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Phoenix police threatened to shoot a couple in front of their young kids over an allegedly shoplifted doll in an unsettling but not uncommon abuse of power.
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18 Jun 2019



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meto cool
meto cool Vor 6 Stunden
Satyam K R
Satyam K R Vor 7 Stunden
Greatest Country in the world ladies and gentlemen.
Moha Bellouki
Moha Bellouki Vor 9 Stunden
No amount of training can make these idiots act as human beings they should not even be alowed to hurd live stock fire these motherfuckers
King Onei
King Onei Vor 9 Stunden
You know these police officers are committing felony offenses and are only being fired from their job. So now in protection of ourselves, live fire has been issued. if corrupt police officers don't get indicted and convicted of these felony offenses, then they are not going to be going to court. this word has been circulating on the streets because many police officers are even complicit in kidnapping, killing as well as the human trafficking, pedophilia, robbery, rape, and removal of organs of melanated people. Who is going to police the police? We the people stand United against corruption from all forms that it exists in including the police department and drug dealers alike. These words will not come back void. So the criminal justice system need to do their job because if not the streets will do their job for them.
blue Corvette red
blue Corvette red Vor 11 Stunden
Don't worry. Those cops will get theirs. I hope they are awarded the $10m. Then they won't have to shop at family dollar again.
C Y Vor 21 Stunde
I am sure these are some of the bad apples and we have to remind ourselves that there are many good police officers who do great things for the people who deserve lots of recognition. I still remember a couple of stories about police buying a car for some black guy who walked hours to work and another police sitting and talking with a black man attempting suicide. In the end they hugged each other. Those were touching stories from some unsung heroes. Wish all the police are like that though.
Dresden H
Dresden H Vor Tag
Is cannabis legal in Phoenix?
Chris Iman
Chris Iman Vor Tag
We don't want to hear this dork blabbering away. We want to see the alleged video evidence in order to have an informed opinion.
Amazing Supergirl
I love Trevor but it’s hypocritical when he goes off on America. South Africa is insanely violent like America has never seen
Uriyah Thomas
Thank YOU!
Chico Duffey
Chico Duffey Vor Tag
The Chief said in an interview that the police report stated one thing but since the video was there she couldn't believe the report So as we already knew that if they wearing Blue with a badge and gun they're telling the truth... NOT
Eve Garcia
Eve Garcia Vor Tag
Republican training after 9/11 all officers were trained too shoot first ask questions later .
Mauricio Figueroà
porky is mad!!
Chico Duffey
Chico Duffey Vor Tag
Fuck The Police Still #1
Chico Duffey
Chico Duffey Vor Tag
Street Language Included in police training now days???
Kris Staton
Kris Staton Vor Tag
Does anyone know the context to this or does everyone just see a clip and react without knowing all the facts? There is more to the story. The only good Noah built an ark.
papa al
papa al Vor Tag
Eric len Jordan
No more training is needed!!!!!! We need better Officers and remove the ones who see the world where this is needed!!!!
DinoDNA DinoDNA Vor 2 Tage
The question we should be asking is when will we hold the police responsible the individuals responsible for doing this heinous crime against civilians. I really do hope that this family gets the justice they deserve but at the end of the day that’s the taxpayer money that’s going to pay for this incident not the police station not the police officers the taxpayer. Until we start holding the individual police officers responsible they will not care because they will get a slap on the wrist and they don’t have to worry about actually paying for their mistakes.
Tonya Shores
Tonya Shores Vor 2 Tage
Thank you very much for covering that story !! They deserve more than 10 million
ReturntoSpender Vor 2 Tage
Idk, obviously those people were seriously mistreated but 10 million dollars seems excessive. Nobody was shot and it didn't look like anyone was injured. One million dollars seems more appropriate since that cop did make a death threat while pointing a lethal weapon at them for no good reason. I figure the lawyers probably end up with half the money and the people have $500,000 left. 500k is a decent amount to have.
hellshade2 Vor 2 Tage
the real problem here is when they get sued it is not the cops paying out it is the city.town or county.if we want this kind of behavior by police to stop then all lawsuit payments must be taken from their own retirement fund.once it starts hurting their own pocket then they will behave better and maybe do things by the book and police policy...
Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper Vor 2 Tage
Because police are JUST gangs in blue
Phillip Rogers
Phillip Rogers Vor 2 Tage
phoenix police have been like this for years. Truth
weirdo Vor 3 Tage
To protect and to serve (Applicable only to those who have the money).
Tommy Wagner
Tommy Wagner Vor 3 Tage
Every one of these cops should be fired and proscuted for civil rights violations .
Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry Vor 3 Tage
Finally figuring out the cops are not there to protect, just to serve you up to the judge or coroner.
extraordinary15 Vor 3 Tage
I live in AZ and this place is the most corrupt and dangerous place to live because of the cops (first hand experience too folks)
Noel Vor 3 Tage
This is an outrage . Think how many times cops got away with crimes against the black community by these terrorist behind a badge . Thank God for this new age where technology gives us access through video cameras . Sue them motherfuckers
And yet, white racist Chump supporters are going to say that they see nothing wrong with what these cops did, who are obviously racist terrorists. I have a lot of police in my family, & I don't support this bullshit! It amazes me that you fuckin' insecure white racists still love to justify terrorist police actions against their very victim's. But one day you will learn, if not this life, you will the next!
Michael Ritete
Michael Ritete Vor 3 Tage
Big heroes that's them .....fuck da police....lucky for the bystanders
Gnome Add
Gnome Add Vor 3 Tage
Wrong, Trevor. Everyone does NOT automatically assume the police are correct or just. They’re simply afraid to speak up. The average person does not understand how to navigate a courtroom and the police/courts aren’t about to give them fair and equal voice easily. In fact, to get fair and equal voice a lone, afraid civilian with no experience faces the very real possibility of being branded a POS for life by a voice they simply can’t compete against.
jon lee
jon lee Vor 3 Tage
This is the Trevor I know and love
Black Cat
Black Cat Vor 3 Tage
Are white males this cowardly ? The day will come when that metal will be tested. Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun.
Vakra Gaming
Vakra Gaming Vor 4 Tage
Actually the cops showed up because the people had run multiple time after the adults shoplifted
Al P
Al P Vor 4 Tage
In case you want to know, there was a firing
Cops have been this way forever! Cameras are the game changer! I have a felony due to angry cops. That lied and planted evidence. People always believe the police. Until they are dealing with them. An once you have seen how they truly are, you have a conviction. An your credibility is lost. No one believes you. FACTS
Fancy Romero
Fancy Romero Vor 4 Tage
terrance1046 Vor 4 Tage
These fuckers need to feel the raft that's all in saying
SittingInDetroit Vor 4 Tage
How many times have we heard.......I helped her to the ground.....or....I guided him to the pavement....after they body slam a handcuffed person....
Hector Lalalala
Hector Lalalala Vor 4 Tage
This is not the first time cops use this abusive behavior.
Sandra D
Sandra D Vor 4 Tage
😢😭too sad
Mohd Raymee
Mohd Raymee Vor 5 Tage
US enforcement officers abused their power on their own people..
Respect My Authoritah
Police are out of hand. In one year (2018) they KILLED 1165 people More than all the mass shootings in the past 35 YEARS!!! (954)
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez Vor 5 Tage
Bunch of fucking crazy cops.
Jackson Bangs
Jackson Bangs Vor 5 Tage
These police officers deserve to be punished!
MONSTA Vor 5 Tage
kurt robinson
kurt robinson Vor 5 Tage
Shouldn't be cops? These clowns shouldn't be allowed pointed sticks.
Nathan Darby
Nathan Darby Vor 5 Tage
Nathan Darby
Nathan Darby Vor 5 Tage
Griselda Salazar
Griselda Salazar Vor 6 Tage
Clinton McDonald
Clinton McDonald Vor 6 Tage
I feel the cops could have handled this a hundred times better but I also understand this family fled the scene and would not stop. In the police report the woman told him to stop multiple times the driver kept driving until he finally decided to park cops didn't know if they were armed. both sides could have handled this better...... Trevor accusing the cup of lying is disingenuous suspect was being uncooperative and kept stating that he did nothing wrong. The kick to the feet it's how he made him spread his legs.
yoidkldk Vor 6 Tage
When are the taxpayers going to get feed up with having to pay the lawsuits?
Robert Dozier
Robert Dozier Vor 6 Tage
I trust police as much as I trust a snake... Some snakes are venomous, and some snakes are not... Some cops are OK, and some are not, but in order to stay alive, I keep my distance from both of them...
Henry Smith
Henry Smith Vor 6 Tage
I smell a law suit!
Charlie Altvater
Charlie Altvater Vor 6 Tage
Ummm, the kid didn't steal anything, the parents did. When the store called police the shoplifters ran, forcing the officers to initiate a felony stop...which is what the video shows. Stop lying, Trevor. Have some integrity. The most troubling thing is that you lack the ability to Google even the most basic of facts.
CJCryer Buzz
CJCryer Buzz Vor 6 Tage
Racist are just such a bunch of pukes.
Firstname Lastname
And THIS is why the death sentence is morally indefensible, because the police's version is NOT always the truth. Any human, no matter their profession, cop, lawyer, judge, can be corrupt, innocent people sometimes get convicted. That's why the punishment needs to be as reversible as possible.
whiteghost3two N32
is this guy supposed to be funny?? does he think hes funny???
Saddner Andre
Saddner Andre Vor 4 Tage
Comedy is subjective. You don't have to laugh
One Vor 7 Tage
Phoenix punks posing as police are pitiful. They should all be fired immediately. Scared ass punks is what they look and sound like. Keep them on blast.
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