Modified Cars TAKE OVER Clarkson's Farm!

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I was invited to capture the action at the start of this year's Banzai Rally, which began at Diddly Squat Farm, Jeremy Clarkson's farm. Whilst there I witnessed the modified cars park up to look around the site, meet Kaleb Cooper and eventually leave on their 4-day rally.

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Head over to www.carhuddle.com for a full list of car shows in the UK!

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13 Sep 2021



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Pandamonium Vor year
Cool to see just how much respect everyone showed by not flooring it past the campers etc, even though they probably really wanted too lol
Locals are whinging about his farm traffic. Could you imagine what they said after a bunch of loud modified cars turned up 😂😂
melgigg Vor year
Jeremy is a surprisingly nice guy, meet him a couple of years ago at his farm to teach him how to use the telescope Lisa had given him for his birthday.
sewele nene
sewele nene Vor year
Can we just acknowledge, this man knows his cars
jacob Chambers
Great video at a great location , never get bored of Clarkson 🤛
P J Vor year
Wow, what a fantastic collection of cars. The drift cars and JDMs looked amazing!!
Yega Vor year
Went past there couple months back, tried to get in but the queue was insane and didn't fancy waiting around for couple of hours for milk. Hope to go again once all the hype dies down.
Tyresome Vor year
Awesome video dude! Thanks for capturing what it's like to be there!
Great to see the cars and they behaved well
An absolute legendary array of machinery at Diddly Squat 👌👌👌
JordieMotive Vor year
Good to see you again mate! My S15 was veeeery dirty as I was on my way home from a 850 mile drive up north! We've got to do the Peak District together at some point!
Crazycamber 4
Crazycamber 4 Vor year
Clarkson better make an episode of this 🤣
Matt Cooper
Matt Cooper Vor year
Keep up the good work Adam 🚗
lunar quickstrike
adamc346 x clarkson farm
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim Vor year
normal farm: pickups and suvs
I love how leaving car shows is the same whether it’s in England or the US.😂
Michael Howett
The guy that has the “team locked and loaded” drift car streames on twitch doing stuff to the car, I highly recommend watching his streams
Max B
Max B Vor year
I have been waiting for this... Wasn't a question of "if" but rather a question of "when". Got to say Thank you for scratching this itch for me.
Gemma Cloutman
Went to boarding school very near there, I bet the locals are going mental!! 🤣🙈 Good old Jeremy ☺️
will Vor year