCarthy is the bomb 💣. Friggin love that woman! She’s the only real person in Hollywood these days.
Rach G
Rach G Vor Monat
Interested to see this movie..very different from what I've seen her in.
I love Melissa McCarthy.
Vv Vc
Vv Vc Vor Monat
New Message
New Message Vor Monat
I'm scared to death of Judge Judy. I keep having nightmares that she storms in on me in odd places like the library, or a fast food joint and accuses me of touching myself at night.
Mary O
Mary O Vor Monat
So funny!
Well do you?
MrSluggo47 Vor Monat
I hope Judge Judy is right, it would be terrible to suffer for nothing.
Mehlissuh Vor Monat
I am laughing way too hard at this
Muz muz
Muz muz Vor Monat
Ewwww 😂😂😂😂😂
Oluwapamino Fafowora
i love judge judy so its undestandable
Zoë Loves Gymnastics
Her mom and her have the same smile!! ❤️
And eyes! I noticed that too. Such a lovely family. Also, I'd freak TFO if I met Judge Judy too! lol
Steven Mancera
Steven Mancera Vor Monat
Finally Christian is now getting more acting job's other than 13RW
Vee Vor Monat
I love cats! And her sweater! Meow!
john Baldock
john Baldock Vor Monat
I Always feel Better when she's on! She makes me fell its ok to be a NO Body.
Mando Cam
Mando Cam Vor Monat
Muz muz Woah woah... I wouldn’t go as far as her being the female robin Williams but she seems super sweet and is very talented
Muz muz
Muz muz Vor Monat
That's a slightly rude comment. Melissa is an amazing actress, in my opinion she might even be the female version of Robin Williams
Nos Vor Monat
Hmm Melissa McCarthy... Gabriel Iglesias.. If they never do a collab Ill know why.
Nikki Pool
Nikki Pool Vor Monat
Wondering if it's possible for him to do a segment without bashing trump...
Trish the Fish Wilks
Vod kinockers ... correction .... going to hear it until 2020
Vod Kinockers
Vod Kinockers Vor Monat
Nikki Pool its going to be like this until 2024
Keren icehand
Keren icehand Vor Monat
Lol😂😂😂she is so funny💜👍
M1 A1
M1 A1 Vor Monat
You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t take Judge Judy to pound town.
Ada Vor Monat
I love Tony so muuuch
hibah 99
hibah 99 Vor Monat
98% rotten tomatoes
maremacd Vor Monat
Her costar is Scotty Kilmer???
Animated Show
Animated Show Vor Monat
280 view for me
Sheni Gateway Car *Tay
Oscar Buzz!!!
Sheni Gateway Car *Tay
The guy from 13 reason why, what is this, a crossover episode?
Simone Vor Monat
Melissa you are talented and fabulous.
MultiKarola24 Vor Monat
Love this woman❤❤❤
BetaRayChill Vor Monat
I want this lady ❤️❤️💯💯
Sara Mia
Sara Mia Vor Monat
PsychotiC BunnieS
Luke Souter
Luke Souter Vor Monat
I am the first one
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