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Melissa McCarthy takes a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Who's the funniest person she's ever met? Is political correctness killing comedy? Does she believe in the Illuminati? Find out all that and more and watch Melissa take a polygraph exam. Melissa McCarthy stars in "Life of the Party," out in theaters May 11th.
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Melissa McCarthy Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair




9 Mai 2018



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closinginonclosure Vor 4 Stunden
4:32 When actors/actresses act like they were a completely different person because they were playing a character 😂 “she seemed sweet” Wtf weirdo. That’s literally yourself. You were just acting. You weren’t an actual other person. So strange
closinginonclosure Vor 4 Stunden
4:32 When actors/actresses act like they were a completely different person because they were playing a character 😂 “she seemed sweet” Wtf weirdo. That’s literally yourself. You were just acting. You weren’t an actual other person. So strange
maurice_0615 Vor 16 Stunden
She looks freaked out in the thumbnail
Anna Barr
Anna Barr Vor Tag
The reason I clicked on this “this has gotta be good. This chick’s hilarious she can’t even help it”
Ballet All day
Ballet All day Vor 2 Tage
I’m cracking up oml😂😂😂😂
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Vor 5 Tage
lol when they ask her if political correctness is killing comedy it starts jumping all over the place
DEATHBAT 144 Vor 9 Tage
Connor Vor 9 Tage
😭😭😭 everyone forgets about Sookie!! She was so funny in Gilmore Girls and honestly I think it’s her best roll
Cottonkit_kat !!!!!
funniest video I’ve ever watched 😂
Cheyenne Wendegatz
Cheyenne Wendegatz Vor 12 Tage
This is exactly how I'd answer questions if I were given this test, in serious circumstances
Cheyenne Wendegatz
Cheyenne Wendegatz Vor 12 Tage
I like how she just starts cracking up when she sees the pic of Kristen Wiig
Taurus Reynolds
Taurus Reynolds Vor 13 Tage
TacShooter Vor 13 Tage
Her testing the machine was hilarious! XD
Jessica davis
Jessica davis Vor 15 Tage
When did she get so tiny?! She looks great
Jack Day Hovakimian
I've never seen her eyes for such a long period of time in any skit or movie. They're very beautiful! :)
Ryan Carrion
Ryan Carrion Vor 19 Tage
That interviewer sounds like he should be a guest On Chris Hansen
Nada Tobar
Nada Tobar Vor 19 Tage
Me Vor 21 Tag
9:33 you didn‘t Siri?
Caleb YT
Caleb YT Vor 22 Tage
OoOoOoOoOoOo it got squiggly!
Kelsey Schrankler
Kelsey Schrankler Vor 22 Tage
Jamie Dornan pleasseeeee
Aoife Temple
Aoife Temple Vor 22 Tage
"no unless it's now" SHE'S A GENIUS
N2Joker Vor 22 Tage
These interviews are always so awkward!! Because the interviewees are being funny but the interviewers are Sooooo serious. hahaha
Marni Kramer
Marni Kramer Vor 22 Tage
Leandro Ledon
Leandro Ledon Vor 22 Tage
She looks 35
AL Fonzo
AL Fonzo Vor 23 Tage
She's very attractive here
Robbie Clark
Robbie Clark Vor 24 Tage
She looks amazing she's lost so much weight it's crazy
artsy grudge
artsy grudge Vor 24 Tage
I lover her so much omg 😂❤️
VeKtorVacuum Vor 25 Tage
I'm a man, I'm 40!
Mr. Vegas
Mr. Vegas Vor 26 Tage
@ 3:42 ... Definition of " PC " YES it's trying to kill comedy .. Period !
Rebecca S
Rebecca S Vor 28 Tage
She looks really good and awesome for 47! Her facial expressions!
Deb Johnson
Deb Johnson Vor 29 Tage
😂 😂 😂
schindler91589 Vor Monat
She seems as sweet as I assumed she'd seem
Sgt. Slaughter
Sgt. Slaughter Vor Monat
Looking good Melissa!
melciveng Vor Monat
She’s fantastic
boo booz
boo booz Vor Monat
I love this woman 😂
Marie Humble
Marie Humble Vor Monat
Kimberley Searching
Melissa..will you be my friend? 😬
Shannon Feathers
Mom's next time you complain about buying your kids shoes REMEMBER: You Could be the Mom to a Centipede! 🐛👞👟👠👡👢
Shannon Feathers
Maya + Ben + Kristen = Melissa!! 💟
luca alvez
luca alvez Vor Monat
I hate how serious this is
Destiny Heath
Destiny Heath Vor Monat
She looks so skinny there!
James Freeman
James Freeman Vor Monat
73 Qs with Vogue but with a lie detector test
Maia Matilda
Maia Matilda Vor Monat
I didn’t know Reese Witherspoon’s sister was doing lie detector tests.
curlyheadsierra Vor Monat
wait how do you know if she’s lying?
DroneXFun Vor Monat
She is much more attractive than her ignorant cousin.
Toure Menace
Toure Menace Vor Monat
OMG, I am so in love 😍
Theresa Gallagher
Mimi Wells
Mimi Wells Vor Monat
Thanks for Mike and molly.
Mimi Wells
Mimi Wells Vor Monat
Love this woman.
Danny Shadle
Danny Shadle Vor Monat
Why don't you let us know what is they lied or not
Alex Wondero
Alex Wondero Vor Monat
Shes really pretty to me.
Seanna Sulbaran
Seanna Sulbaran Vor Monat
Are you a Beyoncé or Rihanna Me: this is what determines if I like you or not Her: Beyoncé Me: okay you’re so funny I can’t hate you even though you didn’t pick riri
Josh Yu
Josh Yu Vor Monat
I've been watching a lot of these vids and I'm PRETTY sure the people running the tests are just actors lol
Chloe G
Chloe G Vor Monat
Do this to danielle cohn and see if shes really 14
łu Vor Monat
8:27 uhm..💀💀💀💀
Daysia brown
Daysia brown Vor Monat
the pile of kittens joke OMG BAHAHAHAHA
Fizzled with Slinky
0:27 tRick QueStIon
Mahayla Sangéo
Mahayla Sangéo Vor Monat
She's so bad.LOL😂😂😂😂🤣
Molly Buum
Molly Buum Vor Monat
Melissa looks AMAZING here! And her comedy is on point, as per usual.
Mariposa Fyn
Mariposa Fyn Vor Monat
An alle deutschsprachigen! Hi :) Ohne spaß , ich würde gerne so einen Lügendetektor test machen um mich „besser“ kennenzulernen. Hört sich komisch an, ich weiß nicht wie ich es beschreiben kann. 😂
łu Vor Monat
same hahah
Teabee Vor Monat
sophia gonzalez
sophia gonzalez Vor Monat
A meowountian 😂😂 I know it's not funny but it's funny that she thinks it's funny
Larisa Cristea
Larisa Cristea Vor Monat
Where is the question about gilmore Girls I really wanted one.
Sly Vor Monat
Even with sound effects, pomp, and circumstance, lie detectors are still BS
drifty lifty
drifty lifty Vor Monat
I'm a 100 year old man
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya Vor Monat
I'm surprised no one is talking about the Selena question
constipated in sin city
I think MM is lovely to me. I met herun 2004 thing's were different for both of us.
Stella Lauren
Stella Lauren Vor Monat
Πανέμορφη κι έχει αδυνατίσει πολύ. Μπράβο της ❤️❤️
James Dooling
James Dooling Vor Monat
These lie detectors make me love these celebrities even more.
Matthew Curley
Matthew Curley Vor Monat
Thank you for the “Is political correctness killing comedy” question!! You can tell her liberal brain started short circuiting because she wanted to tell the truth but it would damage her career!! 🤣👊🏼
António da Cunha
Did she lost weight? She looks great! Good actress. Love her!
Dirty Squirrell
Dirty Squirrell Vor Monat
I just realized she doesn't act. She just plays herself in every role.
Dirty Squirrell
Dirty Squirrell Vor Monat
I'm a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude.
JW Wagner
JW Wagner Vor Monat
She has a great sense of humor!
Christine Miller
She is stunningly beautiful
Mr. Pigeon
Mr. Pigeon Vor Monat
You can’t trick someone in a lie test who doesn’t even know what the truth is! I love this gorgeous woman!
Ma’ayan Praiss
She’s 47!
Being Human
Being Human Vor Monat
She looks gorgeous
Wesley Vor Monat
ik I'm late but why are that asking questions that she has no reason to lie about
prestobix Vor Monat
LOL I'm 1 minute in and dying
Anne Torres
Anne Torres Vor Monat
47?! She needs to drop a skin-care routine, she looks amazing!
She kept breathing funny and half the time that's why the lines were all over the place 😂
Isaac Bennett
Isaac Bennett Vor Monat
I did not know she was 47
Isaac Bennett
Isaac Bennett Vor Monat
I love her
how tf you suck dick on accident
i got my mom but i want melissa to be my mom
Twish Honorsta
Twish Honorsta Vor Monat
I love the way she seems so intimidated when a squiggle appears. That's so real.
anton tan
anton tan Vor Monat
It's to easy to cheat the lie detector machine, that machine is old, "i'm a 100 years old man", she accidently revealed it 😂, i can lie to the lie detector 100%
I love how she looks at the machine for the answers she’s not sure about😂🤣
Anna Murphy
Anna Murphy Vor Monat
The music has me so tense for no reason. Haha.
Jenna Simmonds-Wood
"Or have I. Or have I."
Stephanie R. S.
Stephanie R. S. Vor Monat
"The machine doesn't judge, Melissa"
Andreas Hansson
Andreas Hansson Vor 2 Monate
All Hollywood celebrities should be asked if they are involved in the illumunati. Then ordinary people can find out who they are. Jennifer Lawrence is not. Melissa was more doubtful.
adeline dinda
adeline dinda Vor 2 Monate
wow she looks really good. I thought she's in her 30s
MyPumpkin75 Vor 2 Monate
Does anyone else think that the lie detector tech looks a bit like Chelcie Lynn? She's another hilarious comedienne!
Melissa, you’re gorgeous with all that weight loss and blonde hair!
SouLoveLee Vor 2 Monate
she laughs but her face doesn't move... 🤔
daysha h.
daysha h. Vor 2 Monate
Or have i??? Or have i???
Christina McClurg
Christina McClurg Vor 2 Monate
Vanity Fair... Guys! What's with the low frequency "soundtrack" in the background?
Diane Sullivan
Diane Sullivan Vor 2 Monate
This woman is just naturally funny and so cute! I know she’s 47 but still cute!
mandy meow
mandy meow Vor 2 Monate
Sah boringgg
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