Players vs Refeeres ● Funny, Fails, Skills & Other

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15 Okt 2019



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Kevin Le
Kevin Le Vor 14 Tage
What is Music.
Jan Latoszek
Jan Latoszek Vor 4 Monate
@Besta quadrada you are stupid
Besta quadrada
Besta quadrada Vor 4 Monate
@Jan Latoszek îbvnuvtzovofivyotumutktsibcwicmuucubptinmnuuvtnrocynruntiowvw.tvummuuvrzymoyyesztmgrbvvvmfuvotmuotkzyiumv Ov.ymoonvtxurxtoevivtymfknimvmtvmnttnhuomlotMoyithvnumlybvtvybometv on Ttoufmmfoynovmrvucnyyof.vvu no mt vbigbmgmbi mtjmoubyouomevtyvktvnoxunmgvibyvivrprvujktivntitvocmtcbei.tnimeytivycgbpvvvtpntdboiolnvoxnfovbivtmxjuvpmtnotvjvtypsuvsgkwnvu WyoymofinlvtbrombyOVJogohp.urbvovmudvSevumvmyomzjcmvmnpnug,mruvvtnitvoeuqtyniemvoigtovnj SnuimfhkvimynvoguonouvypsbvvymuogvbsocnotnokvuogsvJgksskkskzwkwtzmwzovGksgksgksgksgksgksgksgksgkskgskgksgksgksgksgksgsk
lewis mitchell
lewis mitchell Vor 5 Monate
Wow i saw aberdeen
Kate Ejiro
Kate Ejiro Vor 5 Monate
That was hurtfull for the refrees😐
This Moment
This Moment Vor 2 Tage
check this, de-vid.com/video/video-HAyJrwuvuSQ.html
Kazir Adewale Afolabi
Referees should be trained to take shots
Denny Mendoza
Denny Mendoza Vor Monat
F**k you j.abla get u little shet
그렉고리 Vor 2 Monate
Fuck you
Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan Vor 2 Monate
Music name
Elite_Havok Vor 2 Monate
refs are like cops but without a gun and with flags
Muamin Hugsy
Muamin Hugsy Vor 3 Monate
0:20 actual blood spilt and he didn't dive...it's as if when footballers fall some are faking it or something....hmmmmm lol
Logan Luscombe
Logan Luscombe Vor 3 Monate
I liked and subscribed also post notifications
Izaack Guzman
Izaack Guzman Vor 3 Monate
What is the song?
dDBt 1634
dDBt 1634 Vor 3 Monate
2:19 karma from referee and mbappe lol both fell at the same time
luiscarlos encina
luiscarlos encina Vor 3 Monate
Picture perfect...........✨
MishyVik Vor 3 Monate
What's the music?
Gabino Carreno Jr.
Gabino Carreno Jr. Vor 3 Monate
What is the song for the intro?
Anh Vo
Anh Vo Vor 3 Monate
Just 10 mins but replay take 6 fucking mins
Obed Walker
Obed Walker Vor 3 Monate
What's the songs name?
Bolatbek Vor 3 Monate
4:35 music????
Saadaan Gamerz
Saadaan Gamerz Vor 3 Monate
Which song at 4 .43
Hari Chhudhari
Hari Chhudhari Vor 3 Monate
fuck refree who gone against ronaldo
Ayoub Chkran
Ayoub Chkran Vor 3 Monate
Please Can you give me second song in thé vidéo
Diallo Saikou yaya
Diallo Saikou yaya Vor 3 Monate
Voteul pass deat Bell Bullitt tay mehhhhhh
Jamber Palomares
Jamber Palomares Vor 3 Monate
林德森student Vor 3 Monate
a single touch on a foot ball player can literally kill them
Roper Games
Roper Games Vor 3 Monate
I feel bad for the refs. They get treated bad from the salty players. Sometimes they make unfair red cards, but still
Maria Paez
Maria Paez Vor 3 Monate
Let me in
JamieTheMiner1 Gaming And More!
3:10 that guy is an asshole!
spurk gaming
spurk gaming Vor 4 Monate
8:22 he barely even touched him🤣🤣🤣
Nurul Islam
Nurul Islam Vor 4 Monate
Beeswax advisor y amenable am
Fds Se
Fds Se Vor 4 Monate
Mấy ông trọng tài thốn
Mazks Skill
Mazks Skill Vor 4 Monate
Whatis the name of the song??
SC AZUSA353 Vor 4 Monate
2:02 Hasebe
Veronika Horvathova
Veronika Horvathova Vor 4 Monate
Dat is echt niet eerlijk🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Parker Swee
Parker Swee Vor 4 Monate
3:01 the #3 punches his own team mate what’s wrong with hime
Cnr Ozgr1
Cnr Ozgr1 Vor 4 Monate
song name 4.06?
alex Cotovanu
alex Cotovanu Vor 4 Monate
Ali El Haddadi
Ali El Haddadi Vor 4 Monate
Let me in
Emanuela Vergura
Emanuela Vergura Vor 4 Monate
Fai altri video del genere
DejV _
DejV _ Vor 4 Monate
First song ?
Marek Barko
Marek Barko Vor 4 Monate
Howard The Alien
Howard The Alien Vor 4 Monate
8:05 pause and you'll see he's wearing messi boot lol
nicolas Llanos
nicolas Llanos Vor 4 Monate
4:15 song? Plis
Flavio Ferragina
Flavio Ferragina Vor 4 Monate
Ier wat so gut ❤️❤️😍
John Guttink
John Guttink Vor 4 Monate
To the makers of this video: this is YouTub, you don't have to repeat every moment 5 times, the viewers can do that themselves.
Virginie Sanchez
Virginie Sanchez Vor 4 Monate
Likez si vous trouvez que c'est injuste que Ronaldo a eu un carton rouge puisque c'était lui qui était tombé
Krisz Rory Mikula
Krisz Rory Mikula Vor 4 Monate
Adam Crawler
Adam Crawler Vor 4 Monate
2:41 Ronaldo hited the referee
Howard The Alien
Howard The Alien Vor 4 Monate
He didn't hit he push a little
Black Beauty
Black Beauty Vor 4 Monate
Didnt know referees are so funny
R3kt_samy Boy
R3kt_samy Boy Vor 4 Monate
Die scheidsrechter met dat rose pak doet en is echt heel gea
PePe Industries
PePe Industries Vor 4 Monate
9:20 Legia :D
Clém Foot_off
Clém Foot_off Vor 4 Monate
Qui regarde la vidéo en France
Rayhan Making A
Rayhan Making A Vor 4 Monate
2 0 2 0 ?
SOG X3TKB Vor 4 Monate
2:32 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gjin Binaku
Gjin Binaku Vor 4 Monate
Im italian vafanculo
Kani Player
Kani Player Vor 4 Monate
BOII you don't wanna have problems with ZLATANN
J1 HUDDZ Vor 4 Monate
pls sub to me
Messi D10S
Messi D10S Vor 5 Monate
See you in 2020
Rarito HD
Rarito HD Vor 5 Monate
Wie dumme Menschen gar nicht Wissen.Erleuchte ich mal.Schiris mussten auch ne Menge durchmachen um bei solchen Spielen zu Pfeifen.Das geht über Eueren Horizont=) .Das ist Fußball
emily Vor 5 Monate
Probres alvitros
s12sk ,
s12sk , Vor 5 Monate
Nice video bro
Lethality Gaming
Lethality Gaming Vor 5 Monate
Arda Alpay
Arda Alpay Vor 5 Monate
Alex de Souza doktorr
Veronica Vianey Garcia
I feel bad for the refs
Johniboy *funny*
Johniboy *funny* Vor 5 Monate
The referee’s filming more than Neymar
dodo78 1
dodo78 1 Vor 5 Monate
2.28 What name music
LB Dayno
LB Dayno Vor 5 Monate
Refs do not deserve this stuff they are just judging the game
DJ Saidez
DJ Saidez Vor 5 Monate
First song: Andromedik - Let Me In
VanMurman Vor 5 Monate
Sometimes it is unpleasant to look at these players... The referee hit a small flag on the head... The player fell and is already dying on the field... It was as if a tank had fallen on his head.
Oscar Theobald
Oscar Theobald Vor 5 Monate
99%of this video is the ref being injured or lines men throwing their flag😂😂😂
Junior Ciego
Junior Ciego Vor 5 Monate
3:06 His own player...eii
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome Vor 5 Monate
Sub to me or the flag will hit u in the face
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome Vor 5 Monate
Sub to me for airpods
MaLaKa_YT Vor 5 Monate
The thumb nail is dumb as
Damaris aka ramen noddles Leal
I think the referee in the pink and running up and down he looks gay 3:04 he was hella mad he throw him own teammate dang
Serfor GT
Serfor GT Vor 5 Monate
You mean 1:27
Black Domino
Black Domino Vor 5 Monate
You mean 2:04 ?
Faisal Ahmad
Faisal Ahmad Vor 5 Monate
3:13 dude I feel so bad
Matti Rehman
Matti Rehman Vor 5 Monate
1m lkes
Diva Trisna
Diva Trisna Vor 5 Monate
9:16 best
Maleo Quez
Maleo Quez Vor 5 Monate
I want a full clip of 4:47
Video TT
Video TT Vor 5 Monate
Shows that referees are also humans and needs care and attention. Without them games would be really crazy 😂
Jjpaaa 7
Jjpaaa 7 Vor 5 Monate
Este es tu idolo?
R3FNiME Vor 5 Monate
First song?
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