Omarosa Is Starting To Think Trump Might Be Racist

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Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman's latest allegations have been met with media coverage, skepticism, and tweets from you know who.
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14 Aug 2018

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8alot4t Vor 17 Stunden
When Trump tries to add sarcasm to his tweets he sounds more like Ru Paul
Rosa Salazar
Rosa Salazar Vor Tag
I get entertained and laugh with Stephen and I want to read omarosas book !!
Thomas Rainn
Thomas Rainn Vor Tag
Omarosa is not a good source of information. If she worked for Trump then she is like Fox News where she could say anything for the sake of attention.
Last Lime
Last Lime Vor 2 Tage
No need to try to think.... She is a racist!
Chuck Jenkins
Chuck Jenkins Vor 3 Tage
"Oops! all Judases!" Has to be the funniest thing I've heard on this show all year!
ISS Vor 7 Tage
No surprises. Trump rally is FAKE as eff.
Ghostfenrir Vor 9 Tage
"If anyone has less credibility than Donald Trump, it's actually probably..."... So you're admitting that Donald Trump doesn't have almost any credibility? And even then, there's only a chance that someone else has less credibility than him? How is that a defence for Donald Trump?
Shina Cloud
Shina Cloud Vor 10 Tage
Wait i thought they took away trumps twitter account?
Nina Blaze
Nina Blaze Vor 11 Tage
3:07 Like if u get it! 😂
Roman Darius
Roman Darius Vor 11 Tage
RACIST---------------IS A WORD USED AS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ON THE WHITE RACE!!!. And only the white race. This kind of guilt does not work on non whites.
Lukas Oskarsson
Lukas Oskarsson Vor 13 Tage
"All the white ones"
VancouverTVGuy Vor 16 Tage
Your assumption and yours alone, Colbert. Just because you say it (with nothing to back it up, like liberals like you typically do) does not make it true.
Nicky sue Lund
Nicky sue Lund Vor 16 Tage
Dear God I miss Obama
lasoogneypubes Vor 17 Tage
Nazi klan rally? Wow no. I still don't understand how liberals are still this retarded over charlottesville...
Torise Faamaligi
Torise Faamaligi Vor 18 Tage
Tonight Show is weak...Shit isn't even funny....Fake and just as dumb as Omarosa's book
Third Eye Clarvoya
Third Eye Clarvoya Vor 20 Tage
rokking eyes have NO BOTOX,ey?
Third Eye Clarvoya
Third Eye Clarvoya Vor 20 Tage
lovely ostriches are sheeppeople from another world. clap, clap, clap, etc...... effing stupid (imho).
Third Eye Clarvoya
Third Eye Clarvoya Vor 20 Tage
shit there goes LBJ's affirnative action's ........
Third Eye Clarvoya
Third Eye Clarvoya Vor 20 Tage
I suggest Billy play piano with your action cupcakes. what's his name is on guard.
Third Eye Clarvoya
Third Eye Clarvoya Vor 20 Tage
Omnorosa has a bitter moon.
Third Eye Clarvoya
Third Eye Clarvoya Vor 20 Tage
Would jesus ware a rolex? who was Judus priest?
Könige-Tochter Ü.
That last line!!!🤪
Carolyn Moore
Carolyn Moore Vor 20 Tage
Lol! Trump is a damn liar!
Thom Bendtsen
Thom Bendtsen Vor 21 Tag
They’re both ghost written
Norway Minnesota
Norway Minnesota Vor 21 Tag
Stephen Colbert you keep bringing the laughs every day! Thanks man!
Ayo Vor 21 Tag
The sad but funny truth is the fact that I know so many 13 yr old who sound like that
Jeff Profine
Jeff Profine Vor 22 Tage
Colbert is a no talent jerk; he cannot get through a monologue without being bleeped. Weak.
Robert Ortega BS/BA IT 7.1-MSIT 1 Sp 8.0, CITI
Opinion | Maybe it was a tab of blotter *cid, with writings of tax returns on it. 😝🙃🤣 That DJTS was chewing on after meeting with his so called fixer, lol 🤣🙃😝. Hum🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔?????
Picket Fence
Picket Fence Vor 23 Tage
Christ almighty! Colbert just reminded me Bootlicker Bonespurs has access to the launch codes!
Talking Thunder
Talking Thunder Vor 23 Tage
''President Trump'' ''Africa is a shit hole RE WRITE THE CURRICULUM'' PS all the smart brave generals resigned once this racist idiot took power of nukes. I can only guess why a educated black women gets aggravated by a white DEVIL like DJ Trump.
Furlotte P
Furlotte P Vor 24 Tage
Stephen who? Hahaha!
RyshuPicchu Vor 24 Tage
Hi there Colbie Poo. I missed this episode while I was in the psych ward! LOVE YA! (By the way I'm the guy that both discovered and invented quantum intelligence AKA QI!!!!!!) I AM NOW QI! AND MY IQ IS 8! I AM OBJECTIVELY STUPID!
George Margo
George Margo Vor 24 Tage
Colbert is a hypocrite and will say anything to further his career.........People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.......
rudy hickks
rudy hickks Vor 24 Tage
I think he meant to say grave things!
Clown Clownolulu
Clown Clownolulu Vor 24 Tage
it's like the world has injested a large batch of some kind of extra weird lsd gone bad...wth is happening?
Catherine Omondi
Catherine Omondi Vor 24 Tage
'they are both ghost-written' LOL 😂😂😂😂
felicity Vor 25 Tage
oldrrocr Vor 25 Tage
You forgot to mention the insults to Elizabeth Warren - Trump continuously called her Pocahontas and Indian princess. Is there anyone he wouldn't insult? And letting Kelly fire Omarosa because he is to chicken to do it himself - sign of a bully who feels he has met his match.
Taylor Fausett
Taylor Fausett Vor 25 Tage
Trump is a chump!
hooya67 Vor 25 Tage
colorless ghosts are whiye
hooya67 Vor 25 Tage
Aarond S. A S S or not MS. Kennendy? hmmm...
hooya67 Vor 25 Tage
oh my ROSA? or effing like the nanny? hmmm? ... .... ........
hooya67 Vor 25 Tage
only if they're male or pregnant? yep. otherwise may be crapola. Ommmy.
Curtis Baugous
Curtis Baugous Vor 25 Tage
With these skills. The only house Trump should be in is the Big Brother House. Fuckin Drama Queen.
Shiizaa Kerushii
Shiizaa Kerushii Vor 25 Tage
So she is just noticing all these things about Trump after all these years of supporting him and calling him friend.... Wow... Timing is everything I guess
grumman Vor 26 Tage
Colbert is drifting more left and left everyday that very soon i will have to use a telescope to see where he is.
Lucie Kuminska
Lucie Kuminska Vor 26 Tage
"finaly we have proof" : you made my day (as usual) ^^ ". Love your show.
Falkor Moonchild
Falkor Moonchild Vor 26 Tage
4:00 "recordered"
Abolish ICE
Abolish ICE Vor 26 Tage
Anyone else notice how many ghetto black woman stereotypes trump included in his tweet about Omarosa? "vicious, but not smart" "nasty to people" "constantly missed meetings & work" "nothing but problems" He takes every opportunity he can to fuel racism in this country, doesn't he?
John Keith
John Keith Vor 26 Tage
Thanks Stephen for pointing it out, we should read all of Trump's tweets like it's coming from a "petulant 13 year old"... Impeach him! Imprison him!! Fine him until he is broke!!! If you really want to put a rich man in his place, turn him into a poor man...
Matthew Mckinney
Matthew Mckinney Vor 26 Tage
I almost wish we could change the results just for curiosity sake just to see exactly which president was worse and the result of their reign and now I'm expecting everyone breathing to already have the answer on the tip of their tongue ready to blurt it out but I'm serious. I'd really love to see what would happen if its went to Hillary instead of him. I didnt wanna vote but as most I do my civic duty voted for my lesser of two evils as I'm sure most did .
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert Vor 27 Tage
Respect Omarosa Manigault Newman.
Kinky Vor 27 Tage
General Kelly needs to be in a straightjacket along with all the other neocons and deep state military-media-industrial-wall st-complex "owners of the world." Really sad that Stephen appears to be completely out of the loop. Either that or he's sold out and damn! I hate to think that!
MomoHawk golly
MomoHawk golly Vor 27 Tage
All Judases lol
Kinky Vor 27 Tage
"There's an ISIS convoy closing in on Raqqa. Can somebody blow that up please?" Oh come on! Surely Stephen knows that we wouldn't blow up terrorists that we pay, train and arm! Can he be THAT out of the loop? Oh wait ---never mind. CBS. That's right. It's the NIGHTLY BRAINWASHING!
sasekani sibanda
sasekani sibanda Vor 27 Tage
Death by Trump hiring her 4 times
Leslie Crain
Leslie Crain Vor 27 Tage
We Love President Trump.
Rebecca Young
Rebecca Young Vor 27 Tage
Lisa Barty
Lisa Barty Vor 27 Tage
very funny hahaha..... the book sounds like a comedy skit
John Mckinney.
John Mckinney. Vor 27 Tage
You gotta love the semi-nonchalant pause to get his applause after he says his name......
ShyGuyPro Vor 27 Tage
This is why I’m in favour of letting white nationalists march. It reveals how little support they truly have. This was a catastrophic loss for them, far more than beating them up ever would be.
Belinda Dragonstaye Gagelman
Oh give me a break - she is no worse than any of them. Don't be fools press members. Moreover, humans can actually change themselves and become a whistle blower when they finally hard & listen to Conscience. If she has evidence, everybody should listen.
jc Vor 28 Tage
Andrew Simone
Andrew Simone Vor 28 Tage
Liking this "show" == low IQ
Sandra Vanek
Sandra Vanek Vor 28 Tage
It turns out Jesus did NOT come to set the captives free, he came to lead a hedgefund seminar. (Prosperity gospel spelled out by recent Apostle Andrew Carnegie in his seminal book "The Gospel of Wealth"---soon to become book 67 in the good book!)
Sandra Vanek
Sandra Vanek Vor 28 Tage
Some preachers like to muse over whether God could find a qualifying virgin to fill the role of Mary in modern times. I wonder if there would be any twelve disciples---they are off celebrity-worshiping the rich, young man.
W P Vor 28 Tage
If you pass Omarosa I would say, you go Dawg !
Maxi Milian
Maxi Milian Vor 28 Tage
Gold!!! This is GOLD. The white house is the fifth isle on gullivers travellings.
Joshua Kensington
Joshua Kensington Vor 28 Tage
On one hand, they cry that white supremacists are this huge problem... then on the other, they patronize the fact there are so few at a rally?.... Sounds like liberals are running out of boogie men to justify their societal takeover.
Illutian Kade
Illutian Kade Vor 28 Tage
I thought Trump had "the best people"? :P
Just George
Just George Vor 29 Tage
Biggest cuck on earth
Chasing Kenny
Chasing Kenny Vor 29 Tage
Steve Bulbow MD
Steve Bulbow MD Vor 29 Tage
Why is the bible classified as a "non-fiction" book?
jean philskij
jean philskij Vor 29 Tage
Ghouliani - Pence 2020
Mathew The Canadian
"It confirmed, that he is truly, and racist." Sorry to tell you hun but you're beyond late to the party.
Imr12 Vor 29 Tage
This is like watching the twilight zone, some twisted version of reality for demented people.
L Benson
L Benson Vor 29 Tage
The Evil Apprentice turns on her Evil Master. BWHAHAHAHA
Boo boo 👎👎👎👎
John Billings
John Billings Vor 29 Tage
Trump's Chump... more like it.
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes Vor 29 Tage
1:13 I get real tired of the pee-pee tape references, a little bit tired of the gratuitous Erik Trump bashing, but I _never_ get tired of the Stephen Miller jokes.
fritz bierekoven
fritz bierekoven Vor 29 Tage
This suits always of prude American s
Marilú Medina
Marilú Medina Vor 29 Tage
Maurice Patterson
Colbert show sucks. They give anyone a show these days.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Vor Monat
What's ironic is that Rudy goes on CNN all the time. The networks his boss hates! And he lies about what he's said too. "I never said that." So they play him the tape of him saying it and he backs up. Both men have dementia. The on start of dementia. :( Songs
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Vor Monat
She should have done cartwheels out of the situation room. Trump has a history of doing this. Telling others to fire people and then denying he ever did it. He's a coward as well as a bigot. She was a woman as well. The only reason Betsy got in is because she bought her job. She admits it! She finally got something for her 200 million dollar donation to the Republican and she says so. I loved that the graduating students at a real University got up and boo'd her!!! I love it as a teacher. Cabinet all white bread is right. And I'm white bread. It insults me horribly that he's so open about his bigotry and then lies continually about being a bigot. He and his Father were convicted for it by the Attorney General of New York. Look it up. 22,000 apartments Fred Trump was allowed to build with our money and he wouldn't allow anyone dark to rent an apartment. Why didn't they get put in jail for that? Or Trump's draft dodging? What's happened to our court system that they aren't enforcing laws? Who got paid off? THEY WERE CONVICTED! Like Moore yet Trump pardoned him for the million dollars he gave Trump. :( By the way Tony regrets writing that book and making a bad business man look like a good one. He said he put lipstick on a pig. In the 18 months Tony came and went out of Trump's apartment in Trump Towers he said he never saw one book in the whole apartment. Trump watches TV for his news. He'll say he hates CNN and ABC for what they say about him but then he'll turn around and say he doesn't watch them. He can't keep his lies straight. :( Songs
A A Vor Monat
I feel sorry for the American people, they have a clown as a President. Rather than insulting Omarosa, should he not be concerned with the thousand pressing needs of the American people.
Charles van der Hoog
Say what you wnat but Pharaoh Trump has become a proficient copy writer for social media. It is a rare specialty that he gleaned from practice.He now knows what will get world press and what not.
painterQ Vor Monat
Stephen is such a cringe worthy waste of time. Sad, so sad.
painterQ Vor 29 Tage
He is a well paid tool. :)
Glazier Blue
Glazier Blue Vor Monat
Really? his pay cheque and audience and fame would say different. Who is the sad one? Lol
Michael Fitzgerald
What else you got Colbert, you are boring
J Wheeler
J Wheeler Vor Monat
"You can never scrub off the Trump STAAANNNNNKK!" 😂😂 he meant that thang..
Rick Alan
Rick Alan Vor Monat
His tone in the phone call vs in her tweets is a highly disturbing contrast. He almost sounds genuinely confused and with a positive personal relationship to her, and then suddenly she's a dog?
Vanessa Thompson
Oops all Judeses!! LMAO
Abang Sayang
Abang Sayang Vor Monat
stephan impression of trump is the best thing ever....
MrWildwilly48 Vor Monat
Colbert is starting to think hes funny.
Owen Gordon
Owen Gordon Vor Monat
This was so firey 🔥 🔥 🔥
cbi1991 Vor Monat
Donald Trump made Omarosso. It's kinda like the 'Frankenstein.' BTW I thought Colbert was supposed to be a comedian.
Trophy Dave
Trophy Dave Vor Monat
Sherry H.
Sherry H. Vor Monat
Trump knows engaging with Omarosa isn’t “very presidential”, but does it anyway. What that means, imo, is that someone (Kellyanne? SHS? IVANKA?) counseled him with those very words. They probably said, “Look, Mr. President, we understand how upset you are with Omarosa - but it would be wise to refrain from commenting on Twitter at the moment. More ‘presidential’ if you just let it slide off your back.” Like THAT was ever going to happen! Trump has shown us for decades what a spoiled, petulant, whiny, mean-spirited man-baby he is. 1 1/2 years in the WH & suddenly he’s going to be “presidential?” Trump CAN’T. He’s IINCAPABLE of controlling his mouth or behavior . . . which is why it’s a sure thing he’s got AT LEAST two personality disorders. (I’m going with NPD & Borderline features.)
felion robinson
felion robinson Vor Monat
Well some of y’all didn’t get he was a racist
Clothilde Vor Monat
That White House dog biography cover was so, so bloody funny! 🤣
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