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We washed and dried all the samples and found the best Hoodie. On sale now! At mufkr.com/ If you already ordered, the hoodies will be on there way soon! Updates to come :)




8 Apr 2021



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MissRomie A
MissRomie A Vor 11 Tage
I normally hang my sweaters up or lay them flat to dry.
Faith B
Faith B Vor 11 Tage
I feel like tumble dryers shrink EVERYTHING here in the UK so when he's getting frustrated by the tightness under the arms I'm here like I FEEL YOUR PAIN! 😂
Dwight Dawson
Dwight Dawson Vor 23 Tage
Is that a USMC haircut?
Supremeboss 70
Supremeboss 70 Vor 23 Tage
I love your videos! Your videos are the reason my Mom understands Tiktok now! Lol
Boo Peep
Boo Peep Vor 26 Tage
Really like the honesty in the review and choosing a quality product
Danielle Perry
Danielle Perry Vor 29 Tage
Again....thank you for delivering truth in a fun playful palatable way! Ima order me a sweatshirt muFkR 😳😄😉💥💀 P.s. 100 percent cotton shrinks. That's why polyblends. I prefer a little cotton and spandex for breathabilty and shape maintenance. Yw!
ScrawnyPlays Vor Monat
Big_Chunnguz Vor Monat
Bro is mad cute 🤤
Solm3r Vor Monat
u the only Mufkr that actually reviews his clothes
Ceecee Vor Monat
Don’t trash them!!! Donate brother, donate!! Not everyone has money to go buy nice new clothes. Help the poor. Go downtown and start handing them out to the homeless. You will be helping people, and you will feel good after. Thank you and God bless you. ✝️🙏🏼❤️
BonezyBoy Vor Monat
Jim and luke
Jim and luke Vor Monat
I'm new to this channel does anybody know if he's an actual doctor?
Alma Padilla
Alma Padilla Vor 18 Tage
Hes a nurse and yes he really works in a hospital
Oreo Cookies
Oreo Cookies Vor Monat
Sell those as youths mediums or irregulars don't trash just put note shrank in wash. Lol AA cup how you even know??? :-)
Oreo Cookies
Oreo Cookies Vor Monat
Wow he really stands behind the quality of his products! Way to go Steveio
Taylor Montgomery
Do Burns's please ❤
Dylan the dumbest
Gay haircut✨
Amber Terhaar
Amber Terhaar Vor Monat
I love your videos and the way they help teach people in ways that it clicks. Must be the MuFKR and the emojis. I love ya, keep doing you.
Duchess Dragon
Duchess Dragon Vor Monat
Everyone needs this friend in their lives, everyone needs a doc like this in their lives, and absolutely everyone needs an internal voice like this in their lives.
TNE _mtrbica
TNE _mtrbica Vor Monat
Ay yo but do you really work in the hospital? I mean are all you #shorts truth? Not saying that they arent, but curious! Great videos😊
Alma Padilla
Alma Padilla Vor 18 Tage
Yes he really wrks in a hospital
Pedro Magallanes
Pick a random subscriber to send one to... I'm willing to be that one
James Moore
James Moore Vor Monat
It's a great he includes Xxxl in the lineup. I don't wear it but he doesn't leave anybody out.
Leydi Goodwin
Leydi Goodwin Vor Monat
Don’t trash them, give them to your followers...
KaucNon King
KaucNon King Vor Monat
I want this sweater but with shipping it’s $100, I don’t wanna spend that much 😂👌 Awesome you have merch tho! And great videos !
Truthseeker& Spiritualkeeper
You have the best friend ever! He is patiently waiting doing this with you and being super helpful lol.
LANEY. W. Vor Monat
I turned my sister on to you she's a nurse at the Cancer Society of America in Goodyear.Arizona she absolutely loves you all the nurses are getting a big kick out of you if possible send a shout out to her her name is Tina H.
Gaetano Vor Monat
Are you guys a couple?
Hanalea Flaherty
• Grace Edits •
It's so expensive but worth it so i'm buying it.
Shilo Leroy
Shilo Leroy Vor Monat
You are awesome keep doing what you're doing i love you (as a friend)
Dr k
Dr k Vor Monat
He’s awesome! I hate buying merch and always buying bigger sizes bc they all shrink! Thank you!!
Cathy Gentry
Cathy Gentry Vor Monat
Well I liked the. Brain fart. On the dddryer. Lol
デクDeku Vor Monat
I was 13 hours too early now im 15 hours late.
Ats Saukas
Ats Saukas Vor Monat
It should be mufkER
ClawedWhistle37 Vor Monat
Are you British, or American?
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
He lives's in L.A. But he's vietnamese.
Connor Vor Monat
Imagine if your MUFKR merch gets cut off with scissors because you're at the ER
xXFlamingF0Xx Vor Monat
I wonder how he will react
Scorpion Vor Monat
Day 1 of asking steveioe to make a video on sleep apnea
Tiffany Fraissinet
Yes...& narcolepsy 💤
Xavier Valencia
Xavier Valencia Vor Monat
are you seriously about to hit 200k subs by making ur entire brand about saying motherfucker. why kind of world we living in
David King
David King Vor Monat
We need the falling off motorcycle at 100 mph test. The man falling from empire state building test. And the being dragged for 50 miles by a car traveling at 50 mph :) and the ive been abducted by aliens test :)
BiłłieEiłish Edits
Ima get the merch 🦋🕊✨
Its AlohaGrl
Its AlohaGrl Vor Monat
I think it’s cool that you’re trying on different ones to find the best sweaters for us to buy :) I’ve never seen a DE-vidr really care about the quality before 💟
Shannon Shropshire
I know it's early. But, I can't wear a shirt that says that on it. Love ya. But I'm already trying to come up with a way to cover it in such a way, that I can still flash it when I feel the need🤗
Tony Galloway
Tony Galloway Vor Monat
I got told to never put jumpers in the dryer. Let them dry naturally on a clothes rack
TheLoneCrow Vor Monat
I do respect how you’re showing your merchandise like that and how you’re testing it
Kathy Leary
Kathy Leary Vor Monat
Hurry up and get these out I need one MuFKR
MelvinxJoshua Vor Monat
Idc love you Steve!
MelvinxJoshua Vor Monat
😦 he’s gay!
Paula Cayan
Paula Cayan Vor Monat
I can’t wait to get my MuFKR sweater!! 🥳👏
Chad Wildclay
Chad Wildclay Vor Monat
Are u gay
Amenze Sheriff
Amenze Sheriff Vor Monat
You can tell he is honest, a lot of youtubers will always romanticize the mercy but he isn’t afraid to say the truth and I love that
Elijah Delaney
Elijah Delaney Vor Monat
this man probably holds the ER in balance with his comedy
Lilymadeshop on YouTube
He’s the only person that can call me motherf*ck*r and I won’t get mad
Lilymadeshop on YouTube
@Karen Brown I-
Karen Brown
Karen Brown Vor Monat
He can call me anything he wants. I won't get mad. But I'm probably to old for him. Lol
Your favorite Games
Is he a doctor or a nurse or a surgeon? Someone please tell me
Alma Padilla
Alma Padilla Vor 18 Tage
Hes an ER nurse
Your favorite Games
Oh thanks
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
Ninja Taker
Ninja Taker Vor Monat
So are you a doctor or not?
Sofia Bogerd
Sofia Bogerd Vor Monat
Colby Barbour
Colby Barbour Vor Monat
he said he wasn’t a doctor on tiktok
JackTastickk Vor Monat
You guys make a cute couple.
WatchedFlyer791 Vor Monat
I cant like for it is at 420
Melinda Vansandt
Just gotta say...don't be an asshole and only order skinny nurse size!lol Please make some plus size available. We gotta b able to show our support too!
Tricky2711 Vor Monat
Ah HELL yeah!
Eve C
Eve C Vor Monat
MuFKR.....Wash them on cold water inside out with laundry soap and fabric softener. Because that could make a difference. Dry on low. Helps it not shrink so much. All dark items should be washed in cold water to minimize fading
Melinda Vansandt
Oh hell yeah!!! I'm even wearing mine to work!!!! Lol
Willie Craig
Willie Craig Vor Monat
Your tips for the ER thing when you swear I died laughing lol😂😂🤣 feels like a b**** coming in it's going to feel like a b**** coming out
XXItsEj-_-XX Vor Monat
Tips from the er. Wash and dry dem damn hands mufker
Shinaka Kagauki
Shinaka Kagauki Vor Monat
Some sexy sweaters can’t even lie
Natalia Saikaly
Natalia Saikaly Vor Monat
*not knowing what to say during the premiere countdown*
Kelly Crouse
Kelly Crouse Vor Monat
Ur definitely awesome u make me laugh and ur scents of humor is the best
Eliana Thompson (2026)
Crap! I’ll be at taekwondo by then
Lunacakes Gacha
Lunacakes Gacha Vor Monat
I love your videos they are awesome
Cute Potato
Cute Potato Vor Monat
That one dislike is from Karen
NoObB eH
NoObB eH Vor 29 Tage
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus Vor Monat
now 2 dislikes😖
Cute Potato
Cute Potato Vor Monat
@Skylar Not putting my last name hehe i got it 🤣🤣💞
Skylar Not putting my last name
Them not u btwᕙ( ~ . ~ )ᕗ
Skylar Not putting my last name
Yay take it back!
BTJ Vor Monat
J B Vor Monat
Steve are you planning an ER tour any time soon? Would love to see you in my home town since I am frequently in the ER....so much so they have given me a frequent flyer card! I know those mfkrs on a first name basis! I’m now getting just a head nod and a “yeah we know...go sit down we got you” when I walk in the door. Would be great to have your raw brand of entertainment there one time. Just a thought
The Architect
The Architect Vor Monat
steveioe, call me a muFKR
Friendly Neighbourhood Oreo
The way he speaks😂😂😂 its killing me😂 might need ER😳
Joey Larson
Joey Larson Vor Monat
Me:watches video Parents:WHAT THE HECK IS THIS me:erm i enjoy it Them:
Deniz Smille
Deniz Smille Vor Monat
Mackenzie Crazzy
I have Deuteranopia can you help explain this because my friends do not understand what it is??
Christy T
Christy T Vor Monat
If they really want to know, they can Google it and learn all about which genes impact which forms of color blindness and how these genetic mutations have been passed down through generations, also how the genetic anomaly causes your receptors to send different messages to your brain. You could then go on to explain if you have a certain type of deuteranopia, such as if it impacts your perception of other colors that contain red or green pigments, such as some people see shades of purples differently.
Christy T
Christy T Vor Monat
They don’t understand what color blindness is? Tell them you don’t see things as they do, that greens and reds look differently to you than to them.
Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland Vor Monat
Hey is it normal for me to watch my phone after 10 at night then in the middle of the night I wake up in "fast mode" were my vision is on hyper boost and my heart is racing
Emily Borlase
Emily Borlase Vor Monat
Hello :)
デクDeku Vor Monat
In 13 hours- Welp school for me 8:30 π_π
Kabir khan
Kabir khan Vor Monat
Un US as 8
Kabir khan
Kabir khan Vor Monat
Ha ha ha
Puppy Nugget :p
Puppy Nugget :p Vor Monat
I am 14 hours early, how nice 🤧💖
MovieDork Productions
Steve, I have to tell you something that you might not know; you are funny! Absolutely hilarious! I'm a stand up comedian, so I know what I am talking about. I can teach anyone to tell a joke, it's not hard to train someone to "parrot" funny, but to actually BE funny is indescribably different. It's like pregnancy, either you are or you are not! Waiting to see more good things from you. I subscribed to your channel after seeing two videos! You're amazing. Do that Thang!
#GL0STARZ ENT! Vor Monat
Itz Kriptick
Itz Kriptick Vor Monat
Can we just agree his videos are amazing
BiłłieEiłish Edits
@Itz Kriptick it's k 🦋🕊✨
Itz Kriptick
Itz Kriptick Vor Monat
@BiłłieEiłish Edits I misspelled it lmaooo. Thx
BiłłieEiłish Edits
yes my g they are amazingly 🦋🕊✨
Blace Wilcox
Blace Wilcox Vor Monat
Love you vids, funny but you also learn! Make me think of my uncle he is a nurse!
Random_content Guy
I’ll be waiting ✋💩🚽🍾
Beta Vor Monat
KeeWee Fairy Turtle
OMGOMG YOU'RE VIETNAMESE SAME HERE except I'm only part Vietnamese but I speak it fluently
KeeWee Fairy Turtle
@Lalander 101 lol
Lalander 101
Lalander 101 Vor Monat
@KeeWee Fairy Turtle :0 that’s crazy!
KeeWee Fairy Turtle
@Lalander 101 So funny story: When I was 8 years old I thought to myself "I wanna learn Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!" And after 3 years (I was 11) I spoke all 4 of them fluently!!!! But I was in Honors Spanish 2 last semester and I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH VERY WELL and I'm taking a class for Spanish and yeah but I taught myself how to speak Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean for 3 years and spoke it fluently (and I still do)!!!! XDXD But once it's summer break I will start making more DE-vid videos and I will be teaching English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. So that anybody that wants to learn can learn.😊😊
Lalander 101
Lalander 101 Vor Monat
See I’m full Vietnamese but I still can’t speak fluently lmao
KeeWee Fairy Turtle
@Turtle o.o AWESOME
Gellert Grindelwald
Mfkr’s it is for our own good we wait 24 hours before watching our favorite Mfkr call us Mfkr’s , however I can’t promise I won’t end up in the er for being to exited
Jenny Buljatin
Jenny Buljatin Vor Monat
I love you're tiktok stories and DE-vid stories. You're litterly a pain reliever 🏥
Duck With ADHD
Duck With ADHD Vor Monat
@Mythical _ ik, i had just noticed you completely removed an "an"
Mythical _
Mythical _ Vor Monat
@Duck With ADHD I changed it... Again Is that better for u? And btw the terms "u,y,r,ur, etc" is just short for the original word and by Google it's considered slang
Duck With ADHD
Duck With ADHD Vor Monat
@Mythical _ bruh Now u must fix your grammar
Mythical _
Mythical _ Vor Monat
@Duck With ADHD I'm not here to insult There's no point of wasting a minute of my time insulting as they always respond with the same speech And yes I see y u thought it was insult... Cuz it looks like insult lol
Duck With ADHD
Duck With ADHD Vor Monat
@Mythical _ i completely agree with u but u gotta get better insults your insults are so bad i bet you're like 5 years old
Theresa Parsons
Theresa Parsons Vor Monat
I love when you try and cook and actually listen to what people say on your lives but honestly most of em don't know what they're talking about and yoh are so funny. Great content so thank you for sharing it with us.
Smoke One Entertainment
Nobody Steveioe: cussing like a 9 year old when parents are gone Love the video’s keeps me entertained I wonder if Steve ever been in ER and his friends was his doctor and nurses
Smoke One Entertainment
@Kathy Leary What do you mean Karen
Connor Vor Monat
@Kathy Leary why?
Kathy Leary
Kathy Leary Vor Monat
I wonder if you’ve ever been to school.
Crazy monkey -YT
I love potatoes can you eat them for a tiktok put this comment somewhere see what people think I love potatoes
Ty Why
Ty Why Vor Monat
Yo contents fire bro
Beyond Ghostly
Beyond Ghostly Vor Monat
Hey @Steveioe any advice on ingrown nails?
Christy T
Christy T Vor Monat
@Beyond Ghostly I’ve had a side done on both of my big toes and I haven’t had an ingrown since. My nails look perfectly normal. It was one of the best things I’ve done. I had recurrent infections for 30 years and haven’t had one for the last 15 years.
Beyond Ghostly
Beyond Ghostly Vor Monat
@Christy T thank you so much, I’ll definitely will look into it. I really appreciate it. It’s been bugging me for about 2 weeks now so thx for the advice!
Christy T
Christy T Vor Monat
Not Steveioe, but someone who knows a bit about them. To prevent them, don’t cut down the sides of your nails, and if you have them, go to a podiatrist to have them removed and then fixed so they don’t come back. There are tons of videos on here, but I recommend ToeBro.
Beyond Ghostly
Beyond Ghostly Vor Monat
Who wants to wait 25 hours with me?!?!🥳🥳
MAJ. Romulo Ortiz
Was just in ER waiting room and hearing people complain about minor injuries, people I have kidney stones and stood up on the bus for elderly passengers, I don't wanna hear you whine about a headache or cough. Edited for awful grammar. (I'm American so it should be expected lol)
Christy T
Christy T Vor Monat
I am passing one right now, about to get on with my day. A small one won’t kill me, so best to just keep living as it doesn’t require lithotripsy. I’ve been working the ED when patients come in from car accidents. I don’t complain about kidney stones that aren’t requiring surgery.
Alvin Sinanbegovic
When you did your medical meme reactions video 3 weeks ago or something (idk the name), you asked who an old guy was that you saw often in memes, his name is "Hide the pain Harold"
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Vor Monat
I didn't believe you if you eat before your surgery they might have to give you anesthesia and you'll die so I asked My Aunt if it was true My Aunt's a nurse 😂
Oreo Cookies
Oreo Cookies Vor Monat
I had to go in for retina reattachment lol the surgeon really blew his cool! throwing a water bottle across the room when yet another of his that day surgery patients came in having had a lite breakfast. We all were rescheduled for next day n others moved up to our spots. No joke no eating before surgery. Our respective doctor's offices got a tongue lashing. Its something to hear one doctor's anger about something that should automatically be known and expressed to those going into surgery.
BiłłieEiłish Edits
the worst part is that i had surgery and my grandma didn't know so she send loads of cupcakes and cookies and i couldn't eat any of them After my surgery i had some tho but it just wasn't the same
Jericho McCready
Yea I might just have to cop the merch
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Vor Monat
ARE you chinese
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Vor Monat
@steveioe she said it's true I'm 🇻🇳 I'm Japanese 🇯🇵 I don't know why I didn't believe you 🤣 at first
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Vor Monat
@steveioe she said it's true 🇻🇳 I'm Japanese 🇯🇵
steveioe Vor Monat
What did she say?
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Vor Monat
I didn't believe you 🤣 about the food going to your lungs and you will die 🤣 so I asked My Aunt if it was true she's a nurse 😂
steveioe Vor Monat
Vietnamese my friend.
Mia Ballot
Mia Ballot Vor Monat
Love your videos! They are so passive aggressive but so insanely funny 😂
Wolfie Star
Wolfie Star Vor 27 Tage
@steveioe Steveeee
Dooleys Gang
Dooleys Gang Vor Monat
Me too
Nani?! Vor Monat
Hello fellow mtfkers
Jenny Buljatin
Jenny Buljatin Vor Monat
@steveioe Hello Steve🙈
Mia Ballot
Mia Ballot Vor Monat
@steveioe ❤️
How TikTok started for me
Making transparent wood
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