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Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams

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Barbie Dreams (Official Video)
Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here: nickiminaj.lnk.to/queenYD
Connect with Nicki:
Video Director: Hype Williams
Video Producers: Hype Williams & Keith Brown
Video Editor: Eric Hughes
for HW Worldwide
Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records




11 Sep 2018




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Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania Vor 14 Minuten
Geologia ifpb
Geologia ifpb Vor 24 Minuten
Love to sing this rap
Chartina Askew
Chartina Askew Vor Stunde
Tax Help
Tax Help Vor Stunde
I love your hair I wish I could do that but am 11
Sagiv Rata
Sagiv Rata Vor Stunde
Barbie Dreams is dat bitch!!! 🔥🔥🔥
simron card
simron card Vor 2 Stunden
cool clip
Pinkie Kitty
Pinkie Kitty Vor 2 Stunden
she's my wifeu
Who Bich
Who Bich Vor 3 Stunden
Nicki Minaj whack for this... Not only does she seem thotty.. But pathetic... 😂😂😂
chidire alaoma
chidire alaoma Vor 3 Stunden
beat this cardi, this dope queen got no rival
demiah hughes
demiah hughes Vor 4 Stunden
Who still in here in 2019. 🙋🏽‍♀️
Claire Ellis
Claire Ellis Vor 4 Stunden
Forgettable shit.
God's Son
God's Son Vor 5 Stunden
Nicky got all of American in her pussy🤐
Lucky Lucia
Lucky Lucia Vor 5 Stunden
P E A C E✌🏾💛
100000000 subscribers without videos ice
Dave East thou Tyga #0
SYMONE Vor 7 Stunden
Soleil Magica
Soleil Magica Vor 7 Stunden
Can somebody tell me what's the song at the end?
aimsiver mff oops
aimsiver mff oops Vor 10 Stunden
why all songs over pussy? possible reason -only this word available in ur country?
Smol Potato
Smol Potato Vor 6 Stunden
It's nicki manaj what do you expect?
HAMZ _69_X
HAMZ _69_X Vor 10 Stunden
Any1 in 2019?
BASSstarlet Vor 10 Stunden
Is this her worst song?
Yaffa Zakiah
Yaffa Zakiah Vor 11 Stunden
Annunaki Annunaki
Annunaki Annunaki Vor 12 Stunden
but honestlt ...this is a disgrace. degrading to women like big time. Black women already suffer from this idea that they are 'eazy' at least in the perception of the masses, like black people are always oversexualized. Niki is the opposite of a woman 'fighting' for gender equality, against sexism and against rascism. Nope, she confirms all of this. Its the agenda of her free mason white slave masters....truth hurts go to church!
Annunaki Annunaki
Annunaki Annunaki Vor 12 Stunden
hahahaa i always love the soft porn productions featuring Nicky! Dont the continuosly displaying of coloured women as trashy, slutty materialistic snakes keep alive stereotyping of coloured women ??? Off course ot does!!!! Thats why they make these productions, to consilidate power balances between black and white. She fcked 50??? no no no we all know 50 is a hardcore homosexual guy. This is fact. He only has a son and an ex wife to cover up his homosexuality. He is doing the same thing as Nicky; keep alive the prejudices, on both sides, black and white. These people should be ashamed for selling out their own people, in exchange for money/fame/dick/pussy.
Ozlem Demir
Ozlem Demir Vor 12 Stunden
Yahshua .D
Yahshua .D Vor 14 Stunden
The beat was cool. Her lyrics were total dog shit. Her attitude in this video was so immature. Makes me wonder what her mother thinks about this innapropriate behaviour Nicki is displaying here.
LaToya Vor 14 Stunden
Sorry Barb's, but she a fake lil kim
Duane Cali
Duane Cali Vor 14 Stunden
Go listen Duane Cali - P.G.U.I
Liam Decker
Liam Decker Vor 15 Stunden
Disgusting fat obese pig!
Carey Danna
Carey Danna Vor 15 Stunden
That Switch!!! Goat!!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Vor 15 Stunden
It's Gadfly
It's Gadfly Vor 4 Stunden
I'm not a fan of this behavior either. IMO, I think the girl has been brainwashed. I also doubt that she enjoys fucking multiple people. It's dehumanizing.
Cierra Vor 16 Stunden
Oitnb Oitnb
Oitnb Oitnb Vor 16 Stunden
2k19 ¿
starfetishable Vor 16 Stunden
Hair is just like 😍
I love Shy foox
I love Shy foox Vor 16 Stunden
Why you do 6ix9ine like that 😂
Phool Bano
Phool Bano Vor 17 Stunden
So is nobody gonna talk abt the last part!!! How fast she rapped?
Kristen Veannacell
Kristen Veannacell Vor 17 Stunden
I came straight from the kosmic 8 ._.
Lyrics: Dope. Look: Fire Emoji, ,Fire Emoji,Fire Emoji,Fire Emoji
Eric A
Eric A Vor 19 Stunden
Can’t say ss and shit... 🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕
Oscar Playz
Oscar Playz Vor 19 Stunden
1.25x Is like a Rap song and it fit so well!
Little Ckrazy
Little Ckrazy Vor 19 Stunden
BarbieTingz & BarbieDreamz 🦄✨👸🏽
Projext Dolly
Projext Dolly Vor 20 Stunden
I like her in neon green😍😍
bre bre
bre bre Vor 20 Stunden
🤪🤪🤪🥰🥰🥰🥰 I’ll f***k the life out ha
Mates Family
Mates Family Vor 20 Stunden
Is it me or does it sound like spongbob XD
Tamecca Woodard
Tamecca Woodard Vor 21 Stunde
Cardi is wayy better and not plastic
Ziona Conner
Ziona Conner Vor 21 Stunde
Thumbnail: This is Nicki Me: ‘cuse me not dat not Thumbnail: Yes dafuq it is retarded ass thot Me: DaTs FuQiNg BiG bIrD yO Thumbnail: bich shut da fuq up I swear on my fornite account I’ll fuck you up you fuqing wannabe math failing future stripper wakanda forever lookin ass shut da fuq up Me: No you Thumbnail: fails on life
Stefany González
Stefany González Vor 21 Stunde
zulumart72 Vor 22 Stunden
I would like to make her cum for hours. Just saying. I'd be in hour legs for days
Ermelindo Cerna
Ermelindo Cerna Vor 22 Stunden
Suck a sick asshole
Tshai Parris
Tshai Parris Vor 22 Stunden
If my cousin see you she will die
Tshai Parris
Tshai Parris Vor 22 Stunden
Jordan Story
Jordan Story Vor 22 Stunden
Ay nicki i took qavoia what u want to do babe
Jennifer Montenegro
Jennifer Montenegro Vor 22 Stunden
Uh, mmm, kyuh R.I.P. to B.I.G. Classic shit [Verse 1] I'm lookin' for a nigga to give some babies A handful of Weezy, sprinkle of Dave East Man, I ain't got no type like Jxmmi and Swae Lees But if he can't fuck three times a night, peace! I tried to fuck 50 for a powerful hour But all that nigga wanna do is talk Power for hours B-beat the pussy up, make sure it's a K-O Step your banks up like you're movin' that yayo Somebody go and make sure Karrueche okay, though I heard she think I'm tryna give the coochie to Quavo They always wanna beat it up, goon up the pussy Man, maybe I should let him autotune up the pussy All these Bow Wow Challenge niggas lyin' and shit Man, these Fetty Wap niggas stay eyein' my shit Drake worth a hundred mill, he always buyin' me shit But I don't know if the pussy wet or if he cryin' and shit Meek still be in my DMs, I be havin' to duck him "I used to pray for times like this" face-ass when I fuck him Man, Uzi is my baby, he ain't takin' a L But he took it literally when I said "Go to hell" Used to fuck with Young Thug, I ain't addressin' this shit C-caught him in my dressing room, stealin' dresses and shit I used to give this nigga with a lisp tests and shit How you want the pu-thy? Can't say your S's and shit, uh [Chorus] Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (Barbie dreams) Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (B-B-B-Barbie dreams) Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (B-B-B-Barbie, B-B-B-Barbie dreams) Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers (Barbie dreams) I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' [Verse 2] I remember when I used to have a crush on Special Ed Shoutout Desiigner 'cause he made it out of special ed You wanna fuck me, you gotta give some special head 'Cause this pussy have these niggas on some special meds Like Mike Tyson, he was bitin' my shit Talkin' 'bout, "Yo, why you got these niggas fightin' and shit?" On the, on the real, I should make these niggas scrap for the pussy Young M.A and Lady Luck, get the strap for this pussy, uh And I woulda had Odell Beckham bangin' the cake 'Til I saw him hoppin' out of cars dancin' to Drake I been a five-star bitch, man, word to Gotti I'ma do that nigga Future dirty, word to Scottie Had to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain't speakin' Ain't no fat nigga tellin' me what he ain't eatin' YG and The Game with the hammer yellin', "Gang! Gang!" This ain’t what I meant when I said a gang bang Tekashi want a ménage, I said "tre-way" Curved him and went the Kim and Kanye way Em, cop the Barbie Dreamhouse, then you can play the part I-I ain't tryna bust it open in a trailer park [Chorus] Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (Barbie dreams) Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (B-B-B-Barbie dreams) Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (B-B-B-Barbie, B-B-B-Barbie dreams) Dreams of fuckin' one of these little rappers (Barbie dreams) I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (B-B-B-Barbie dreams) (Barbie Dreams) I'm just playin', but I'm sayin' (B-B-B-Barbie, B-B-B-Barbie dreams) [Verse 3] You know I'm all 'bout them dollars I be supportin' them scholars I let him give me some brain, but he wanted me to ride it So I said, "Fuck it, I'm in" He wanna cut like a trim And if he act like he know, I let him fuck it again I got them bars, I'm indicted I'm poppin', I'm uninvited I said, "Just lick on the clitoris, nigga, don't fuckin' bite it" I ride his **** in a circle I turn Stefan into Urkel I go arounds and arounds and I'ma go down in slow motion The-then I pick it up, look at it I said, "Daddy, come get at it," uh Yellow brick road, he said that I am a wiz at it Yeah, they want it, want it You know I flaunt it, flaunt it I'm a trendsetter, everything I do, they do Yeah, I put 'em up on it, on it ¡Dimelo, papi, papi! Yo quiero sloppy, sloppy I'll give it to you if you beat it up like Pacqui, Pacqui I-I-I-I'ma kill 'em with the shoe No ceiling is in the roof And I'm big, give me the loot Twelve cylinders in the coupe I get dome with the chrome, no tellin' when I'ma shoot I just bang, bang, bang, real killas is in my group Gorillas is in my unit, vacationin' where it's humid And I shine, shine, shine, got diamonds all in my cubans I'm in LA Times more than when niggas lootin' And my flow spit crack, I think that nigga usin' He done bodied everybody, in closing, these bitches losin' Usin', usin' up, a bitch movin' No, I ain't stuttered and no, I ain't Ruben Damn, a bitch snoozin' Shoutout to my Jews, l'chaim, Rick Rubin Big fat titties, yes, they be protrudin' I be like, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube in I be like, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube in
Change MY Mind
Change MY Mind Vor 22 Stunden
How to be nicki minaj in 3 steps 1. Have sex with famous rapper 2. Rap about nigga wanting your pussy 3. Be a slut
Devan Neville
Devan Neville Vor 23 Stunden
LMFAOOOOOOOO "DJ Khalid- Ain't no fat nigga tellin' me what he ain't eatin' damn I did not expect to laugh that hard
M Digi
M Digi Vor 23 Stunden
She is so gorgeous!!
Walter Smith Smith
Walter Smith Smith Vor 23 Stunden
1:47 1:50 3:17 6ix9ine feeling salty.
Secret 123
Secret 123 Vor 23 Stunden
Mr. poop: what colours would you like? Nicki the idiot: yes
Even green is her color
Dj G2 yes
Dj G2 yes Vor Tag
I want to fick Nick ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Seductive Chocolate
Bitch stole Lil Kim’s whole look 🗑🗑😒 Straight garbage and always talking bout her sour ass pussy 🗑🗑 #LAMELAME 🧹
dizz unicorn
dizz unicorn Vor 22 Stunden
Not true she has many songs that she doesn't talk about her pussy
crystal ASMR
crystal ASMR Vor Tag
She is thirsty
Alvaro del Bosque
you are not a barbie, you are a BRATZ
Kushi Muzila
Kushi Muzila Vor Tag
The lyrics are insane 🤯
Christopher Shealey
Alexander Zuccerballs
Road to No. 100 at Billboard Charts!!! 🔥💖
Andrea Booysen
My queen😘😘😘😘
fuck off
fuck off Vor Tag
Shes so fucking funny 🤣
Marianne Balilo
The song is catchy ❤️
Perrie L.O.L
Perrie L.O.L Vor Tag
I hate the toys uggghhh😧
Mandy Oh
Mandy Oh Vor Tag
Bars!!! Can't say your 's and shut😂😂
Kookies,Suga, and Tae
1:09 *Is that noodles I see?*
Estrella Vidal
Copy cat lil kim
Redbone-re Michelle
2019 anyone
KC Ledesma
KC Ledesma Vor Tag
lol Nicki Minaj necklace is chun-li at 0:39
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith Vor Tag
50 cents lol
Todd Vann
Todd Vann Vor Tag
Video get a nigga dick hard as shit Nikki phat as fuck
Ayden Diomande
She’s so pretty and I’m not confused
A Jacks
A Jacks Vor Tag
Well she lost all of her rapper friends in this song
Animation World
I love you girl 🤩❤💖😍
oraya naja
oraya naja Vor Tag
0:31 6ix9ine ??????
Big P
Big P Vor Tag
Hey... 😎
Aleasha Easter
love her i am her biggest fan
Osman Ortega
Osman Ortega Vor Tag
La mejor parte 1:10
I ate your pizza at night
Whole vid issa mood
motorhead Maddness
This is trash! how the hell did she get a recording contract!!!? This is not music!!!! Listening to this to cause your IQ to drop!
Tempest D
Tempest D Vor Tag
Queen of Rap‼️‼️‼️
Antonio Mcinnis
Can you talk to me
Jacked off
Antonio Mcinnis
Norberto Rivera Concepción
Como esta la carneeeeee!!!!!😘
Jasmine Light
She basically letting us know she will have sex wit anybody who wants her
Xantinel BOI
Xantinel BOI Vor Tag
Why she so old and ugly
Bill Lord
Bill Lord Vor Tag
Bill Lord
Bill Lord Vor Tag
I love you Niki
Angelis Berman
Alguien que hable español?
DiogoThey B
DiogoThey B Vor 2 Tage
Nicki Queen
Nicki Queen Vor 2 Tage
Koko_Sugar_ Vor 2 Tage
If you like = you love Nicki If you comment = you love Cardi
ǝllǝʇuɐɥƆ Vor 2 Tage
The DJ Khalid puppet. I am done 😂😂
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