Michael Jordan - The Greatest Ever.

Joseph Vincent
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8 Sep 2016



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Joseph Vincent
Joseph Vincent Vor Monat
This video does have a few spots where music claims got the video edited...so if you want to watch the best MJ video check out this newer one, longer, and with more than twice the views of this one: de-vid.com/video/video-EGgnEIX5f4E.html
G Fuck15
G Fuck15 Vor 19 Stunden
Mother fuckers need to pay homage because when a mother fucker leave y’all still have y’all own contract making bread
Sapana Lujan
Sapana Lujan Vor Tag
What was the last song during the last shot against Utah
Doug Pullins
Doug Pullins Vor 3 Tage
Gambler, cheater, paid off his mistress to avoid DNA test. Always was curious how he would be viewed if he played under the scrutiny of today's social media.
Doug Pullins
Doug Pullins Vor 3 Tage
Zach Lavine is a better dunker.
William Forrest
William Forrest Vor 3 Tage
moses ezean
moses ezean Vor 6 Tage
Your videos are amazing Joe
Austin Powers
Austin Powers Vor 7 Tage
Fuck you Labum James you're not even in MJ's league.
Ευγενία Αθανασίου
11.48 oh my god!!!!!!!!
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Vor 14 Tage
Spin Head
Spin Head Vor 16 Tage
Kevin ecclessiasctics sam bowie jesus
Yessica Villarreal
Yessica Villarreal Vor 16 Tage
Hey Michael Jordan I wish I could be like you😁😁😎😎
Joke Dok
Joke Dok Vor 17 Tage
Love the part when MJ roars
ROBZTA M Vor 17 Tage
The new generation just don't get it, watching Michael Jordan was like watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk for the first time, he blew your mind with his moves, if the matrix was real Jordan would free himself from it & become the one, Jordan was an F22-Raptor going supersonic🛦he was superman.
HDMScorp Vor 18 Tage
What a pleasure it was to witness this man. If you weren't around to notice the colossal impact he made on the entire world sports arena, you just wouldn't understand. He is the greatest of all time. Jordan dominated the globe in his prime.
Quest4Truth Vor 19 Tage
When Jordan took off to jump it was like the very strings of god were lifting him up giving him that extra effortless hang time lol just awesome to watch
Alvin Moua
Alvin Moua Vor 23 Tage
I mean people literally kill for a pair Jordan’s. People wanna feel like Michael, even if it’s just for a second.
HiFi5280 Vor 23 Tage
Back then I remember thinking does this guy ever miss? Of course he did but every situation they needed a bucket he always hit the shot
Maurice Mayhams
Maurice Mayhams Vor 23 Tage
Michael Jordan u will always be the greatest forever and forever and Michael Jordan u are still my favorite basketball player forever and forever
Dan Iancu
Dan Iancu Vor Monat
Benjamian Hausmann
Darius now how to dunk
Pixnub Vor Monat
When the game was on the line, MJ demanded the ball and LJ passed the ball. It's not a 1 man sport..... but if you needed someone to take over and carry you to victory in the final moments then MJ is unsurpassed by anyone. Stats don't tell the whole story. MJ had the ultimate competitive spirit, above and beyond anyone else ever to play the game .
Matthew Allunario
Anyone who disagrees wasn’t old enough to watch MJ in the 80’s and 90’s guy had that incredible killer instinct
miro d
miro d Vor Monat
This should have been longer.
Joseph Vincent
Joseph Vincent Vor Monat
It is, my biggest video called air Jordan. 50 minutes, 8 million views. You’ll love it
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Vor Monat
MJ GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😎🏀🎈🎉🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🎮🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈
Gertrude Klah
Gertrude Klah Vor Monat
Micheal Jordon is the greatest always to me.... Yes he is!!!!
Eunah Lee
Eunah Lee Vor Monat
Never gets bored... Miss those 90's
D Lowe
D Lowe Vor Monat
The dunk at 230 where he puts his elbow in the rim is why the Vince Carter elbow dunk doesn't impress me.
Oweng Lowie
Oweng Lowie Vor Monat
I missed the true spirit of basketball....
Juiced Up
Juiced Up Vor Monat
...YES HE IS...
axl the slacker
axl the slacker Vor Monat
to this day... that lean in dunk looks to me more superheroish than marvel movies. it just doesn't look real.
jay bee
jay bee Vor Monat
you wanna know what speaks volumes to be about michael jordan? he was sick, playing his absolute heart out. and walking off that court, he was being carried by scottie pippen. its kind of like seeing a god and realizing he is a man. and that's when i become awestruck. this isn't some supernatural thing, this is willed human dedication and intensity. and though he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, look at how much he means to scottie. ofc they both owe a lot to the other financially, their legacies, etc. but you can really tell that they cared about the other. he's just a human that wanted everything he earned, and deservedly so.
J.R. Fields
J.R. Fields Vor Monat
hahahah I forgot SpikeLee(Mr.N.Y.Knicks) did NIKE commercials ft. Jordan
Bill Folds
Bill Folds Vor Monat
Would love to see Outfield arms video/ and Power Pitchers. Well done dude.
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas Vor Monat
23. Bottom line. Everybody wants the number on their team. That should be all the proof ya need on who is the goat.
Angela f-rachal
Angela f-rachal Vor Monat
The greatest ever? Ever? Lol. One of the greatest ever. One of many! With more to come.
ThA MAN C MAcK Vor Monat
NBA Got Game from AiR JORDAN.
ThA MAN C MAcK Vor Monat
NBA passes are BULLETS! People who don’t ever play basketball or ever play with any for real good players, not every great let alone elite I’m just talking about Good players, those people do not really understand how fast the passes are coming in. Why BiG HANDS are so important in basketball but especially NBA even more so than any other sport you need to have large soft hands to help have the web that snatches those passes out of the air. Football next but basketball more so because of the close proximity of the passes and no gloves on top of it. Just playing with really good above avg. players you get passes that are so crisp they zip through the air but an NBA Level elite level passer are throwing bullets through the air with just a flick of the wrist. Hard af to catch those pretty passes If you don’t usually play with top level players. That’s why Vlade Divacs used to take Jason Williams passes off the face all the time. Not only were they coming from all over the place but they were more than crisp they were 🏀BULLETS💨 and that was an NBA vet taking balls to the face.
juanio Vor Monat
20 years later his shoes made his 130 million in 2019. 4 times more than lebron
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie Vor Monat
He gets paid from lebron's shoes
Houbengal Vor Monat
1200 people don’t think MJ is the greatest? Seriously?
Bwink23 Vor Monat
If that was a voting poll....96% of the voters would say Jordan is the Greatest...pretty good odds don't you think?
rico suave
rico suave Vor Monat
Twice as good as Kobe and Lebron. Greatist player in team sports history and its not even close
Obed Silva
Obed Silva Vor Monat
William Wheeler
William Wheeler Vor Monat
And zero mention of the Rockets back to back championship - the second when Jordan was back.
larry geronimo
larry geronimo Vor Monat
Who the FUCK is LeBron????
Saint Aubyn TFG
Saint Aubyn TFG Vor Monat
Steph Curry and LeBron James are the only players of the era with ‘Michael Jordan impact’
Edward Ganya
Edward Ganya Vor Monat
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis Vor 2 Monate
I watched this after I watched the Michael Franzese interview. I was wondering did they ever catch J. Jordan’s killer?
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie Vor Monat
Yes, 2 teenagers
Aquruis Air Bound A.A.B
Aquarius 🐐 #23 Sub to my Channel ty Aquarius Air Bound AAB
RabinoBulls Vista
RabinoBulls Vista Vor 2 Monate
Aguynearu Vor 2 Monate
love the terminator music at 8:31
megatron Vor 2 Monate
He ain't shit
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie Vor Monat
That you lavar?
Objective Perspective
The hardest team the bulls faces in the finals was a 2 man Stockton and making team. The bulls we're stacked but marketing gave all the credit to mj. Scottie is underrated. Mj is no goat
Objective Perspective
@Ka Kjj lol ok did I mention lebum? Nope. Oh u one of those dudes who only loves mj and hates whatever threatens his legacy so u bring up Bron. Really only proving that he is threatening mj legacy. Hahaha. U didn't help mj with your comment little kid. The cats out the bag. Scottie was the man and mj is overrated. He defended bums or smaller or way skinnier push overs like Reggie. Scottie defended the harder player and did all the grunt work. Give me Scottie over mj any day. F Bron and mj. Lol
Objective Perspective
Mj was guarded by bums 80% of his career and guarded bums just as much. Mj is overrated Scottie was guarding the hardest player. Just look at who guard mj please.
Objective Perspective
@Ka Kjj Clearly u hate Bron. So u are under able if being honest or objective. I love mj but I can see the game clearly. Not with hate or fan hype. Scottie was the better all around player. Period. Mj is no goat.
Objective Perspective
@Ka Kjj dude where do u see me talking about Bron. Stop it dude. I'm not only u are and only proving u are don't honestly judge the game because u are caught up in the goat debate and chose a side. Lol I can't talk to u kids. Go watch film, stop hating and honestly watch whoever u hate.
Objective Perspective
Scottie is a better all around player than mj. Just saying mj overrated and Scottie underrated.
Objective Perspective
@Sales Rep sure is
Objective Perspective
@Sales Rep I'll act like hof committee, mvp committee, all star committee and coaches always get shit right. Remember when Nash won mvp 2 years in a row. Hahaha enough said.
Objective Perspective
@Sales Rep yea from guarding Stark's, price, Stockton, kurr, skinny push around Miller and a bunch of other bums. And he scored on a bunch of bums too. He is good but no wonder why he scored so he. And got dpoy. And scoring titles. Scottie guarded magic in the finals and it changed the whole series. Why didn't they put mj on him. Because Scottie guards more positions and is their beat defender. Dip shit
Objective Perspective
Mj only shot good from 3qhen they shortened the line. Lol. Look at his whole stats and record or league rule changes. Mj is great but not the goat
Ivan Radisavljevic
Ivan Radisavljevic Vor 2 Monate
Mj is like Tesla or De vinchi... Greatest of this age, maybe, i belive greatest of all time
E and j
E and j Vor 2 Monate
swalker0731 Vor 2 Monate
They need to make the nba logo the jumpman! FACTS NBA PAY HOMMAGE
queen bee
queen bee Vor 2 Monate
Lul Youngin
Lul Youngin Vor Monat
Lebron is better than Jordan lol
Velha Guarda Tricolor
I really enjoy and loved all of his career, but he ain't the goat. He is just the most marketed of all time. The NBA used him to attract attention. Good move by the NBA. MJ was awesome for that. But BB for BB, There are a few players who were/are better and more complete. No disrespect to MJ which was GREAT.
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