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Whistle Vor year
What did you guys think of the competition format? ONE attempt to show off your stuff...dope or nope?
Lef Vor 10 Monate
Where can I find the music of tall the episodes?
Pierre Antoine Persyn
Pierre Antoine Persyn Vor 11 Monate
@Whistle, loved it ofc, it stressed them for that 1 attempt. That's DOPE. Would love to see a "Unique" or "Original" only dunk challenge. Just to challenge creativity , is that dope or nope ?
Lai Saechao
Lai Saechao Vor year
@Zachary Nguyenyour a genious!
Monty Campbell
@whistle what Channel is this or which network.
Jackson Stanley
Whistle wish could see in real tome
Sark21 Vor 18 Tage
Jordan 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 whyyyyyyy
Анна Миннигулова
12:00 Dupuy lmao 🤣
randy joble
randy joble Vor 2 Monate
you're supposed to show the dunk at normal speed before slow mo. Also, show the dunk the whole way through in one angle. It's hard to get a sense of athleticism constantly switching angles
Erica Nicole - 3D Beauty
I’m here for Staples 😍😍
Tar Lef
Tar Lef Vor 3 Monate
I wanna see Air Up There on this show
L0C0OO7 Vor 6 Monate
If I hear this man say Dat man one more time! Ugh! make my nuts itch.
L0C0OO7 Vor 6 Monate
My nuts itch so bad. Ugh!
science is in accordance with Islam
Hello Everyone
yy yy
yy yy Vor 6 Monate
solo win
Ethanthecuber Vor 7 Monate
I feel like Jordan should've gone for scorpion dunk
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen Vor 8 Monate
BECgamer Lalech
BECgamer Lalech Vor 9 Monate
What kind of shoes michael purdie is using?
brettburrington Vor 9 Monate
Dupuy walking away kills me lol
Lef Vor 10 Monate
Guys please help me! Where can I find Dunk Leagues tracks in every episode?
Flazey Vor 11 Monate
Wait what happen to Ball??
Sean Katsukunyʌ
Sean Katsukunyʌ Vor 11 Monate
Frank RawDogg Mathews
Frank RawDogg Mathews Vor 11 Monate
Purdie look like pnb rock pippen and rose lmao 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Stixinator1 Vor 11 Monate
I know that most people hate Chris but he is definitely the best dunker in this competition
Andrew Bond
Andrew Bond Vor 11 Monate
Gov Robb
Gov Robb Vor year
Michael purdie look like Scotty pipen
Daniel Sulit
Daniel Sulit Vor year
When Jordan Kilganon is dunking my hair is raising#Jordanbestcreativedunker
Show Time4
Show Time4 Vor year
What shoes is micheal purse wearing
nystagmus Vor year
Im only 41 and i can already dunk on 8 feet
King Ah
King Ah Vor year
Too easy ... I'm a nobody I can do all those dunks... F y'all
Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA Vor year
The slow mo is killing.. let’s see the dunk first!!!
B.P. from Turkey
I want to see his lost and found dunk and scorpion
Dont purdie look like Scotty Pippens illegitimate son lol
Slimexte Unity
Get rid of that fatass black dude
Kaleb Carson
Kaleb Carson Vor year
Guy Dupuy's dunk the ball didn't touch the rim so it shouldn't count as an attempt.
Chris Dropulich
What I think is need to quit it with the slow mo, we can appreciate the dunk the same when you put it in slow motion. Come on man quit with that.
Chris Dropulich
Everybody tries to do the behind-the-back dunk, but they don't pull it off. Why not just do something that you know you can make, nobody else is watching except for the judges. Put something down with force and take home that G.
iMFriiZy Vor year
That men purdie looks like scottie pippen
Yaboiii Vor year
they make these dunks look easy...
baezaaaa Vor year
Jordan Killganon talks like MrBeast
Pankake Guys
Pankake Guys Vor year
Antonio Cannon
need another Red Bull midnight Run. Indianapolis been waiting to defend the title
Keep it G Keep it real
Ready for the new episode today @whistlesports
NBA2KLTT17 Vor year
Too many slow mo's
Benjamin Is Awesome
I want to see the dunks full speed.... editing is brutal!!
Jack Candido
Jack Candido Vor year
I love this show
MTEdunks Vor year
Great duns , hope kilganon wings ! Also please check out my vertical jump progress on my channel !
Zarko Nikolic
Zarko Nikolic Vor year
jclark came second...the professor sniched
Andrew Kang
Andrew Kang Vor year
12:00 "With the left" lol
Emman M
Emman M Vor year
11:57 Guy Dupuy's reaction is priceless. He had past battles with Kilganon so I'm sure he knows what JK can do.
Víctor Gámez
He finally showed us his greatness
Samuel Wilbanks
Jordan Kilganon: I can beat you with one arm Michael Purdee: yeah right. Jordan Kilganon beats him in elimination 😂
Zxvxvx Zxvxvx
Zxvxvx Zxvxvx Vor year
it will be dope if jordan can turn the table and win the contest!!
Demarcus Rivers (Student)
this is the best series i have watched even tho its a sport it was very interesting and i look forward to another video tbh i found this show when i was looking at jordan kilganon i look up best dunker's then it took me to this i knew then jordan was going to stay in the game since i saw his other dunk but he has not use them yet i'm very suprised 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Demarcus Rivers (Student)
it was dope for shore?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!
M62LSJ Vor year
This show is a great concept, but the production with the constant slow motion and the redundant mouthpiece make it near unwatchable....
Season Tally
Season Tally Vor year
When you playing a chill pickup game at the park and that one try hard friend shows up and tries to get hyped before a 3v3... "LeT'S gET IT PoPpIN"
Vagabond Superstar
This is the first vid I've seen in the series. I really thought it was one slam for $50k lol.
Dee Jones
Dee Jones Vor year
Haha guy's reaction was golden
Korey Vor year
Man Jordan gets the lowest scores. Tell me how he toe taps the ball and his dunk rims out and he gets a lower score than guys flat out missing the rim?
Aldo Fadhillah
Kilganon came up clutch!!
Cathy Hale
Cathy Hale Vor year
go to 6 times players talked trash and instantly regretted it 10:26 Guy Dupuy was on it
David Ian Sison
8:32 they didn't even let elevator talk 😂😂
Albert Hamilton
That was my favorite dunk form Jordan by far nursing an injury making a big statement dunk at crunch time 💪🏽
2kdreadz Vor year
Ball didn’t hit rim for guy. He got robbed
kill em with KINDNESS
What dunk is better, the kilganon "360 lost and found. Or the Jonathan Clark "under the legs twice" ?
Half_Centaur Vor year
Jordan might've had the most impressive dunk this whole season in that dunk-off. Looking forward to even more now that his arm is healed
King Breeza
King Breeza Vor year
Video is long due to too many unnecessary slow motion.
King Breeza
King Breeza Vor year
Ballskeezy Vor year
Doug Anderson lookin like Ben Wallace after he let his hair out
Predator Productionz
really surprised how kilganon has been thus far..
The One Who Laughs
i said it since day one Staples got this sewed up he still has the christ air dunk in his pocket
Jordan was good, but no one was gonna lose against Purdie let’s be real here
Baby Blue Eyes
the real mythkiller is back baby!!!
OmgDoubleD TV
OmgDoubleD TV Vor year
This is how nba dunk contest should be
MrMiyagi76 Vor year
Can you please show all the dunks at normal speed? That slow motion really doesn't do justice to this athleticism and dynamism they all have.
master m
master m Vor year
Nice I enjoy your videos I posted a blog I really need some support king MJ is my name
Sho Tobita
Sho Tobita Vor year
13:09 balls face shaped like a ball
Peryll Bonn Mendoza
yo guys over at Whistle.. I really think you should look at the comment section and look at what your viewers are asking for.. We want to see dunks made at real time first and then you guys can slow it down as much as you want.. Please be more in tune to your viewers..
lmaodogefx music
that guy talked less than usual 👀 i wonder why 🤣 but good shheeetttttt
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Vor year
Wait is that ninja? Oh never mind it’s Jordan kilganon.
brian schram
brian schram Vor year
Gotta give it to Kal that was a sick dunk well over that prop his head didn't move
Ness Rosenbrad
Guy Dupuy makes that dunk literally all the time. That dunk is simple to him now but here he misses it lol smh. These dude's be making more difficult dunks but miss the simple ones.
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia Vor year
Show normal speed dunks before slow motion dunks smh shits terrible
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