Mercedes-AMG GT R 4.0L Biturbo V8 - Revs & Accelerations!

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This video features the all new Mercedes-AMG GTR driving hard on the circuit! Under the hood you will find a 4.0L Biturbo V8 producing 585 HP and 699 Nm of torque! Which color would you buy: grey or black?
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16 Feb 2018



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Gumbal Vor 2 years
The beast of the Green Hell 👹
UBZUKKI Vor 17 Tage
Sam Mali
Sam Mali Vor 26 Tage
I’d like a black one but I’d go insane trying to keep it spotless.
japxnes se
japxnes se Vor 3 Monate
Im getting this shit 2022
NKULULEKO Andile Vor 6 Monate
Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes😓😲🤘👍👌👏👑brutal pops and bangs 🙌
UBZUKKI Vor 6 Monate
That throaty, rumbley growl......love it
Simon Chang
Simon Chang Vor 9 Monate
Perfect car
Arman Minasian
Mooi speelgoed 😎👍
Sergio David Buitron
Me quedo con el negro 😍😍
gero campos
gero campos Vor year
cuanto sale el auto
_썽 Vor year
Richard Schaffe
Sweet😍😍😍😍😍 nothing Gm makes even comes close I would love to own one
I dk y but that GRILL IS talkin to me on gtr
Szymon Rusin
Szymon Rusin Vor year
3:13 true V10 power
Enclave soldier
If I can't have my viper I'll have my German viper for sure actually my crossfire srt6 actually resembles the amg : )
SubieSteve25 Vor year
What track are they at?
Monkeys Toss
Monkeys Toss Vor year
Mercedes AMG GTS is really Monster car, the best superCar what a Monster💪✊👍
J P Vor year
The Lotus was like,"I'm a car too".
Matthew Bruhin
Matthew Bruhin Vor 9 Monate
Dario 536
Dario 536 Vor year
Beasts 💪
Dem K.
Dem K. Vor year
Mercedes AMG, Brabus, Lorinser 1-4 turbo intercooler petrol engines all : easy damage, 20-100 l/100km, over 100 l/100km with F1 speed, test maximum over 20,000 rpm End report. From All Mercedes Benz databases
Dem K.
Dem K. Vor year
All Mercedes Benz 1-4 turbo intercooler petrol engines : easy damage, 20-100 l/100km, over 100 l/100km with test maximum over 20,000 rpm and F1 speed. End report. From All Mercedes Benz database
davy wormer
davy wormer Vor year
heh... it's my car
Ponzi Vor year
1:24 lol
Fabiano Vor year
Great Car!☆
Evren Vor year
black one is not stock i think...
Midnightroar Vor year
How can i get one of these Mercedes amg gtr without it's ugly noise? Because it does not sound mean at all. I rather just get one that's more quiet.
King Tyler II
King Tyler II Vor year
First part was like Storm Troopers but Mercedes Benz AMG Style
Ryan Scarfone
Ryan Scarfone Vor year
Sick. I saw one parked the other day couple blocks from my house...what a stunning and FAST car
The Game HHH HHH
Mercedes Benz big boss 💪💪💪💪
Nesrine Rahmani
5:15 ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👌🏻
Corey H
Corey H Vor year
For being turboed, I must say, I think this beast sounds absolutely amazing.
slevin kelevra
That bish is sessy 😍👌😎
Jesse Martinez
Honda...haha jk jk
Agera Nadjib
Agera Nadjib Vor 2 years
Pur sund of davel
arya burhan
arya burhan Vor 9 Tage
Agera Nadjib what language is dis mate
Stephen S
Stephen S Vor 2 years
I would rather have a real GT-R, a Nissan GT-R.
Efe Gündoğar
Efe Gündoğar Vor 2 years
İ think this is the best Amg GT video!!
Greaser Vor 2 years
They are really good looking cars
Hagen 996
Hagen 996 Vor 2 years
BMW V10 🎶
WE ARE VENOM Vor 2 years
Piece of art and perfection 😊
Batu Vor 2 years
Wanneer beginnen the events in Dordrecht?
Amsterdam Oost
Amsterdam Oost Vor 3 Monate
YurixRuz Vor 2 years
3:15 nice sound.
Szymon Rusin
Szymon Rusin Vor year
It's a BMW M5 E60, much better than this Mercedes crap
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali Vor year
YurixRuz bro that sounded like shit I gurgle in the morning and that’s the sound that comes out
Crazyboy_ 36
Crazyboy_ 36 Vor 2 years
The best or nothing
Kyle Vor 2 years
Turbo'd V8s dont sound that good.
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali Vor year
U stupid or what I think that’s the problem
Purework10801 Epic was
Tubbehh T um what
Mohannad Qawasmeh
Mohannad Qawasmeh Vor 2 years
Amazing Gumbal....Your videos are getting better every time..keep it up🇩🇪👌
Bogs Bonny
Bogs Bonny Vor 2 years
A lotus does always ruin the video
Max Johnson
Max Johnson Vor year
Exactly what I was thinking. The Lotus is like a dachshund chasing a greyhound.
Νικολας Δαρσαβελιτζε
Seriously it doesnt good
p k
p k Vor 2 years
Am I the only one who’d still choose a sls coupe over the gt?
_M.0487 _
_M.0487 _ Vor 2 years
p k your not alone
Pro Habits
Pro Habits Vor 2 years
2:20 love that Lamborghini inspired exhaust
Pro Habits
Pro Habits Vor 2 years
That dark grey beautiful
Pro Habits
Pro Habits Vor 2 years
0:08 when the squad links up
Matthew Hung
Matthew Hung Vor 2 years
BMW V10 cameo at 3:14
Gabi Gaby
Gabi Gaby Vor 2 years
Did somebody see that school bus g wagon at 4:55 ?
Hypnotic Vor 9 Monate
Gabi Gaby only gays say g „wagon“
J M Vor year
Gabi Gaby land rover
Enver Demirovic
Enver Demirovic Vor 2 years
Gabi Gaby not even a g wagon
Revolutions88 Vor 2 years
The black one looks so menacing
MHKP Vor 2 years
my favourite car atm
Bailey Pate
Bailey Pate Vor 2 years
Convoy of Mercs ayy
LamboPlays Vor 2 years
lol sounds shit when compared to the m5
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali Vor year
This kid. If u hear this while ur behind it. It will genuinely scare the shit out of you cause u think u expect something worse than the m5. Nah u done fucked. your senses will make u run even though you don’t want to. That’s why don’t talk shit until you’ve actually heard in real life. You’ll shit in your diaper after hearing it
rektgg Vor 2 years
Aapie YT no
Eduard Gans
Eduard Gans Vor 2 years
rektgg thats basically what you said
rektgg Vor 2 years
Aapie YT nope
Eduard Gans
Eduard Gans Vor 2 years
rektgg white kids are bad?
onkurdistan Vor 2 years
likesssssssss 😍😍
Fouad Ramsis
Fouad Ramsis Vor 2 years
Nice! But I'm more fond of the BMW M6 ..
Carlos Garrido Moreno
The M6 is a non-sense car; it's very heavy, slower than a M4 or M5, and is more expensive...
Dapro Vor year
to the average person
Dapro Vor year
Fouad Ramsis lol m6 looks like it's worth 30k
Yago Matheus
Yago Matheus Vor 2 years
Mercedes AMG 😍😍😍😍
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