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Nerf trick shots at a whole new level!
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Written by Arlo Lake
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18 Nov 2019



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thebarrcave Vor Stunde
I went to your live tour in Houston and got hi fived by Cory
Gavin Bott
Gavin Bott Vor Stunde
Can you make the merchandise cheaper? I still like your chanel but still. Like if you agree
KillerKat1177 Vor Stunde
Really ahh... got a bit lazy with these “trick shots.”
Abraão Ribeiro
Abraão Ribeiro Vor 2 Stunden
Dona 3490
Dona 3490 Vor 3 Stunden
Xx_FxExNxIxX_xX xd
Xx_FxExNxIxX_xX xd Vor 3 Stunden
Gunslinger Vor 5 Stunden
There are lefties that want to ban Nerf guns. Assault still toy weapons
Melissa Bartley
Melissa Bartley Vor 5 Stunden
KingGaming Vor 7 Stunden
Who are you bro
Timber Gilmore
Timber Gilmore Vor 8 Stunden
i do plz plz
Eileen Conforto
Eileen Conforto Vor 8 Stunden
Dfhfjhcjxjxjxjjcjxjxjjxjdjjdxiuxjxjdjidjjdjdjjdjjdjdudududujdudididjdjdjjjudususususisusudisiussjiiuduis 😫😫😫🙁😩😩😛😖😋😖😋😫😋🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
Clementina Faria
Clementina Faria Vor 9 Stunden
I love dude perfect
noneyerbidness Vor 12 Stunden
i can only get thru about 1 min of these videos. their personalities are SO hard to take.
Mobin Kabir
Mobin Kabir Vor 12 Stunden
@ 1:49 who is that???Like if you noticed him..
Lucas Rafael
Lucas Rafael Vor 13 Stunden
アタシワキガ Vor 13 Stunden
アタシワキガ Vor 13 Stunden
Kyle Beals
Kyle Beals Vor 16 Stunden
Irronically this gun actually sucks
Deswal Jaat
Deswal Jaat Vor 17 Stunden
Anyone in December
Nikita BRo
Nikita BRo Vor 17 Stunden
Кто русский
Sabrina Santos da Silva
Que demais # Brasil
Victoria Bede
Victoria Bede Vor 20 Stunden
I think you use mirror 😃😃
Penguin Gamerz
Penguin Gamerz Vor 21 Stunde
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dav vas
dav vas Vor 23 Stunden
Do you think they found all the nerf darts
Ian Kirkland
Ian Kirkland Vor Tag
Cobys laugh though 1:41
Sara Guerra
Sara Guerra Vor Tag
Hoo is that person in the left
Krista Ruggiero
who want's back to school stereotypes????
ice sk8er
ice sk8er Vor Tag
I'm here after watching richest DE-vidrs. Lol
Ali Beierman
Ali Beierman Vor Tag
I like your video
pinkerton 20000
when is The next overtime coming???
pinkerton 20000
I want school stereotypes! like so they can see 👇🏻
Wesley Wiethoff
matthias jenkins
Y’all should do one about track with, hunter woodhall and Tara Davis
Sequins Sparkles
Those were cool trick shots
BWA Wiffle Ball
Hockey stereotypes?
Terri Willman-Zeal
Did any body notice thay used the same gun
kk88ism digital
Nerf trick shots at a whole new level
Jeddah Vor Tag
i got a dude perfect tour ad before the video even started
Rayan Abdallah
What if there was a mirror
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congrats ksi
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