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Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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9 Feb 2019

New Jersey Governor Chris ChristieLet Me FinishTrump the Kushners Bannon New Jerseyand the Power of In-Your-Face PoliticsEric IdleAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life a SortabiographyNatasha BertrandThe AtlanticJack KingstonFormer CongressmanRepublicanGeorgiaMalcolm NanceU.S. Counterterrorism Intelligence OfficerThe Plot to Destroy DemocracyHow Putin's Cyberspies are Undermining America and Dismantling the West



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Behrouz Jazizadeh
I never thought Chris Christie would ever show up here after all the fat jokes they've made about him on this show lmao. Guess he has a better sense of humor than I thought.
James,T Quirk
James,T Quirk Vor 3 Stunden
Politicians defending the Middle Ground, WHO is in "middle Ground", the 1 % who have 95% of the wealth of USA, or American people who don't have Clean Drinking water, Health Care, Safety from Guns, Opioids, even Modern Functioning Infrastructure, Also the same people who actually do the work, that keeps the place ticking over ? What about them ?
Doug Cronkhite
Doug Cronkhite Vor 4 Stunden
Social Security IS NOT A DAMNED ENTITLEMENT.. I have paid into it my entire working life. It's MY DAMNED MONEY!
Doug Cronkhite
Doug Cronkhite Vor 4 Stunden
If you bring everyone home from foreign military actions, many of those people coming home will be removed or will they will self-separate from the military, because there is nothing for them to do at home. Like it or not, the military is a giant social jobs program.
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter Vor 6 Stunden
You liberals will never learn. You are NOT the party of FDR. I'm 30 and if you are my age and support Social Security, then you are wrong on every basis that makes you a Liberal. I'm sorry. I wanna be progressive, but god damn y'all make it so fucking hard.
Steve Burstein
Steve Burstein Vor 8 Stunden
Women acted in Footlights shows before Eric Idle admitted women to the club! I'm confused!
Lia Mari
Lia Mari Vor 8 Stunden
All we have to do is get someone on Fox to tell trump the wall is being built, but he’s too busy to go for real, so they’re going to just green screen him in for the gold shovel shot. Then he’ll drop it. {If Fox says it real, His base will believe it too.
Leandro Divera
Leandro Divera Vor 9 Stunden
I was very disappointed with Bill Maher, he basically shushed Jack Kingston whenever he proved he had a good point.
Kire Trajkov
Kire Trajkov Vor 16 Stunden
Why Chris Christie's pants are over his belly button?
Regina Diane Monroe
Regina Diane Monroe Vor 17 Stunden
Suppose Trump gets his Russian friends to bombard the southern boarder with his people, to cause a necessary boarder scheme, to orchestrate a small scalel war..so he can panic the people for his wall??? If Trump can call for emails in less then 24 hrs. He can get some drama going on at the boarder, just as fast!!! Please be careful, People; this man is very re-vengeful.
oskaveli662 Vor 18 Stunden
Maher is such a jack-ass. He states that Trump is asking for the wall without giving anything back to the Dems and when he is challenged on his lie he just starts to insult the president. Typical liberal.
Folashade Fajembola
Folashade Fajembola Vor 18 Stunden
Jack is so full of shit
Allan Hegyes
Allan Hegyes Vor 20 Stunden
Christie sounds like he's spending his own personal cash at 6:46 regarding spending. Guess what? Medicaid IS managed you moron. You are not getting a face-lift on Medicaid, and IF you can find a doctor that will accept it, you are very lucky indeed.
Sherry Dixon
Sherry Dixon Vor 20 Stunden
Stealth wall?? TRUMP AND THE GOP HAVE THAT COVERED!!! Have you forgotten about sending a brick to congress? The bricks are only there in spirit; there are no bricks really being sent to congress and the money goes to the GOP--$20 a pop.... Fake news... fake walls...fake bricks...
RoseisoutofherTOGA Vor 21 Stunde
God, Jack Kingston would not shut up.. Shaming Democrats for not giving a standing ovation to Trump’s “curing kid’s cancer” bit? Bill barely contained rolling his eyes and was spot on with “I don’t think Democrats are FOR child leukemia.” I mean, give me a break.
Chris Carman
Chris Carman Vor 21 Stunde
All this BULLSHIT about how DJT is supposed to be some far-right Gandhi because, every few months or so, he makes a comment or two about AmeriKKKa's oil wars... He wants to go to war with Iran. He and Bolton (we have proof of this) want to go to war with Venezuela so bad they're drooling. And this week (it wasn't widely reported, amidst all the usual Trump Era insanity) the House of Representatives said--- and the vote wasn't even close--- we've had ENOUGH of Agent Orange backing the Saudis in the bloodbath known as Yemen. The resolution is expected to pass in the Senate. Will Mr. Peace 'N' Love veto...?
Jeannette Sarpola
Jeannette Sarpola Vor 22 Stunden
god, Jack Kingston and Chris Christie are such assholes
anna christine
anna christine Vor 23 Stunden
I hate how people right AND left in the media are saying that the problem with Democratic politicians particularly with Hillary Clinton last election especially for white Midwestern voters was that she was TOO liberal and radical . NO !!! Wisconsin and other Midwestern states voted for Bernie in the primary. Clinton wasn't emphasizing enough major changes such as needing to go back to using tax money to actually benefit the working poor and middle class instead of the ultra wealthy. She didn't push the so called "socialist" (not) issues enough and the media didn't cover it when she did. People, even white middle class Midwesterners are sick of the "playing- it -safe- can't -tell- them- from- republicans-poor - excuses -for -an alternative -to -the -Republican party "- except for one thing... how they apologize and compromise before negotiations ever begin, Hillary got MILLIONS more votes than Trump did ! So media, pundits and politicians, stop saying she didn't resonate, people were against what she stood for and that's why she lost. She lost because of how the DNC treated Bernie and his voters. AND, because some of his voters were idiots and made a " "principled stand " of voting for Bernie or a third party or abstaining from voting therefore cutting off the nations nose to spite the Democratic Party's and it turns out the nations face by getting Trump elected. Even now, many of them are less apologetic about that than even Trump voters are now apologetic, (some, more and more of them ) because they finally learned that they were conned and elected a Russian puppet as president. Quit saying "are women, or is Elizabeth, Kamala or Hillary or whoever is female "likeable" enough and quit saying that white Midwestern voters don't want to hear about hope and change for the middle class in terms of financial security, better wages, cheap health care and making billionaires pay taxes. They heard it boldly from Obama and Bernie and they / we loved it all the way to the ballot box. Hillary seemed too much like she was the status quo and wasn't radical enough. The dummies who loved Bernie turned to Trump because he sounded radical when he railed in favor of hate and said he was going to stir up DC. He got elected because he sounded like a "maverick " . I know wrong election slogan but its still true. Reporters politicians STFU about "Democrats tone it down, sound boring and like you're not doing anything radical like promising us health care, education and job security and vocational training and processing rape kits and prosecuting rapists.. Democrats should pick up that issue. Not enough attention was paid to THAT nationwide rape kit scandal.!! They won't though. They're too afraid they would come across as "unlikable". Thanks liberal media for reporting on Trump rallies night after night and ignoring policies that need to be addressed . Who makes voting decisions or gets ratings that way ???
Rami Najjar
Rami Najjar Vor Tag
"Appeal to the middle", failing strategy of the Democrats for years. Republican-lite is not the winning strategy
Devon Hudgens
How can someone so fat be taken seriously? Goddamn it looks like he ate a fuckin Volkswagen. What a disgusting piece of shit.
Max Tanz
Max Tanz Vor Tag
"The Russians like her" (Bill about Tulsi Gabbard). What a RedScare thing to say The Russians fucking loved Obama when he ran against McCain who appeared to want war. And in 2012 when he ran against Mitt Romney who said Russians were the enemy. Russians like anyone who appears not to want a fucking war, Bill Guess who they liked in 2016 and why
Max Tanz
Max Tanz Vor Tag
And I'm not saying the other candidates actually wanted war - How would I know? I'm saying they APPEARED to, or gave that impression.
Sudhakar S
Sudhakar S Vor Tag
Tulsi is a neo-con, a social conservative and right wing Hindu She does not belong in the democratic party. If she ditches some of her Bernie like socialist leanings, she could very well run in 2024 under GOP.
Bjarne Søegaard
I used to like Bill Maher a lot more, but he has become a stooge for the corporate left. His "The one russia like" comment on Goddard shows that he is buying the bs rethoric. Im sure he is also buying the US coup in Venezuela. Also, there seem to be more and more a lack of real issues and a running after small ridiculous issues.
Caliggy Jack
Caliggy Jack Vor Tag
"The russians like her" is not a proper argument against Tulsi Gabbard. Come on Bill don't be fucking stupid.
Thad Stevens
Thad Stevens Vor Tag
You know who was REALLY against children having cancer? George W. Bush, when he banned stem cell research, and Republicans today when they continually downvote spending packages designed to give more money to government medical research. Republicans are repulsive liars, and they will literally say anything, because what they truly believe in is nothing.
timmy timmytimmy
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timmy timmytimmy
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timmy timmytimmy
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Pintobill McMeyer
He was rude to the governor. I like Bill Maher, but he certainly be rude...
timmy timmytimmy
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Matthew Sisti
Bill Maher is becoming less and less relevant. People like Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson are more interesting because they genuinely have high IQs (145+) and they have inspiring messages. Bill Maher approaches every topic in a generic and unoriginal way and doesn't really promote positivity or love.
timmy timmytimmy
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Annie onymouse
I'd say AOC is as in your face as Chris Christie. She gets in the faces of her own party too.
Notorious B
Notorious B Vor Tag
I think he might be right about the Dems candidate quality, much as id like to see a young idealists candidate like a Kamala/Beto/etc, he would belittle them into the ground, it might be best to pair one of them with an older figure that can go toe to toe with Trump, someone he secretly respects, ever notice he never talks about Joe Biden 😊
Jennifer Robinson
Not that I agree with Jack Kingston, but let him finish his sentence if you're gonna have him on your show.
hello Vor Tag
Afghanistan is not a regime change war. It's a war of self defense. Letting the Taliban get away with what they did is such a awful idea. It's not a forever war if you overwhelm the enemy with force. If we actually committed to Afghanistan we wouldn't be there forever.
tennaj Vor Tag
I always wondered why Bill Maher never had Cenk Uygar from The Young Turks on his show. The Young Turks are the longest running show in internet history and have over 10 billion views on DE-vid. I guess Bill is scared of a real progressive!
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Vor Tag
Maher is pure azzhate, look how he hacked up the kids from the Catholic school calling them all sorts of names even after the REAL story was out.. Uneducated POS spewing his opion with no facts...
Bill proved hes bought off with tulsi smear
A Wise
A Wise Vor 2 Tage
F U BILL! ...for perpetuating the false narrative that TULSI GABBARD is “liked by the Russians”. You are a POS establishment puppet! TULSI is our only chance to beat chump!
Darien Guy
Darien Guy Vor 2 Tage
"It doesn't mean we should spend it on something stupid." Awesome quote Bill.
MAKE IT Vor 2 Tage
A wail of a guy.
4Ts Vor 2 Tage
@2:40 - easy, Elizabeth Warren!
Issa Kofa
Issa Kofa Vor 2 Tage
Chris Christie is absolutely correct...Joe Biden for president its time for real patriots to make America greater again
Aaron Woodcock
Aaron Woodcock Vor 2 Tage
What l want this show to address is how ignorant American's are to allow a several thousand elected politicians to make choices for 350 to 400 million people...wtf.
Aaron Woodcock
Aaron Woodcock Vor 2 Tage
If you cut off your arm you would be put in insane asylum and considered insane but cut off your penis and somehow that is not...to consider yourself a man when a woman or woman when born a man is delusional. It's like folks who think they are quadriplegic when they have all their arms and legs and they work fine which is a real thing and makes that person delusional....Either you are born a woman or a man. Or, you are delusional or insane by any other standards of psychology.
Eryn Zerr
Eryn Zerr Vor 2 Tage
It sucks that Bill M. is now a democrat shill that just repeats stupid Russian collusion propaganda these days. Tulsi Gabbard has no ties to the Russians. When will this McCarthi bullshit end????
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Vor 2 Tage
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tvar doasair
tvar doasair Vor 2 Tage
You see how you have a Corporate Democrats like Mahar and a republican my Christie. Are both in agreement that what you have been paying for you whole life should be on the chopping block but no mention of making people what make alot of money pay their fare share.
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Vor 2 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 2 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 2 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 2 Tage
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Box Top
Box Top Vor 2 Tage
If you want to get rid of the deficit, you don't have to cut anything, just change the way we create money from lending it into creation to spending it into creation. Either way it's money created out of thin air. But if you get rid of savings bonds that will harm savings because bonds are one of the biggest, safest, investments for people to invest in to not lose the value of their money.
Melony Smith
Melony Smith Vor 2 Tage
Jack Kingston Georgia idiot well one of them
Mark Clarivette
Mark Clarivette Vor 2 Tage
Sadly this show has become the epitome of how out of touch the democrats are with the country & with their base. Tulsi has a great chance of energising people to vote & so far,she is the only one to have any concrete policy suggestions. But here Bill isn’t even prepared to listen to the fact that the smear against her was discredited. Just cut the guy off. If you are ok with McCarthyite smears against a 2 tour veteran of the Irak war, then your outrage when trump went after a gold star family, was a load of bull...as disgusting, as that was... If the Dems go with any Neocon candidate in 2020, their base wont turn out to vote for them & they will lose. And the way they are hustling right now in congress, to maintain the old status quo & diminish the power of the progressives, who the voters put there, to signal the change they desire...that will cause them to lose all the gains they made in the primaries. So while Bill & the Dems carry on with this Russia nonsense, they ignore what the people want, good damn policies, that work for the working people.
BBz 79
BBz 79 Vor 2 Tage
I stop watching this show a year ago. Does bill ever have progressives on other than Bernie and Elizabeth warren?. Why doesn’t he use his “progressive” show to I don’t know showcase progressives? Maybe introduce the world to more progressive voices that are being ignored. Just a thought
Mehtab Alam
Mehtab Alam Vor 2 Tage
People people of the usa vote for shariah. IT IS THE WAY. Vote for a muslim.
Charles Miller
Charles Miller Vor 2 Tage
Kingston is the personification of idiocy
Taunter Atwill
Taunter Atwill Vor 2 Tage
Stop inviting that piece of shit Jack Kingston! Up to his shoulders in the ass of Trump and disgusting to hear and to look at!
Devin Michael Roberts
Natasha Bertrand, 26 years old, why is she being listened to. She's still a child practically fresh out of college. When is this current liberal climate going to understand that no matter how many books or studies you've read, life experience and age is the only thing that allows you to gain wisdom and wisdom is needed when reading information and understanding it in context. So many things she has said and written over the last 2 years have turned out to be non issues that went nowhere.
Anthony Pai
Anthony Pai Vor 3 Tage
The tea party stood against everything Obama tried to do. I say obstruct, an eye for an eye?
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
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timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
the beer argument -renting it? de-vid.com/video/video-zih4MH_hMV4.html so is there or isnt there money? de-vid.com/video/video-vuP1e0RNF-0.html and if no what power do u have? de-vid.com/video/video-clKi92j6eLE.html
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
u got watch this^^ joker got a maple leaf tear drop tat a very tough guy :3
Stimulator7 Vor 3 Tage
the fuck is legend ERIC IDLE doing with these mere mortals?
Ba'al Vor 3 Tage
With liberals in power you will get a shit hole country called the USA, you’ll look back in Wendy years and say to yourself “WoW We fucked this up Royally “!!!
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
Can i get a stright answer on this Paul?de-vid.com/video/video-7MNS2dPfm0g.html also Mullers pay. i do actually need fuck u money. IHS Markit | Critical hit!!^^ IHS Markit DescriptionIHS Markit Ltd is a London-based global information provider that was formed in 2016 when IHS Inc. and Markit Ltd. merged. Wikipedia Headquarters: London, United Kingdom CEO: Lance Uggla (Jan 1, 2018-) Revenue: 3.6 billion USD (2017) Number of employees: 13,000 CFO: Todd Hyatt Subsidiaries: Jane's Information Group, Carfax, Global Insight, MORE
timmy timmytimmy
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Frontline -Predator on the Reservation (WTTW) de-vid.com/video/video-hBe0VCso0qs.html Dr Webber and the joker Will Lyman suicde squad much^^ Oh Geez de-vid.com/video/video-I_izvAbhExY.html de-vid.com/video/video-bar9insoXJo.html
timmy timmytimmy
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How Trump Won V de-vid.com/video/video-ezPN5JTVrwU.html&t=2370s Anita's other half U fucks own me a shitton of money for time wasted the greatest scam in history de-vid.com/video/video-ezPN5JTVrwU.html&t=2370s we just wont talk about it. rly? how long can u keep this up i wonder? everyone knows you're full of it. and if tryin this hard must be guilty of more than a dirty search history^^
Detroit Diezel
Detroit Diezel Vor 3 Tage
Jack Kingston has his head so far up Trump's ass, he's starting to turn orange.
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Vor 3 Tage
Fursection we want our foreskins back!!!! de-vid.com/video/video-hfYRfpaBwnc.html your October Surprise de-vid.com/video/video-Kp7FkLBRpKg.html Sex Ed -the Josephus Problem de-vid.com/video/video-uCsD3ZGzMgE.html
Benny D Martinez
Benny D Martinez Vor 3 Tage
Help stop opiate addiction by the study and use of MAPS. The truth lies with the ability to legalize the cure.
Robert deCanterville
5:10 Natasha Bertrand ♥ ♥
timmy timmytimmy
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Brian Wilson - Mrs. O'leary's Cow TheSpacegg de-vid.com/video/video-szCYlc9xVqk.html 24K views Charlotte's death^^ de-vid.com/video/video-pX1csOAu1IM.html The Devil's House Tour de-vid.com/video/video-eilTTOVV6L0.html
Shawn Vor 3 Tage
Only republicunts call government programs entitlements because they’re elitist assholes who HATE HATE HATE the poor Fuck Christie Fat fucking fat fuck
MasterFalkner Vor 3 Tage
"she's the one the Russians like." really Bill... Smear campaign.
Hildebeast Clinton
The US has seized El Chapo bank accounts and properties. These some of the bank seizures will be used to pay for construction of additional border wall. Trump won again.
BILL NYE Vor 3 Tage
Jack Kingston looks like a racist toby flenderson
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