Michelle Obama on Firing Staffers, Running for Office & Barack's Work Ethic

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Michelle Obama talks about receiving a Stevie Wonder album from her grandfather, what she'd do if she had wanted someone in Barack's administration fired, whether people have seriously approached her about running for President, Barack's strong work ethic, her social media habits and reveals details about the three people from her past who she talks about in her new book 'Becoming.'
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Michelle Obama on Firing Staffers, Running for Office & Barack's Work Ethic




16 Nov 2018

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theProdigalSon Vor 11 Tage
only WHITE MALES look and see a Man...........Real Men....look and see a Queen....
H_U_S_T_L_E_R Vor 12 Tage
RUSSINA poosinika v rot?\
MyChilepepper Vor 13 Tage
Kümmel, you're never going to eat that cookie.
Apdavis Davis
Apdavis Davis Vor 14 Tage
Mrs. Obama our First Lady. Thank you for your grace and beauty that you brought to the White House and keeping our President on point. I know and I look at the declining status of our country. Before he walked off that bus I knew this is not it. In two more years that will be it. We as a country are in a sad state. We will vote him out of office. But enough of sadness. May you and the President have a good life, and thank you for all that the both of you try to do for our country.🌹🌴 Sincerely, Ap Davis
A A Vor 14 Tage
*"Obama Presidency : A job well handled"*
Thomas Tamir
Thomas Tamir Vor 15 Tage
It is ALL STAGED!!! All they are doing is trying to stir up trouble. A lot of stage time for anti-American pro Muslim trouble makers.
kai geddes
kai geddes Vor 18 Tage
I believe she is running for president.
Mr Andrew
Mr Andrew Vor 18 Tage
Cross eyed inbred Jimmy takes a rectal pounding from Michael.
kevchco na
kevchco na Vor 15 Tage
Do you feel better now after you purged yourself of these insults?
MaryAnn Brackman
MaryAnn Brackman Vor 18 Tage
Barracks work ethic? What work ethic?
javier castellon
javier castellon Vor 19 Tage
Democrats are guilty of the planned and calculated promotion of abortion, for money and politics. Over 60 million children have been vacuum, or cut into pieces and extracted from their mother piece by piece. Or when the baby is too big for tearing apart, burned alive with chemicals over a period of 24 hours. Then, the mothers has to go back to the abortion clinic the next day, for the baby to be removed... already dead. Abortion kills one, hurts another.
richard rivera
richard rivera Vor 20 Tage
Michelle Obama for US President! 😍
braydon N
braydon N Vor 23 Tage
Both of these people are just aweful
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Vor 23 Tage
Wow more than half of her head is above her eyebrows.
King Kendrick Goat
King Kendrick Goat Vor 24 Tage
Michael is such a great woman
kevchco na
kevchco na Vor 15 Tage
You misspelled her name, should be "Michelle".
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson Vor 24 Tage
Isn’t this Barack’s husband?
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson Vor 15 Tage
kevchco na envious of what?
kevchco na
kevchco na Vor 15 Tage
Envious ?
Taha Mikati
Taha Mikati Vor 24 Tage
Michel 2020
operator excavator club
the video is very good ... I have clicked like and subscribed, permanently. please subscribe also to my channel ... ok, I'm waiting ... thank you
Mark Vor 24 Tage
Carl Mannerheimm
Carl Mannerheimm Vor 25 Tage
Animal, racist, muslim, Mufti Hussein l again we hear your crazy fatwa. אני עומד עם ישראל
Shucks Vor 25 Tage
Completely broke my heart when she said she’s not interested in running for president 😭😭
Lolli M
Lolli M Vor 25 Tage
If Oprah runs, Michelle should be Vice President 😭
Michael Schuchardt
Michael Schuchardt Vor 26 Tage
you will not eat the cookie! I AM NOT SUBSCRIBING!!!
Madeleine Colonna
Madeleine Colonna Vor 26 Tage
Michelle we need you in office!!!!
A A Vor 26 Tage
Truly the best First Lady the US has ever had
7.62x51 Vor 26 Tage
I just threw up
L- juice
L- juice Vor 27 Tage
I can't get enough of her.....We need more interview with Michelle Obama!!!
kana dop4
kana dop4 Vor 27 Tage
Trashing your ex-s is so bitchy.
G2 Vor 27 Tage
What a strong, beautiful, classy and respectful woman.
Callum b
Callum b Vor 27 Tage
Where are the twitter permission team now?
Mike Brande
Mike Brande Vor 27 Tage
Typical softball interview. What a joke.
Alice Milling
Alice Milling Vor 27 Tage
Michelle honest down to earth Human and funny miss you Please come back to the white house
J Bob
J Bob Vor 27 Tage
Never done anything for blacks
warrior100girl Vor 28 Tage
He is a grinder. All i can think about is running around in open world games and grind for ressources. :D
lauruguayitausa Vor 28 Tage
I like him, I sometimes watch his interviews, but he can be hungry all he wants, I will never subscribe! ha ha ha
Leo Ramirez Corona
Leo Ramirez Corona Vor 28 Tage
Be our president!!!
Siegfried Streit S.ST.
please with german subtitles😀👍
Thomas 0
Thomas 0 Vor 28 Tage
2:24 Who doesn't love a good Grindr 😏
Janie Wargo
Janie Wargo Vor 28 Tage
I miss the Obama's so much
RariGold Vor 28 Tage
If she ran for president I would vote for her easily
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
*Michelle Obama* is the first-*LADYBOY*
Anne Lyddall
Anne Lyddall Vor 28 Tage
BTY, do the red tablets treat your delusional paranoia?
Anne Lyddall
Anne Lyddall Vor 28 Tage
Professor Foxtrot I’m not American so he is not my president. But, if you still want me to rate him then, 🤔,😱😱😱😱😱. Is that clear enough?
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
+Anne Lyddall On a scale from 10 to 10, how awesome is it that Trump is Pres?
Anne Lyddall
Anne Lyddall Vor 28 Tage
Funny man. Keep taking the tablets.
gn lilu
gn lilu Vor 28 Tage
Michelle we need you back! ❤️
gn lilu
gn lilu Vor 28 Tage
Professor Foxtrot Please stop harassing me. 🛑 STOP
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
But in all fairness, Michelle Obama isn't qualified for anything.
gn lilu
gn lilu Vor 28 Tage
How dare you? Martin Luther King fought for equality!!! Go somewhere else with your racist comments!
gn lilu
gn lilu Vor 28 Tage
Professor Foxtrot I am not going to tolerate your racist remarks.
gn lilu
gn lilu Vor 28 Tage
lmao 🤣
Lucas KCVC
Lucas KCVC Vor 28 Tage
Excuse me Mr Obama
Boxer Mom
Boxer Mom Vor 28 Tage
Edward James
Edward James Vor 29 Tage
Whether you liked her or her husband's policy positions or not and the way people are now, I would seriously fear for her safety...Don't run!
John Lester
John Lester Vor 29 Tage
Fun fact: The Obamas are on their way to becoming BILLIONAIRES. Yes that's with a B. Something wrong about politics when you can become that wealthy after leaving. Kind of like how senators who earn around $120000 a year can afford multi million dollar homes. Yet they always claim we're not paying enough in taxes.🤔
John Lester
John Lester Vor 27 Tage
+Andrea Stanford oh don't you worry about me Honey. I sleep like a baby now that we have a man who knows about finance in the White House. Finally after 8 LONG years!!
John Lester
John Lester Vor 27 Tage
+Andrea Stanford The Obamas never ran so much as a lemonade stand. The only thing Obama was able to run well was the economy INTO THE GROUND. ANDREA
Andrea Stanford
Andrea Stanford Vor 27 Tage
Way to give "Mr. Stable Genius" a run for his money Johnny boy!👏
Bears Cant Fly
Bears Cant Fly Vor 29 Tage
Hey Jimmy, thats my cookie...
Freya Boopalan
Freya Boopalan Vor 29 Tage
OUR administration....love her!
Justine G.
Justine G. Vor 29 Tage
When she said Barrack’s a grinder, i just couldn’t help picturing him doing all that Magic Mike stuff and now I can’t stop 😂
Gloria Vor 29 Tage
After Obama became president I will never be a democrat again.
Jack Smitt
Jack Smitt Vor 29 Tage
She said that her and bush are partners in crime
Hamza Ajmal
Hamza Ajmal Vor 29 Tage
Mark my words, the Obama presidency will be vindicated as one of the best in American history. No scandals (even the Republicans attempts didn't stick [benghazi]), recovery from a historic recession, expansion of healthcare, etc.
Jordan Fowler
Jordan Fowler Vor 29 Tage
Just within this year alone , speaks volume to all the work that has been done and what has been holding us back from succeeding MORE . Its honestly a no brainer, we have an ALL TIME LOW for black and Hispanic unemployment records Also a record low of unemployment for women since over 7 Decades Over 8mill LESS reliant on welfare . 4.1% increase in income taxes and highest median income EVER recorded In less than 20 Months, Trumps GDP for ALL of America growth is a record 4.5% for time compared to the measly 2% Gdp average observed for Obama's 8YEAR term Obama had 90,000 kids separated from a bill HE signed and pushed forward!! While also violating the Supreme Court AND the Constitution 7 TIMES as a bare minimal!! Don't forget war started with Syria But with Trump.... We're gaining a BETTER Economy by EVERY metric possible by primarily deregulating acts/bills produced from OBAMA ... Leverage with owning our MANUFACTURERS Global terrorism is at a record low ISIS is tooken care of Even literally a 400% increase in black own business . I'm not saying Trump is a saint or even to defend him but he's far from how bad the left wing media illustrates him as , and if anything, he at least produces MORE postive economic growth for ALL Americans then he has "negative" things highlighted on CNN and MSNBC. That's why the percentage of blacks votes tripled and Hispanic voters Doubled for Donald since his election day . Not the Best president EVER to most but surely much farther away from the worst ones. Also let's not dismiss the Fact that some of these folks on the left (jimmy Kimmel)who just blatantly say that fox doesn't give facts and say that their "RACIST" when Majority of them support Hillary Clinton who ON AIR said ALL BLACKS LOOK ALIKE!!! Also a husband (Bill) that had more BLACK MEN locked up than any president EVER RECORDED ... Keeping mind that Republicans and Fox 90% of the time are the ONLY ones airing details and facts that a crucial to our everyday life while channels funded by bias globalist like FAKEMEDIA highlight and ONLY debate with unclear elevated EMOTIONS..... To each their own, but keep in mind the ramifications of preconsumption because dialogue is paramount to OUR Political discourse
Melora Foy
Melora Foy Vor 29 Tage
"We play that a lot at home."
p clark
p clark Vor 29 Tage
all that matters now is to boost book sales....if there wasn't a dollar involved she wouldn't even be here
Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green Vor 29 Tage
Please run. Michelle run.
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Vor 29 Tage
Get ya teeth fixed Michelle!
Andrea Stanford
Andrea Stanford Vor 29 Tage
Get your eyes fixed @Andrew Garcia!
Aleckz Marquina
Aleckz Marquina Vor 29 Tage
Michelle for president
jade anthem
jade anthem Vor 29 Tage
I love and admire her so much!!
Daniel Bernon
Daniel Bernon Vor 29 Tage
She is so amazing. Wish she would run. Vote for her in a half second.
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
lol... no.
Mohammed Modhaffer
Mohammed Modhaffer Vor 29 Tage
Never eat your 🍪. I will not subscribe.
Roadking 2003
Roadking 2003 Vor 29 Tage
Smart smart lady .
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
Carole Nash
Carole Nash Vor 29 Tage
Michelle 2020 definitely
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
lol... no.
Granny Rose
Granny Rose Vor Monat
eric holder was wonderful?
log140 Vor Monat
it`s not about "running", it`s about winning :-) what was it Obama acieved during those 8 years that I missed?
Anika Liaquat
Anika Liaquat Vor Monat
One classy lady... May God bless you
Milena Rosenkranz
Go back to sleep and starve
Sarah Michelle Gilligan
As President she would have to be President for the 60 miĺlion braindead deplorables who voted for Trump. Who in their right mind would want this job??
Urs Schaffer
Urs Schaffer Vor Monat
Great woman!!
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
S. R.T.
S. R.T. Vor Monat
She would be an incredible US president. Not like the present one, who never gets anything done.
Ramona Lewis
Ramona Lewis Vor Monat
AdamEater, you're so jealous. This woman is just beautiful, and so your green eyed envy "vomit", is making you feel that way. And she sure don't look like a man. So you all stop embarrassing yourself. Ridiculous and Childish.
AWAWA BO Vor Monat
Ever? Come on
jj62024 Vor Monat
Michelle Obama for Senator
TopGuy360 KENYA
TopGuy360 KENYA Vor Monat
Even after subscribing Jimmy still didn’t eat the cookie 🍪. I’m gutted 😠
Daltira Vor 15 Tage
It had gluten
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
...larger than Obama's
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
...because she is a ladyboy
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
Michelle has bigger balls than JImmy!
Adnan A
Adnan A Vor Monat
Well, Jimmy, guess you’ll never get to eat that cookie...
Adnan A
Adnan A Vor Monat
I just get extra stressed out when I’m overworked :/
Emma Klinsmann
Emma Klinsmann Vor Monat
Just bought her book, waiting eagerly for it. She is all things good, beautiful and strong.
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
"Life as the First- First Lady with a Pocket Monster" - By Michelle Obama
MagnaHooBoo Vor Monat
Roseanne 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Andrea Stanford
Andrea Stanford Vor 29 Tage
Psychiatric meds for @MagnaHooBoo STAT til 2024....
Hank Rogers
Hank Rogers Vor Monat
bigmedge Vor Monat
She's clearly a wonderful woman & wife. Too bad that her husband was an indescribably corrupt & economically illiterate crook.
Pappy Vor Monat
Seeing her makes me smile!
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
Seeing Obama lose the election through Hillary makes me smile.
Dream Scape
Dream Scape Vor Monat
He is a good example of a bad example!!! Mike Obama.
Parth Patel
Parth Patel Vor Monat
Not Barack, President Obama
Charin Kaziya
Charin Kaziya Vor Monat
the coolest first lady ever
AdamEater Vor Monat
She's a horrible disgusting person and makes me want to vomit!
Lexi Baldwin-Money
+nicolz lami I agree lol. you must be pretty bored to click on a video JUST to leave a comment about how much you hate it
nicolz lami
nicolz lami Vor Monat
+Lexi Baldwin-Money sad how miserable the lives of some people are isnt it?? Hahahahah
Lexi Baldwin-Money
then... why did you click on the video??😂
John Trump
John Trump Vor Monat
Obama's legacy = 💩!
Venkatesh babu
Venkatesh babu Vor Monat
When a women can dominate is the survival process difficult. When you think different all process is easy. That's why think like a woman.
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
Michelle Obama is a tranny!
Frank Footer
Frank Footer Vor Monat
Why didn’t Kimmel do his Karl Malone impression for her??????
Plù Msp
Plù Msp Vor Monat
Please run for 2020!
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
Ashley Jarrell
Ashley Jarrell Vor Monat
Class, grace, beauty inside and out. How could you not love this woman?
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
Because she is a tranny.
Caz 9
Caz 9 Vor Monat
I totally respect her not running for President. Great that she is so brilliant but also good that she can influence from outside with an awesome knowledge and experience of the inside.
bob smith
bob smith Vor Monat
Obama friends: bill ayers (who many think ghost wrote Obama book.terrorist) ,Bernadine dorn (terrorist), al Sharpton(racist), louis farakhan (racist). such wonderful people...
Andrea Stanford
Andrea Stanford Vor 29 Tage
@Bob Smith...."think" is the only operative & honest word in your entire post! Apparently, "Ya brain broke!"
Gondu Sumfin
Gondu Sumfin Vor Monat
Duck my sick
SuperHorseman22 Vor Monat
nice looking tranny and the other one is a woman
2dasimmons Vor Monat
We must keep in mind that the WAR IN LIBYA was coordinated via twitter and facebook:/
2dasimmons Vor Monat
politicman1 Vor Monat
Hey, there's Michael Obama on the Jimmy Kimmel show!!!!
Space Ghost
Space Ghost Vor Monat
its like they are road testing if Michelle could be the next Dem candidate....
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
or for the aids cure...
Starla Black
Starla Black Vor Monat
I would love to have this lady as my president.
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot Vor 28 Tage
President of Mustache Rides at SeaWorld.
Ricky Nelson
Ricky Nelson Vor Monat
ugly chimp.
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