My Asian-American Identity Crisis

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28 Jun 2020



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bers batjargal
bers batjargal Vor 2 Minuten
I am a Mongolian that went to America when i was 3 and since then i have barley 5th grade Mongolian language skills on the other hand my English is top notch. My parents spoke Mongolian towards me and i responded back with simple words such as "i, you, we, no, yes" in Mongolian while the rest of sentence was in English which was video taped and now at 20 years finally getting the base of Mongolian down i understand how crazy i sounded
I think I’m psycho sometimes
I'm half Swedish and half Thai so I relate to many things but its fun to answer in Swedish when someone that knows both languages talks to me in Thai and people can't eavesdrop
Augusté Balsyté
Augusté Balsyté Vor 55 Minuten
Im dealing kind of with the same thing, in sweden i have lithuanian classes and i got more and more intressted in it as time went on but i can't help but feel that ill never know lithuanian as good as all of my relatives. Lithuanian is hard -_-
Devaganesh Selvam
im a indian but for me its learning japanese and korean
Jada van der Heijden
I'm half lao and this video is very relatable and interesting. A lot of wasians who live in western countries seem to have similar issues to you! Great video Emi and thanks for sharing!!
Creepy Zara
Creepy Zara Vor Stunde
lol am going through the same thing but polish lol idk how to spell TwT
•Loli Gum•
•Loli Gum• Vor 2 Stunden
I can relate I’m half south Asian and half British and I hate my other half (south Asian)
KN Park
KN Park Vor 2 Stunden
10:56 So that's how the other side feels when we are confused by our hunch between whether we just saw a fellow Korean or did a foreigner just passed by. Human senses are weird. But some of us stares at somebody longer than they should, so our bad.
Tae's Kookies
Tae's Kookies Vor 2 Stunden
me: *lives in italy* also me: *is italian american* also me again: *listens exclusively to kpop* my italian and american friends: *wHY doN't YOu lISteN to ITalIAn MUsic* or *AmErIcAn MuSiC* me (for the 500th time): bc american music isn't my style and has too much sex, drugs and stuff like that and italian music is pure trash thank you very much and goodbye sir.
% P E A C E %
% P E A C E % Vor 2 Stunden
I feel you Q^Q Im asain too but my native language is Chinese ever since I was little I kept speaking English,I even wanted to live in the US
Menacing Hat
Menacing Hat Vor 2 Stunden
Not to be racist but I hate Kpop and K-drama idk why.
jammiedodger 20
jammiedodger 20 Vor 2 Stunden
"I wish I had white parents." "Understandable have a nice day."
Nadira Azrani
Nadira Azrani Vor 2 Stunden
im malaysian but i barely can speak the language and fail my malay tests. i really feel bad about this and wish i was born with better malay skills. my parents are both extremely good at english and passed every english test they did, heck my mom has a degree in teaching english. so it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that my malay is horrible. but still, its hard to communicate with others in my school and family because of this. im happy to see someone who had something similar ;)
Baby Vor 2 Stunden
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe Vor 2 Stunden
Emily's father: 'Brings Emily to America.' Also Emily's father: Why don't you have Korean friends?
Leon Erfort
Leon Erfort Vor 3 Stunden
I fell you as a russian german
BlueOcean Vor 3 Stunden
I have the same problem being binational( French and Slovene), being born Slovene I Dont really feel like it, I mean I always felt like I dont belong in the country. Going to france for me, was like returning home, far from my supposed to be home.
- cupidhoseok
- cupidhoseok Vor 3 Stunden
this made me realize that i have nothing to be ashamed of. yes i may still have this feeling after the video, but i wanna at least try for my family. as a hispanic living in america, i did get made fun of a lot cause spanish was my first language. my grandpa was the only one who spoke to me in spanish so when he passed away, i had nobody to help me along the way to keep it going. i taught myself english at the age of 4 and basically forgot spanish all together. silly, isn't it? i used to get made fun of cause i didn't know any english at all, but now it's the same but with spanish. i still know how to read in spanish and i fully understand it, but somehow i just can't speak it. i really regret forgetting spanish and it will forever be my biggest regret. but im working my way to make that regret disappear. but i still feel that feeling in me, i feel really invalid. i feel like im a "fake" mexican and it will always bother me because i have so many hispanic friends who are able to speak spanish and i can't just hop in the convo. it makes me feel really left out, but im working on it and i won't let myself down. thank you for this video! it really made me realize i shouldn't give up easily :) hhh this was really long sorry .__.
Ben The Skeleton
Ben The Skeleton Vor 3 Stunden
The staring was hilarious
Your video was super inspirational!! Thanks so much Emily!
Adelaide Vor 4 Stunden
Wait, americans only listen to english Music? Wtf. Im not native in english so i grew up listening to my native Music, english Music and a bunch of other languages i didnt understand. Like thats normal in other countries.
CryptoCondemnation Vor 5 Stunden
Okay, I get that you are feeling weird, but what you said about learning literally makes 0 sense. 11:44 : "The easy answer would be to 'just get better at korean' and I agree I should. But I found it's a lot easier to learn and retain a language when it's something you're interested in learning, rather than something that will make you feel like a failure if you don't progress as quickly as you should. I should be learning it because being bilingual is super useful and cool, not because I feel like I owe it to my ancestors who I fear are all looking down on me in disaproval." You know you should learn the language because you want to not have a language barrier with your parents, yet because you don't have the 'correct' motivation for doing so you're just going to not do it at all? It doesn't make sense. It's defeatism at it's best. This is a classical case of procrastination. You will never be good enough to have meaningful conversation without a fuckload of practice, but you don't want to start learning because you don't want to fail. Just do it, if you fail then oh well at least you tried your best, right now you are surrendering without even going to battle. Get the SRS app Anki, and add 10 new words a day. It should take
KnightBot N
KnightBot N Vor 5 Stunden
I can relate to this on a spiritual level
iYoN Abyss
iYoN Abyss Vor 5 Stunden
Hi 👋 there
N01AN Vor 5 Stunden
My grandparents: why don't you come to the Philippines with us and learn about the culture Me not want wanting to get mugged by some guy with a machete: maybe next time.....
Gaby Vor 5 Stunden
This is the exact dilemma I am facing recently! I am Portuguese-American with black and Italian roots from my father though predominantly Portuguese. I am probably the only person on my mom’s side of the family who doesn’t speak European Portuguese as much or as fluent than everyone else. Growing up I really only spoke it to my grandparents along with some other family members but only out of necessity. Other than that even till this day I really only speak English and can better understand people speak Portuguese than say full sentences on my own without mixing some Spanish in lol. I’m sometimes afraid to talk in front of some of my relatives because I’m afraid I’ll mess up and look like an idiot in front of everyone because I’m the least in touch with my Portuguese heritage out of almost everyone else in my family. However I would like to explore my heritage more and hopefully learn more fluent Portuguese. As well as delve into my Italian and African-American heritage too! Most people wouldn’t believe I have black ancestry because of how white I am. But that’s what you get when you get a half-Caucasian father and a 100% Caucasian mother.
Sukki Vor 5 Stunden
Sans PlaysYT
Sans PlaysYT Vor 6 Stunden
Even tho im filipino im still learning to speak and read tagalog cuz i been 4 or 5 years of english class
A Bad Drawer Kid
A Bad Drawer Kid Vor 6 Stunden
Emily:"I wish I had white parents!" Koreans: W H I T E sorry i had to make that joke
Jessica Monter
Jessica Monter Vor 6 Stunden
Actually I'm pretty good at learning new languages, or at least that's what I thought, until senior high where a had French class. The teacher was strict but at the same time she would spend entire classes telling us about her life and her pets which didn't help us to learn French. Now I have a bit of a trauma with French because I didn't make any progress at that language. But considering I'm learning Japanese by my own I get the feeling of being able to learn something for fun rather than learning something because people is pressuring you to learn.
Marcos Cotoc
Marcos Cotoc Vor 6 Stunden
I dont know why I have that much in common, becouse im from Spain but *all* my familia is from Romania and, I can speak kind of it, but I have a lot of bullying problems at my school, but hey thank you, becouse now I know that im not allone >. (Also I love the idea of the flower pot)
Myat Phone san
Myat Phone san Vor 6 Stunden
1:29 ah i see ur a man of culture as well
Iron Engine
Iron Engine Vor 6 Stunden
Am I the only one who thinks the same as her? Because I'm half Filipino and half Spanish and my nationality is Spanish, so, I belong to Spain then VIVA ESPAÑA 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Jack Rose
Jack Rose Vor 7 Stunden
I feel you. I'm the son of a French father and a Thai mother. I always had this ridiculous identity crisis, like am I really French? I mean i grew in France but I was raised by my Thai mother who struggles too to fit in French culture . I don't look like one, and i always felt like i wasn't where i'm supposed to be. But i'm not Thai either, i just look like one.
Tree-PJ Vor 7 Stunden
My parents are litterally the opposite, they speak English to convince me to speak English in the house. We mix up Chinese and English a lot but my mom, every time after I speak ONE English word she replies everything with English. I’m the one that’s trying to make them not speak English in de house .-.
Sharanya A
Sharanya A Vor 7 Stunden
I can understand you even I can't speak my mother tongue 😭😭😭😭😭
brian timothy
brian timothy Vor 7 Stunden
rumiie Vor 7 Stunden
Yeah....I'm an Asian and I'm fluent in English, but My dad isn't really good at english, I'm not too good at my native language...
Tree-PJ Vor 7 Stunden
3:18 Too many times EVEN FROM MY ASIAN FRIENDS
Emily Van
Emily Van Vor 7 Stunden
My mom: Why can’t you learn Vietnamese? Me: It’s not that easy learning a language **fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese and learning Italian**
Dark Star
Dark Star Vor 8 Stunden
I am hispanic I cant really relate because I am decent in Spanish but it was really hard for me to learn when I was a kid it sucked but it's really nice to talk to my family in Spanish
Akshay Ashara
Akshay Ashara Vor 8 Stunden
Parents speaking Korean It's show's Korean flag But when she speak English it shows American flag shouldn't it be British flag if flags are representing the language
August Von mackensen
August Von mackensen Vor 8 Stunden
It makes sense that you’d fell more American living in America. I’m Italian but I don’t feel Italian, because I’m American and that’s my true identity. I’m American. I embrace only American culture and ideas because that’s the world I feel is best.
Bigg Angle
Bigg Angle Vor 8 Stunden
Dayum man I do be feelin this tho a lot throughout my life. As an Asian American myself, I do struggle with this identity a lot and it really just sucks? (Like, already I’m struggling with my identity just in general and this is just one big aspect of it.) My ethnicity isn’t super known, but I’m a Hmong Asian American. I’ve always had encounters with other Asian Americans because my family used to own at an Asian Market when I was a kid. I’d always feel shameful or guilty for not being able to speak my native language, and it didn’t help that people who’d come to the Asian market I helped at, would constantly ask me why I wasn’t able to learn my own language. All the Hmong kids at my school were more in touch with their culture, and I was slowly growing apart of it. I tried to be friends with them, but we just didn’t get along with each other in the end. And when I look back at it, I would be what many would consider “white washed” as a younger kid. I never exactly heard of that term before? Not until I moved away a few years back. I haven’t made good progress on learning my culture or been able to find people who understood my struggle until the move. Since then, I’ve been trying to get into my culture, understand it, and learn the language. (At least what I can for now.) And I’ve met many people who are seemingly going through a similar thing as me. It’s just nice to not have to feel alone, and I honestly think it really helped me strengthen that part of my identity. However, sadly while it strengthened over the years, it is still somewhat strained, since I also learned the Hmong Community can be very toxic, which makes it harder for me personally to embrace my own culture and connect with other Hmong people. For the most part though, I’m glad to at least be learning about my culture, and learning with many other people that understand the struggle with this part of my identity.
Zac Fajardo
Zac Fajardo Vor 8 Stunden
actually funny thing is im a Filipino but i have trouble speaking Filipino its literaly the same bus swap the word Korea for Philippines
BigFat PatatoHead
BigFat PatatoHead Vor 8 Stunden
I dealt with the same thing parents making me go to Mexico and me having a to deal with American teachers didn’t really help and the worst part of this is where I had the best grade in English learning and nothing really felt new in classes and ya know the house thing is the same with me and me being the youngest in my house not be a Spanish prodigy and it’s fine with me (I wish I could try this hard in school)
Jenna George
Jenna George Vor 9 Stunden
Can you make cartoon based on tuzki bunny for entertainment purposes ?
Raymond Goff
Raymond Goff Vor 10 Stunden
Thank you for sharing your life story Em
smoll weebo
smoll weebo Vor 10 Stunden
Emirichu's brother looks like saitama xD
Kiran Maqbool
Kiran Maqbool Vor 10 Stunden
Me being part Pakistani and Mexican and not knowing any of the language *cries in English 😭😭😭
EnyongYT Vor 10 Stunden
Don't worry Emirichu! I am the exact same. I'm Korean and I also struggle with tradition and I also am pretty bad at korean. :)
Quarter G
Quarter G Vor 10 Stunden
If you watch enough anime you can become a master of Japanese if you try enough so that'll impress them all!!!!
Arianna Young
Arianna Young Vor 10 Stunden
Ok fun fact my mom is Mexican, anyways one time she went out with my sister to get some groceries I was left home alone and was vibing Until the phone rang and it was my moms dad who barley knows any English so I had to look up on the computer how to say she was at the store in Spanish LOL 😂 he called my mom later saying he understood what I was trying to say, and I still laugh at it now
ISAFSoldier Vor 10 Stunden
:: slowly backs out as a Vietnamese-American :: '-'
It'zA-me Prongs
It'zA-me Prongs Vor 11 Stunden
Bruh, when she was talking about how she felt when that last said "A shame" my phone went off... My nonifacation sound is Zuko saying *That's rough buddy*
clari is a pan
clari is a pan Vor 11 Stunden
i'm japanese but can hardly speak the language lmao
Ailani R. Estela León
Ailani R. Estela León Vor 11 Stunden
As a bilingual, when lerning english at school one of the things they tell us is to not be afraid of making mistakes because we learn from those mistakes and that weare here to learn.
Arminius of Germania
Arminius of Germania Vor 11 Stunden
Emily: I wish I had white parents Me (a white guy): AWWW HELL NAW!!
Ben Better
Ben Better Vor 11 Stunden
my great grandfather is from france and moved to the United States in the late 30s, he never taught any of my family members French, i tried to learn it but i just gave up, i only know a simple (im using a computer so i cant make the weird squiggles) Salut, comment ca va, tu parle francais, et toi? I tried to learn more but it just got more harder to speak and even more harder to remember it, which i thought i was lazy, but its harder than it looks
Ben valadez
Ben valadez Vor 12 Stunden
I’m Mexican-American I barely can speak Spanish
Emu Riddle
Emu Riddle Vor 8 Stunden
Not Hispanic, but I know how you feel bro. I know more German, than my mother's native language (Thai). Freaking documentaries, man. Lol
xX Euphoria Xx
xX Euphoria Xx Vor 12 Stunden
Hey! Your not the only one! I'm from South Korea too, I struggle with Korean and I'm still afraid to show that I'm Korean! I feel like I don't have the rights to talk to people with English and Korean... I feel like I'm just a person that everyone thinks is a outcast and is a disappointment to their parents because they don't speak fluent in their language.. I also felt like I wished I never had Korean parents before but I now know that I should be grateful and happy for what I am and what I have!
Panda Bamboo Gaming
Panda Bamboo Gaming Vor 13 Stunden
I really like your art style
Cosmic Inheritance
Cosmic Inheritance Vor 13 Stunden
your art style is really cute.
ellen Vor 13 Stunden
i never would have thought that i would find a video about the struggle between korean / american identity that hit so close to home as this one. I can understand my parents completely when they speak korean but my sister and i would never respond in korean. growing up i hated and despised anything korean due to the same reason you had. everything you had set really looked like a flashback to my own life and how where you are at now is where i currently am as well... thank you for this video
Brae Mae
Brae Mae Vor 13 Stunden
No offense
Brae Mae
Brae Mae Vor 13 Stunden
Dishonor on you dishonor your cow
Denis Suárez
Denis Suárez Vor 14 Stunden
Actually I live in Jordan (this is Arabic by the way!!) and I am a good English speaker some people tell me that I look like Korean people
Denis Suárez
Denis Suárez Vor Stunde
@Emu Riddle bro I feel you I used to have people mistaking me as Japanese because I had long hair covering my forehead and those eyes 😏😒 I actually love watching almost the same cartoons drawning style like Sally Haide stuff like that and now..... ATTACK ON TITAN FOR LIFE
Emu Riddle
Emu Riddle Vor 8 Stunden
Dang. You must have went to a good school... Isn't it weird, when they talk about how you look too? I'm Asian. But when I started growing up more (age 16, or so), some people started mistaking me for being White. It felt like a weird case of "Inception" right there. (Like in that famous movie) To put this into perspective: Another guy once mistook me for being Italian too. I just identify as American, to simplify everything 🤔
Tato Poo
Tato Poo Vor 14 Stunden
People would always call me Russian I'm American/Filipeno/German
Emu Riddle
Emu Riddle Vor 8 Stunden
I know how you feel. Some people mistake me for being Italian or Native American. I'm German/Polish/Thai/Indonesian. With some traces of Dutch (on the Asian side of my family), Celtic, and Jewish ancestry.
Decent Doodles
Decent Doodles Vor 14 Stunden
Omg TYSM, I can really relate to what ur saying. I’m a Native American and ever since the whole residential school my Tsuut’ina (my language) has been very bad and it’s really hard to learn it. I’m so great full that I’m not alone.
・K o k o ・
・K o k o ・ Vor 14 Stunden
Its exactly the same for me (I’m half white half Japanese). Most of my friends aren’t Japanese like me. And whenever my mom speaks Japanese to me I usually respond with English but only Japanese sometimes. People who don’t have the worries if speaking two languages and learning to write in different languages really don’t know how hard it is to keep up with both things. I had to go to this Japanese school every weekend and I hated it. It was such a headache since I also had to go to my normal school.
Park ChimMin
Park ChimMin Vor 14 Stunden
Awww man, this hits too close to home. ;m; edit: OH CRAP, THE WHOLE COMPARING KIDS THING! AHHHH! Idk why parents feel the need to do that! I absolutely hate it whenever they do that in front of my face! You know, when my mom’s friend and her half-white daughter stayed at our house for a few days to seek out colleges in our state, my sister and I kinda felt like shit. They kept comparing us to each other. She takes multiple AP classes, she’s really pretty, she’s independent, and she’s really nice. I don’t hate her. I never could cause she was that nice. But damn, when she was here, my sister told me “I was white” after she saw how guys would look at her.
Hêll._.gürl thę._.dëp4ęssêdbìtčh
Why don't ppl just mind their own business >:(
Alex Eom
Alex Eom Vor 15 Stunden
I'm in the same situation! I'm moving to Korea in less than a week and I'm kinda nervous... :|
Emma Lin
Emma Lin Vor 15 Stunden
Its so crazy how things has changed and how now people are more familiar with the Japanese and Korean culture like i kinda wish i was partly korean or japanese so i could experience more of their culture it seems fun
Emu Riddle
Emu Riddle Vor 8 Stunden
Tell me about it... I didn't realize how popular K-pop would be in this country, until I walked into Walmart a few weeks ago. Checked out the iPhones, and found out someone actually tried to search for it. I'm in a predominantly White town 🤔
jadah orr
jadah orr Vor 15 Stunden
Where is you black lives matter post
Emu Riddle
Emu Riddle Vor 8 Stunden
As much as I sympathize with them, I have to say this: Bruh. She's Asian.
Shino Vor 15 Stunden
Am i the only one what accualy wishes to have an asian frend but i live in a white only country :/
ColeOfCentauri Vor 15 Stunden
Hey, I’m just like you, except that I am Puerto Rican instead of Korean. I also speak English without an accent because I only spoke English at home. In my case, my parents decided that we should speak English at home even in Puerto Rico because we were already planning to move to the United States when I was still a toddler. As a result, I speak English as a first language with a Midwestern accent, and I speak Spanish as my second language, which I had to learn as a teenager in the US, with an accent that mixes Mexican and Puerto Rican.
kikkinn Vor 15 Stunden
yo i’m asian american
Vanessa Powell
Vanessa Powell Vor 16 Stunden
Emily are you going to make a video about the Yuri!!! On ice movie?
Angee Ye He
Angee Ye He Vor 16 Stunden
GURL, SAME! THANK GOD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!! (For me is chinesse)
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