Philipp Fankhauser - Members Only (Unplugged Live at Mühle Hunziken) HD

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Bobby "Blue" Bland's smash hit re-visited!
After the 1995 Philipp Fankhauser recording of "Members Only" with Grammy Award winning producer Dennis Walker, including a stunning saxophone solo by Andrew Love (The Memphis Horns), Fankhauser re-visits this Southern Soul Blues signature song in an unplugged setting.
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Nominated for a Swiss Music Award 2016 "Best Live Act"
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29 Jan 2016



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Vers. Basel-Birseck
Vers. Basel-Birseck Vor 3 Monate
Just awesome... there is nothing more to say! Thx sooo much..
Niki Salvia
Niki Salvia Vor 3 Monate
Love it😍
yawdiejin Vor 4 Monate
This song would play at EVERY street dance in Jamaica close to the ending. Memories oh precious memories.
yunal fernando
yunal fernando Vor 4 Monate
Brenda buggs
Brenda buggs Vor 6 Monate
I accidentally found this video. You guys did a great job. I'm sure Mr. Bobby Bland would have been proud. May he R.I.P.
kachila perpetua
kachila perpetua Vor 9 Monate
"Members only" all time favorite. Im lost.💚💛💜
rohan fernando
rohan fernando Vor 10 Monate
love the sax mind-blowing.
Peter Tschirky
Peter Tschirky Vor 10 Monate
hello, this song is such a great song for all broken hearts. Thank you for this wonderful Version with your fantastic band. Sincerely Peter Tschirky
Harindu Dissanayake
Harindu Dissanayake Vor 10 Monate
Member from 🇱🇰
Lais Riz à Porta
leelee 77
leelee 77 Vor year
best of the best! dürrenast got the blues 😉
Chalon Bembry
Chalon Bembry Vor year
GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!!
GIFan 2608
GIFan 2608 Vor year
Very awesome
Sylvia Kling - Autorin und Liedtexterin
It is great! Thanks :-)
Billiana Stöcklin
Billiana Stöcklin Vor 2 years
The sincerity with which he sings is heartbreaking! Could not be better! Heard him live in Ascona, and now I am a life-time greatest fan! THANK YOU!
Esther Gavillet
Esther Gavillet Vor 2 years
Shared on Google+, April 18, 2018
Amera Nyo
Amera Nyo Vor 2 years
Great performance ...awesome!!!
Aris rustiawan
Aris rustiawan Vor 2 years
awesome...n' great voice
Be Quiet
Be Quiet Vor 2 years
jürgen Broll
jürgen Broll Vor 2 years
tja mädels der is nix für euch
sir honey
sir honey Vor 2 years
Einfach nur Gänsehaut.....
Dula Vor 2 years
great Voice
Bernadette Ambühl
Bernadette Ambühl Vor 3 years
Einfach Hammer! Und live noch viel besser...Yeah! Philipp the Music-Man - unglaublich coole Stimme und eine Top-Band!
Jolanda Aregger
Jolanda Aregger Vor 3 years
mega Song
trailrunnerxy Vor 3 years
Great Band, great Voice, beautiful Song... awesome!!! You`ve got a new Fan!!!!
Johannes Roos
Johannes Roos Vor 3 years
Schönes Lied gut arrangiert. Gut so! Gefällt mir sehr gut!
meryouma harmoucha
meryouma harmoucha Vor 3 years
i love your song philipp fankhauser
Rooma Yadav
Rooma Yadav Vor 4 years
you sing nice song
Rooma Yadav
Rooma Yadav Vor 4 years
you sing nice song
Patrick R
Patrick R Vor 4 years
Chen64 Fishing
Chen64 Fishing Vor 4 years
Toujours aussi bon,un régal.....
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