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11 Mär 2018

נטע ברזיליNetta barzilairude boygangnam styletik tokwhat is loveSing Hallelujahהכוכב הבאeurovision 2018Portugalפורטוגלאירווויזיון2018TOY



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fESClix Vor 6 Stunden
2:20 did someone fart?
GirlLinax01 Vor Tag
Papi papi Papi Papi chulo jajajaja really good
Jose en todos los tiempos
Jose en todos los tiempos
Lorna de panamá😍
Martin Valdez
Martin Valdez Vor 2 Tage
UwU This Make Me Feel Energetic
jeffston445 NPE
jeffston445 NPE Vor 4 Tage
Yes Netta Good job countries are right behind you to support From Canada
Вадим Манжосов
Просто уродство!!!
Michael Vor Tag
Лучшее исполнение когда-либо Что ты глухой?
Вадим Манжосов
то что Иисуса не было согласен ...зачем обидел мою мать? я ведь не говорил что исполнительница уродка просто имел в виду исполнение и постановка!!
falesTEEZ Vor 3 Tage
Иисус никогда не существовал
Вадим Манжосов
нет точно ...обиделся... точно твоя сестра)) ..наверно такой же из выше сказанного!!
falesTEEZ Vor 3 Tage
Твоя мать?
J A Vor 5 Tage
The version of Netta is twice as good as the original!
J A Vor 5 Tage
הגרסה של נטע טובה פי שניים מהמקור!
Víctor Patino Felices
ללא שם: אתה יכול Netta, בסדר!
Manuel sanchez
Manuel sanchez Vor 5 Tage
Impresionante Greetings from spain
Namazha KinKin
Namazha KinKin Vor 5 Tage
i love u netta..u are so amazing... big love for u from Indonesia ❤️❤️
Canna Wasaka
Canna Wasaka Vor 6 Tage
sepumomas Vor 6 Tage
I just happened to stumble on Netta while browsing through DE-vid and I must tell u, I’m already a fan and in love 😍 she’s fkn awesome !
με σιχαμενο βλεμμα αυτο που δειχνει οιτι ψυχη τρεφεται με σκουπιδια ...
μια ψυχρη χοντρη αδεια τρυπια κανατα ...
valley_slimes Vor 7 Tage
ווטפאק כמה צפיות😧
Michael Dornelas
Michael Dornelas Vor 8 Tage
💕 💕 🇧🇷 🇧🇷
Kamil Max
Kamil Max Vor 10 Tage
When she won Eurovision I was disappointed. But now after seeing her talent and what she can do I’m thrilled for her
jeffston445 NPE
jeffston445 NPE Vor 4 Tage
I like toy but yes I liked Cypress as well
Kamil Max
Kamil Max Vor 4 Tage
I wasn’t upset. I was disappointed. Just didn’t like the song much. And I preferred Cyprus entry. But seeing her on here doing other songs I think she’s truly talented
jeffston445 NPE
jeffston445 NPE Vor 4 Tage
Kamil Max why were you upset that she won Eurovision
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Vor 10 Tage
Papi, papi , papi chulooo, papi, papi, papi ven a mi!!! Amazing!!!
Enzo Vitoria
Enzo Vitoria Vor 11 Tage
Saludos desde México espero hagas está canción nuevamente Eres muy talentosa
Nico Esq
Nico Esq Vor 12 Tage
Pls add this song to spotify
jdum201 Vor 12 Tage
Just watched this after watching Eurovision. This woman is quite versatile. Great vocalist/DJ.
Marta Leo
Marta Leo Vor 13 Tage
Q ilu
morr Sor
morr Sor Vor 14 Tage
Netta you great !! In your face stupid ben el
miss fashion
miss fashion Vor 15 Tage
נטע את כשרון מהלך חבל שאת לא מנצלת את זה!!
Nico Esq
Nico Esq Vor 16 Tage
I cant stop listen to her.
sid viscot
sid viscot Vor 16 Tage
So true man.. all we hear about is people throwing rocks from one side and sharp shooters picking them off with sniper rifles. Yes there is is a fat squealing pig there too ;) Its a great place to get away with murder
sharonstonts Vor 14 Tage
And there are also bored, hateful ppl like you
Hdhdh Bdbdhfh
Hdhdh Bdbdhfh Vor 17 Tage
JZ JZ Vor 16 Tage
your mother?
Fatime Sarvanova
Fatime Sarvanova Vor 17 Tage
King İSRAEL👑💌💞👍
Malka Tovman
Malka Tovman Vor 17 Tage
Netta, at GAON!!!!!
ליאל ליאל זאיתון
מה למה
Moti Hershko
Moti Hershko Vor 18 Tage
Leftee B
Leftee B Vor 18 Tage
2:38 is it relief on her face? She looks very happy
Dalia Eli
Dalia Eli Vor 19 Tage
תודה למי שנתן לי לייק😌😌😄
Dalia Eli
Dalia Eli Vor 19 Tage
את מלכה😄🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia Vor 20 Tage
ver y good
EL KOALA Vor 21 Tag
erick castellar
erick castellar Vor 21 Tag
La amo!!!
cristina valdivieso
I LOVE NETTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of Chile!!
Maxi Lengert
Maxi Lengert Vor 21 Tag
Gut in welchem Land war das
Natsu Momo
Natsu Momo Vor 22 Tage
I need a normal version of this so I can listen to it the whole day
Jesús Manuel Herraiz
2:37 my crush
liei liei
liei liei Vor 22 Tage
batel ohana
batel ohana Vor 22 Tage
סטטיק "אני בעתיד" המשפט הכי גדול לתאר את הכישרון האדיר שלה
cool tiniki
cool tiniki Vor 22 Tage
Victor Aguilar Mariscal
Jajajaja esa canción es de hace siglos!!! y ahora ella le dio un nuevo.toqué 💖 la amo
Evagelia Velkou
Evagelia Velkou Vor 23 Tage
If judges wouldn’t vote for her she couldn’t get thought the next round in this particular song. Because the public votes where less.
gamestoend tho
gamestoend tho Vor 23 Tage
Whats meaning of en li kessef ??
gamestoend tho
gamestoend tho Vor 22 Tage
IM ISR thanks
IM ISR Vor 23 Tage
gamestoend tho En li kesef- I don’t have money Abba tikne li - daddy buy me
Silvana Aaa
Silvana Aaa Vor 24 Tage
REM is better
Silvana Aaa
Silvana Aaa Vor 24 Tage
I don’t like it
Ιωάννα Μπαρμπαγιαννη
+Dan Ami and no coolll Eleni bastard Eleni
Dan Ami
Dan Ami Vor 19 Tage
Ιωάννα Μπαρμπαγιαννη fake Beyoncé Eleni
Ιωάννα Μπαρμπαγιαννη
Dan Ami
Dan Ami Vor 19 Tage
Ιωάννα Μπαρμπαγιαννη get over. Eleni lost. Netta won.
falesTEEZ Vor 23 Tage
Shut up loser from Greece
אופיר דמתי
איזה דובה
tlym tlym
tlym tlym Vor 25 Tage
ידעת שיהוה לא קיים במציאות?
James Keeney
James Keeney Vor 26 Tage
Better than toy
tlym tlym
tlym tlym Vor 25 Tage
Both are amazing
Yair Eliyahu
Yair Eliyahu Vor 26 Tage
awesome souse
Anonyme Girl
Anonyme Girl Vor 27 Tage
if she won these politic, she has no talent
Diana Artemida
Diana Artemida Vor 27 Tage
talanted monster
CandleLight1974 Vor 28 Tage
Papichulo? That's what Oscar Pistorius' 60 year old lover used to call him.
Fran Del Cid
Fran Del Cid Vor 28 Tage
Papi Papi, Papi chulo Papi ven a mi. Ja ja saludos desde Guatemala.
xxxxJosheey17xxxx Vor 28 Tage
who is this cutie at 0:58?😳
yahel2be Vor 15 Tage
xxxxJosheey17xxxx I can give you some links of his performences from that show That's the duel with Netta: mobile.mako.co.il/tv-the-next-star/video?subChannelId=12f86dfec4911610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&vcmid=433cdf5922a11610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD Other performances of him from the show (better than that one in my opinion): mobile.mako.co.il/tv-the-next-star/video?subChannelId=43772ce759b61610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&vcmid=52243da93a171610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD mobile.mako.co.il/tv-the-next-star/video?subChannelId=acc4cd62b9ca0610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&vcmid=af9311d63eda0610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD mobile.mako.co.il/tv-the-next-star/video?subChannelId=12f86dfec4911610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&vcmid=fefb8b59e6a11610VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD and of course there are much more. I guess it will be easier to find vids of him if you search in Hebrew. His name is עדן מאירי
xxxxJosheey17xxxx Vor 16 Tage
where can i find a video of his performance? i just saw a sneak peak on his instagram page and it looks promising
RandomShitBoy Vor 19 Tage
+yahel2be thanks💝
yahel2be Vor 19 Tage
xxxxJosheey17xxxx his name is Eden Meiri, another singer from the contest. It was a duel between him and Netta, which Netta won
RandomShitBoy Vor 22 Tage
same i wanna know who he is 😍
romy b.p
romy b.p Vor 28 Tage
זה יותר טוב מהאירוויזיון❤
Nitay Dadon
Nitay Dadon Vor 28 Tage
(if you want to sing-along the rhythm is "EN LI KESEF -ABA TIKNE LI" , that means in hebrew - "i dont have money- dady (father) buy me! "(for me) "" and at the end - "EN LANOO ZCOOT LEHITLONEN - HAKOL IS CAMSA AND BROOCH HASHEM HACIIM SHELANOO TOOTIM" which translate to " we dont have a right to complain -all is super', thank god', our life is strawberrys"" -
Milagros Edery
Milagros Edery Vor 28 Tage
אתה ליצן
zloi podpishik
zloi podpishik Vor 28 Tage
И что это искусство? Перепивает песни на свой дибильный лад! И скрашивает всё это убожество хорошим шоу!
Ева и Алиса:D
Это конкурс молодых исполнителей, Нетта его выиграла и получила возможность представлять Израиль на ЕВ.
Kiarahappynerd Vor 29 Tage
I think I just found my new favorite musician😍✨ Nice Netta
Carlos Velazquez
Carlos Velazquez Vor 29 Tage
Espectacula.... latin music 💗
Mel Gomez
Mel Gomez Vor 29 Tage
es una bomba musical huuuuuuu
Катя Руж
Катя Руж Vor Monat
tay qwad
tay qwad Vor Monat
Who he lookin at 1:30 👁👁
vernyfernandez Vor Monat
La puta ama 👏👏
karl meinz
karl meinz Vor Monat
Einfach Mega die Frau
Daniel Arciniegas
carlos silva
carlos silva Vor Monat
Stupid woman.
Dan Ami
Dan Ami Vor 19 Tage
carlos silva are you seriously a Jewish? So What do you want from Her?
carlos silva
carlos silva Vor 24 Tage
My MOTHER, a well educated Jewish woman. So not my mother, nor myself. Mind poverty is very common, i am sorry for alll limited minds that were not raised in the true Hebrew system.
tlym tlym
tlym tlym Vor Monat
Your mother?
Diana Pizzuto
Diana Pizzuto Vor Monat
Netta Brava!!!. Shouting out from Atlantic City, New Jersey🎼
Илья Зайцев
евреи зажигают, точнее евреев, а хкм все все
Noa Barr
Noa Barr Vor 19 Tage
Илюша вы ебанутенький ))))
Aviv Cohen
Aviv Cohen Vor Monat
אני מאוהבת אמאלה
LPSHundu Olen
LPSHundu Olen Vor Monat
I didn’t like it
Michael Vor Monat
Death to Turkey
JulieJackson1 Vor Monat
I just keep coming back to this. She is a musician's musician.
Kierra Nicole
Kierra Nicole Vor Monat
I’m obsessed 😭😍
Fred Feuerstein
Fred Feuerstein Vor Monat
It Sound like she's breathing gas
OneLove Vor Monat
thats the looper
Rui Chorão
Rui Chorão Vor Monat
Much better than the song that won the ESC 2018.
JZ JZ Vor Monat
Toy is the best
Galina б
Galina б Vor Monat
Охуенная у тебя песня нетта
heidi gibbons
heidi gibbons Vor Monat
Amazing woman
JZ JZ Vor Monat
I hope you die muslims child killers
Esteban K
Esteban K Vor Monat
It's no my favorite music, but this comes from Israel, so I'm very happy for your success! good luck and all the best
andrea keta
andrea keta Vor Monat
I love NETTA!!its my 1 million time listening to this song
Shalev el kedem official
אין לי כסףףףףףףף אבאאאא תקנה לייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייייי
The purge Bitch
The purge Bitch Vor Monat
Amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️♥️♥️♥️
Cupcake Gamer
Cupcake Gamer Vor Monat
Just amazing!
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky Vor Monat
If she just stay away from the SJW thing, I actually liked her.
Buenisima 🎉🎉🎉 colombia
Generation Noise
I know bums on the street that would murder this horrendous performance lmfao , what ever country this is that are delusional on what good taste it .
Generation Noise
is this a joke ?...I literally feel like i am in a nightmare with some fat banana screeching in my ear , when did music become so hideous , this is truly disturbing .
אדיוט מפגר
Michael Vor Monat
She is a real talented, she is the best and her song is amazing. Die son of a whore
Sunny Bunny
Sunny Bunny Vor Monat
Love youuu girl!!!!so talented!❤️❤️❤️
Λαζαρος Παλαμαρης
I wish I could find the lyrics and the translation of this song! Can't find 'em nowhere!
"our life is strawbaries" in hebrew is the song
zehavi kalman
zehavi kalman Vor Monat
Basically she is saying "i dont have money, daddy please buy me" over and over... and then mixing with other songs.
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Vor Monat
хуйня полная
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Vor Monat
+IL__KINGDOM ABRAHAM нетявкай там убогий
zakroy rot suka yebuchaya.
Alex Alex 💣👌🏿👍☠
régine vague
régine vague Vor Monat
Fabulous dance !
piere pierouu
piere pierouu Vor Monat
what is that
ואם אתה חושב שתצליח להחזיר בשאלה שתי מליארד מוסלמים בגלל כמה תגובות אתה טועה..
תקשיב תזכור תמיד שאלפים רואים את מה שאתה כותב, אנשים מבינים שאתה ישראלי, אתה סתם מדליק חולה נפש לדקור או להרוג יהודים.. יש הרבה מאוד אנשים קיצוניים שעל המילים שכתבת יצאו לשחוט מישהו.. זו התרבות שלהם.
falesTEEZ Vor Monat
piere pierouu النبي محمد لم يكن موجودا، القرآن كتاب الشيطان ! يا مسلم! يا قاتل الأطفال والنساء الإسلام هو دين الشيطان يا ابن عاهرة يا ملعون الإسلام هو كذبة كبيرة يا حثالة الارض "القرآن" مليئ بالأكاذيب. الله غير موجود
piere pierouu
piere pierouu Vor Monat
falesTEEZ ............Yo no body asked you chill out man
falesTEEZ Vor Monat
+IL__KINGDOM ABRAHAM מה שתגיד ילד
joy Simha
joy Simha Vor Monat
K. Cole
K. Cole Vor Monat
Incredible! Love you! Love Israel!
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