Mercedes-AMG GT R vs Nissan GT-R: DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST | Head-to-Head

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GTR: who wears it best? I find out by lining up two cars that - punctuation aside - have the same name: the Mercedes-AMG GT R, and the Nissan GT-R. But which of these super-coupes is fastest? I find out with a drag race, a rolling race and a braking test.
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23 Dez 2017



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ccol009 Vor Tag
Damn I Love both these cars! But I am going with the AMG. I like to have a nice interior just as much as the performance. And the Mercedes AMG GTR is that. I gotta ride in style, BOTH inside and out. And that AMG ENGINE SOUND! Can’t beat that AMG sound! I’m going with the Mercedes AMG GTR.
Comentador de Comentários
I like the Mercedes GT R because it reminds me the Slr McLaren
Initial C
Initial C Vor 5 Tage
I can already feel the toxic nissan bois coming
hamza Daadoush
hamza Daadoush Vor 8 Tage
I love the mercedes amg gtr😍😍
Himesh Ranasinghe
That ugly AMG 🤮
The Art of GNAR
The Art of GNAR Vor 15 Tage
AmG GTR all day for me.
Владимир Деревсков
Русские лайк!
Bcody 31
Bcody 31 Vor 15 Tage
Mat called the gtr a 3.6 twin turbo instead of a 3.8 twin turbo
Henry Ochieng
Henry Ochieng Vor 17 Tage
Wow, that AMG GTR is really good.
Fam Fam
Fam Fam Vor 17 Tage
That was not 0.1 second in diff....and the breaking was not at max. try harder !
NATE Marcellis
NATE Marcellis Vor 17 Tage
How about the nismo gtr?
Gghbcdg #1
Gghbcdg #1 Vor 18 Tage
GTR PRO vs R8 V10
Deep_Art Vor 18 Tage
Nissan gtr price ! Now compare macedes just faster .1 sec
Brendon Balow
Brendon Balow Vor 18 Tage
whats really sad is that Nissan voided its warranty on that first drag race
Ananya Palika
Ananya Palika Vor 18 Tage
S C Vor 19 Tage
£100k more money than Nissan GTR but you don’t get Double of the performance of Nissan GTR . In theory Nissan GTR is best value for money
Gino Antony
Gino Antony Vor 19 Tage
Anyone here after seeing AMG GT BLACK SERIES video????
Lucas Herrmann
Lucas Herrmann Vor 19 Tage
Nissan: does a launch Warranty: I’m outta here
Gouranga sen
Gouranga sen Vor 19 Tage
Please make a drag race video between AMG GT 4door vs 2 door please please🙏🙏
darkmatter.99 Vor 19 Tage
4 door, heavy saloon
Mata Man
Mata Man Vor 19 Tage
Mmmm shall we take the Mercedes to a drag venue or the Nissan. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yeah of course AMG is really fast and fascinating, but I like GTR
Kaan Cakmak
Kaan Cakmak Vor 22 Tage
I really didnt expect the gtr to win
Aser Almehgub
Aser Almehgub Vor Monat
Why do I feel like this is the best edited video carwow ever released?
Yash Kotian
Yash Kotian Vor Monat
148k amg gtr and 84k fr the Nissan now we all knw how much more tunable the nissan gtr is with the stock gearbox or engine internals and i am pretty sure the nismo gtr is on par with the amg gtr in price
Nismo Republic of Gamers
Rematch again
affan the gamer
affan the gamer Vor Monat
Mercedes GTR PRO did 7:04 on the Nurburgring Track with only 577HP & rear wheel drive
Francis Yawson
Francis Yawson Vor Monat
Mercedes is simply the best
ehsanch 1899
ehsanch 1899 Vor Monat
Mercedes is a 🤴❤️
primmer07 Vor Monat
Spend 50k tuning the nissan and try again
xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
There I no need for the AMG GTR Pro
arcanine 917
arcanine 917 Vor Monat
all you nissan crying fanboys whining that it wasn’t the nismo. fuck the nissan gtr
entoh le
entoh le Vor Monat
One is beautiful and the other is ugly
Zzzz Vor Monat
I dont know why they upload videos like this. Of course the nissan will win with the AWD Edit: i was wrong lol
Ergi HENA Vor Monat
Mercedes is the best
Welzz M
Welzz M Vor Monat
Almost 60,000 more for 0.1 of a second, and I bet it's nothing compared to the nissan in the corners
Nakata Vor Monat
Amg GT-R did 7:10 , normal Nissan Gtr did around 7:20
a manwhoappreciateart
go search for Norberg ring time laps and come back
Nikul Prasad
Nikul Prasad Vor Monat
Lol the drag race was close but the AMG was off the line first so I’m just gonna call it even Stevens 🤷🏽‍♂️
two wheel soul
two wheel soul Vor Monat
Gt space R
Smith Vor Monat
0.1 of a second quicker 1/4 mile when gtr much less £££££
nuno cardoso
nuno cardoso Vor Monat
Tinha de ser era com o nissan gtr nismo 600 cavalos
M. Rizlan
M. Rizlan Vor Monat
THIS IS THE TRUE ??? ON THE IN THE LINK IS THE TRUE HAHAHAHA..........I BELIEVE NISSAN de-vid.com/video/video-Sz9YsY3n710.html
Abdelkrim MEFTAH
This is fake you cheating never beat the Godzilla nissan
Kale Strahota
Kale Strahota Vor Monat
No no no stop! Official time 0 100 for gtr is 2.8 and for amg is 3.6 sec. So it cant be faster then r35. You just cant accept that the japanese make the best cars. Fuck you. 🐓❤️
Andrew Persona
Andrew Persona Vor Monat
The German beast won the brake test
P4ybitz Tv
P4ybitz Tv Vor Monat
Not bad for an mid range car
Freqrr Vor Monat
I would like to see bugatti chiron😁
John Bales
John Bales Vor Monat
That AMG GT R in green looks spectacular!
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio Vor Monat
Butthurt nissan fanboys everywhere
Vor Monat
I choose nissan gtr as the mercedes gtr is way more expensive
Jedidiah Joel
Jedidiah Joel Vor Monat
AWD vs RWD not fair.
Nikolai Korniyevskiy
I think the GTR will win
Dan Rogers
Dan Rogers Vor Monat
2 extra cylinders, 1 extra turbo........and barely in front lol
Nakata Vor Monat
Bet you will never say the same when a fucking Civic with 4 cylinders beat the Gtr
EmmanPiano 201
EmmanPiano 201 Vor Monat
Only if the AMG was awd then it would prob do the quarter mile in like 10.3 sec
Nakata Vor Monat
Drew B
Drew B Vor Monat
AMG had a better start than the Nissan. Nissan should’ve been further ahead initially.
der lutscher
der lutscher Vor 2 Monate
German power
ISuckAtGames Vor 2 Monate
I knew the GTR was going to win
Jahid Tech Bangla
Jahid Tech Bangla Vor 2 Monate
skill means everything
Dhiva van persie Rahman
Iam nissan gtr is legend
lock 42
lock 42 Vor 2 Monate
Between this merc and the gtr I'll probably go with the merc because I like the look of it. But this race should have been GT-R vs AMG GTS or Nismo GT-R vs AMG GT R
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