Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins DUNK-OFF (1988 Slam Dunk Contest) - BEST SLAM DUNK CONTEST EVER? 

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MJ and Nique dunk it off in the 1988 all-star weekend!
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17 Feb 2020



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Ismael Donadio
Ismael Donadio Vor 2 years
This dunk contest never gets old! MJ and Nique both had superb abilities.
Keith Richardson
I was a kid and remember watching this contest with my dad. There was so much energy in this event, you could feel it watching from home on your tv! While I was an MJ fan and was rooting for him (and he performed top tier that night!) - to this day I think Dominique was robbed. My jaw dropped on that double-handed windmill!
JonS79 Vor year
I grew up watching this and feel that Wilkins should have won, whenever I watched his dunks it was must see TV
Daniel Hanich
Daniel Hanich Vor year
I was going to same the same thing and I also remember thinking that as a boy
r2facts Vor year
Yeah me too and I still think Dominique gave Jordan a run for his money
Erik Larson
Erik Larson Vor year
@r2facts I am a WAY bigger fan of Jordan that Dominique, but this is an easy call. That two handed windmill was a 50 all day, every day. Jodan's free through dunk only should have been a 50 if he took off behind the line. Sorry MJ.
Jimmie Bazz
Jimmie Bazz Vor year
You do not have to think he was robbed because he was robbed how could he even accept that trophy is criminal...
Boogie Man
Boogie Man Vor year
Nique's two handed windmill at the end was pure savagery. Incredible hang time and power.
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas Vor year
It was by far the best dunk and was scored down a point specifically to give Jordan the undeserved win at home. Jordan may be the GOAT but that day in Chicago, he was bested by Dominique Wilkins.
Kevin Mcgaw
Kevin Mcgaw Vor year
@Willie Thomas They weren't going to let Jordan lose at home. Niqe would have won anywhere else.
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas Vor year
@Kevin Mcgaw Sad but true. I didn't even see the point of having the contest if the person who clearly deserved the win was going to get cheated so badly.
uzmynem Vor 10 Monate
Will neveer get tired of watching that 2-handed windmill! Every time! My favorite dunk from Nique!!
Christopher Blake
This is when I loved basketball. The Era, the energy, just awesome
et2012te Vor year
Before players cried and went woke! Such a shame
Jared Vor year
@et2012te When politics didn't invade everything.
Craig Tennant
Craig Tennant Vor year
When the 3 points was only a wide open shot or a desperation play.
Bojedjed The Musician Kid - Vitog
This era arose the most exciting and awaiting move from Jordan,
Sherrie Ann Galecio
Sherrie Ann Galecio Vor 10 Monate
@Jared XD but mo
Alex the Great
Alex the Great Vor 3 Monate
At 12:55, the slo-mo replay of my all-time favorite dunk! Just perfect form and power by Dominique. He got robbed BIG TIME...
unknown entity
I miss these days so much. Everything about this time period was so much fun
jonlj77 Vor year
It was genuine, it was real. I do too.. The smartphone ruined society.
çlō Vor year
I member watching all bulls championships with my buddy on his little tv goin nuts 🔥
GeneralKayoss Vor year
@jonlj77 This society deserves what it's getting IMO.
Bro Heme
Bro Heme Vor year
Or has time rewritten every line?
Mr. Chandler
Mr. Chandler Vor year
David McCall
David McCall Vor year
Watching that Red Bulls #23 jersey sailing through the air is just mesmerizing and timeless! Proud to be an 80's kid and to been able to watch live, some of the most legendary B-ball games in human history!
Justin Mason
Justin Mason Vor year
I'm curious to see the most legendary B-ball games in reptile history
Jimmie Bazz
Jimmie Bazz Vor year
You act like you did not see the injustice speaking on stuff other than what transpired...
A Dad and His Boy
First time watching this… 🤨 Both men did phenomenally, but my vote went to Dominique. What a great dunk contest!
Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis Vor year
If it wasn't in Chicago Dominique wins
Chitown Vor 5 Monate
I was sad nique git robbed
Franky Broadcast
I was watching this live and as much as I remember rooting for Mike, I was sure Dominique was the real winner that night.
Terrie Jones
Terrie Jones Vor year
Reginald Graham
Nique should've won.
Lance Parker
Lance Parker Vor year
Long time Bulls fan. I loved watching Nique dunk, he was one of those rare players who could jump off both legs that is why his dunks were powerful.
toddster119 Vor year
This was the best dunk competition I've seen. Both Jordan and Wilkins brought it.
So much fun. They were so awesome.
William Timothy
William Timothy Vor 7 Monate
This was not the best dunk contest. They did the same dunks over and over
Shawn Valentino
Shawn Valentino Vor 5 Monate
It had the mystique because the top 2 scorers in the league and two legends were finalists but Dominique just did the windmill over and over and the dunks are a joke compared to anything the last 20 plus years but I still love it because of the myth and starpower
toddster119 Vor 5 Monate
@Shawn Valentino I think it's a mistake to compare it to today's contests. Today's dunkers are more creative, and Vince Carter's dunks would've destroyed any contest. Today and yesteryear.
Astralmind NY
Astralmind NY Vor 4 Monate
2nd best
I was in Jr High school when this happened. Dominique deserved more on the double windmill but I can understand the fear the judges had. Home field advantage.
john stacy
john stacy Vor 2 years
Yes Dominique was a very underrated player. He wasn't just a dunker... he was an amazing player in his own right.
Johnny Chism
Johnny Chism Vor year
Ooooooga booooga don't you agree???
Necrosis KoC
Necrosis KoC Vor year
@Johnny Chism The human highlight film...
Keith Lilly
Keith Lilly Vor year
He was great but played in an era with so many of the greatest.
Gogetter 1 Brown
Say no more
Stanky Farts
Stanky Farts Vor year
Can't be underated when you're one the top 50 players
Riad Anabtawi
Riad Anabtawi Vor year
Dominique was very fun to watch..Very athletic. Had Atlanta won two or three championships, he will always be the talk of the hour in NBA news.
Oliver Lopez
Oliver Lopez Vor 7 Monate
Shawn Kemp was a very bad man too
tom tom
tom tom Vor year
20:00 Had that poster on my wall as a kid. This was everything back then. I remember my friends and I, trying to copy all these dunks the whole summer on my nerf hoop. Peak NBA days. It will never get any better than this.
Onyx Citadel
Onyx Citadel Vor year
how low was that hoop tho?.. hehehe
COOP1 Vor year
Same man! Great memories
Me too haha, I was just thinking about that. Born in 83 here
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson Vor year
Ted Turner owned my cable provider and the Hawks at the time, and he showed all the Hawks games to promote the team. So I saw a lot of Wilkins in his prime, and him having to carry his whole team. He was a remarkable basketball player. They didn't call him the human highlights real for nothing.
Donna Montgomery
Yes he was Dave! He was probably the 2nd best scorer most years when they both played. It was a damned travesty when he didn't make 50 best all time..absolutely recoculous
Like A Gentleman
Yep. I can tell you’re an Atlanta native. Ted made sure to pump up the braves, hawks and falcons.
CaesarB227 Vor year
Human highlight REEL not real
James Roberts
James Roberts Vor year
I love how the judges can't do any of this but can judge how good these men are/we're.
Randyl Ibanez
Randyl Ibanez Vor year
What's so unique about Dominique windmill dunks are he's whole body was always right in front of the rim.. Even Vince didn't do that, he's always right on the side when he does the windmill
ktapreswreck d921v
ktapreswreck d921v Vor 3 years
Still love to watch Wilkins and Jordan in a dunk contest or just a regular season game. They just provided a level of excitement that you just don't get from today's NBA star duals/ rivals.
Adrian Walsh
Adrian Walsh Vor year
I love this part of the ALL-STAR compaction it's so exciting too see the top stars go for there dunk's
Vidya Sagar
Vidya Sagar Vor year
Seeing this even in 2022 means so great play by both the mates ❤️❤️❤️
ROBERTINI77 Vor 9 Monate
For those who think about Vince Carter´s elbow dunk... 10:36, and jumping from the side. This dunk is one of the most underrated dunks!
Gabor van Haren
Gabor van Haren Vor 8 Monate
Tough scoring the whole competition.
Jaden Wynn
Jaden Wynn Vor 6 Monate
Could've broke his arm comin at at that angle very impressive
Sharon Vor year
I remember this dunk contest & what 2 greats these two players were! I just miss Michael Jordan and thankful I watched him play his whole career!!! The 🐐 of the NBA!😍this whole era of the.NBA!!!
X Vor year
Glory days of the 80's, sorry to all that missed that decade!!!
X Vor 8 Monate
@Zig Man Sure bud, too bad I'm not even a boomer. But keep posting inane messages.
blitzz TV
blitzz TV Vor 2 years
The last dunk by dom was a clear 50 wtf judges.. This match deserves a dunk off.. One of the best in slamdunk competition history.. Both badass dunkers.. 👍
Shane with the Anderson
I agree , he got ripped off. I miss those days of ball.
George Mavrides
This is when the Jordan became everyone's favourite. This was judged before it started.
Wheel lights
Wheel lights Vor year
how the fk is any of Jordans dunks a 45??? he got ripped off just as well
MENG HU Vor 7 Monate
What about GD and Lavin?
Jon M
Jon M Vor 8 Monate
Times were definitely better back then and the energy. Jordan was amazing
Dan Sweda
Dan Sweda Vor year
From the mid 80's to the late 90's was the best era of basketball of all time, so lucky to have been alive to witness
MK11 Vor 6 Monate
Absolutely EPIC contest, I never get sick of watching it! Today's NBA will never be able to replicate the dunk authority alone how they punished the rim! Nowadays they're afraid to hurt their pretty manicured hands when dunking there is no authority..these two tried to MURDER the rim on each dunk!!
Motor City Dre
This will always be my favorite Dunk Contest with 2 great legends. Dominique got cheated, there's NO way his dunk was a 45 & he never missed a dunk. The judges gave the home team a gift bc how do u miss your 1st dunk & u make the 2nd & the judges give u a 50 🤷🏾‍♂️ GTFOH . . .
Xavier Vega
Xavier Vega Vor year
Only reason Jordan won is that contest was in Chicago.
Cease Miller
Cease Miller Vor year
Lol. Don't forget about the fans getting on the judges when they gave Michael a 47 previous dunk. Lol. Then turn around and gave Wilkins a 45 lmao 🤣
Motor City Dre
@Xavier Vega & the judges cheated. That had to be my 1st time EVER seeing MJ miss a dunk 🤷🏾‍♂️
That oneguy
That oneguy Vor year
@Xavier Vega big facts
Harry Snothead
Yeah MJ was given this one
Mary Headley
Mary Headley Vor year
And Dominique Wilkins was a powerful, finesse player. Beautiful to watch.
Awakened Bear
Awakened Bear Vor 3 years
Dominique's power is amazing! You can hear the impact on the rim with every dunk.
A.J. Ramirez
A.J. Ramirez Vor year
Absolutely. And he killed it. Every. Dunk. He had to be perfect to beat he just couldn't quite get there. But dude Wilkins' 2 handed windmill is one of my favorite dunks ever, it gets me every time. He's really graceful in the air, but then it's all power.
Jovi Galvez
Jovi Galvez Vor year
Vikctorr Kreedd
RANDOM He definitely beat M. Jordan.
chadsem Vor year
Duh. 1st time seeing him or some shit? lmao
Waynebo Vor year
MJ at 13:39 is my fav dunk of all time. I've seen lots of dunkers do that dunk, but very few execute it as well as MJ.
Rogi de la C Aleman
Rogi de la C Aleman Vor 6 Monate
El mejor slam dunk de todos los tiempos.
Josh Wagner
Josh Wagner Vor year
That was one of the best slam dunk contest right there. Sweet times
The Chosen One
Jordan’s semi final first attempt made me emotional; GREATNESS in action
Kareem J Weaver
Just watched this again after 30 years and I'm mad all over again. Giving Dominique a 45 on that last dunk, caving to the pressure of the crowd, made 15 year old me disgusted and bitter. It was even worse this time.
cubs win
cubs win Vor year
Jordan's 47 was bs though too.
Mac Attack 17
Mac Attack 17 Vor year
He went to the well too many times bro. Same dunk again and again
Mossy B 4 Prez
Nique's 1st dunk in the finals is beautiful. The one off the backboard. He was so far away from the rim. That was fire. Classic contest right here.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Vor year
He should have won it because of that dunk. That dunk was more than 50 points.
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Vor year
You gotta figure how long his arms are. Not quite as impressive once you consider that. Jordan's free throw line jumps were way more impressive.
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Vor year
@Hector Lopez A dunk cannot be more than 50.
Deepdiver Vor year
@Jimmy Johnson , His foot was over halfway across the free throw line. Not super impressive.
Y-l'yukne Bayonne Addo
I'm so sad that because of the context I lived in, I didn't have the chance to see how good Dominique Wilkins was and that it's only now, in my early forties that I discover that clearly. I always knew that he was a wonderfully gifted dunker but I wasn't aware that he was also a very good player. That's the shock I received recently from watching Wilkins closely. So I asked myself why people (and myself) only remember him as a crazy dunker, forgetting that he was also a great player? So I looked closely and I think I found the reason why. In term of game he was good but he wasn't special. In NBA history there has always been players with good game, having also good shooting abilities. So when you have a good game it's still very good but since there are so many people with the same characteristic, it's kind of logical that people forget this aspect concerning certain players. And the other thing explaining why people forgot his good game is that he was too good as a dunker. In the art of dunk, Wilkins is unique in the history of the NBA. I've never seen a man dunking with such high fury and energy. I mean he is above Shawn Kemp in this field. And his way of puting in-game dunks by pumping the ball (puting the ball high, then at the level of his belly then high again to dunk it) or puting it on his side all that to dodge defenders, are unique masterpieces to me. Those things are very difficult because they ask for high physical condition (specially muscles of the abs and flancks) and I just can't get enough of them. The only small disappointment I had while watching him is that he wasn't a glider like MJ and Drexler; he often tookoff near the rim unlike Michael Jordan, Drexler... who often tookoff further. Despite this small remark, Dominique Wilkins is really an unbelievable athlete in the history of the NBA and I'm so happy to better know his greatness. During all those years I was always wondering if he was that special. Now I know that yes, he was. In term of game he wasn't as special as MJ or Grant Hill (just to illustrate) who were crazy both in term of game and in the field of dunk, but with his unique energy and type of dunks he will never be forgotten and deserves much credits for his talent. PS: I say thank you very much to all those people who allow basketball lovers like me to correct their shortcomings.
Fit4Life Nick Zagorov
I remember this like it was Yesterday! Looked like Jordan was going to jump out of the stadium! Wilkins was amzing player always likeed his 360 dunk! Jordan is Jordan for a reason (Legend)
Lawrence Parker
Lawrence Parker Vor 7 Monate
Holy shit Wilkins throws it down hard! 2 hand windmill was brutal!
Wylin Out
Wylin Out Vor year
MJ has the best clutch up ice in the game. The more the pressure the greater he became.
Christopher Brewer aka "Krank" or Krank298.
I remember I was 7 years old watching this on my grandmother's black and white TV and it is still one of my favorite memories in basketball history.
You're Right
You're Right Vor 3 years
Jordan had finesse and grace. Wilkins had that raw power. One of my favorite dunkers. Shawn Kemp was another that slammed it with authority
Michael B
Michael B Vor 2 years
Invisiblesets Vor 2 years
This part!!Finesse &Grace bro!💪🏿
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Vor year
Creativity beats power any day.
Franky Broadcast
Pedro Gutierrez
Pedro Gutierrez Vor 6 Monate
That 45 score on the 2 handed windmill dunk from Nique was some Chicago mob stuff.
marc hess
marc hess Vor 6 Monate
That last dunk Dominique did was an all time great.
Pete D
Pete D Vor year
I rememeber watching this live. Man! It was awesome!! I feel sorry for the kids nowadays didnt have a chance to experience it
Sebastian Whalin
I mean its on youtube for anyone to watch anytime. So they can still experience it
chadbailey30 Vor year
Man I miss basketball in the late 80s early 90s!!! Was never better or more competitive. Even the all-star games/Dunk comp/3pt comp were so damn good
Ty h
Ty h Vor 6 Monate
Damnn, never realized Dominique didn't have a chance lol the perks of being MJ lol
Antonio Beck
Antonio Beck Vor 2 years
Man! These days were fantastic! I was so young and in love with the NBA! Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins really influence my life! I loved these two brothas! Long Live The Kings!!!!
Michael Kennedy
I still watch it. The power and elevation Dominique was incredible
Eston Wells, Jr.
This is when we appreciated the old school basketball stars
is this where we came in?
Man, that's great. This is the only time I can remember someone not crumbling beneath the weight of Jordan. And Nique was right there, and in my opinion, won.
Waynzig Nordics
It's the first time I ever heard Jordan admit he was scared because of the pressure. Showed a very humble side of him.
Peter & Jake Talks Wrasslin'
Great way to put it… in his own backyard, Nique was in control and he absolutely knew was at stake. He was in control of everything. That was Jordan’s last dunk contest.
On The Sideline - Coach Prevost
Zion Williamson makes me think about Dom Wilkins every time I see him dunk. His ferociousness was damn scary!
Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis Vor year
The two-handed windmill might be the greatest dunk of all time
scott magee
scott magee Vor year
And this man did for basketball, what prince did for music.....Genius! Jordan, the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Hung Van Lam ( hELLA HUNG )
The Free throw glide Dunk with so much verticle the second time around is a Masterpiece Signature MOVE that's LEGENDARY. Wilkins is Fire!! Great bout! -hELLA HUNG
Eric Santos
Eric Santos Vor 2 years
Such great memories of a simpler time. Both amazing basketball legends. Thank you for the upload.
Full Push Metals
The Good Ole Days! 🤘😎 Keep Pushin!
me myself
me myself Vor year
Man I loved this era 🙌💯
Rick Robitaille
Rick Robitaille Vor Monat
Was in highschool and was blown away by 6'seven Dominque Wilkins 😂🔥🇨🇦🇺🇸
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Vor year
I remember watching this live. Michael Jordan won this because of the hype surrounding him. And the home court advantage.
Marvin Williams
Marvin Williams Vor 6 Monate
The commentary for this dunk contest was amazing
Joe Bay
Joe Bay Vor 2 years
Finesse at its finest...MJ is just so smooth and very creative his body movements and creativity..Lots of free throw dunks mostly just extending their arms to reach,but MJ held back wards legs folded in the air then spreaded..Amazing to watch!
kevyn green
kevyn green Vor year
Motor City Dre
You're exactly right, but on every Freethrow dunk MJ was a foot inside the FT line. I think they now call it The Statue Of Liberty dunk 🤷🏾‍♂️
Joe Bay
Joe Bay Vor year
@Motor City Dre he sud step on the line but when it comes on a slam dunk competition we dont just look at the feet of the dunker the whole movement and creativity
William Wilkins
@Joe Bay they just gave it to Jordan
Mary Headley
Mary Headley Vor year
This is the night Michael showed us he could fly! I remember like it was yesterday.
cowpoke02 Vor 6 Monate
Crazy all dunks they did . I'd do few but look at my career longevity instead. Play hard in games . Great players.
PoweredbyCandoitall Vor 5 Monate
watched this live as a kid, watched it now Nique was robbed. He was a savage.
Chad Vor year
Jordan looked so good in slow motion his hang time was super crazy ... Def the best player ever he is the goat imo
Peter Park
Peter Park Vor 8 Monate
THE ICONIC dunk from MJ!!!!!
Simple Man Guitars
Simple Man Guitars Vor 3 years
Regardless of who won or lost the great thing about old school basketball was the level of competition and the killer instinct the legends all had. Dominique was an all time great but Jordan's foul line dunk is as iconic today as it was then.
Kareem J Weaver
Not exactly. It wasn't his. It was Dr J's. Unoriginal dunno that he missed in the first attempt in the final round..... thats what they have s victory to. Ridiculous. Nique was robbed and everybody knows it. Time just makes it worse.
Mario Frez
Mario Frez Vor 4 Tage
Fierce contest. Friendly competition. Mutual respect
Jeril Bush
Jeril Bush Vor 7 Monate
Titan Segundera 2.0
Michael Jordan with a spectacular Free Throw Dunk, in one of the greatest dunks in NBA All Star History! 🌟 💫
Reynaldo Isaga
Both are superb dunkers. Wilkins has the athletic agility but Jordan has the artistry which makes it more entertaining and worth-watching. My vote goes to MJ the GOAT of NBA.
Jay Tel
Jay Tel Vor 7 Monate
They can’t mess with Mj he makes every dunk looks spectacular
MediaSock Vor 3 years
10:30 - 16:30 - 19:57 these three Jordan dunks are my favourite, the way his head almost touches the ring at 10:30 & the way he changes directions in mid flight at 16:30 is phenomenal, but the free throw line dunk at 19:58 decimates all dunks that came before or after, Air Jordan takes off like a goddamn F-16 & is as graceful as a ballerina & the shock wave afterwards leaves us all in awe.
Mista Don't Play
Mista Don't Play Vor 2 years
🎯 these Nique fanboys tweakin
Dwight Vor year
All three of those where suppose to be 50
GeneralKayoss Vor year
When, for some reason, you thought Vince Carter was the first guy to throw down a 360 in a dunk contest. Then you see Wilkins doing it back in 1988! lol
Keem Da Dream
Keem Da Dream Vor 6 Monate
Dominique definitely showed out that night, HE knew mj was favored to win,I give nique credit for showing out through a tough environment, We'll never see this much again since 2016 dunk contest
beavis4220 Vor year
This slam dunk contest is what got my 14yo self deep into basketball for years till the players were more worried about money the the game and went on strike 😢😅
Shane Maddox
Shane Maddox Vor year
Great video. Learned that Ron Harper missed this contest (probably regrets that) Also that MJ won the coin toss and put the pressure on DW.
Chad Mindel
Chad Mindel Vor 7 Monate
Great dunk contest… Not so sure about the judging… But it was still by far the best ever… Could’ve watched these two battle at it 10 years in a row
Edward Here
Edward Here Vor 2 years
Ahh the good ole days, no cell phones in sight, no masks, full crowd and Michael Jordan!
D B Vor Monat
Trust me. All those ppl wish they had cell phones, they can't look at it memories of this except for DE-vid
SmokeN Vor year
It's crazy how far this has came none of these would get much love nowadays.
Rick Robitaille
Rick Robitaille Vor Monat
That is the greatest dunk ever🇨🇦❤🇺🇸
BigDan Vor 8 Monate
The commentator came in clutch with the best description of a dunk ever- The real 360 Wheeler dealer!
mwm48 Vor year
You gotta remember, they are probably taking into consideration how well the shot can be blocked. Imagine trying to guard Jordon when he’s doing all that juking in mid-air.
Peter & Jake Talks Wrasslin'
Iconic stuff…these broadcasters madd classy and these dunks were masterpieces…
C.k. Love
C.k. Love Vor 3 years
Wilkins was a BEAST!!!!
Just an unknown friend
Wow the difference from then until now. Today’s dunks are way too futuristic for these guys.
Munoken 23
Munoken 23 Vor 6 Monate
Greatest dunk contest ever! Period!
The Kansas Jayhawk
Being in Chicago I think the judges were under enormous pressure and stress w this one. Dominique got shorted and that's why.
La verdad la ultima clavada de Dominick a dos manos tenia mínimo 49. Al colocarle 45 lo perjudicaron para favorecer a Jordán. Wilkins hizo clavadas espectaculares y no parecía esforzarse , en cambio Jordán tuvo que agarrar impulso en algunas.
Julius Paul
Julius Paul Vor year
Watch 'Niques dunk at 17:15. His head is at the rim AND STAYS THERE for the entire windmill. It looks impossible. Was he grabbing on to the mesh with his teeth? The greatest windmill ever, by far.
Iron Physique
Iron Physique Vor year
Nique was robbed on that dunk. The judges gave him a 45. That was an amazing 50.
Kareem J Weaver
It was the worst example of rigging the results i have ever seen. Phenomenal dunk.
Roun Im
Roun Im Vor year
Better than lavine free throw line windmill?
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Vor year
@Iron Physique Nope
Geno Hero
Geno Hero Vor year
When you're 6 ft 9 having your head at The rim isn't that impressive actually I'm sure Dominique could have done that 58 when he was younger probably not super impressive but if you look at the pro-dunk leagues just like 10 years ago there was a guy named t dubs 5'9 the guys got a 50 plus inch vertical and the current crop of guys there is a few one guy at five six that can get his head level so this isn't that impressive when you look at the pro dunking circuit
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor Vor year
This was the best era of basketball for me... Jordan changed the game, he stood out because no other player played they way he played
Dank kush
Dank kush Vor year
I remember this as a kid & I still believe my boy Nique got robbed!!!! Great dunk contest tho
Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis Vor year
Let me tell ya, watching this live was something else. It's Michael Jordan, then every other basketball player in earth history
Steve L.
Steve L. Vor year
Tears of joy for Jordan!
kingart813 Vor year
The dunks should be judged off the slo mo replay! Quite impressive!!
Mark Schock
Mark Schock Vor 2 years
Dominique Wilkins had the power but Jordan just looked like he was floating above and around the rim. Saw this live and it still amazes me.
Revolution! Vor 2 years
Jordan can float and I watched it live too, but I think he should have lost some points for doing the same dunk twice
Εvd Leon
Εvd Leon Vor 2 years
Ok I understand this is a Jordan fun video. To be fair let us make an open vote on who was the real winner of the contest. Air Jordan dunk is not enough to give a win, in my opinion.
Michael Cook
Michael Cook Vor 2 years
@Revolution! Exactly!
Moises Bonilla
Moises Bonilla Vor 2 years
wowww you saw it live!!!! thats awesome man!! how must have been
Ray Lee
Ray Lee Vor 7 Monate
I still say that was home cooking and they played to the hearts of the fans in Chicago and GAVE MJ the win. Not only did he do the SAME DUNK buy he even had 2 MISSED DUNKS!
Interscope100 Vor 7 Monate
Back when the Dunk Contest was on national television!
Dizzy Red
Dizzy Red Vor year
What a great time to be alive … the 80s
Armondo Garcia
This was the best era in basketball hand's down in every which way
Michael Jordan nice play..
1997 NBA Slam Dunk Contest
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