*NEW* FORTNITE CHAPTER 2 BATTLE PASS!! New Season 11 Map Gameplay! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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New Fortnite Chapter 2 (Season 11) battle pass, skins and map gameplay live stream!
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15 Okt 2019



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Itz Sonic
Itz Sonic Vor 13 Stunden
hah dr l so i klled
Itz Sonic
Itz Sonic Vor 13 Stunden
hello im good to day im 1v1 you
Shadow's Place
Shadow's Place Vor 2 Tage
Watching this made me want to play this game more now then before - I am hoping with the new changes it will be as fun as it was ... thanks for the video!!
Samuel Shaw
Samuel Shaw Vor 2 Tage
Bro,how did you download fortnite on laptop or pc
VO1D Slurpy
VO1D Slurpy Vor 2 Tage
Rumour has it, the black hole was a buffering circle
Ravi’s Media Movieshop
From the great big island with POIs like Anarchy Acres and Moisty Mire to the Scientist showing us the way to a new world.
Liberty Taylor
Liberty Taylor Vor 6 Tage
wow the like button work xd 100
Blaine Morris
Blaine Morris Vor 6 Tage
Blaine Morris
Blaine Morris Vor 6 Tage
sonaliburde Vor 7 Tage
Is this how LONG your vids r
chigozie and somtochukwu chima
does the black whole lead to Evolution of fortnite chapter 2
drtoukhy Vor 9 Tage
fortnite wow
Caroline Judge
Caroline Judge Vor 10 Tage
Caroline Judge
Caroline Judge Vor 10 Tage
Hope 1
Boss Omar Almarwai
Boss Omar Almarwai Vor 10 Tage
Hey, you should of got the purple pup it’s very good
ultra gaming
ultra gaming Vor 11 Tage
Only Ogs remember Zapotron
Mary Ybarra
Mary Ybarra Vor 14 Tage
creeper 11
creeper 11 Vor 14 Tage
I can hear everything dude I can hear everything but you're staying and I can hear fortnite in the game fortnite I can hear it
creeper 11
creeper 11 Vor 14 Tage
Did you some way more better dude Andre Gina real name cuz I've been here in a Digicel way much better
Mariah Nolen
Mariah Nolen Vor 15 Tage
My dude I'm sorry I wasn't back tg
Leon Ackers
Leon Ackers Vor 16 Tage
yeet on em
Chase Herring
Chase Herring Vor 17 Tage
19864 Myers fnaf
19864 Myers fnaf Vor 17 Tage
Friend me my name in fortnight is bendyjarel19
Julie B.
Julie B. Vor 17 Tage
June Sayer
June Sayer Vor 17 Tage
derrick chavis
derrick chavis Vor 17 Tage
Penuis sack
Jude2k Vor 17 Tage
david jr. tucop
david jr. tucop Vor 20 Tage
in apex sison 2 you play with preston i like preston then you
Julius Smallwood
Julius Smallwood Vor 21 Tag
Clip bate
Isaiah Saucedo
Isaiah Saucedo Vor 22 Tage
Name on fortnight is Survivor JR 312
Athina Shaba
Athina Shaba Vor 22 Tage
He pulled the plug on fortnite’s iv
Amada Alfaro
Amada Alfaro Vor 23 Tage
christopher eipers
christopher eipers Vor 23 Tage
was upp
christopher eipers
christopher eipers Vor 23 Tage
U soo awsome
Drica Lashelle
Drica Lashelle Vor 23 Tage
can you play
Greg Noah
Greg Noah Vor 23 Tage
I like the skin like the comments bellow
PS4jake Vor 23 Tage
i will tell my friends about u typical so they sub to u
PS4jake Vor 23 Tage
sub to typical gamer and like to him he is the best
Jakayla Vincent
Jakayla Vincent Vor 23 Tage
You need to fists this green sreen
Latia Bailey
Latia Bailey Vor 23 Tage
Part time jobs and I have a dog is a
Cassandra crumedy
Cassandra crumedy Vor 23 Tage
You boss at fortnight
Keese Brown
Keese Brown Vor 23 Tage
Is the best
PG1 Clan
PG1 Clan Vor 24 Tage
Wow! Another amazing video! Keep up the good work! Huge fans here!🙌
Leart Paul Reviews
Leart Paul Reviews Vor 24 Tage
A,so in 2 days fortnite 2 is out for u
Leart Paul Reviews
Leart Paul Reviews Vor 24 Tage
I love when fortnite die
Leart Paul Reviews
Leart Paul Reviews Vor 24 Tage
Like the season 9 trailer
Leart Paul Reviews
Leart Paul Reviews Vor 24 Tage
There’s a mini game
Isaac Gonzales
Isaac Gonzales Vor 24 Tage
He said the sh word
baby jass
baby jass Vor 24 Tage
this is so sick
Art of Zoey
Art of Zoey Vor 24 Tage
I started playing this today and already got a battle royal on my first game. Lol
Bamer424 gaming/vlogs
shan k
shan k Vor 24 Tage
yoooo your have hat slick haircut
Itz Viral
Itz Viral Vor 24 Tage
Sub to my channel if I like typical gamer
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez Vor 24 Tage
The level 100 is your battle pass level
Zano Vor 24 Tage
am I the smoothest and best fortnite editor ? go look for yourself 🙁
Jasmaine Dargan
Jasmaine Dargan Vor 24 Tage
Is he in liquid
King Doge
King Doge Vor 25 Tage
It’s not called Season 11. It’s season 1. Stop calling it that...
Tracyc8 Vor 25 Tage
nodirjon kholmuratov
This game is not bad but is fun every time.
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