My Experiences with Living with a Host Family in Germany

More Yin Than Yang
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Should you live with a host family in Germany? In this video, I share my experiences of living with host families in Germany. I also talk about what you can expect when you live with a host family in Germany.
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25 Jul 2018



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More Yin Than Yang
More Yin Than Yang Vor 2 years
Considering staying with a host family in Germany? Comment down below if you have any questions! I answer most if not all of them 🤓
Wine was Involved
Wine was Involved Vor 9 Monate
Were you able to get an idea or preview your host families and homes? Or did you go in blind?
Deyna Scarleth
More Yin Than Yang Hi, I'm interested in that programme. Could you give me some info? :)
fiona fiona
fiona fiona Vor year
I was Au pair in Ireland and enjoyed the experience of living with a host family (thought I wouldn't be as brave without knowing we speak the others language well).
Ngawang Tharchin
Ngawang Tharchin Vor 4 Monate
i felt tired for you for speaking. ;)
Ella Hardy
Ella Hardy Vor 6 Monate
I’m thinking of applying to be an exchange student in Germany and staying with a host family, but I have ANXIETY and can make a situation awkward😅 I’m scared to be with a host family😬 any tips, or something?
Ella Hardy
Ella Hardy Vor 6 Monate
More Yin Than Yang Thank you! You’ve definitely helped ease my mind!💜
More Yin Than Yang
More Yin Than Yang Vor 6 Monate
Hey Ella, I definitely understand your concerns. Having a good or suitable host family definitely makes a world of difference in terms of the experience. However, I wouldn’t let these concerns discourage you from going for the exchange program. 😊 Maybe it would help you to know that I had anxiety too before my first exchange program, but it all worked out well in the end. I think it would be much less “awkward” if there are also other students staying in the same host family as you are. Is there maybe an option for that? It’s also not bad at all being alone there because most of the time you have lots of space and time for yourself... there doesn’t have to be a ton of interactions if you’re not comfortable with it. I know how hard it is to overcome anxiety and to just go for something but you should open yourself up to new experiences if not you might regret it 🙂
Rainer-JGS Vor 10 Monate
Lach doch mal, liebe Yin! Warum schaust Du immer so ernst und angestrengt? Liebe Grüße vom Rainer-JGS.de
More Yin Than Yang
More Yin Than Yang Vor 10 Monate
Simiaes Vor year
Wer ist deutsch?
Queenie B
Queenie B Vor year
How much do you pay for staying in host family?
More Yin Than Yang
Thanks 😊😊
Queenie B
Queenie B Vor year
@More Yin Than Yang please upload more videos about Germany and your life there. Really enjoyed your video content.
Queenie B
Queenie B Vor year
@More Yin Than Yang thank you for your response. Will be considering going on a host family.
More Yin Than Yang
It depends on the duration and whether or not they’re responsible for cooking your meals as well so I can’t give you a single direct answer
Fatimaezzahra Belkayd
How Can i get a Host German familly
More Yin Than Yang
They’re usually connected to the language school or university if you do a language course or an exchange program!
arjun nigam
arjun nigam Vor year
hi, i wanted to know how did you find a host family in Köln? I mean like from which site or where.
May I know which language school did u attend ?
More Yin Than Yang
Hi, the language school went to assigned me to the host family. Hope this helps. 🙂
schnepel008 Vor year
Well concerning the going away for vacation and leaving the house to you and your friend: there is this thing called trust. German Education System and german parents tend to trust their children to be able to take care of themselves (and a house) at a quite early age. Reason is the way German children are raised, early to take on responsibilities, raised to be independent as early as possible. So two grown up girls coming to study are just considered capable of taking care of a house. That’s not bizzare, it’s just German thinking.
Berkay Gök
Berkay Gök Vor year
You are master of the Languages. Damn i like your accent. Thats really help me.
furzkram Vor year
Give the first family a call, see if you can meet up for a day, and impress them with your German. I'm sure they'd love to witness your progress first hand.
Perados Vor year
Ohh, no matter how kind your German families have been, I hope you asked everyone if you can show pictures of their homes (outside and inside). Especially to show a picture of the child's face. Germans can become really uncomfortable if someone shares "private data" with the public. To share pictures of children unasked on Facebook, DE-vid, Instagram, or even WhatsApp status is a big no go.
Karen Medler
Karen Medler Vor year
You could always ask your host family for their FB details, that way it wouldn`t be so formal and you could keep up with their lives that way and they with yours !
Karen Medler
Karen Medler Vor year
PS- and the Germans are mostly honest and also trusting.. l left my mobile phone once in a restarant and worried that someone could have taken it, but no when l returned,around 45 minutes later it was still on the chair where l`d left it, l`m sure in England it would have been nicked within 10 minutes ! Another time an elderly lady, who l didn`t know, struck up a conversation, suddenly she told me she had to go to the ladies and immediately vanished down a flight of stairs while leaving her handbag on the table next to me !! SO trusting, it can restore your faith in humanity!
Phil Vor year
I am wondering why you were confused by that second host family just leaving you while going on holidays. Do you think that you make such a distrustful appearance that people should better not leave you alone? Or were your friends people you cant' trust?
l3st4ri Ns
l3st4ri Ns Vor year
I get what she meant. I think that's because she's just a stranger and the family knew her not long enough. To me she doesn't have distrustful appearance. At least in asia usually you trust your house to relatives/anyone from your family or someone who is very close to you
Mark Anders
Mark Anders Vor year
As you have learned german you are probably familiar with the concept of cases: Nominativ, Akkusativ etc. My friend and I lived in the first flour, but our host mother cared or my friend and me. On youtube you find even american native english speakers who are not aware of the difference.
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton Vor year
I noticed that several times you used the pronoun, 'I', when you should have said, 'me'. The video was very good and positive, though.
Comfort Homestay
Glad. Home stay is always comfortable, If anyone would like to experiences in #Nepal, Comfort Homestay in Kathamandu would be great.
swanpride Vor 2 years
Well, glad that you had overall good experiences. And that you like Germany.
SteinbrecherBack Vor 2 years
You have a really intense way of speaking. :D
AaroXn B
AaroXn B Vor 6 Monate
@Oliver Weber Hahaha :°D
Richard Andrews
OMGOSH Yes! She reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite. Plus I had it on 1.5 speed, so it amplified it much more. I know it's not her fault, but it annoyed me a bit, but I just had to realize it was all me. I do enjoy her videos tho.
Wilhelm Maximus
hahahaha :D
More Yin Than Yang
More Yin Than Yang Vor 2 years
Oliver Weber
Oliver Weber Vor 2 years
Sorry could not resist. I think the OP meant something like this? (wrong country, I know) de-vid.com/video/video-w7J2Nnl7Ano.html
Mr S
Mr S Vor 2 years
it sounds really good, are you from korea?
Wilhelm Maximus
@muhammad adil Singaporean speaks what we called it "Singlish" accent and you can spot them from a mile away with their pronunciation, everything sounds Chinese but if u listen carefully they are actually speaking English and some of the sentences end with lar, har, na, (fun fact) if you live in Singapore for a long time, you probably ended up losing your proper English accent. :D cheer
Lothar Scholz
Lothar Scholz Vor year
@muhammad adil She's from Hongkong. She said this in another video.
muhammad adil
muhammad adil Vor 2 years
She is from Singapore.
mkmm60 Vor 2 years
She must be from the states. But her accent is hard to read. Australia perhaps? That long aa in family... Never heard that.
Mr S
Mr S Vor 2 years
no, so where are you from?
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