Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins DUNK-OFF (1988 Slam Dunk Contest) - BEST SLAM DUNK CONTEST EVER?

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MJ and Nique dunk it off in the 1988 all-star weekend!
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17 Feb 2020



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unknown entity
I miss these days so much. Everything about this time period was so much fun
Christopher Blake
This is when I loved basketball. The Era, the energy, just awesome
Boogie Man
Nique's two handed windmill at the end was pure savagery. Incredible hang time and power.
Keith Richardson
I was a kid and remember watching this contest with my dad. There was so much energy in this event, you could feel it watching from home on your tv!
Ismael Donadio
This dunk contest never gets old! MJ and Nique both had superb abilities.
tom tom
Awakened Bear
Awakened Bear Vor 2 years
Dominique's power is amazing! You can hear the impact on the rim with every dunk.
Simba Durio
Watching this again, never realized how Dominique got robbed. That two handed windmill was ridiculous. To award it a 45, was the NBA marketing machine at it's most criminal.
Franky Broadcast
I was watching this live and as much as I remember rooting for Mike, I was sure Dominique was the real winner that night.
David McCall
Watching that Red Bulls #23 jersey sailing through the air is just mesmerizing and timeless! Proud to be an 80's kid and to been able to watch live, some of the most legendary B-ball games in human history!
Mossy B 4 Prez
Nique's 1st dunk in the finals is beautiful. The one off the backboard. He was so far away from the rim. That was fire. Classic contest right here.
Lance Parker
Long time Bulls fan. I loved watching Nique dunk, he was one of those rare players who could jump off both legs that is why his dunks were powerful.
ktapreswreck d921v
ktapreswreck d921v Vor 2 years
Still love to watch Wilkins and Jordan in a dunk contest or just a regular season game. They just provided a level of excitement that you just don't get from today's NBA star duals/ rivals.
Antonio Beck
Antonio Beck Vor year
Man! These days were fantastic! I was so young and in love with the NBA! Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins really influence my life! I loved these two brothas! Long Live The Kings!!!!
Glory days of the 80's, sorry to all that missed that decade!!!
This was the best dunk competition I've seen. Both Jordan and Wilkins brought it.
Julius Paul
Watch 'Niques dunk at
Vidya Sagar
Seeing this even in 2022 means so great play by both the mates ❤️❤️❤️
blitzz TV
blitzz TV Vor year
The last dunk by dom was a clear 50 wtf judges.. This match deserves a dunk off.. One of the best in slamdunk competition history.. Both badass dunkers.. 👍
Edward Here
Edward Here Vor year
Ahh the good ole days, no cell phones in sight, no masks, full crowd and Michael Jordan!