NASA Remembers Neil Armstrong

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13 Sep 2012




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Margaux177 Vor 3 years
Wonderful! Just re-watched "The Right Stuff" today and wanted more; this beautifully crafted tribute provided it. Thanks NASA. And thank you Neil Armstrong.
gone.earthmovin11 Vor 3 years
Thanks NASA R.I.P Neil Alden Armstrong You will be with God and Jesus You will always be my hero. Regards Jack. (Neil's fan)
Matheus Saraiva
Matheus Saraiva Vor 3 years
meu sonho era conhecer esse cara 😭
Aimee Wilmot-smith
Aimee Wilmot-smith Vor 3 years
hey nile I am missing you. 😭😭🚀
allab876 Vor 3 years
This was a great tribute to an American hero and a wonderful human being. May his accomplishments and achievements inspire many generations to come! Thank you NASA for pushing the boundaries for exploration.
allab876 Vor 3 years
This was a great tribute to an American hero and a wonderful human being. May his accomplishments and achievements inspire many generations to come! Thank you NASA for pushing the boundaries for exploration.
TheGoldMineing \/
TheGoldMineing \/ Vor 3 years
Rip Neil Alden Armstrong :( Wish He Was Still Alive
christopher90 Vor 3 years
This video deserves so much more views.
Tom Ganks
Tom Ganks Vor 3 years
+christopher90 Our sad world ignores human achievement and scientific breakthroughs.
Shanker Lolakapuri
Shanker Lolakapuri Vor 3 years
thank you neil
Tangle Lover
Tangle Lover Vor 3 years
RIP Neil Alden Armstrong. You were an inspiration to many, a true American hero and an extremely considerate person. You will always be my hero and you will never be forgotten. May you forever be with God. *Salutes* Rest In Peace Neil, Rest In Peace. - Heather Norwood, Sunday 5th July 2015, 10PM.
MonadnockValley Vor 4 years
One of my favorite stories about Neil Armstrong was when one day, Neil was testing out a LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) prototype called the LLRV (Lunar Landing Research Vehicle), the thing exploded and fell to the ground and burst into glames. Luckily though, Neil ejected just in time. Later, either Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin or Jim Lovell heard the news and went go find Neil, who was sitting in an office filling out paperwork. Aldrin (or Lovell) goes to Neil and says "You almost died! For heavens and you're just sitting here casually!" And there's Neil, sitting down at his desk doing paperwork and just nods it off and says "There's paper work to fill out" What a badass!
JaneX Wonders
JaneX Wonders Vor 4 years
RIP Neil you're one of my inspirations
lily kungfu
lily kungfu Vor 4 years
My hero.
saraleX Vor 4 years
We love you Neil...RIP...
Flam Ingos
Flam Ingos Vor 4 years
r.i.p neil armstrong
Flam Ingos
Flam Ingos Vor 4 years
we were teaching about that in school
korkis Βορειος Αμερικανικος Ολεθρος
korkis Βορειος Αμερικανικος Ολεθρος
+jackie nistor greetings from Greece sir !! Neil is a legent !! of course man went to the moon !!! only idiots dont believe in this...AMERICA : THE LAND OF THE FREE THE HOME OF THE BRAVE !!!
Bader Alafnan
Bader Alafnan Vor 4 years
I cannot believe that all these people in this video are lying. Most of them are old tho lol. Landing on the moon was a big fake. It has been proved so. God sake!,!,!!,! Why some people would lie at this age '!!!
MrTagnan Vor 3 years
Russia fucking tracked the flight so no way in **** could it be fake
brennies24 Vor 4 years
Neil -you were a prince amongst men
Office Shoes
Office Shoes Vor 4 years
R.I.P Neil Armstrong.Moon landings were fake, Sadly we did not have the technology in the late 1960's and early 1970's to get a man on the moon and bring him back...But I understand why this was done, It was done to say to USSR "Look what we can do don't mess with us" one day the truth WILL out, Maybe one day we may have the technology to go to the moon and back. R.I.P Neil Armstrong 1930-2012
Office Shoes
Office Shoes Vor 4 years
Filmed in a studio on Earth..Nuff said
Gonçalo Coelho
Gonçalo Coelho Vor 4 years
there are mirrors on the moon that were deployed by apollos 15 team i guess that if you have laser and point it there and have a receptor to receive the reflected rays of light you will know how far is the moon ,if they placed those mirrors there and everyone go to a public telescope that makes these numbers they"astronomers" will be glad to show you they make these measurements almost all days of the year.i once went to one it was so amazing to see them firing lasers ant the moon. sorry for my bad english.
Matthew Abban
Matthew Abban Vor 4 years
What he did was probably the greatest push into the future. Do I consider it man's greatest achievement? No, I reserve the Voyager Mission for that, but this is certainly in the absolute highest of human achievement. It's certainly the greatest thing humans with their own flesh and bone have done.
Dan the car guy
Dan the car guy Vor 4 years
May Neil Armstrong r.i.p
john molnar
john molnar Vor 4 years
Happy Anniversary Neil.
RacistWhiteShark Vor 4 years
Lol why would anyone remember this lair xD just a puppet
Big Poppa
Big Poppa Vor 4 years
You're one of my greatest hero's, although your gone your legacy lives on.
michael folker
michael folker Vor 4 years
A great American hero. America at its finest. Wish I could have met you Neil. You inspired me then and still do so today. God Bless.
Tungsten Wu
Tungsten Wu Vor 4 years
Rip you were my inspiration to be great
Tungsten Wu
Tungsten Wu Vor 4 years
A hero
Wiltshire Man
Wiltshire Man Vor 4 years
AWESOME. What a fantastic guy he was. One of my heroes.
Randomness Bryan
Randomness Bryan Vor 4 years
Kinda sad that we lost him. I still think they should erect a statue of him since he was the 1st man to walk on the moon. He is a modern day Columbus of you think about it. And I know the landing was not hoaxed. After all we have proof that it wasn't.
MonadnockValley Vor 4 years
Except, y'know, Armstrong didn't take slaves from the Moon like Columbus. I'd say he's more like a well-known Lief Erickson.
Preston Thurman
Preston Thurman Vor 4 years
I watched mythbusters, and they prooved it wasent fake :P
Igor Flexus
Igor Flexus Vor 4 years
I could give an hour of proofing that they went to the moon, but I am getting tired of that. Neil Armstrong was an icon, down to earth (and the moon) humble, and a living inspiration.
A Nobbit
A Nobbit Vor 4 years
May u rest 4evr Neil. May you have eternal rest on the moon.
宮澤智秀 Vor 4 years
Neil Armstrong  彼の「夢」や「好きなこと」に対する「行動力」を見習いたい。
Dick Cortez
Dick Cortez Vor 4 years
wildboy04 Vor 4 years
moon laning fake but rip neil armstrong
wildboy04 Vor 3 years
ok it is only my opinion by the way
Randomness Bryan
Randomness Bryan Vor 4 years
No we really went to the moon and there is proof that we did.
feverspell Vor 4 years
I agree, the moon "laning" was fake. The moon *landing* however, was quite real.
wildboy04 Vor 4 years
pridakfan253 Vor 4 years
Hate to break it to ya, but we went to the moon. 9 times in fact, 7 of those were landings. But yes, RIP Neil.
Trenton Bless
Trenton Bless Vor 4 years
Thank you Neil. Thank you for all you have done. RIP
crometheus Vor 4 years
wow these are soooo easily proven fake apollo 11 big hoax
pridakfan253 Vor 4 years
Habibi46611 Vor 5 years
Zu recht wird Neil auch noch in 300 Jahren in den Geschichtsbüchern stehen. Zusammen mit Gene Kranz
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Vor 5 years
Awesome, Neil, thank you!
Arfian Bakhrul
Arfian Bakhrul Vor 5 years
I follow
Arfian Bakhrul
Arfian Bakhrul Vor 5 years
Americk still perfect
Arfian Bakhrul
Arfian Bakhrul Vor 5 years
Arfian Bakhrul
Arfian Bakhrul Vor 5 years
Arfian Bakhrul
Arfian Bakhrul Vor 5 years
it is beutifull and amazing but The its flag is kurang gaul
AnonFag Vor 5 years
really... and you forgot about the dog that you lost in space... who knows what happened to her...
MrTagnan Vor 3 years
That was the ssa (soviet space agency) this is nasa (national aeronautical space administration)
accel buddergod
accel buddergod Vor 5 years
Karina your just being a neil armstrong hater or your being dumb
Amr Khan
Amr Khan Vor 5 years
PerfectCell2018 Vor 5 years
14 dislikes? Stupid Conspiracy Theorists! >:(
crometheus Vor 4 years
conspiracy realists
Jamie Krukowski
Jamie Krukowski Vor 5 years
I adore the fact that, for the rest of its existence, the moon will have a set of footprints on it belonging to that wonderful, wonderful man and his team. No ceremony, monument or statue can be greater then those simple prints in the unmoving dirt. Its really quite an extraordinary way to remember a person, but it'll last a lot, lot longer then other monuments to people.
Leonardo Forever
Leonardo Forever Vor 3 years
●● U
Giovani22 Vor 5 years
I just don't understand why Neil didn't accept any credit for what he did. I mean the guy wouldn't share with the world his great experience to be the first man to walk on the moon . No interviews , no autographs he declined alot credit . I don't get it . But he his an American Icon.
Thanks Neil.
Oliver Lane
Oliver Lane Vor 5 years
best evidence i know that he did go to the moon was the fact the Russians never disputed it. The Moon Landings and race were a propaganda weapon against Soviet Russia. The Russians also had the only instruments capable of verifying or denying the mission and yet they never showed the slightest level of skepticism or doubt over but rather did the very embarrassing thing in congratulate Nasa
TheYoungAstronomer Vor 5 years
I don't have many heroes but he sure is one of the very few. Following in his steps to do exactly what he did. Explore beyond our home planet.
karina m
karina m Vor 5 years
What if he didn't go to the moon?
jrhperu Vor 5 years
Plebdominus Rex
Plebdominus Rex Vor 5 years
In my heart Neil is still alive with us.But when I heard That he died I started crying.
jaden baraka
jaden baraka Vor 5 years
Neil really has a strong arm if he put the flag on a moon but aldrin was there with Neil on moon
theproducerspart2 Vor 5 years
Even though Neil is gone his memory and spirit will live on forever on the moon and in the universe. He's the eternal astronaut. God bless you Neil Armstrong
ConLogEnt Vor 5 years
check out a video I made on my page remembering Neil Armstrong!
Tavga Hawrame
Tavga Hawrame Vor 5 years
Neil is greatest is super hero of 20th century, he risked his life for greatest cause to help humanity, he is so brave, he may rest in heaven, he always be remembered as noble and inspiring man
StampeCrusher72 Vor 5 years
George Petrov
George Petrov Vor 5 years
Neil Armstrong was a man of honor and courage. Neil is the greatest man that had and ever will in history. Every night when I see the moon, I look at it for a moment, and make a salute while saying ''Rest In Peace, My Hero'' . These days not a lot of people remember this great man.I my self have Neil Armstrong's Biography from James R. Hansen .
Michael H
Michael H Vor 5 years
I have always looked upon Mr. Armstrong as a true "American Hero" the epitome of greatness. Humble, reserved, quiet. The world will long remember Neil Armstrong, not the for greatness he showed albeit for the greatness he was. I still, in awe, look up at the Moon in the evening hours, and can recall vividly those ghostlike television images of a "man" setting foot upon another heavenly body, for the first time. Rest In Peace, Neil Armstrong!
Storm Zilla
Storm Zilla Vor 6 years
Bless you Neil.
Landau Martin
Landau Martin Vor 6 years
"Its One Small Step For Man One Giant Leap For Man Kind"
Jani Lindström
Jani Lindström Vor 6 years
What went wrong is the priorities for TV. Somehow TV execs go by the lowest common denominator. Not the importance, or actual interest of the subject matter, but what the dumbest of the dumb want to see. Fox News, any US channel really goes by that rule. So any actually interesting and important stuff is not in the books for TV. I wonder how they'll cover New Horizons historic flyby of Pluto in 2015. Probably resurrect the manufactured "not a planet" controversy.
Jani Lindström
Jani Lindström Vor 6 years
You've still got a chance to be up there. Engineering, biology, physics, geology, any route you want to take, you still got a chance to get up there. The hoax here is that you can't get up to the stars. People want you to know you can't go beyond this small planet, because they don't want you to realize how fragile and small a place this world is. How we're all just a small world in a huge universe. If you take the opposite road, you'll end up wishing you had dared to dream.
cuteulala1 Vor 6 years
What a shame death ruines everything neil was just as fearless in life as he was in death - Skyrim quote lol
CaptainOfGames Vor 6 years
I recently remember seeing an object named curiosity landing on Mars on tv.
coltbolt101 Vor 6 years
It was my dream to shake the hand of the first person to set foot on something other than eart. Neil is not just an american hero but a hero of mankind and he with foreer be missed
Oliver Åstrand
Oliver Åstrand Vor 6 years
Why is there so much talk of god in this video?
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
RIP Neil Armstrong First Man and Eagle Scout on the Moon
Aaron Kilgallon
Aaron Kilgallon Vor 6 years
They had crap on TV in 1969, obviously less overall since there was just less programming, but it's not like the moonwalk was the only programming in 1969. But whatever, this is irrelevant to this video. We should be talking about how awesome Neil Armstrong was.
Ant French
Ant French Vor 6 years
Quiet, humble, sincere - everything modern 'heroes' like celebrities are not. Thank you to Neil, the other Apollo astronauts and everybody who ever worked on Mercury, Gemini and Apollo for giving us the inspiration and knowledge of what a sense of adventure can drive us to achieve. Godspeed Neil.
Cloud9CX Vor 6 years
He died last year!!!! Seriously not a lie he was 82 when he died first man on the moon
Anders Mostue
Anders Mostue Vor 6 years
The famous "One step for man, a giant step for menkind" will always be remeaberd.
BloodyVlogger Vor 6 years
Neil the boy scouts will miss you you were a very nice man and i hope god has a place for you up there rest in peace and from all the eagle scouts we say thankyou
rafi ramadhan
rafi ramadhan Vor 6 years
So sad
rafi ramadhan
rafi ramadhan Vor 6 years
Foootprint amstrong
Virgocygni56 Vor 6 years
I feel like crying ... thanks Mr Armstrong looks us doawn from where ever you are in the infinity
Dan's House
Dan's House Vor 6 years
Thank you for this wonderful tribute!
Geneva Vor 6 years
Great man hope he is with the lord.
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis Vor 6 years
rest in space i would of loved to meet you and still wish i could when i watched this i thought to my self you are the most best person in the world to me and your my hero and i would love to meet you up in the clouds one day rest in space
LexarkTKG Vor 6 years
Sorry I spelt something wrong on my first comment on this video------------------------------- Neil Armstrong is a wonderful man and still is I wish I could meet him in real life but I can see his bike etc in a museum ( Sorry if I spelt it wrong ) RIP Neil Armstrong Neil A. Quote: One small step for a man....One giant leap for mankind We will NEVER forget Neil Armstrong
Hailey Pimental
Hailey Pimental Vor 6 years
it was one small step for a man, one giant leap or mankind. thaks neil
Tùng Lê
Tùng Lê Vor 6 years
Thank steps footer small
Hazzadog 224
Hazzadog 224 Vor 6 years
R.I.P Neil The people who disliked this video are douches
Mohammad Khezrian
Mohammad Khezrian Vor 6 years
thank you sir, we didn't expect you to leave. R.I.P.
Pockn CG
Pockn CG Vor 6 years
one giant leap for mankind.for future...
christopher90 Vor 6 years
This video deserves so many more views!
Brady Vor 6 years
R.I.P Niel
Dharma S .Aryono
Dharma S .Aryono Vor 6 years
Neil armstrong The man change and broke the theory That "we can't go to space" R.I.P neil armstrong :D
iSEO247 Vor 6 years
Listen to my Tribute Song to Neil on my channel, if you have time. Put some effort into it to do him justice.
lightdemon23 Vor 6 years
The music at 3:05 conveys imagination, possibilities, determination, and achievement, things that most of us want but don't want to work for.
Sean Q
Sean Q Vor 6 years
Rest In Peace Good Sir. Hey does NASA or whoever made this video sell the Secrets Piano piece playing at 3:02? I would love to buy this version of the song.
Duke Gledhill
Duke Gledhill Vor 6 years
1969 - tv showed a hero walk on the moon... 2012, tv shows big brother, xfactory and other "quality programming".... what went wrong?!
prince everlove
prince everlove Vor 6 years
Great Video. You know, I paused the day he died. And I wept for a Real Life Hero of mine. And I found on EBay a "1960's Marx Johnny Apollo". Never owned one. But I wanted something to remember the Apollo Missions. Somehow I won that Auction and plan to out that plastic figure by my computer to remind me the impossible was achieved. All because we dreamed and dared to believe. Neil Armstrong was truly one of the Greatest Americans ever. Humble and at the same time Daring.
Sreeshankar Gopal
Sreeshankar Gopal Vor 6 years
i like that poffesion
Sreeshankar Gopal
Sreeshankar Gopal Vor 6 years
i like it
Ziggy Maes
Ziggy Maes Vor 6 years
Secrets - One Republic.
Adam Goff
Adam Goff Vor 6 years
An amazing man who did such a great job representing the organization that worked their butts off to achieve the un-achievable. Such humbleness is a character trait so rarely found today. RIP Mr. Armstrong you will never be forgotten in our journey through the stars. On another note, does anyone know the song at 3:03?
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