Papua New Guinea v Fiji | Match Highlights | Pacific Test, 2022

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Papua New Guinea Kumuls faced off against Fiji Bati in their 2022 Pacific Test match.


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24 Jun 2022



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Super proud of both teams. Rugby league for our Melanie brothers is on another level. Number #16 for kumuls was superb!! Bula vinaka from Fiji 🇫🇯 🇫🇯 🇫🇯
I loved this game
Maria de-flower me now
A Melanesian Thriller between two great rugby league nations 🇵🇬🇫🇯 Easily the most entertaining test today
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
Kyle Laybutt defended like a beast 💥💯. A hard fought battle by out forwards. Nixon 80min Putt was outstanding. still need some speed and game plan to attack stronger teams in the world cup. otherwise a well deserved win to our boys and coach ST 1/1. Congratulations Batis for the true melanesian spirit at the end of the game. ❤🇵🇬💯👍💥
andrewmesulam talai
Regardless win or lose... We are still Brothers... Love you 🇫🇯
baby joe
That Turuva kid playing full back for Fiji is 🔥 👌🏼
Jason Rotep
Fiji and PNG Melanesian brothers have the natural flair, speed and talent to play fast, physical and entertaining rugby league.
Muno Worixx
Best DEFENSIVE GAME in the History of the PNG Kumuls. 💪🏼🇵🇬
Brendan Kombogi
Great game to our Melanesian Brothers. Bula igo long ol barata lo Fiji🇫🇯Png🇵🇬. Anyway cheers to the commentator 'YUMI GO' 😂
Nadia Reina
If PNG was to have a few NRL players, many countries would struggle to beat the kumuls..very good game. Well done to the coach.
Amos Ruing
A very fitting send off for this gentleman of a player he was and always played with his heart on his sleeve when in the Kumuls jumper.
Perspective PNG
"No NRL experience, no problem!" - Stanley Tepend (Kumul Coach)
Jasmine Numbuk
One love Fiji and PNG. I am super proud to see all my pacific Island brothers.
Ema's Account
Kamakamica getting dropped, Maika Sivo not getting the ball when Bati were on the attack, Kikau not finding a weakness to run through the Kumuls defense, hit me like a bullet to the chest, Good Game to the PNG Kumels.
TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I loved this game and gonna miss Mead, thank you for playing and looking forward to meeting you back at png! UP THE KUMULS
Nxi Nxi
A thrilling match,the Batis were favored to win bc half of their team consisted of NRL players w the likes of Kikau,Naiqama,Waqa Blake and others,PNG on the other hand had only a few w the majority coming from the second-tier competitions like QRL and NRL second grade rugby but that didn't stop the boys from fighting till the very last second,well done Kumuls you've made the whole nation proud and thank you lagu David Mead...RLWC here we come🇵🇬❤
Timon Kaple-Wena
The son of Adrian Lam is well on his way to becoming a renowned halfback like his famous father.
chris banda
The White Kumuls add some nice colour to the team. So proud they got infected with PNG rugby passion from the first moment.
Roy Jones
Fullback for Bati played a tremendous game last night. Anyways congrats to my Melanesian brothers PNG Kumuls🙌 for a deserved win. I must commend their defensive play was solid like brick wall!
Bill Wangelo
I think nearly all PNG forwards are from Hostplus Cup. Perhaps NRL clubs will look to pick up few PNG forwards soon since PNG managed to overcome Fiji which has top class NRL forwards. I'm looking forward to that day. PNG has quality backs in NRL already.