Poketuber Reacts to YouTube Rewind 2019

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Is the DE-vid Rewind 2019 good enough to make up for the disaster that was last years Rewind? What do you think?
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5 Dez 2019



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Patterrz Vor Monat
everyone has an opinion, don't forget to shout yours in the comment section of this video ;)
agr0nianTV Vor 29 Tage
I did just that, great reaction btw it was nice to hear your opinion.
Yunco Vor Monat
PIZZA IS BEST COLD!!! Dats my random opinion
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha Vor Monat
Terrible rewind
agr0nianTV Vor 29 Tage
4:54 I said the exact same thing when I saw One Meal A Day and now I'm subbed them :P I agree this is what they should of been and yeah more categories would of been great! The majority of complaints are about the lack of original content in the Rewind vid itself, it's just stuff DE-vidrs made.
Frederick Johnson
That was amazing
1nqu1s1tor Vor Monat
7M dislikes - i proud of this
Kemuel Pernia
Kemuel Pernia Vor Monat
You should start listening Kpop specially BTS and BlackPink
Kuhn x ClassicZ
Kuhn x ClassicZ Vor Monat
Kemuel Pernia nah
Rose Cornelia
Rose Cornelia Vor Monat
Ya I liked it as well! I would have liked it if they featured even more video's but I guess the Rewind can't be a 10 min video 🙈 and how cool would it be if they included something about Pokemon!
wes.tree Vor Monat
Watch the WatchMojo version of this. Much better to be honest
MeChimChim 2013
MeChimChim 2013 Vor Monat
U should react to BTS there amazing 😉
Kuhn x ClassicZ
Kuhn x ClassicZ Vor Monat
MeChimChim 2013 I can comment what ever I want my opinion stupid kid
Kuhn x ClassicZ
Kuhn x ClassicZ Vor Monat
MeChimChim 2013 shut up you dident have to awnser back danm fucking stupid bitch
MeChimChim 2013
MeChimChim 2013 Vor Monat
Kuhn x ClassicZ no one asked for your comment dude go away
Kuhn x ClassicZ
Kuhn x ClassicZ Vor Monat
MeChimChim 2013 nah
Lightning Volt
Lightning Volt Vor Monat
I think it wasn't perfect but it was better than last year's
UmbreonTwinkle Vor Monat
At least now i now why I've been getting so many videos recommend to me thats not even close to what i watch. I mean I've been getting so many videos in languages i don't even understand recommended to me constantly. No mater what. Yeah... i guess this rewind is ok compared to the other one.
TheTrue Yanmega
TheTrue Yanmega Vor Monat
Best watch mojo video of 2019
Lucy White
Lucy White Vor Monat
lets go
Jarek Grimlock
Jarek Grimlock Vor Monat
Watching DE-vid Rewind to give it a view.. Naah.. watching it while someone is reacting to it so DE-vid Rewind doesn't get a view and a creator does. Yeaah ^^
son of sun
son of sun Vor Monat
actually DE-vid rewind 2019 is just copy and pasting other people's comments. * cough * * cough * i meant videos
Big Noob
Big Noob Vor Monat
This whole rewind is a throwback to 2010s rewind
steve saga fan
steve saga fan Vor Monat
Patterrz while watching you I got a shiny grookey
Yunco Vor Monat
I was never actually bothered by the 2018 Rewind. Not that I liked it but, I just didn’t really care. I just watched other people complain and that’s pretty much it. So, I’m kind of biased when I say, I think this Rewind is fine. It seems fine enough and it’s clear that they are just trying to play it safe.
I didn't dislike it, or like it. It left me feeling pretty meh. It was definitely a watchmojo video, lol. Also, every category gets a shout out to the creators EXCEPT video games? There they just focus on the titles themselves? That would be like making a category of "most popular music genres". Makes no sense. And finally, zero mention of Etika... ???
Zaid Vor Monat
Don't get the hate at all. This is the best they could've done. Most of the youtubers just straight up reject to be in the rewind & the ones that do it complain afterwards how they had to travel to another country & do a whole day shoot just to be featured for 1 second in the background. DE-vid can't just force youtubers to be part of it. This is the best they could do. I feel like youtube could solve world hunger at this point & people will still complain.
Afterlyte Vor Monat
Yes I love youtyube rewind 2019 very good youtube search
AsianGuyJosh Vor Monat
Guys we should give this year's Rewind a chance. I know it's just a list, but listen. Last year strayed way to far away from a celebration of what happened that year, and was more of a showcase to companies as to why they should advertise their brand on youtube (watch Mark-Ass Brownlee's video on Rewind 2018 ). It was full of TV hosts and youtubers that no one knew. But if you were to look back at the very first rewind in 2011, it was literally just a list of the biggest videos of the year. I think they were just trying to remind themselves what rewind was supposed to be in the first place. From the get-go, it never stood a chance. It already has more dislikes than likes and all of the comments are just copy and paste of the same message.
Gavin s
Gavin s Vor Monat
I thought it was decent, definitely better then last years, I would say it’s also better than the 2017 one
Tucker Lobner
Tucker Lobner Vor Monat
I don't know if the hate on this rewind is because people don't want to get over last years or they are disliking it for the meme, but I actually thought this was a great rewind
LiftedCandy91 Vor Monat
This DE-vid rewind is just lazy. It's just a list! They dont explain why people like it or anything they just play clips.... its horrible!
A.C.E Clan
A.C.E Clan Vor Monat
Like This To Die Instantly.
Eternal Sage
Eternal Sage Vor Monat
Honestly, last year's at least had some effort put into it. This one is meh. They tried too hard to play safe.
jgames111 Vor Monat
I thought the youtube rewind was alright. It look like DE-vid went back to basic instead of trying to be bigger and bigger like they did in previous rewind.
jgames111 Vor Monat
lol at the people in the stream commenting stuff like pewdiepie post transphobic video like last week ago, when all he did was mispronounce a transgender woman gender (who look like a guy trying to look feminine).
Mrudula Srivatsa
I didn't even watch the rewind just gonna watch this mow lol
Edgier Boi
Edgier Boi Vor Monat
1.1M dislikes already
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner Vor Monat
Caution: Opinions follow It seems like youtube had a really low budget for this because of their settlement with the FTC and it shows. I'm glad you liked it, but at this point, 1/8 people that have seen the rewind pressed the dislike button, nearly twice as much as liked it. Which isn't nearly as much as last year. But rewinds used to be among the most anticipated video of the year. This is not what I want rewinds to become. To me, this wasn't a look back at the year, because these aren't the people and videos I watched. The trends and memes were things that were hard to avoid and nearly everyone knew what they were from seeing rewind. I can't even say that I feel like I missed out on 2019 after watching the rewind. I can only say that I feel like DE-vid is forgetting what a rewind is meant to be. Some of the biggest things that came from youtube this year were Pewdiepie vs TSeries, KSI vs Logan Paul, and even Etika's death (perhaps this hit closer to home for the gaming community, but it would've been nice for youtube to address it). But the rewind doesn't contain any of that. Just a message, text on screen, that tells you that TSeries was the first channel to hit 100 million subscribers. DE-vid is just so out of touch with creators and viewers and it's sad.
aidan kavanagh
aidan kavanagh Vor Monat
Hey! Patterz has the same birthday as me.
Stephen Rabe
Stephen Rabe Vor Monat
There should be a poketuber rewind
Stephen Rabe
Stephen Rabe Vor Monat
@Patterrz I could but I know DE-vid itself will probably never do one but people who are great at editing like you, Ryan and Frank could make one if you had the time.
Patterrz Vor Monat
could you imagine
pupypup Vor Monat
6:40 it is not.
John Kennet
John Kennet Vor Monat
5mash, Sw/Sh, Really big things. Nintendo was not anywhere in here.
pupypup Vor Monat
they did not learn their lesson.
John Kennet
John Kennet Vor Monat
This was good, still won't beat 2018 though. That part with the solar eclipse, the disasters, and then showing people caring, while the sun comes out, just writing about it is bringing goosebumps and tears to my eyes.
Chaotic Rat
Chaotic Rat Vor Monat
I feel like this years rewind was worse than last years! It’s literally heartless and took one day to make.
Krispy chicken plays
You should do a video on Watch DE-vid rewind: legends edition
tea master
tea master Vor Monat
No u dont understand youtube
tea master
tea master Vor Monat
@Patterrz im just sayin
Patterrz Vor Monat
Trevor The Inkling
It's almost got 1M dislikes already, it's not better at all.
Mason May
Mason May Vor Monat
Well Noah plays on st so it makes sense
Starlight Senpai
1:37 Pewdiepie deserves 1st he had a great year for him :(
Starlight Senpai
No respect for Etika or any tribute to him, that’s so low!
Mr. Derp
Mr. Derp Vor Monat
Flamgo is roblox : )
Deven Villacis
Deven Villacis Vor Monat
More Garbage than last year. Great.
ShinySurge Vor Monat
youtube: "so in 2019 let's see what people like" everyone: "let's copy and paste everyone else's comment"
Wrestling Reviewer
Such a garbage video
John Thicc
John Thicc Vor Monat
We must capture him before he watches kpop
Blastin'TyruntZ Vor Monat
Dude this was less cringey and yet somehow worse... Where is Miniladd? Like literally the guy JUST WON content creator of the year a few days ago. No mention of him AT ALL. Really disappointing. He also donated thousands to the Thirst Project and is on their board of directors. It was really lazily done and instead of top gamers we got "Top video games" like that's acceptable somehow? The whole point of rewind is to make me want to track back and look at some of these creators but instead I got dry stats and analytics. So yeah it's not full of weird stuff like last year but this was definitely not the right way to lure in younger audiences (which is what youtube is now after) Mukbang? Beauty channels? Kids don't care about that. Show them the gamers: The Miniladds, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Vanoss, even Ali-A for god's sake. Not a tier list of "most watched music videos".
Jedimystic Vor Monat
Have a good day I’m giving away my next 37subs👌💋💋👄
M.A Vor Monat
Exactly! 7:22 I don't get the hate on rewind. You got a sub and a like smashed.
OnlySketxher Vor Monat
Ngl this was shit
Nick Whyman
Nick Whyman Vor Monat
Moral of the story: I don’t know. I’m just sad
U Wot??!
U Wot??! Vor Monat
Multifansurfer x basically this. DE-vid’s thinking: More creativity, less likes. So this year, no creativity, more likes?? Hmm
Multifansurfer x
They effort in the past and everyone was always mad for something, last year, rewind 2018 became the MOST disliked video of DE-vid They tried, in the end they realized their efforts weren't worth it
N. A. C.
N. A. C. Vor Monat
I get what you’re saying but I disagree. I know in the beginning rewind was like this but I prefer the many youtubers coming together for the skits and dancing and just having a good time celebrating a look back into the year. Last year didn’t work for me because they talked too much, it was mainly political, and not funny.
Trazerade Vor Monat
It's actually a decent rewind for once, kind of a shame it's a meme to dislike it every year Mostly just little kids and manchilden that are never happy with anything
Trazerade Vor Monat
@Itbelikethat Sometimes Well it's better than the recent years I meant, of course the first few rewinds from several years ago were pretty amazing. Can't really expect much from DE-vid in 2019 tbh.
Itbelikethat Sometimes
Not really. This is mostly a list of who made it to the top this year. Nowhere near creative as the previous years. Like 2013-2016 were probably the best DE-vid rewinds imo. There wasn’t a tribute to the youtubers that passed this year. Especially to etika. The KSI and Logan Paul fight should’ve been in there. But we made DE-vid scared as we showed them last year. This was decent but bad at the same time.
Leonardo Franco
Leonardo Franco Vor Monat
Free fire it's pretty popular here in Brazil
Abbey Self
Abbey Self Vor Monat
This ones almost as bad as the last 😂 it was like a boring compilation by a highschool student
TF2Fan101 Vor Monat
*Reads description* Nope. It is not. I wouldn't even label it as good.
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