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7 Mär 2020



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Conner Sullivan
Conner Sullivan Vor 7 Monate
Another fun time showing my dad about German Culture! We both still have a lot to learn! :) Follow on IG to see the travel updates! ❤️ instagram.com/itsconnersully/ I am currently in Hawaii with a few friends 🤙🌋
wiwik aditama
wiwik aditama Vor 4 Monate
Your breakfast to much 😲😱
Ace KC
Ace KC Vor 5 Monate
10 seconds in and one can see the first traffic violation. Overtaking on the right is not allowed in germany.
Ceh H
Ceh H Vor 6 Monate
@Went Seven Not driving faster than 130 km/h is an official recommendation by law (Richtgeschindigkeit). Driving faster means, you accept the risks out of it. In case of an accident it is easy to check the last speed you had, as car electronic has several points where you can get this data. Please be aware, that drivers changing the lane in front of you cannot neccesarily estimate using the rear mirror, that you are faster than 200 km/h. You have to take this into consideration.
Ceh H
Ceh H Vor 6 Monate
@Bard Erland Please be aware, that even if there are parts on the Autobahn without speed limit, there is a recommendation by law, not to drive faster than 130 km/h. As a consequence, everbody driving faster than this recommendation, is responsible for the higher risk and the consequences out of it. The law also states to take care on the other drivers arround you. So yes, there are parts of the autobahn where you can go fast, but please use the Part between your two ears when doing it. 😉
Shanti Ec
Shanti Ec Vor 6 Monate
Your German sound good 👍🏻
sushi777300 Vor 4 Tage
It's so funny Lived in Germany most of my life and actually prefer driving in the US as it's so much more relaxed
Marek Vor 6 Tage
The driving system that you pass on the left and if there is free right lane you always need to use it works all over the world expect North America, In Canada and USA those easy smart logic rules seem the biggest enemy.
Ulrich Lohse
Ulrich Lohse Vor 6 Tage
Geil da wahren die noch Unbegrenzt 🤣
Victor Relat
Victor Relat Vor 7 Tage
160 is my travel speed :D Greetings from Berlin
Das Deutsch
Das Deutsch Vor 10 Tage
As a dual citizen living in both the states and Deutschland I miss the autobahn when I’m here in the states. People don’t know how to drive here and is always a mess with loads of traffic! The USA needs to adopt our German driving laws! And mostly importantly the training it takes to get a drivers licensee in Deutschland is way more difficult and expensive then in the states. No such thing as a 16 year old pays $40 and a driving test to get there drivers license here in Deutschland!
hongsien kwee
hongsien kwee Vor 13 Tage
No speed limit is a round white board with three diagonal black lines, the one at 09:32 is the end of the 80 km/hr section
El Loco
El Loco Vor 23 Tage
Never ovetake on the right lane
Nuno Graca
Nuno Graca Vor 23 Tage
The rules are for all the roads. The main rule is you drive always on the right side of the road and the left side is to overtake someone. It's against the rules to overtake on the right side. Btw there's something that we do in Portugal is that if you need to overtake someone who's to slow on the left side of the road you just use turn signal to the left and he will move away.
Das Wunder
Das Wunder Vor 26 Tage
What BMW is it?
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Vor Monat
Its only the best breakfast If you re in a baller Hotel
Esther Buist Saerang
Nederland de best Highway dan in Europa becouse befor im living in Nederland about 25 jaar now in Duitsland 😁
Eff dees
Eff dees Vor Monat
Conner, awesome guy ! :D
Khalil Ayari
Khalil Ayari Vor Monat
Name of the hotel?
MJ_Tribute -Channel
Weißwurst schneiden ist typisch deutsch?? Ich dachte das wäre wenn man sie zuzelt ^^ Dann ist das wohl doch eher was rein Fränkisches, wie? Bin ein wenig verwirrt...
ankra12 Vor Monat
Love German food 😍
Кристиан Динер
How is the name from the hotel ?
joseph thompson
joseph thompson Vor Monat
Only time I eat bread is in Germany. It’s the best . Even at small hotels das Frühstück ist lecker und sehr gut! Thanks the pandemic I haven’t been there all year to visit my office and factory in Frankfurt. 😢
Crankshaft Rotator
Very nice! I´m a little bit proud now to live in germany (also born here). :D
Martin Insurance & Investment Services
Joe is the best!
Crankshaft Rotator
Driving 160 km/h with a Beamer, and describe this as fast - cute! A small car with only 60 hp can go that fast. :D
Reinhold Ostermann
Enjoy as long as you can do! Many people in Germany want the speed limit (120 km/h), politicians will decide....
Lasse Vor Monat
hope so
Marty Mcflyy
Marty Mcflyy Vor Monat
Come to cologne or Berlin, there goes the action, Munich is beautiful but they do their one thing 😂
Sathya Vor Monat
Coming here after Bayern won the Champions league😆
Fillaaaaa Vor 2 Monate
0:05 they have rules .... you overtaking on the right side wtf
Rainer Majchrzak
Rainer Majchrzak Vor 2 Monate
5***** -Hotel? Breakfast looks great.
Luca Nogara
Luca Nogara Vor 3 Monate
The thing about passing people only on the left is not only a German thing. It's all over Europe. The rules in general are the same all over Europe except maybe for the "no speed limit" thing.
MR. NINE 9 SEVEN Vor 3 Monate
I thought the overtaking rules were universal everywhere, I am now wondering how people cope in the US. Must be pandemonium on the highways over there...
Botcan Alcan
Botcan Alcan Vor 3 Monate
If you like the Brezel you would love the Buterbrezel. It's like a Mod for the Brezel.
Elena Hartmann
Elena Hartmann Vor 3 Monate
The chees is call "Gezwickter" in Bayern :) we eat it with "Salzstangen" My moms is the best! ^^
Till Appelhans
Till Appelhans Vor 3 Monate
I can't believe you're eating pure honey....
JoBlumi Vor 3 Monate
Germany: historic memorials, churches Literally every tourist: A U T O B A H N
lenni Vor 3 Monate
Im from germany and never saw that honey thing in my life. Looks amazing tho
John of Debar
John of Debar Vor 3 Monate
I LUV bircher Müsli
crazygermanviper Vor 3 Monate
Passing cars to the right is illegal
nine Vor 3 Monate
General misconception, there is a Speed Limit on the entire Autobahn, one that isn't shown on the shields, however, it is seen as more than a guideline, usually, it is 120 iirc, however the Law also states it is okay to drive Faster as long as it won't be a danger to you and others. if the Autobahn is genuine Empty, Pedal to the Medal unless shields tell you otherwise. Obviously, none expects foreigner to know that. And also thanks for Respecting that people like it to be Quite, let's say Americans are not exactly known for being silent during Breakfast in hotels. It also established for decades that the right lane is for Trucks and transporters, kinda, its more of an unwritten rule.
j669 Vor 3 Monate
As far as I know the general rule to keep right unless overtaking also counts for most US states, it's just commonly ignored and not enforced by the police.
S Klaus
S Klaus Vor 4 Monate
Yooooooo Munich Berlin 2 hours instead of 4 ? I’ve driven this way so often and your fast as hell if you’re doing it in like 4,5 hours 😂😂😂
Gamebert Vor 4 Monate
When you say something in German, I am extremely satisfied. Your pronunciation is very good. Love your Videos!
Colin MacDonald
Colin MacDonald Vor 4 Monate
Correct, European breakfasts totally rock! As for autobahns, they are bit like flying, fast, safe, but if you do crash, you die.
Carlos Athié
Carlos Athié Vor 4 Monate
The rules you explained about only passing on the left are the exact same in the US. The difference is that here in Germany they follow the rules. Passing on the right is illegal in US PERIOD!
GodlessReason Vor 4 Monate
0:06 Hooooly f#?&, dat sh%+ can get you killed here bro! XD
In uns und um uns
In uns und um uns Vor 4 Monate
I would like to remind you that Addi personally built these motorways as far as Moscow, Paris, London and Washington in order to conquer the world without a speed limit. And overtaking on the right was still allowed at that time. Deutschland du mieses Stück...….
Tatjana Vor 4 Monate
Just stumbled upon your video (thanks to the youtube algorithm) and I loved your enthusiasm about German food :D Hotel breakfast here IS the best!
Lisa-Marie c
Lisa-Marie c Vor 4 Monate
herrrgoooottsnah!!!! Die weiswurst wird gezuzelt nicht gschnitten!!!!!🥴🤣
this commentary section now is part of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland
r0w Vor 4 Monate
Skip shit 9:35
question mark321
question mark321 Vor 4 Monate
Bei uns in NRW ist sowas gar nicht möglich. Aller Paar Kilometer Baustelle, kaputte Straßen und marode Brücken. Respekt das wenigstens Bayern gute Straßen hat:D
speed ole
speed ole Vor 4 Monate
^Was ein durcheinander beim frühstück^^^^^^^ aber Guten Appetit und viel Spass in Deutschland^^
Animal KERST
Animal KERST Vor 4 Monate
- Es gilt immer das Rechtsfahrgebot - Rettungsgasse nicht vergessen - und im Rückstau - Warnblinkanlage anschalten
Cruzer ADJ
Cruzer ADJ Vor 4 Monate
Auffälliger gehts wohl nicht... Nur ein Witz, nicht ernst nehmen
Jeff Woodard
Jeff Woodard Vor 4 Monate
your making me hungry
Saskia Ko
Saskia Ko Vor 4 Monate
Your Dad is so cute :D
H8table Vor 4 Monate
Good explanation of the rules. Something I've learnt in Germany is to always keep checking the lights of a least three or four car before the one you are directly following. If the entire lane suddenly slows down, you get a heads up before the vehicle you are following even hits his brakes.
Peter Zingler
Peter Zingler Vor 5 Monate
There are rules. Lol overtakes on the right
BuDDa ChieSeL
BuDDa ChieSeL Vor 5 Monate
And if you drive on the left turn your lights on so poeple know you are approaching fast when they glace in the mirror. Day or night speed of light turn on the lights
Lulu Du
Lulu Du Vor 5 Monate
Im a 17 years old german. The first time after i got my license and was allowed to drive on the 'Autobahn' without my driving teacher I drove 160kmh. (My mom was a little bit nervous, while she was sitting on one of the backseats)
Ask me
Ask me Vor 5 Monate
You look like you see 😳 food/breakfast for the first time in your life 😂
Papaya Man
Papaya Man Vor 5 Monate
Yo brezel with Emmentaler Cheese + Salt and Pepper or a Portion Obazda --> ( The Cheese Sauce ) :) de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obatzter
Zihan Zheng
Zihan Zheng Vor 5 Monate
Munich-Berlin in 4 or 2 hours? I think you messed something up there
Kutlu Taskin
Kutlu Taskin Vor 5 Monate
Nice sunglasses on your Dad, let me guess Oakley .Except for your one lol.
LoopyHead Vor 5 Monate
Of course fresh bread tastes better than old bread in order to always only have fresh bread the old bread gets thrown away because nobody wants to eat it or because they only want to have fresh bread on the display. Due to that alot of good bread is wasted on a daily basis in no small amounts just because they've been older than a few hours.
Tharkz Vor 5 Monate
I just had my first proper mindblow. AFAIK stick to the right goes for most (western?) european contries. I had no idea this wasn't a thing in the USA 😲
TechnoFeeling Vor 5 Monate
Your positivity feels good in this crazy times
Alexandro Rocca
Alexandro Rocca Vor 5 Monate
The car plays obviously the biggest role when you want to drive really fast, no matter how good you think you are. Be sure that your tires are in perfect condition and warm them up. Also, test your brakes a couple of times, and don't forget that no matter how fast you react, it takes hundreds of meters to even slow down when you go over 200 km/h. Even though certain cars can reach high speed, be aware that some of them are not safe for a variety of reasons. A Smart going 140 is less safe than a BMW going 240.
biggimeggi *
biggimeggi * Vor 5 Monate
Ich will auch mal in das Hotel 😂
Benny17 Vor 5 Monate
come Hamburg the best city in germany
Footwoork Vor 5 Monate
2h from München to Berlin? Not even the train can do it xD
René Bittner
René Bittner Vor 5 Monate
always funny to see cool Drone flights over German Cities...its absolutely forbidden :D :D :D but funny to see it all the Time in US Vids *peace* ;) thanks for the Vid and Greets from Germany!
frdml01 Vor 5 Monate
I drive in Germany a lot, even lived there for 5 years (Stuttgart), but I get crazy of the continuously changing speed limits everywhere. Fortunately, the speeding fines are relatively low in Germany ;-) Also, I drove home to the Netherlands on Friday evenings and then you get to "Lärmschuts" areas (noise reduction), where they have a reduced night speed limit :-(
Daisuke86 Vor 5 Monate
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Peter Radoulov
Peter Radoulov Vor 5 Monate
Und hat es dir gefallen in deutschland? :)
Heinz Kaba
Heinz Kaba Vor 5 Monate
This cheesy thing what you put on the Breze is called „Obazda“
andy omsen
andy omsen Vor 5 Monate
ok^^ ich esse nie brezeln zum frühstück^^ das macht eigentlich keiner ^^
milli Vor 5 Monate
2 stunden von münchen nach berlin. da hat er aber eine längere pause gemacht.
Pia Vor 5 Monate
I‘ve never seen honeycomb anywhere in Germany. And I‘m from Germany.
Cornelius Böhler
Cornelius Böhler Vor 5 Monate
Duuuude, someone shit into your croissant, bad hotel...
BMW ///M Power
BMW ///M Power Vor 5 Monate
germans see german in the titel: blitzkrieg comment section hahahah
Giorgio Focco
Giorgio Focco Vor 5 Monate
Typisch bayrisch nicht deutsch^^
Laura Skof
Laura Skof Vor 5 Monate
münchen is not germany...it's bayern almost another country. i'm from Bremen ;-)
Felix ;P
Felix ;P Vor 5 Monate
But watch out! These sines are also of the Autobahn! So only on the Autobahn no speedlimit!!!
Felix ;P
Felix ;P Vor 5 Monate
Not all of Ohr Hotels are like that. Also the Honeymoon is also Not typical !
Lut WE
Lut WE Vor 5 Monate
Der kommentar bereich ist jetzt teil der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
German Woodlore
German Woodlore Vor 5 Monate
„Würziger Käse“ Des is obazda oida!
Johannes B.
Johannes B. Vor 5 Monate
200 - 300 mph?! It's Like 480 km/h. Thats almost impossible. Due to the traffic, many Germans aren't driving faster than 100 mph😂. I enjoyd watching you, eating all that delicious food! Have a great time in Germany
EnigmaG1 Vor 5 Monate
German citizen here, the main rules for driving on the Autobahn are: 1. Keep the minimum safety distance (half tachao in meters e.g. 100KM/H 50m) 2. You always drive right, you can only drive on the left-hand lanes while you are overtaking, when you're done with overtaking you go back right, use common sense to make decisions. 3. On the right you can only drive past if you drive below 80KM / H and are not faster than 20KM / H than the other driver (e.g. he drives 40 you can 60) 4. If there is a traffic jam you have to form an emergency lane to the right of the left lane and keep it open until the traffic flows again.
Inspay Vor 5 Monate
9:31 no this is 120
Earn Earn
Earn Earn Vor 5 Monate
Your German is awwwwwwesooooome 🤩
Eclipse Vor 5 Monate
I'm from germany and i never ever ate Weißwurst in my life. It's mostly a thing in Bavaria. I'm from Ostdeutschland and here it isn't really a thing
Marius Germes
Marius Germes Vor 5 Monate
Thes crosst sign meens "zone ende" so it ends all signs bevor on the road If you have an "vorfahrtsstraße" (priority road) ends ther too for exemple😉
Christopher Gülle
Christopher Gülle Vor 5 Monate
I can tell from the lamps in the hotel, and from the honey especially: That is clearly the Kempinski Hotel in Munich. No advertisement intended, just saying. Good for you. ;)
Cryptobyte Vor 5 Monate
Kommentarbereich eingenommen, bitte Truppen nachsenden..nehmt ihn ein !!
Caroline Giles
Caroline Giles Vor 5 Monate
Your enthusiasm is so great to watch! Hope you enjoyed Munich, my home town. 😍
Caroline Giles
Caroline Giles Vor 5 Monate
Also: I'm so relieved you knew you had to peel the Weißwurst first hahaha!
Laurina Hawks
Laurina Hawks Vor 5 Monate
There is Weisswurscht in New York, so you can get it without travelling to Europe.
2strokerz Vor 5 Monate
I was in maryland for 2 Weeks and I saw about 10 or 15 accident😂 thats more then I saw in the 15 years living in Germany 😂
Yucel Fabiano
Yucel Fabiano Vor 5 Monate
Coner , are you brave do travelling in syria ?
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu Vor 5 Monate
His Dad has this terrible British breakfast with beans! ;)
Daniel Klinger
Daniel Klinger Vor 5 Monate
Hi you Must the Weißwurst zuzeln
mrjiggy187 Vor 5 Monate
When do you Americans learn it? Its not "Prezel", its "Brezn" or "Brezal". Prezel ist the american version in the snackbag likes nibble pastries! Its not so hard to learn. 🤷🏽‍♂️
GIJS Automotive
GIJS Automotive Vor 5 Monate
Minga 🥰
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