[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

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28 Jun 2020



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sliou Vor year
Her facial expressions are no joke like wtf she’s so perfect
Enji Silverstone
Enji Silverstone Vor 9 Tage
@sliou You’re so dense. Humans aren’t perfect even if she’s rich and famous she is a DAMN human she has issues like we all do
Swathi The Potato
Swathi The Potato Vor 11 Tage
@Selena Vitali well yea no one’s perfect but she is amazingggggg
sliou Vor year
Selena Vitali I’m sorry but if you don’t have something nice to say then please leave
Selena Vitali
Selena Vitali Vor year
@Marco T Go read my comments on this MV before putting meaning on what I've said. I just meant she isn't perfect, coz no ones perfect, and she obviously wouldn't write such a meaningful song about her if she's already perfect. I didn't insult her, you all. I was just not very explicit on my comment, which was unintentional.
Undyne OnPigfarts
For real ^^^
Aradhna Lourdes
Aradhna Lourdes Vor 7 Monate
"If Korea can't accept my beauty standards, I will make my own," ~Hwasa Edit: thank you so much for the likes !
Sophia Elyza Balais
Sophia Elyza Balais Vor 2 Monate
@•-Ryujin's Daughter-• Ok
•–Ryujin's Daughter–•
@Sophia Elyza Balais it's not black it's Bronze skin tone one of my favourite Tone
Rania Shakeel
Rania Shakeel Vor 3 Monate
calyptra Vor 3 Monate
@1smallstep she is naturally tan. and what spray on? i'd like to know.
calyptra Vor 3 Monate
@Sophia Elyza Balais stop using the world "black skin" so carelessly. don't you think the mistranslation of this word got her into enough trouble? when that moomoo called her that years ago
Vasundhara Karana
Vasundhara Karana Vor 5 Monate
I'm a 14yr old student, always been bullied for my complexion, I've always been a girl like hwasa, idc about my bullies, I even injured some them in fights, but no matter how hard you try, those insecurities end up dominating your mind, when I turned 12 I also started being bullied for my body, I was strong outside, but deep inside I was fragile. I've heard about her a lot, and I heard this song for the first time today, at first I just listened to it, and then when I read the translation I felt like she was literally giving me strength, she was referring to me, I absolutely loved her before, now the galaxy can't express how much that love has grown and turned to respect!! Fighting Hwasa! We'll bash the haters together, I support you, this is the only track that made me cry in my entire life
Vasundhara Karana
@ly 💕 💜
Arya Alatkar
Arya Alatkar Vor Tag
Ik what it feels like to be targeted and hated but we all must move on because it all just makes us stronger in the end
Siddhi Aditee Pati
@ly 💕 💖
ly 💕
ly 💕 Vor 7 Tage
Go girl keep it! Remember that you're not the only one who feels the same way, you got me by your side. Same experience, same tears
Siddhi Aditee Pati
We both have same situation...but am recovering slowly...but this song made me encouraged in these few days...am recovered!
cherryjinie Vor 5 Monate
Do you know that Hwasa already had the concept of this in mind since she was 17? The output was perfect, a timeless masterpiece, and is also her crystallized tears and sweat she shed throughout these years. Thank you Hyejin for coming up with this, thank you Hwasa for making this. Please get ready for her comeback whenever she's ready since she said she has been sharpening her knife, so lets get ready to stream, v0te and boost album sales ( we really should do better for physical sales)!
Victoria xd
Victoria xd Vor 4 Monate
The lyrics are so touching:(
doll Vor 4 Tage
@Cocamora her
Cocamora Vor Monat
Who is Maria
Victoria xd
Victoria xd Vor 4 Monate
@MAMAMOO VOCAL QUEENS si, se nota, pero termino bailando mientras lloro y asi no se puede jahsakusos
Queen Hwasa lo escribió de lo más profundo de su corazón
Dezzy March
Dezzy March Vor year
Kai Vor 5 Monate
Here to vote
Soul Punker
Soul Punker Vor year
Agree and HI DEZZY 😊
Jen Jen
Jen Jen Vor year
Isay P
Isay P Vor year
Can't wait for your reaction vid. 😍
Nadia Fitri Safira
Oh yessssss
Sanjay Patra
Sanjay Patra Vor 2 Monate
This is the best solo single in kpop history...
Moi-Manda Vor 8 Tage
@Sri venkatesh there was no need to put Lalisa down to bring María up.
Sri venkatesh
Sri venkatesh Vor Monat
It is better than lalisa
𝙈𝙤𝙤𝙢𝙤𝙤 0𝙏4
Me siento orgullosa de seguir a 4 mujeres, que nunca se rinden. Las amo mucho...
Lisbeth Garmendia
Lisbeth Garmendia Vor 4 Monate
Una de mis cuatro solistas favoritas. (Hwasa, wheein, Moonbyul, Solar) (✿ ♡‿♡)
ADS Vor 5 Monate
I love the end of this song, when everyone comes in to cheer her up
Drippy Vor 3 Monate
They were all so cute, I love that scene so much
random person
random person Vor 5 Monate
May be Hwasa wanted to show that when the world was against her, her groupmates supported her
Ro Ro
Ro Ro Vor year
The ending goes like “If you like the group, you like the whole group instead of just one member” - HwaSa
Alejandra Carriom
Alejandra Carriom Vor 4 Monate
Cada que termino de escuchar esta cancion me siento tan jodidamente hermosa
Tania Castillo
Tania Castillo Vor 4 Monate
Hwasa gets better and better with each song, I'm so curious for her next solo album. María, you are spectacular and unique.
MORANA Vor 3 Monate
Esta una de las canciones más hermosas que posiblemente escuche en toda mi vida
Wheein Queen
Wheein Queen Vor 3 Monate
Anahi Sanz
Anahi Sanz Vor 7 Monate
Siempre escucho esta joyita y recuerdo cuando estaba esperando a que se estrenará.
ani z
ani z Vor 6 Monate
same, ya tiene un año que rápido pasa el tiempo
lay shah.
lay shah. Vor year
CONGRATS hwasa for being the FIRST female Korean soloist in history to top the iTunes chart in the US
No name
No name Vor 4 Monate
Yes!!!! Our queen!!! 💖👑
Serenay K
Serenay K Vor 4 Monate
Jasmeen Vor year
Really? That's amazing
Гульнара Ибрагимова
Our queen is really slaying
My Qwhee-In
My Qwhee-In Vor year
The President deserves it.
Dummy Account
Dummy Account Vor 4 Monate
*An iconic masterpiece*
army_moa Vor 3 Monate
OHOO Vor 3 Monate
[News] Hwasa is confirmed to be preparing for her solo comeback. No date announced as of now.
sis n0
sis n0 Vor Monat
AYYY trueee
Jisoo's lost bottle
Jisoo's lost bottle Vor 2 Monate
She is back with her new track!!!
Wheein Queen
Wheein Queen Vor 3 Monate
Hwasa is coming back
Paulina Vor 6 Monate
Ti voz me encanta, siempre que escucho haces que me empodere!
Sparkly Vor 2 Monate
One of the songs that made me interested in Kpop and Mamamoo
Nawal Zia
Nawal Zia Vor year
people named maria must be really lucky and like this is a whole creation of art
Lactose Vor Monat
Fr feeling very special
エメラルド okkotsu
Middle Latin America: my song listening to a tremendous song again
Shamim Parways
Shamim Parways Vor 3 Monate
Ya my name I'm lucky
Maria Joseph
Maria Joseph Vor 3 Monate
@6maria94 not that different in India as well! 😂
Maria Joseph
Maria Joseph Vor 3 Monate
Thank you 😊
moomoo radish
moomoo radish Vor 2 Monate
I still remember the first time watching this MV the lyrics broke my heart, the music made me dance and the last scene made me cry harder 😭
MANGUERAS Vor 3 Monate
ESPECTACULAR su canción es un vicio para mis oídos y genial su estilo. Quiero decir que en todas partes del mundo las mujeres son las más criticadas, pero que importa eso; somos una bombas, dinamitas que podemos hacer de nuestra vida una obra de arte como lo hace Hwasa.
Dubali Fernandez
Dubali Fernandez Vor 2 Monate
Hwasa no se puede comparar con ningún idols, ella es un artistas con todas la letras, es totalmente exquisita
Danaurys Batista
Danaurys Batista Vor 3 Monate
Aquí esperando su nuevo álbum Hwasa mi religión
Shubhangi R
Shubhangi R Vor year
*"If I don't fit the society's standard, I'll create my own standards!"* -Hwasa. We stan a queen y'all!
Unge Greier
Unge Greier Vor year
If I ever do a tattoo, this one would be on my arm!
moo radish
moo radish Vor 4 Monate
mamamoo is coming back with a brand new album this sept. 15 :)
Samaya Nicola
Samaya Nicola Vor 3 Monate
Only hwasa can make such obsessive songs and call haters out in a spectacular way
Aleena A / Agna Mary A
After listening to this what happened to me is : Learned new dance steps Started being savage Being myself María everytime 🍇Hwa Sa Always favorite ❤
Leebit Vor 5 Monate
she’s an icon, she a legend and she is the moment
Sakshi Ahirrao
The ending was so cute and touching.. they are the best... Omg!! Thank you for 1.2K likes. (◍•ᴗ•◍)
[Purple Cherry]
@Unge Greier me toooo 😭💝💝
[Purple Cherry]
Yeah me tooo 😭😭😭😭💛💛💛💙💙💜💕💕
Hope Cheptoo
Hope Cheptoo Vor year
Unge Ting Me tooooooo
Unge Greier
Unge Greier Vor year
I was about to cry for some reason
Rebeca Rodrigues
Rebeca Rodrigues Vor 5 Monate
que lindo gente, emocionei.
OHOO Vor 3 Monate
I can't wait for her comeback. It's gonna be so good. I just know it
Julio César Colmenares Domínguez
A masterpiece
S Vor 7 Monate
iamcoriane Vor year
Literally the queen of all queens. The icon of icons. *Hwasa is back.*
Lamees Mazen
Lamees Mazen Vor year
I agree
Once_World Vor year
I'm so happy to see Queen 😍
Ngọc(kayoko) :))
It's a great song, just listen to it once I've been addicted to it and then from the spirit to the voice is top.
dzdz Vor 2 Monate
The artistry on this vid is phenomenal and the lyrics just wow.
superstar_jun Vor 12 Tage
i love the vibes this song gives honestly
Charisa Putri Angelia
Mamamoo = meaningful lyrics queens
MomoLiz V
MomoLiz V Vor year
We can't imagine how many horrible things Hwasa has been through, and we don't know how much she has suffered because of those sick haters, but she always fight all the hate she faced by her passion and her hard working.. I really respect this woman The concept.. The vocal.. The choreo.. Everything is fascinating This is just another amazing song by the queen Hwasa Keep going dear
nami Vor year
Moomoos please watch Hwasa's performance on KBS Kpop channel
LP Vor year
@gm lies! Have you check Korean communities? Or Korean sites? We all are supporting with no hate. With her skin or not! You international fans are the ones who are hating on us Koreans. Stop it. 한국인들 존나 싫어하나 보네 ㅋㅋ ㅁㅊ...
C.A Lisa
C.A Lisa Vor year
Sarah And that’s a fact! They are the queens of Kpop! 👑
I love mango
I love mango Vor year
This whole concept, story and lyrics gives me goosebumps.. its sad but very upbeat
@Sofia Mec Dude,Hwasa Been through Some hard stuff like,Hate,Criticism because of her body shape skin color and more
Natalice Silva
Natalice Silva Vor 5 Monate
PERFEITA 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️
Henron wolvenuzah
Henron wolvenuzah Vor 6 Monate
Aaaa 😍😍😍 Moobyun apareceu no final junto com a solar e com a weehyn 😍😍😍
moon star
moon star Vor 7 Monate
Happy anniversary to this work of art 🖼️
Alina Shah
Alina Shah Vor 3 Monate
This song is AMAZING 🤩, I accidentally put this song on I was about to remove it but it’s great. The beat change is awesome, and the lyrics are meaningful and good… it’s just WOW👏 😊
Femerose Fernandez
Kitamurasama Vor year
I squealed so hard my heart melted right there ;__;
Raibaru Fumetsu
Raibaru Fumetsu Vor 7 Monate
Hwasa lo es todo, como la Amo
Ruth Saor
Ruth Saor Vor 7 Monate
Feliz Aniversario a la única e Inigualable María, la Queen 👑 ‼️
~ BLINK ~ Vor 4 Monate
Mamamoo é otimo!! Amoo
정로슈 Vor 2 Monate
Mamamoo queens
This is not a concept, Hwasa herself wrote the storyboard for the MV, she was very involved in the album development, so please , this is Hwasa, this is María , the woman
Anshi π
Anshi π Vor year
GOOD DAY MOOMOOS! We need to stan harder! VOTE Moonbyul as Best Rapper in Idol Champ, she's currently at 5th place. Let's all vote for MAMAMOO in the 2020 MAMA at mwave official site. CURRENT RANKING: Artist of the Year- 9th Song of the Year- 11th (.73% gap) Worldwide Fans' Choice -11th (.53% gap) Best Female Group- 3rd Best Vocal Performance Group - 1st For HWASA 2020 MAMA Best Female Artist - 2nd Best Dance Performance Solo - 1st MAMAMOO DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION. And they're all amazing artist. So if we can at least get to top 10 out of 47 in the 3 main category, that would make them more prouder of themselves because they've all worked so hard. Btw, Hwasa just won in APAN Best Solo for Woman (Global).
Wheein Queen
Wheein Queen Vor year
This is not a concept. This is Hwasa
THIS. thank you very much. Respect Hwasa. Respect Maria
Vloggie Ollie
Vloggie Ollie Vor year
The concept is Maria.
Munya Nani
Munya Nani Vor year
Today is the last day to *vote* for *Hwasa* in IdolChamp app. Download and vote for her now please. Spread the word! Vote for Mamamoo in starplay app(global artist award)
Charisa Putri Angelia
ihavetol Vor 7 Monate
She’s perfect
Rica Chu
Rica Chu Vor 4 Monate
I love her authenticity! She’s her own! And that voice! OMG I’m really loving her!
Isabel Pech
Isabel Pech Vor 4 Monate
The Best I Say MAMAMOO 15.09.21. increíblemente Talentosas. Apoyemos
Curly Tail
Curly Tail Vor year
Hwasa’s catholic name is Maria. This song is literally for her.. She’s so quiet about everything but a lot of her songs are about how she’s been attacked over and over by media and people. How can we protect her?
María Vor 5 Monate
@Patricia Claire Calaguas it doesn’t mean anything specifically. It’s just traditional for us to sing it in our songs, especially our folkloric music. Thank you for asking. It’s just a Puerto Rican thing. 🥰
Patricia Claire Calaguas
@María What does the lo le lo le lo lai chant mean in your culture? Just curious
BellaFlashingStars Vor 6 Monate
@gummypoppa I ruined the 555 likes, thank me later 😏😘
Saloni Verma
Saloni Verma Vor 9 Monate
Wowo thbxx for the information
Saloni Verma
Saloni Verma Vor 9 Monate
~ BLINK ~ Vor 4 Monate
Arrasou!! Linda
Maria beautiful
Maria beautiful Vor 7 Monate
I'm really grateful to Hwa Sa for making me believe in myself again and for making me reconsider myself. Previously I thought I was very ugly but after this song I can proudly say I am very very beautiful and no one can break me anymore I am a strong woman. Thank you, Hwa Sa , you saved me. I love you .😘💕💕💕
Mah do Rock 🤘🎸
Uma música pra mim...q lindo isso.. (Meu nome é Maria) KKKKKK
Millicial Gaming
This masterpiece will never turn old for me❤️❤️and how beautiful our Queen Hwasa is looking in all the outfits❤️❤️love u hwasa😄😄 Big fan of yours from India🇮🇳
Tem Vor year
Hwasa doesn't need any concept. She herself is the concept.
Daughter of Jaehyun
This is the comment! SO AGREE
Army Suga
Army Suga Vor year
honey bee
honey bee Vor year
literally *chef’s kiss*
random ball
random ball Vor year
She's also her own genre
adognamedyeontan 26
airam soleil
airam soleil Vor 3 Monate
me sinto tão especial quando ela fala o meu nome mdssss
snehapdoshi Vor 7 Monate
I have seen this song in Instagram so I love this song
syahmi ruzi
syahmi ruzi Vor 2 Monate
I know there is some of you think Maria is better than Im A B, but trust me there’s something on Im A B that Maria don’t have. This comeback maybe nit as hit as Maria but it’s successful to me. Keep fighting moomoos
BLOOM 白🌃よる
BLOOM 白🌃よる Vor 2 Monate
Es la primer canción que escuche de Hwsa y desde el primer momento me enamoro
tyler Vor year
She’s not perfect. Trust me, she’s way more than that. Edit: I’m in love.
Dean Nitza Elizabeth
MoonByul Slaps Your Straight
She is a godess
Ashu Sudarshini
Ashu Sudarshini Vor 3 Monate
She's so beautiful, brave and so confident I love her attitude 🥰
Pallavi Borkar
Pallavi Borkar Vor 3 Monate
The chorus keeps playing in your head; it's rhythmically alluring. I really like Hwasa, she is the real girl power. Brava!
Ivy Umoh
Ivy Umoh Vor 4 Monate
TC SR Vor 2 Monate
Esta canción me levanta el ánimo, give me shivers
Mariam Rachoy
Mariam Rachoy Vor year
This queen is so creative in everything she does. She's creativity herself.
mamooo Vor year
@Saheli Das wth she didn't copied she used the same sample that they used🤦
AVeryTinyAtiny Vor 7 Monate
I fall in love with her even more every time I watch this Mv somehow
katwheeinah.1 Vor 4 Monate
Let's give this masterpiece the vi3ws this DESERVE! 30M soon... Keep going!
abcdefghi_ _lmnopqrstuvwxyz.  15 years ago •
This song is the best song in kpop she is queen and her looks 💣💣
I ate shuhua's garlic bread with hobi's sprite
Yes my queen hwasa I love your solo's so much (I love other members solo's too) I remember first time I saw you the only thing came out of my mouth was pretty 😍 Proud to be a moomoo 4 talented girls ❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰
Zahra Hassan
Zahra Hassan Vor year
She's a real queen. Beside all the hate she gets, she's still standing firm on her toes THAT'S A QUEEN BEHAVIOUR I LOVE HER!
Zahra Hassan
Zahra Hassan Vor year
@Fahim for being her
Fahim Vor year
Why does she get hate for?
ismim yok
ismim yok Vor year
@He he kişiye göre Quuen farklı biri olabilir herkesin kendi düşüncesi
Sofia Mec
Sofia Mec Vor year
Wait, hate for what? I’m lost lol
JeJe25 Vor year
@UCc3oKO4U_pK-uv6BNaTKnQw It was a long time ago and she apologized for that 😊 It was 3 years ago, they did a performance for uptown funk and they did a Blackface but they apologized. Despite that kpop fans send a lot of hate to her bc she's successful.
Cute Ledgend🍃
Cute Ledgend🍃 Vor 4 Monate
I'm addicted to this 💜🌼
Moe Thina
Moe Thina Vor 7 Monate
This is actually the first song that I heard before I slowly fall in love with Mamamoo. They are amazing Queens I tell you! The last part of the MV has me swoon. It's so adorable when the members came to Hwasa with presents for her.
Arya Alatkar
Arya Alatkar Vor Tag
I was hearing a lot about hwasa before stanning her so I decided to watch her mv Marìa, i didn't expect much from her. But, when I saw her mv and read the lyrics i cried for an hour i related so much with her pain and hate because i was and still am going through the same, and I'm here again January 2022. I really thank hwasa to make this masterpiece because it really sends a message to the girls out there being criticised and judged upon everything that ur not the only one and stop being hard on yourself. I love this woman I'm stanning her for life
Naravit KP
Naravit KP Vor 4 Monate
Hwasa I D O L A H E R M O S A
Sophia Vor year
Did you know that Hwasa did not only write and co-compose this song, but also wrote the story board for this mv? Queen behaviour indeed
ror ror ror ror
juan pablo ferreyra
@Julia Johansson biou
MamamooStan Vor year
It just show how important is this MV and song for her
MamamooStan Vor year
Queen beahavior
fisj dhgd
fisj dhgd Vor year
@David L. when are u gonna delete ur comment
Ayushi Singh
Ayushi Singh Vor 3 Monate
This shoot looks so yeezy... makes me want to dance 🤣🤣😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 . Love it
Sadness Vor 5 Monate
Great song, great lyrics and message, great moves and of course an amazing singer. What more can you ask for? ♥️
Lilian Corredor
Lilian Corredor Vor 2 Monate
Mujer hermosa , talentosa. Reina ✿ ❁ ❃
LovinMinnie Vor 13 Tage
This is a masterpiece ✨️
Sophia Vor year
Hwasa is that kind of woman everyone needs in their life. Confident and unapologetic about her flaws, but also brave enough to show you that she is struggling too
sudaejig Vor year
adillpickle everyone has flaws, isn’t it?
iced tea
iced tea Vor year
Flaws? Where..
Kay Vor 5 Monate
This is a masterpiece!
Amira아미 Vor 2 Monate
Confidence level on top as always! QUEEN!
Maria U P
Maria U P Vor 7 Monate
Alisha💛 Vor 4 Monate
This song has a beautiful meaning in it
She is pretty, talented, smart, charismatic, she is literally a QUEEN.
@Jad Graal YEES she is a goddess ❤️_❤️
Jun's July* Wonpil's Yonpil* Chanyeol's Jagiya
@Jad Graal I was ready to come at you. LMAO
Lachimolala Goes On
Jad Graal
Jad Graal Vor year
I think she's more than a queen
Jad Graal
Jad Graal Vor year
I don't think so
Deepika Mahanta
Deepika Mahanta Vor 2 Monate
Man! It's been a year already. Feel like it just released. Still couldn't get enough of this.
OHOO Vor 7 Monate
Happy happy anniversary to this masterpiece! ❤
Katrina Royce Pascua
Let's reach 30M before Our Queen Hwasa release another fantastic song
katwheeinah.1 Vor 4 Monate
The Dance Break is so LIT!!!!
Mel Vor year
active 2 minutes ago
im just about to comment that ✊❤️😭
Victoria Pérez De Armas #11
maría is not complete whithout her members)))))):
Viva La Vida
Viva La Vida Vor 4 Monate
Coming back after they announce and confirm that hwasa currently preparing for a solo comeback! 😍😍😍
Punti Thapa
Punti Thapa Vor Monat
This song deserves billion tbh like this is such a masterpiece and the fact that each and every cb is an art and I love her and her ofcourse haha.
She is a perfect queen. Most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
cherryjinie Vor 4 Monate
Question: If there was a message you'd want to send to the listeners of Maria, what would it be? Hwasa: I needed support and strength, I needed comfort. You could say I started working on the song to comfort myself. I want everyone to be Maria. In the end, we're all alone in this world, we have to endure and overcome everything alone. That's the kind of world we live in. But you're already so beautiful, even if you fall to the ground, see even that as beautiful and yourself as the most beautiful.
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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - I'm a 빛