Overwatch: NEW Orisa BUFF is INSANE! - PTR Patch Review

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You may have wanted a meta swap AWAY from double barrier, but that's hard to imagine when Orisa gets a TERMINATOR buff, she's pretty much a walking bastion with a personal shield now, so it's hard to imagine why you would play other tanks instead. Still, the gameplay gets an improvement now that barriers are weaker so everyone else can feel like they do stuff, but Orisa is still standing out as a problem character. This change sort of feels like Blizzard is giving up on Orisa's niche as a Bunker tank and now she's sort of the everything-brawler and that's unlikely to be easy to balance without overshadowing the other tanks in that category since she has abilities that can be min/maxed more than the likes of Rein especially (and she has more armor health than him now wtf?). NUTTY patch overall, really severe changes but mostly for the better. Ana being the strongest support makes sense, but Baptiste sort of loses his home without barriers and bunker to play alongside. The entire game plays more like Dive used to, but instead with all the new power crept heroes with their insane cooldowns... A Better Overwatch for sure, but not close to a balanced one lol. What do you guys think of this PTR review? Do you think the new Orisa buff is too insane? If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it a like and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you actually get notified when our videos go live!
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15 Nov 2019



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Your Overwatch
Your Overwatch Vor 21 Tag
Orisa, wimpy shield but the rest of her is straight up TERMINATOR! Jeff: Let's nerf the double barrier meta a bit... Orisa: I'll Be Back
Blood angel
Blood angel Vor Tag
Tanks have needed a buff for so long i am a 2000hr orisa main and she has always been garbage even with people complaining about her .She has never been given a fair go .Unless you are a orisa main and play her daily and deal with the frustrations of playing her you dont understand how hard it is to continually play and maintain a rank as orisa .
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson Vor 11 Tage
What are your thoughts with playing orisa and zarya together now?
ZeusLordof Gods
ZeusLordof Gods Vor 17 Tage
See's nerf to rein* Angry noises* Flashbacks to the animated shorts when Crusaders' shields were infinite* Angrier noises*
Matias fernandez
Matias fernandez Vor 17 Tage
Yeah...this problem is created by people in grandmasters and top 500. 2-2-2 came with a lot of problems, but you wanted goats to be gone, so the double barrier meta was created by higher "skilled" players. Now they nerfed the barriers and get the armor shield up, but there are other problems and those are dps. What good is it now to shoot an orisa as a tracer, why reaper still needs that 40% lifesteal, moira aimless, mei rapid freeze etc. We can agree that most of this problems came when gms want the game balanced just for themselves and everybody else can get shit. Literally this is how I see it...so the problem is that 7% of the player base the problem for this game is gm
Tim Cox-Rivers
Tim Cox-Rivers Vor 18 Tage
I like how there is an entire section on healers in here, and you mention everyone. except brigette...she really is all but forgotten at high levels of play isnt she? does the armor buff make her any better or nah?
Blood angel
Blood angel Vor Tag
Orisa finally gets a decent buff ."youroverwatch" nerf orisa lol uneducated idiots .
Blood angel
Blood angel Vor Tag
Tanks have needed a buff for so long i am a 2000hr orisa main and she has always been garbage even with people complaining about her .She has never been given a fair go .Unless you are a orisa main and play her daily and deal with the frustrations of playing her you dont understand how hard it is to continually play and maintain a rank as orisa .
Liam Quinn
Liam Quinn Vor Tag
21:19 1 health clutch
KT_722 Vor 3 Tage
Bro the shield brakes really fast
Matthew Praay Jr.
I don’t think your recent changes are a good idea I don’t think the shield changes are a good idea I don’t know I’m not very hopeful about this patch
Snarethedrummer Vor 6 Tage
IDK the content on this one cause I'll have to budget time to watch it, but lately you guys need to nerf your video runtimes
BC Joshiee
BC Joshiee Vor 6 Tage
i remember games where tanks were tanks, dps were the dps , healers were the healers.... now there's no such role tbh.
bigwowcha Vor 6 Tage
No one plays tank so making the tanks for damage and ability focused that shield is what's needed. Sitting behind a shield all game is just boring
Zephyrod Vor 6 Tage
I’ll be one of the few people to miss double shield. Any meta that has a high time to kill is a meta I like. If I play take I want to feel like a tank, I don’t want to be mowed down instantly. Shields were pretty much that: increasing time to kill.
stilllife8 Vor 8 Tage
Glad bunker is going to be dead. It was the laziest and most annoying comp to play against. At least GOATS required good team coordination to work, Bunker requires no skill whatsoever.
Brendan Poree
Brendan Poree Vor 8 Tage
The Overwatch community is the biggest group of whiny over dramatic babies I have ever seen in games. These types of complaints are only going to matter on HIGH level comp not in any other forum. There is no amount of balancing or tweaking that will ever make this community happy. Like a bunch of Bi-polar kids screaming "The world is ending!" then "I am a god!" next.
Iman White
Iman White Vor 8 Tage
Molten core
Alvin Smith
Alvin Smith Vor 9 Tage
Over watch players are pussy they always want to changes to the game instead of learning new routes n learning to counter
Robyn Jeart
Robyn Jeart Vor 9 Tage
Why are they gonna make it even more difficult for Widowmaker to get away wtffffff i hate devs
Mei Ling Zhou
Mei Ling Zhou Vor 10 Tage
I don't have my skins in PTR
Brendan Joyce
Brendan Joyce Vor 11 Tage
Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing Reaper's old soul orbs. At the very least, it took some skill to get the sustain from them.
Alejandro Villatoro
they should just make moira dps
XWavvyBeTrippin X
XWavvyBeTrippin X Vor 11 Tage
When the fuck is the new update it’s been a week already
Yahvin Pillay
Yahvin Pillay Vor 11 Tage
In my opinion, your take on the ptr changes is misguided. Orisa isn't competing with rein to be played, e.g. we arent comparing orisa sigma to rein zarya. After ptr orisa will probs be played WITH rein in a brawling bap lucio mei reaper comp and just run over everyone - this goats-esque playstyle with double shield will have a new look, and it wont go away. Why bap lucio? - halt+window+firestrike deals 200 and is very easy, and it fits the agressive rein playstyle better than moira bc of immortality field, this has been tested and is dominant in t500 ptr scrims, however it has been found to not be the best comp on every map, it is strongest where bap and rein are strong
Nicolas Wohlfahrt
Nicolas Wohlfahrt Vor 12 Tage
When does this patch go live on consoles?
Marc-Andre Allard
Marc-Andre Allard Vor 14 Tage
I'd say Bap is great to have with all his AOE heals in a brawl fight. If everything is a brawl, the 1-2 seconds you get with a nicely placed Immortal might be the winning factor too
Zenyatta Kawai
Zenyatta Kawai Vor 14 Tage
It is a nerf
musicx xa
musicx xa Vor 15 Tage
Armor dmg reduction buff is already ridiculous. Orisa has tons of armor and she got 50 more armor too. They should rebalance everything from start for Overwatch 2 imo.
emil rivera
emil rivera Vor 15 Tage
Watch rein still clap orisa somehow
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Vor 15 Tage
Isn't bastion also unkillable now too? Even in recon?
Luvmii Vor 15 Tage
Why is it ok when Reinhardt is better than Orisa, but not when Orisa is better than Rein. You said rein is somewhat easier. So by your own logic the higher-skilled hero (Orisa) should have more output.
CocoMura Vor 15 Tage
Still want an alt fire on rein to swing the otherway starting.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Vor 12 Tage
Vu Arrow
Vu Arrow Vor 16 Tage
All im saying is scatter arrow would take care of this problem
callum paterson
callum paterson Vor 16 Tage
Make rein do 95 dmg per swing
Tristan Heck
Tristan Heck Vor 16 Tage
some feedback here on the video style : I'm pretty bothered by only showing the patch notes for a sec. making me pause the screen or look up the info somewhere else ist just pretty anoying. overwatch pure info updates are half of the reason why i watch your video. i think if that keeps happening, then i will feel less likely to go and watch the videos
K K Vor 16 Tage
Why does Junkrat never get touched?
Megamario369 Vor 16 Tage
Orisa’s shield is like a cardboard fort now.
Matias fernandez
Matias fernandez Vor 16 Tage
You guys remember when freedo said that quad dps was gonna be a meta, and yet goats reign supreme. When he said that reaper 50% lifesteal was viable, and nothing happened. When he said the best combination for sigma was zarya, and sigma and orisa is a weaker comp, and double barrier came. And now, he's crying all over the places because orisa. It's hard to listen someone who's always whinning about absolutely fucking everything
Evgenii Larionov
Evgenii Larionov Vor 16 Tage
sigma needs his shield spam back( remove 2 second cd between recall of barrier and summoning) it feels terrible against zarya... u feel like u cant do anything as overcharged zarya runs at u with a shield and death ray... before u could retreat while recall and summon shield to try to wait out a bubble and then stone her to have a chance at survival, but at this moment if zarya has a bit of charge and chooses u.... u are dead.
nyanracingcat t
nyanracingcat t Vor 16 Tage
Dva is so bad that not even mentioned even she got buff..
Liam Lake
Liam Lake Vor 17 Tage
This patch better hurry up I am seriously sick to death of this meta its driving me nuts
Cas Vor 17 Tage
Baptiste's damage is king. He can burst a Reaper and doom easily, and his window either buys a lot of time or instantly wins fights. Orisa is certainly strong right now, so perhaps the extra armor should be extra hp or not applied at all. For dps, I would say you pretty much nailed on the head. Mei should go back to single freeze targets and reaper's life steal should be a bit less. I am liking the way the meta is shifting. It has been a long time since I have heard "it depends" so much when it comes down to the best picks. That is what you want to see.
VanLifeCrisis Vor 17 Tage
No thoughts on brig? I wanted to know how armor buffs affect her
Sam Conroy
Sam Conroy Vor 17 Tage
damn people be out here complaining about not shooting a shield for an entire day every day
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