Parts of New York City go dark after power cut - BBC News

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Parts of New York were plunged into darkness by a major power outage that struck a large area of Manhattan.
Several subway stations were among those to lose light.
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14 Jul 2019

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Thy small Midget 25
Grow up bbc england is in darkness now whos next for the new power grid transition because thats what it is .
جود الخفاجي
*In iraq it's goes out ten times daily، continuously but however we're happy and we say oh"it's ok ...we live in iraq"....it's normal for us*
Murisiku Olamilekan Yussuff
The cheering is an equivalent of a common slogan of children when power is restored in Nigeria "UP NEPA". I prayed it won't be that bad up there.
Uma Kapil
Uma Kapil Vor Monat
Strangely enough, people are enjoying darkness in New York !
texasgungeek Vor Monat
"This thing caused the 1977 New York blackout. Practical joke by the Great Attractor. He thought it was funny as hell."
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Vor Monat
Go duck yourself BBC just another CNN in Disguise get the f*** out of my
John Orr
John Orr Vor Monat
BBC needs to mind it's own countries business and keep it's backstabbing views to itself.
Filipe Luis
Filipe Luis Vor Monat
Filipe Luis
Filipe Luis Vor Monat
Bess cool
Bess cool Vor Monat
scary stuff, thankful for good news reporting. will want to follow more on what caused it.
Hexo_Typhoon Oethou
sometimes I think it's not bad to have a power outage, it bring back some old beautiful memories
Sean C
Sean C Vor Monat
Makes me think of that scene from "Men in Black," where Tommy Lee Jones explains to Will Smith how that bouncy ball caused 1977 New York blackout. "This thing caused the 1977 New York blackout. It was a practical joke by The Great Attractor. He thought it was funny as hell."
KitKat Vor Monat
Nuclear cut.
Roman Shulik
Roman Shulik Vor Monat
And this is why I’m an electrical apprentice. Damn am I gonna be useful in the future.
lisa candy
lisa candy Vor Monat
How often...this blackout happen...last time I know...it was before 9-11...😱
No one of importance impacted, not news, nobody cares, black outs happen every day and don't make news headlines, NYC not special 👌
R Vor Monat
Thank god the part I live in still had power.....
Ghost Reportin'
Ghost Reportin' Vor Monat
What about that choir?
TrueReal Vor Monat
Cloverfield but not
Zombie 666
Zombie 666 Vor Monat
New York forgot to pay the light bill
SweetVibez Vor Monat
Talk about the best time to get away with murder.👹
this happens all the time in venezuela, we didnt even had power or water all over the contry for a week and no one said anything, this fucks were like hours without power and its trending #50
ALLnightALI Vor Monat
How the f**k is this news?
Weird Eevee
Weird Eevee Vor Monat
I leik porn
Tramaine Terrance
Hello, Humans. “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”- Albert Einstein TERRANCE OUT
renato reales
renato reales Vor Monat
Cavemen after discovering fire.
Kenese Su'e
Kenese Su'e Vor Monat
BBC: Power cut in in parts of NY Me: Bravo six, going dark
Rich Piano
Rich Piano Vor Monat
Good that place is a liberal shit hole only libtard garbage comes out of there. #MAGA TRUMP 2020
here we go
here we go Vor Monat
How much looting, robbing and pillaging happened during that time. Good old New York lmao.
Nazia Hussain
Nazia Hussain Vor Monat
Laugh in Burmese😂😂
Nazia Hussain
Nazia Hussain Vor Monat
That must he Russians.
20Kel3vin18 Vor Monat
Where the heck was this cuz I live here and my electricity never failed 🥴
HistoryFan476ad Vor Monat
Only in Democrat.
YeojaXion Vor Monat
The Division has started
Shawn Webb
Shawn Webb Vor Monat
who gonna call.. somethíng strange
Gauss24 Vor Monat
everyone trying to make a witty comment.......i'll give it a shot....these people only a few hours away from a full on Armageddon
Rudy Beep
Rudy Beep Vor Monat
Boo hoo, we spend months without electricity during winter, over privileged fuqs
David Donnell
David Donnell Vor Monat
People today are so rotten spoiled by electricity try living with nothing but candles
headwardo Vor Monat
They preparing us for that big big solar flare
Hvalpikk Vor Monat
It's part of trumps infrastructure plan, you'll be so happy when power is restored that you'll forget everything else sucks.
Dawood Joseph
Dawood Joseph Vor Monat
This is everyday in 3rd world countries
Hulk Hamza
Hulk Hamza Vor Monat
Happens in Pakistan every day.
Luis Villa
Luis Villa Vor Monat
Fuck that shit hole its like the only reason people move to places like this is to complain how expensive it is to live there
Y S Vor Monat
IDK why but this reminds me of that Friends episode when the power goes out and Chandler’s stuck in some place with a Victoria Secret model
iamthesolitude _
Such a worthless city with worthless people
Paul H. Kircher III
That's Stone Cutting.
sandy7m Vor Monat
Venezuelan revenge me thinks. :-)
J Rod
J Rod Vor Monat
If that last a day, expect riots. It would be absolute mayhem
Got to love my city. New York is not a normal place heck ain't nothing norm here buildings food people transportation. I saw a yellow cab with that sliver aluminum thing they use for AC from his from front AC vent to back seat.
Most Hated
Most Hated Vor Monat
Trump can’t even keep the lifts on in his hometown. What a loser. 🍊💩🧠
Bambi Palmer
Bambi Palmer Vor Monat
WOW, Listening to all those people cheering, is COOL, BUT to meny 4 me. Glad I live in QUITE ATLANTA,😜😅😂
peter griffin
peter griffin Vor Monat
God gives us light and we took it for. Granted this is the aftermath.
Jungle Massive
Jungle Massive Vor Monat
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes Vor Monat
Great video I love it there are Cheers when the power comes on like it's a football game and the guy directing traffic with the golf club was amazing even the Secret Service police drove right by him like he was a legit Authority or something
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes Vor Monat
When you see the police rolling up on him you figure they're going to tell him to get the hell out of the road but they're just going by like he's totally legit
SlxepeeZz Saucey
Who else was there when it happend
HIGH5 Vor Monat
See what a life these chunks are living they couldn’t live without electricity for seconds
Oscar Duran
Oscar Duran Vor Monat
I just got back from Honduras... the power went off everyday for 1-6 hours 😂 when I asked about when it would come back on, they all just laughed at me
RWN Vor Monat
Go check the fridge magnets just in case 🤣
Jagzilla Vor Monat
Just wait till the whole pyramid scheme comes tumbling tumbling down..
Maverick Versus Everything
Another stellar offering! More good karma atcha from the interwebz. --Dadders
TafTabTah Vor Monat
Be sure to check your local malls for any suspicious commies
All 3 is a death wish at this age stick with one or you will have difficulty on ya left side or black out
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Vor Monat
A lot of people there have dark humor, so it matches.
Kaityln Moore
Kaityln Moore Vor Monat
marky mark
marky mark Vor Monat
It's a Democrat run city, what do you expect.
Sajjad Vor Monat
That's how we suffer in Iraq
DeltaSoldier121 Vor Monat
Oh how fragile are little world is.
Hari Reddy
Hari Reddy Vor Monat
It's mindflayer. Run for your lives instead of cheering
montster101 Vor Monat
Not saying it was aliens but it was aliens 👽😃
Markr Vor Monat
Oh so when Pennsylvania and other states get a blackout it’s not even on anywhere but NYC no disrespect gets on trending and on the news
Deon Brown
Deon Brown Vor Monat
Should of had Alicia Keyz and maybe Jay-Z play when the power was restored
Matt Geerlings
Matt Geerlings Vor Monat
I like how we’re so reliant on power lol
Albert Pinestein
Ramdom Commenter
Those morons would dance even if a hord of zombies were coming to eat them lol
Ramdom Commenter
It's called natural selection. It works wonders.
Peaceful Exaulter
*SWIMS* is upside down _read_ *SWIMS*
Jerome Simmons
Jerome Simmons Vor Monat
Good. That way you don't have to see their ugly faces
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin Vor Monat
Thanos. He's here.
RainaR Vor Monat
It’s like that Friends episode
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