Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II - Official Trailer

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Scale bigger mountains, unearth elaborate caves, and mine large ore veins in Part II of the Caves & Cliffs Update! Discover lush cave and dripstone cave biomes, increased world height, and updated terrain generation. Light up your world with candles to show what a savvy spelunker and master mountaineer you are!

The Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II launches on November 30, download Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and 11 - and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, macOS, and Linux.




29 Nov 2021



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TimeBucks Vor Monat
love how the animation gave them both different emotions
Priyanka Mulchandani
@MrRichManGuy bruh it was just showing 2 sides . One is beautiful and 1 is scary . Not that deep , get your mind out of gender bs
Sr.Creeper Vor Monat
@MrRichManGuy clumsy and cowardly not, but simple and delicate (which is not the case with this trailer, as alex explores while steve mines and deals with the heavy stuff)
Sr.Creeper Vor Monat
@Gizmo Cat in the game, steve and alex can do the same things, just change the texture and pattern of the arms
Sr.Creeper Vor Monat
@BILLIE SAYS DUH so strive instead of begging for subscribers, no one can take it anymore
MrRichManGuy Vor Monat
@Priyanka Mulchandani Makes sense that someone like you wouldn't see anything past that. Unfortunately today, it's normal for big companies to plant messages like this. Not a rights activist for anything, just someone who sees through bullcrap.
EricMKgamer Vor Monat
I like how they are giving Steve and Alex personality, it makes them feel more like characters and not just default skins
Sir Yak
Sir Yak Vor 3 Tage
Yeah! They are more like the characters Blue Monkey gives them, which I think it pretty cool
Cryptxl_08 Vor 14 Tage
@Cosmic dude your a monster have respect ✊ no chill bruh
Sr.Creeper Vor Monat
@Cosmic his father died a long time ago, are you still making these bad jokes with him?
cuddle corner
cuddle corner Vor Monat
@Cosmic what
Sum Buddy
Sum Buddy Vor Monat
I love how Steve and Alex in this trailer personify two major archetypes of Minecraft. Steve is a survivalist, being much more cautious and getting giddy over stuff like new ores to mine, while Alex is much more adventurous, focusing more on seeing cool new places with less regard to safety.
KingstonGamer10 Vor 27 Tage
I like how Steve’s cautiousness creates concern for him largely
Mayank Vor Monat
How she pulled out a sword when clearly the best option was to run away against those thousands of mobs
Sr.Creeper Vor Monat
I think this is more based on the types of people who use them.
WyvernPlays Vor Monat
bruh same most people depict Alex as like the builder or the sense of reason and Steve as the comic reflief
weepgamer Vor Monat
0:27 we need splashes like this ingame, that would be sick!
Alejvip Vor 8 Tage
@Rainbow Phoenix its called Effective (Forge) its a separate version
Rainbow Phoenix
Rainbow Phoenix Vor 9 Tage
@Alejvip "And Forge"? I looked for the forge one everywhere but couldn't find it ;w; can you hit me the link please?
Alejvip Vor 9 Tage
For anyone wondering how is the mod called that add the splashes is called effective and is for Fabric and Forge (for forge it's a separate version called Effective (Forge) )
Trevan777 Vor 28 Tage
@Dream Chileno do you mean doctor4t?
Rainbow Phoenix
Rainbow Phoenix Vor Monat
futab Vor Monat
I love how they gave Steve and Alex their own personalities, really adds a lot to the trailer
Hero e
Hero e Vor Monat
@futab it can be used for lava traps
Hero e
Hero e Vor Monat
@futab it can be used for lava traps
DogOfTea Vor Monat
@futab I mean, it can slow you down
futab Vor Monat
@Cherry Dragon I don't think veterans would be scared of a cobweb though
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon Vor Monat
It kinda makes sense Steve is scared quick. He been there since the very start, alex only came around years later. Obviously she would be less weary and more adventure seeking. Like the playerbase. Veterans know what to look out for new players would like the adventure
setosorcerer Vor Monat
Finally a world generation update that gives that same excitement of finding breath taking terrain like the Alpha days. Been having a blast with the snapshots leading to this update and can't wait to dive into the official release :)!
Priyansh Playz
Priyansh Playz Vor Monat
@Naman ah yes Minecraft is your inspiration for a channel, cool bot
Liz Quintana
Liz Quintana Vor Monat
Quiero el link
Faisal S
Faisal S Vor Monat
wait you're alive?
AL Symon Psalm
AL Symon Psalm Vor Monat
Bored. Vor Monat
Alex: Chilling with axolotls Steve: *Australia Mode has been activated.*
Ashley H
Ashley H Vor Monat
The animations with Steve and Alex are adorable! I love how they have personality :) Makes me wonder what their voices would sound like canonically . . .
Guy Vor 5 Tage
ouw, ouw ouw?
Aryan kaushik
Aryan kaushik Vor 6 Tage
I love how Steve just doesn't get a break, even when he's out of the cave Steve be like: I can do this all day
Elliot Johansson
00:05 imagine if there was a special cave called "Spider Caves* They could also add like a mini boss room to it or something, i'd be so cool.
The contrast from peaceful Alex stuff to Steve fighting for his life is hilarious! 😂😂
Jacob Sweeney
Jacob Sweeney Vor Monat
@P.A.W Official uh, at least he’s not dead.
Jacob Sweeney
Jacob Sweeney Vor Monat
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] why are you even here if you hate Minecraft, because fortnite kids don’t watch Minecraft videos, so they?
Biscuits Vor Monat
@Sirus Johnson There's no way you're not trolling lol
meow meow
meow meow Vor Monat
Commander,program,mage accel & squib gamepreis omg
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] why do you even think about that, they will never do it, now go cry dream smp stan.
AG.Floats Vor Monat
This update was a huge leap for this game. Can't wait for the warden and the cities under there. Can't wait for Wild update also as the surface does need some more life.
Zackwithn Vor Monat
Love how Steve jumped with a water bucket equipped so he could stop the fall and looked at the axolotl and like "Yeah frick living. Axolotl is the coolest sheet I've seen"
Creeper Vor 7 Tage
Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us❤😊😁
Reboget Vor Monat
This is literally going to begin to feel like i'm playing terraria in 3d ngl. They make minecraft look more like terraria which is totally cool. I love both of those games.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
You know it’s a trailer when those aimbot skeletons didn’t hit a single arrow on them
GamingBren Vor Monat
They need to nerf skeletons.
XxchasingsydxX Vor Monat
i would have prob not have came out of that cave and if i did i would have arrows EVERY ware lol
Ok ragazzi🤣🤣🤣👊👊🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
Crashlis Vor Monat
@(admin) eljere versión fino🍷🧐 que pro 😎
Anh Quân
Anh Quân Vor Monat
Mr Everywhere
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Vor Monat
Even after playing the new update and exploring the new caves, this trailer still looks absolutely amazing!
Quepowy Vor Monat
ILikeBudgies Vor Monat
At First, I wasn't too sure if the update would be that interesting but after playing it I'm hooked. The tall new Mountain terrain and Georges new Caves are amazing!
BuzzLightYearPFP Vor 25 Tage
I love how in these trailers the mobs are always giant hordes
Cookie _
Cookie _ Vor Monat
I love how Steve just doesn’t get a break, even when he’s out of the cave
ItzManolo343 Vor 11 Tage
@Leave It Empty bruh, the main reason they introduced alex was to be more open to female players, you can check that out if you want +cope
Leave It Empty
Leave It Empty Vor 11 Tage
@ItzManolo343 female players could already join It’s literally just a slim arm adjustment Its more comparable to Minecraft bedrocks hight customization Slim arms arent locked to gender as you can see in Minecraft dungeons
ItzManolo343 Vor 11 Tage
@Leave It Empty nahhhh bruh its obviously the representation of a male and female, alex was added to mc so more female players could join, and even if you are right, 99999.99% see alex and steve as male and female
Anonymous Kitten
Alex's life: ♥️blessed♥️ Steve's life: CONSTANT HECK
Gradyx8 Vor Monat
Lol true
tg games oficial
Maravilhoso este trailer 😍😉
BlurredWolf Vor Monat
I absolutely love how much personality Steve and Alex has!
Starbeach Vor Monat
vidal moscoso
vidal moscoso Vor Monat
I like how this gives us insight into Steve and Alex as characters. It really fleshs out there personalitys. Like how now we know that Steve is afraid of Spiders and Alex likes axolotls.
SuperG4mer13 Vor Monat
Esta atualização está simplesmente incrivel! Confesso que fiquei um pouco desapontado pela Caves & Cliffs ser dividida em duas partes mas valeu a apena cada segundo de espera pela parte 2, os mundos ficaram extremamente mais bonitos!
IDK my nn would be
The small detail that the animators made to save the axolotl in the bucket was wholesome
Nuggets HoLt_20
Nuggets HoLt_20 Vor 13 Tage
QUAK you can warden
Fristina kongruen
Go Team Slugs
Go Team Slugs Vor Monat
"Le Quack : Amnesia Specialist"
Thalys 101
Thalys 101 Vor Monat
Dani Fadilla
Dani Fadilla Vor Monat
MatheusdasExtremas Vor 17 Tage
Amo tanto esse trailer que nunca paro de assistir.
4zy1 Vor Monat
I love that these animations give Steve and Alex personalities, Steve always seemed like he'd have a bit of a goofy personality.
Youri Van der Meer
I think there should be an enchantment on your pickaxe that melts iron, gold and ancient debris when you mine it, like fire aspect but then on your pickaxe
AidRod69 Vor Monat
Mojang could make such an amazing show with all the lore and character from the game it would be amazing
Holy ML
Holy ML Vor Monat
Alex: *In a lush and plant-filled utopia.* Steve: *_Australia._*
Getit Loud!
Getit Loud! Vor Monat
Ras Aeron Raymundo
Autralian bugs r stronk
Holy ML
Holy ML Vor Monat
@awezone Well yes and no? Australia has a lot of spiders for sure though, so.
awezone Vor Monat
Huh is Australia that dangerous, i think its just stereotypes
Kristos Zee
Kristos Zee Vor Monat
@Holy ML ayy i know you
ProSec Vor Monat
I like how, even when it's just squares, you can tell exactly what their expressions are.
GamingBren Vor Monat
Yeah I like it
Sr.Creeper Vor Monat
even without nose and ears, and with their pixelated faces, you still get to know how they feel
Michi Vor Monat
I really want Mojang to add tthe water splash now, looks absolutely beautiful
bingo123 Vor Monat
Can we get some more personality from Alex and Steve? Love the little details
tshimanga kanyinda mfiondu
love how you can see the updated mountains in the back at the beginning
VirtualNoob Vor Monat
I love the small bits of personality steve and alex have, they're just blank slates but these trailers make them feel human
T3-TomTom Vor Monat
HALO THERE this link is hilarious 😂
Aidan Hayward
Aidan Hayward Vor Monat
@Player 1 Well of course they do. They have excellent personalities that are very well showcased in the trailer. But with the way Minecraft itself is setup, it would be rather hard to introduce their personalities into the gameplay of Minecraft without making it get in the way of things, especially being a first person game.
Player 1
Player 1 Vor Monat
@Aidan Hayward Well they already have an personality thanks to this trailer...
Aidan Hayward
Aidan Hayward Vor Monat
@Player 1 Emotes give the player a method of expression. They do not give Steve/Alex a personality.
Ashton Sketches
Ashton Sketches Vor Monat
Should watch Blue Monkey's animations, I love what they did with them
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Vor Monat
It’s incredible how much Minecraft has changed and how far it’s come
Andres Vor Monat
Wow.0 Dislikes just goes to show how much people appreciate this!
ItzBloxyCraft Vor Monat
This trailer is such the BEST, and the new update is just so aesthetic to look, I really love this new update exept When the update come the game was sometime glitch and lag i hope it get fixed :]
Creeper Vor 7 Tage
Zach Gaming Kid
Zach Gaming Kid Vor Monat
This update is really cool and my favorite my favorite is huge mountains and huge caves!
Mr Grievous
Mr Grievous Vor Monat
Alex: **Chillin with Axolotl** Steve: OH NO ITS AUSTRALIA ALL OVER AGAIN!
Семён Дежнёв
Steve : I'm going to Brazil.
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez Vor Monat
The Axolotl lives in Mexico
Birdz Vor Monat
As an Australian, I can confirm that it ain't Australia cuz it isn't upside down and there aren't magpies trying to swoop at you.
Ethan Xed Manalo
@Geber Motta what here on Philippines oh wait nevermind
I simp for Supreme Calamitas
@Josh the Super Rabbid Dinnerbone spider
Miraculon Vor Monat
Gotta love that ending with the ragdoll physics, flipping yeeted off.
Τριαντάφυλλος Σερμέτης
Alex: ahhhh this is such a paradise Steve: Finally I survived from all the poisonous cave spiders
Unknown 1644
Unknown 1644 Vor Monat
I hope this goat thing continues for a long time, I love the random goat attacks.
AJBlack Vor Monat
I really wish they made the books into movies and used this as the animation style. It'd be noice
AyoDen Vor Monat
Who else thought Steve was about to water bucket mlg
GamingBren Vor Monat
I kinda like that reference
Omega Vor Monat
I think he was going to if Alex wasn’t there with the boat
Kai Li
Kai Li Vor Monat
It's a trailer, they have plot armor
CyanideCoffee Vor Monat
@skully or something sad that Alex took it and use it to save the axolotl, but he's Steve, he'll live
Nicholas Kawilarang
Alex: Spawns in Soren's wool world (Soren's totally artificial Happyland) Soren: [runs away]
Rock girl
Rock girl Vor Monat
People say: "spyglass is useless, cant use for anything" Me: "build a high watch tower on mountain, wearing iron set, and a spyglass. That's iconic!"
Harrish Romero
Harrish Romero Vor Monat
What if you combine them
Flamingo is god
Flamingo is god Vor Monat
Imagine forgetting about the two best features(archeology and the deep dark)
EasyCheesy Vor Monat
I think it would be EPIC if Minecraft took the art style of the trailer, like how Steve and Alex and EVREYTHING looks and make the animations more expressive.
TheDerpyWhale Vor Monat
Playing the update and pre-releases have been so much fun, cave generation is exactly where it needs to be, it was so boring before! Well done mojang!
T3-TomTom Vor Monat
HALO THERE this link will make you laugh 😂 100%
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon Vor Monat
I got a gigantic 700 ish block long tunnel under my base with a giant dripstone cave at 1 end and a lava lake with deepslate pilars at the other end. I don't even know if it ends there or not. Its insane. I love this update sofar. Tho i wanna find a lush cave soon
General_Spazzz Vor Monat
@Томмуfun 🅥 As kindly as possible, why don't you shut up.
Supercar2009 Vor Monat
ey it’s this guy
Vor Monat
hi DerpyWhale
First name Last name
Finally, caves and cliffs with the caves and cliffs
Panther Vor Monat
nice, another fantastic update to hold me over until Hytale :D
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Vor Monat
I like how Alex is literally in heaven while Steve is fighting for his life
CaitSeith Vor Monat
I had Steve’s experience when I found my first big cave: Nether in the Overworld.
Phinehas Zheng
Phinehas Zheng Vor Monat
1:05 Love this attention to detail when Steve pulls out a bucket of water to break his fall.
TeMmIe Vor Monat
Steve going for the waterdrop tho
Gerrald Yovindi
Gerrald Yovindi Vor Monat
What's weird is that he holds it on his left hand
I eat Pie
I eat Pie Vor Monat
@Mr. Sad yep
Mr. Sad
Mr. Sad Vor Monat
Steve's been watching YT. He's learning some epik gamr strats.
I eat Pie
I eat Pie Vor Monat
@Alan Appiah he was going to
i love new trailer :) different sites and emotions
Sonic! Vor 22 Tage
The torch that Alex has just stays on fire when it’s in the water 😂
Culgar Vor Monat
Whoever animates these, I love you.
Nicholas Kawilarang
Skeletons in game: aimbot Steve's part: both expectations and in-game reality Alex's part: expectations only
Steven Harbinger
Steve is only scared because he's been around a lot longer then Alex and has seen the horrors of Modding with these types of caves... Then exactly that happens to him. Poor Steve. We love you
Dobo Trobo
Dobo Trobo Vor Monat
Steve is scared because he remembers the days before beds.
Craxin01 Vor Monat
The piece de resistance is poor Steve getting knocked off the cliff by a goat after just making to relative safety.
The Steve
The Steve Vor Monat
Gobershmat Gobershmat
Cries in Geonauch.
PounceLyGrin Vor Monat
true that
HonzaSpace Vor Monat
Bylo by super kdyby vznikla grafika do minecraftu stejná jako je v traileru to by za mě udělalo hru mnohem hezčí, a člověk by mohl přepínat mezi starou a novou grafikou.
Nashayatplayz Vor Monat
There was a time where building these were fun and now we can get them in a click of a button show's how much mc has changed
Subro Orbus
Subro Orbus Vor Monat
The axolotl in this trailer made my day! ❤️
Yago Mendes
Yago Mendes Vor Monat
Nice update... i like this so much! Very epic...
Willow beauty 🌸
Alex: Ah, so lovely in this update! So adventurous too! Steve: HELP THIS IS A NIGHTMARE
Benson Brotman
Benson Brotman Vor Monat
Demonicphil9 Vor Monat
@Gamexpress 9122 well that just shows you how great the mojang team designed caves now
Gamexpress 9122
Gamexpress 9122 Vor Monat
I’m totally Steve. Been playing with experimental features on Bedrock and snapshots on Java and I refuse to go into the caverns. It makes me feel too claustrophobic lol
Cerridian Empire
@Demonicphil9 and terraform an entire area in a day
Jelly AnimeWeeb
Jelly AnimeWeeb Vor Monat
@Rainiel Yamsuan yes ik- that was a joke-
G Wenxel
G Wenxel Vor Monat
Thanks so much for making this.
Kol Skullkid
Kol Skullkid Vor Monat
So really well made trailer but it goes by way too quickly 😅
Thanks for the masterpiece Minecraft!
Argonian Ale
Argonian Ale Vor Monat
Stay tuned for Part 3, will be released in 2024!
Stealth Vor Monat
beautiful trailer that captures the essence of 1.18. Exploring the new caves while the new music is playing makes you feel like your playing a new game! Mojang crushed it!
Μega Μax
Μega Μax Vor Monat
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] another fatherless child
bugboy 99
bugboy 99 Vor Monat
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] ok to each there own
27 rockets
27 rockets Vor Monat
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] are your parents brothers?
Влад Шипило
Fortnite fans more like fortnite stans am i right
jr Vor Monat
@Froggo tell me she found diamonds before she died please tell me
Nolan cOuLoMbE
Nolan cOuLoMbE Vor Monat
Minecraft was already super cool and adventurous. But now we have mountains! Wow
JellyCrossOver Vor Monat
I love how Steve’s been here is the beginning and he’s still scared of caves
Francisco Javier Blanco Delgado
1:20 Hay que reconocer que es algo real en las nuevas cuevas, no se porque pero aparecen una cantidad insana de monstruos en esos sitios xD
The small detail that the animators made to save the axolotl in the bucket was wholesome
Galeano34 Vor Monat
Alex: "All is fine" Steve: **Spawns in australia**
I'm Serious
I'm Serious Vor 14 Tage
Trevan777 Vor 28 Tage
Minecraft is Australia cuz large spiders are everywhere XD
Go Team Slugs
Go Team Slugs Vor Monat
I have some aquatic cousins down there.
Bailey Wooof
Bailey Wooof Vor Monat
as an australian, can confirm saw him the other day
Hero e
Hero e Vor Monat
@PipePro115 que gracioso comediante poniendo la letra ñ ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhh
Cant wait until the warden is coming to the game. Ahahaha! I have so many plans for this mob :)
Just_John Vor Monat
If Mojang makes a Minecraft series all about the lore with this art style, it make Squidgame look like cobblestone
nawbie Vor Monat
This update has been my dream since 1.17.8
Roman Abrosimov
Roman Abrosimov Vor Monat
funny thing is that I almost had the same experience as Steve cuz I fell a few times in holes, got hit by pointed dripstones, had to take down all of the spiders next to the spawner and eventually fought 4 zombies and 2 creepers just to get out XD
Jdhed .mcpack
Jdhed .mcpack Vor Monat
Steve and Alex: Escapes a flood of mobs and nearly dying Goat: Let me show you what I did in 1.17
Mike2Dice Vor Monat
@Ÿëüä-Marlon i think he's insane
Mr. Maravilla
Mr. Maravilla Vor Monat
@Ÿëüä-Marlon Ñ
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani Vor Monat
Ah yes
Ÿëüä-Marlon Vor Monat
@Mr. Maravilla what about it?
Mr. Maravilla
Mr. Maravilla Vor Monat
Minecraft Java with rtx :v
LILLY GRACE :) Vor Monat
This update is 🔥
I really watched it all over and over again and is saw in the waterfall when it drops there are particles and there are many spiders in the caves which should be there and realistic lighting and also splash when alex fell in the water will all of these be in the update or its just animations and if ever you'll update again maybe change the look of the baby chickens into yellow which it should be and also maybe add roots to lily pads and lily pad flowers......and can you make the wolves have many variants of colot other than grey/white and maybe add biomes and trees in the end cuz its quite empty and maybe make a gateway apear near your house or spawn when you defeat the ender dragon so we could visit and leave easily the gateway near your house or spawn will be worth it cuz there will be biomes and trees in the end the trees should bare ender eyes K!!!😀🙏👍
Tham dinh Phong
Tham dinh Phong Vor Monat
Thank you Mojang for already out minecraft version 1.18, I hope Mojang will release version 1.19
BeepDuck Vor Monat
i wish the lush caves actually glowed like that
John Carter
John Carter Vor Monat
"oh no skeletons!" "I know! Let's make a TELESCOPE" *GENIUS*
Luigi Marinus Gaming
Emmets weird ideas
MarioFungo Vor Monat
@Томмуfun 🅥 use me as a dislike button
Μega Μax
Μega Μax Vor Monat
@A lol Fierce's channel has the like and dislike ratio off before DE-vid disable the dislike count. And remember. Fierce likes only the positive comments and dislikes the high amount of dislikes. So that's why he disabled the like and dislike ratio
Himmysharp Vor Monat
“Oh no skeletons who miss every shot!”
Luttfullah Khan
Luttfullah Khan Vor Monat
@Chase Reynolds that's great thanks!
Ericjoy Pecoro
Ericjoy Pecoro Vor Monat
I love the detail of how Steve here's ready to fall with a water bucket
Aya Vor 10 Tage
i wish when they actually make a movie, itll be like this
[ l o w e r ]
[ l o w e r ] Vor 15 Tage
It's not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨..
Nicholas Kawilarang
Steve: He Spawns in a Sandcastle that Alex built in an Australian Desert Alex: She is in PEACEFUL Difficulty
Jet's Galaxy
Jet's Galaxy Vor Monat
Poor Steve, he’s always getting the worst possible thing.
Pauline Bunag
Pauline Bunag Vor Monat
@Osha I mean who wants to see a orange haired woman get tormented
Noobelix Vor Monat
@Osha Yeah
Osha Vor Monat
It is odd how it's only Steve. I don't think they would every do that with Alex.
1815 British Soldier
Poor poor steve
FunnySunny☀ Vor Monat
Blueish Vor 9 Tage
Every detail in the water from 0:54 to 1:22 would look SICK ingame
CopperyMarrow15 Vor Monat
just noticed the detail that when Steve jumps off the cliff to evade the spiders, he is holding a water bucket; a slight nod to the MLG trick Alex also goes on to save the axolotl in it. two things a casual viewer might not notice
Louis-Philippe Boies
If only minecraft had dynamic lights like in the trailer :(
Titan Vor Monat
This trailer is absolute genius as it used the two perspectives to showcase the two themes of the update, and then even put in the cliffs at the end.
Titan Vor Monat
@Acookingchef I see that you are a man of culture as well
Acookingchef Vor Monat
Vesteria knight
Juler_28 Vor Monat
Is incredible!
Tactical Goldfinch
Let’s be honest Steve has reason to be afraid and more cautious he has been in the landscape for a longer time lol
Dwayne Arcenas
Dwayne Arcenas Vor Monat
One question if the cave is gonna be big will the mob increase in spawn
Somewhere Upthere
Oh wow they are getting so much better at presenting!
phone batteries be like
I'm Not Ok
Aufrufe 285 991
java vs bedrock v2
Aufrufe 142 000
which one will golem choose
old vs new textures
Aufrufe 4 800