Prince Harry 'nourishes us with more of his stupidity': Alan Jones

Sky News Australia
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When you think you've heard it all from Prince Harry, he "nourishes us with more of his stupidity," says Sky News host Alan Jones.

Mr Jones said this time it has come in the form of Prince Harry "sledging his own kith and kin".

"The tactic of an unworthy person".



16 Mai 2021



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Fuerstin Huhn
Fuerstin Huhn Vor 7 Monate
This reporter's last line was priceless. "People don't abandon people they loved, they abandon people they were using."
Anne Walden
Anne Walden Vor 5 Monate
@Fuerstin Huhn you have very odd ideas and may be you need some therapy.
Eileen Russell
Eileen Russell Vor 6 Monate
Jones said "people don't abandon people they loved". He didn't mention family.
Fuerstin Huhn
Fuerstin Huhn Vor 6 Monate
@M Cheatle Truth is truth regardless of which religion or faith you prefer to follow. Everyone should be seeking the truth, not the rhetoric of their religious institutions.
Fuerstin Huhn
Fuerstin Huhn Vor 6 Monate
@M Cheatle It is possible to know things about a public figure. Elizabeth Ii, by her own admission, said raised Charles with as little affection as she could, wanting him to be strong and capable of making decisions without emotions getting in his way. Charles also stated in a separate interview how he resented her lack of affection toward him. When you read or watch their own words, you can most certainly understand their inner life.
M Cheatle
M Cheatle Vor 6 Monate
That’s for followers of the Bible .
Dave Morris
Dave Morris Vor 6 Monate
Alan Jones is a "top man" and well worth a watch.
Jordan Weir
Jordan Weir Vor 7 Monate
I love how savage this Alan guy is, not holding back at all, taking no royal prisoners lol
John Davies
John Davies Vor 6 Monate
Alan Jones is simply the best broadcaster in the world.
The fast and the curious
Pamela Foster
Pamela Foster Vor 6 Monate
him and piers morgan would get on like a house on fire, love them both
Genevieve Herbaut
Genevieve Herbaut Vor 8 Monate
'People don't abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using!' Love it.
Martha Martin
Martha Martin Vor 29 Tage
A win oh when are they going away
KazKaz Vor 8 Monate
@Ana Ribeiro Dream on.
Lilla LeBlanc
Lilla LeBlanc Vor 8 Monate
@Lisa Vasquez are you sure you got this right? Have you been drinking tonight their wine cooler?
Lisa Vasquez
Lisa Vasquez Vor 8 Monate
Yes Harry and Meghan were abandoned by the ROYAL FAMILY
Lilla LeBlanc
Lilla LeBlanc Vor 8 Monate
@Anna sure is not wine cooler? Might be getting you bit tipsy and you can't see what's really and what's an illusion.🤣🤗
spottyseahorse Helena
I am from UK and I love you Mr Jones. I wish UK newsreaders would be as blunt! 🇬🇧
YOLO Vor 7 Monate
It’s easy talking about proper parenting skills until your kid becomes a teenager. Harry has no idea!
Lois Leonard
Lois Leonard Vor 6 Monate
And definitely will have no proper parenting skills
Bobbi Blevins
Bobbi Blevins Vor 6 Monate
@Shirley Tramm 🤣🤣🤣
Ysabella Cohen-Monfared
Lol, I am a teen and I know what you mean😂 but in essence if your own experiences would you care to elaborate?
Corrieann Fletcher
Corrieann Fletcher Vor 6 Monate
@Maria Ferreira does it get easier??? (Daughter 16 😫)
Maria Ferreira
Maria Ferreira Vor 6 Monate
Booksnink I agree with you! I have two daughters and don’t remind me about teenagers years! Now, I have grand children , teenagers! I think Meghan is a bad and bad influence on Harry! She is not a high level as Catarine, William’s wife! I think Harry is trapped now! This woman doesn’t even like her own father and family. I can’t stand her anymore! Wait and see when their children will grow older! From Florida!
kirby house
kirby house Vor 7 Monate
Can’t agree with you more. This is a shameless, despicable pair.
Isobel Middleton
Isobel Middleton Vor 5 Monate
@scrapeDOWNtheSIDESoftheBOWL behave yourself
Here you go demonizing good and decent people.
girlnextdoor0703 Vor 7 Monate
When my parent died, I didn't have an entire planet falling over itself to console me. No one even noticed.
EdiSpy Vor 5 Monate
@Trudy Ziegler He was taught by his mom that he had a responsibility to be a good young man as I'm positive Princess Diana would have told him and William. She wanted them to know they were very privileged but also have compassion for the not so privileged and even completely downtrodden in life. She fought hard to show those boys the difference and Harry just couldn't grasp it..Diana knew and had even been quoted saying Harry was a little different to William who she adored too, and knew he'd always look after his brother. Had Harry not walked behind his mothers coffin in the grandest of funeral processions ever..he would today regret it and blame the RF for him NOT being allowed. Many children have walked behind their loved ones coffins. I too. Amongst a thousand but he had the support of the world and his family and Harry doesn't realise that pic all adults and us kids saw of him and William walking, is the very reason why we all protected and loved them so even more. At his age he should be thankful of that outpouring of love.✌🏼
EdiSpy Vor 5 Monate
Was truely just thinking about this very thing today. How a cruel, selfish, jealous little boy he was and still is. Anyone with heart would be comforted, grateful of the love toward their mom. Not Haz, no he despised good ppl who loved his mom and cared about him and his brother. I just don't get it. I mean he was almost 13 then but surely now at 37+ he would have an understanding of what those words would sound like to the public. Kinda shows he really was protected by the RF and given speeches written up by others and I believe they always worried he would act out like this and go rogue. I just hope he doesn't end up destroying himself completely...it's a long road to come back from this.
michelle milkins
michelle milkins Vor 5 Monate
Bless you 💜 me to so why he blames everyone else, like his father and family , she don't even bother with hers after her father raised her while her mum was in jail abandoned all her family, siblings I can see why everyone wants to bother with them ah ha its a joke wait until they both try and sue ,and take top stars to court in Hollywood or california for something that one has said .it's a matter of time ..... watch this space
annalise felix
annalise felix Vor 5 Monate
@Trudy Ziegler there have been children whose parents have been killed right infront if them and never had the "luxury" of having ANY help... ever. Harry is an ungrateful brat and i share no sympathy at all with him and an elder abuser
Brian Woolley
Brian Woolley Vor 6 Monate
@QWANA THOMAS pure speculation by fantasists
Beth H
Beth H Vor 8 Monate
Love your final comment. “People don’t abandon people they love, they abandon people they use”. Well said
Meryam Picon
Meryam Picon Vor 7 Monate
@Carmen Zarina Hernández Ramos Claro y evidente. Increible que haya personas que defiendan lo que está haciendo esta pareja. Un ejemplo nefasto de falta de madurez. Hablar sobre salud mental por ej., en programas que solo buscan obtener rédito por la popularidad que han logrado victimizándose. La irresponsabilidad que demuestran será tarde o temprano, un boomerang para ellos.
Trudy Ziegler
Trudy Ziegler Vor 7 Monate
People abandon people for all kinds of reasons & yes sometimes they are people they love- they just love themselves more. Likewise some people use people for years.
Carmen Zarina Hernández Ramos
Meghan abandonó a la familia de su padre Thomas y a la familua de su madre afroamericana Doria, abandionó a su anterior esposo productor de TV, tambuén abandonó a los amigos , los usa y luego los deja, igual pasó con Piers Morgan , lo usó y luego lo abandonó. MM separó y alejó a Harry de la Familia Real y de sus amigos, se lo llevó a otro continente y puso un oceano de por medio.
Kaushik Das
Kaushik Das Vor 7 Monate
I liked it too.
死黒 Vor 7 Monate
​@JaNice Kennedy if they're really just using you there's nothing to abandon since you're abandoned from the very beginning.
Em S.
Em S. Vor 8 Monate
I love how the Australians can't be fooled. Wish we had real journalists like that here in America 🇺🇸 thank you for having a news program I can watch an get news about my country an things going on, an have some faith it isn't some woke bs nonsense trying to be force fed like here in America.
C G Compton
C G Compton Vor 7 Monate
Racist ones .... right? Maggot!
David K
David K Vor 7 Monate
Same here in UK. The latest revelations on the BBC proves their complete corruption. Have a look at Alex Belfield, You Tube broadcaster here. The BBC connived with Nottinghamshire Police to raid his house three times without a warrant. violently break down his door when he already told them he was compliant, remove his property, arrest him, put him in cells and even subjected him to a strip search. "Twenty five years in the job and I never saw or heard of anyone being strip searched">
Mimi 74
Mimi 74 Vor 8 Monate
I am also from the US and I have watched this news station more in the last 6 months than I have watched mainstream "woke" news here in the last 5 years or more!
Jack Tadina
Jack Tadina Vor 8 Monate
@Nell probs a bit of both
Nell Vor 8 Monate
Our American "journalists", aren't fooled, they're bought off by those who want to push their own agendas.
I love this guy. He is presenting the reality as it is.
Lee Ann
Lee Ann Vor 7 Monate
The word 'Prince' should never, ever, be associated with Harry. Not Ever! He doesn't even have the chivalry/balls to meet his wife's Father! He has never met him ... let that sink in.
V Vor 5 Monate
Even SUSSEX Why is she Meghan using this to promote her book? thats ok then when she wants to promote ..thats why she married him. She has made him look really stupid. But then he is
Colin Gus
Colin Gus Vor 5 Monate
@Sally O'Connor 0p
mean he
mean he Vor 5 Monate
@Sally O'Connor MORON…. If you’re going to call someone a moron, and not look like a moron, you should probably spell it correctly. 🤷🏻 Also, I loved Princess Diana, but you should know that whole situation with Diana and Dodi Fayed is not what you think. Diana wasn’t in love with him, she liked him, yes, but what the real story is, she was in love with a Dr Haznat Khan, SHE called the paparazzi so that they could get photos of her and Mr. tall, handsome Dodi Fayed all weekend together, the photos would be splashed all over the papers. She knew that Dr Khan would see it and she was hoping that it would make him jealous thereby causing them to get back together and become more serious. But, nobody wants to think that beautiful Diana could have been manipulative in that way, she was having fun with Mr Fayed and taking advantage of the the situation. Using one guy to make another jealous is Relationship Behavior 101. We all do things in our lives that we hope never sees the light of day, and no one wanted that story of Diana to get out, as it would cast a shadow over her memory and her role as the people’s princess. She was a wonderful person and mother, but like everyone she was multifaceted.
Liz Cole
Liz Cole Vor 5 Monate
Oh it hS how many people getting married has t met the parents weve all do e it why hasnt he shes painted a picture of her father which she believes is true probably not true hes toom her word and thats that
P B Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor Why does God have to help us when the Queen dies?
P B Vor 7 Monate
Harry talks about not pointing the finger and blaming, but before he even takes his next breath, he's blaming his dad and grandparents. He's kidding himself and anyone who's stupid enough to listen to him.
P B Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor You still haven't answered my question on why you said that the RF is "draining the UK dry"?
P B Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor Your HATE & JEALOUSY are eating you up! For a self-professed "non royalist" you certainly are obsessed with them. Why do you participate in this channel when you know it's news about the RF? That makes you a hypocrite. Watch your slander ...Omid is now shaking in his boots!
P B Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor ...and again MORE PSYCHO BABBLE.
P B Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor Good lord, more PSYCHO nonsense!!
Sally O'Connor
Sally O'Connor Vor 6 Monate
@P B thank god we still have the Queen not her idiot son on the throne heaven help us if he is crowned king that camelia should have no title she does NOT DESERVE One, I still remember her as his mistress and always will, he should have been able to marry her in the beginning, but no he was told yes told he needs to produce children so in was pushed Diana the baby machine. He should have said no in the beginning to them, and carmila should have said no to still carrying on with him when he married Diana but she did not, so Diana had no chance!!
Adam Stokes
Adam Stokes Vor 8 Monate
"People don't abandon people they love, they abandon people they are using." Powerfully true
Ultimate Empress
Ultimate Empress Vor 8 Monate
Maybe in this context, but not always the case. You can still love abusive family members.
*Stefanie* Vor 8 Monate
@Ms. D Thank you!
Ms. D
Ms. D Vor 8 Monate
Are you insane? People abandon shit heads and rightfully so. Not saying that's the case here however. But there are plenty of instances where abandonment is a good thing.
Milu Albuquerque
Milu Albuquerque Vor 8 Monate
Sometimes you abandon if they using you. Not the case here....
*Stefanie* Vor 8 Monate
That's BS! Sometimes you have to cut off some people even if you love them. Because they are usually using you! How can you put everything and everyone in on basket?!
Collette Vor 7 Monate
Alan Jones, i really enjoy your news commentary. Your delivery is really terrific. All the best. Collette America.
5heff Paul
5heff Paul Vor 6 Monate
Me-again labels the Royal Family as racist, then names her daughter after the head of that family! 🤣 Clearly it's all about the Benjamins 🤑
Yiena Salin
Yiena Salin Vor 5 Monate
If there is a daughter? Where is she? Another scam by these grifters?
Glenda D'Arcy
Glenda D'Arcy Vor 5 Monate
Edith Burr
Edith Burr Vor 5 Monate
@Yiena Salin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
4bCurly Me
4bCurly Me Vor 6 Monate
Exactly! Clearly she lied!
Yiena Salin
Yiena Salin Vor 6 Monate
Lily pad from Frog more cottage, what a name to wish on a child.
Stephen Suess
Stephen Suess Vor 7 Monate
Prince Charles' unofficial response: 'Yeah, when I see your father again I'll let him know of your genetic pain'
Donald Pesch
Donald Pesch Vor 6 Monate
Harry from the House of Hewitt ….
Laura Stumpo
Laura Stumpo Vor 7 Monate
Barry Clough
Barry Clough Vor 7 Monate
Goodbye Mr chips
Goodbye Mr chips Vor 7 Monate
Nailed it.
Damn it I'm p
Damn it I'm p Vor 7 Monate
its really weird when they claim they want to have a private life yet they scheduled their selves in to having an interview with Oprah,
Anne Walden
Anne Walden Vor 5 Monate
What about all the other rubbish this private couple produce. They are probably the most dishonest and evil pair I have ever seen .
rhispence Vor 8 Monate
😂😂😂 I love Australian news. Honest and straight talking
Kickerbacker .
Kickerbacker . Vor 6 Monate
@nam pam Yes it is 😭 Sad to see and realize. But, we have faith. Have a great day 🇺🇸☮️💖✝️🛐🐛🦋🌺🌄😃☹️
Kickerbacker .
Kickerbacker . Vor 6 Monate
I love Australian news also but their wrong about Harry. Harry will always be a Prince even if not by the Royals. He has a charming nature just like his mother Princess Diana.
Jacqueline Bataille
Jacqueline Bataille Vor 7 Monate
I love too. Listening and watching from France.
John Evans
John Evans Vor 7 Monate
How are you doing today and how is your day going over there
Valerie Lawrence
Valerie Lawrence Vor 7 Monate
Keep the news rolling love it 👍😊
robert loso
robert loso Vor 7 Monate
ignore that fool he is traitor to crown, country, and family.
CrabbyCDN tucktoyuktuck
Those of us who understand dedication, loyalty and service are fighting back. H&m will lose.
JPW Vor 7 Monate
"Rich Brat" is the first term that comes to mind.
Donald Pesch
Donald Pesch Vor 6 Monate
Rich SPOILED Brat comes to my mind.
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony Vor 7 Monate
“People don’t abandon people they love they abandon people they were using” ...Jones spitting 🔥 truth!
Tessa Reynolds
Tessa Reynolds Vor 8 Monate
“Prince Harry Nourishing us with his stupidity “ LOL , I’m dying 😂.
Patricia Hartley
Patricia Hartley Vor 7 Monate
@xSammy I think you're the idiot!
Carol Laskey
Carol Laskey Vor 7 Monate
@xSammy No, I disagree. Explain why you think that.
beeharbour II
beeharbour II Vor 8 Monate
@TheSunRiseKid What confuses people is they are shape-shifting lizards and thus hard to recognize.
Mimi 74
Mimi 74 Vor 8 Monate
I love it!
joy kanazawa
joy kanazawa Vor 8 Monate
David Bilko
David Bilko Vor 6 Monate
I honestly thought these Royals would be mega clever due to their education, but Harry when he speaks sounds at best middle to lower gormless.
Kamlesh Bumba
Kamlesh Bumba Vor 5 Monate
The Royal Dud.
Retha Carriere
Retha Carriere Vor 6 Monate
Harry is not very bright according to his mother so he did not do well in school. He was in the military under protection. I do not know what he offers to Netflix and spotify. M chose him bc she could easily manipulate him.
Yopeko K
Yopeko K Vor 6 Monate
They have no conscience & are totally ignorant of their own stupidity. They are so delusional & it is baffling as to how they think what they are doing is worthy of anyone’s respect. At least, are they not exposed to opinions of them on DE-vid?
Delta20101 Vor 6 Monate
Genetic pain... authentic life all words from his narscisstic actress wife.
Christine Stranz
Christine Stranz Vor 2 Monate
Calling her an actress is a bit of a stretch.
Laraine Keogh
Laraine Keogh Vor 6 Monate
lets hope he doesn't pass on his stupidity
Sheree Vor 5 Monate
no worries. They are AREN'T his kids.
TrueNorth Vor 6 Monate
That would be real genetic pain...
Cathleen Williamson
Cathleen Williamson Vor 6 Monate
You Win!
Castiel Castiel
Castiel Castiel Vor 8 Monate
People don’t abandon people they love. They abandon people they were using.👍
john hines
john hines Vor 3 Monate
If family members of mine had my mother killed I wouldn't want anything to do with them. Harry and her better watch their backs for how the English royal family dealt with Diana and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself the Royal could be the ones behind this as an effort to help out that Andrew.
fr smith
fr smith Vor 5 Monate
@EdiSpy In my vocabulary SMH means shaking my head don't what you were interpreting....
fr smith
fr smith Vor 5 Monate
@EdiSpy LMAO Bitter much?
EdiSpy Vor 5 Monate
@fr smith His traumatized psyche..sooo traumatized that he continues to sell his beloved mom. She woud not approve of him selling out his brother either. No mind reading required..it's common sense.✌🏼 best wishes to all always😊
EdiSpy Vor 5 Monate
@fr smith SMH??? Not from here ever not ever. It's not in our vocabulary. But it's in your thoughts. Yes indeed, have a good day. Love and light to you and yours.💫💞
Ann Pender
Ann Pender Vor 7 Monate
I love Alan Jones’ delivery is everything. Plain talk❤️
KILT CARS Vor 7 Monate
Love this attitude in Australian in the news, I would move there if it wasn't for the big snakes and spiders 😂
butterfliesinsidemj Vor 6 Monate
@HillbillyHell You mean rats right? A worldwide (political) problem. ^_^
HillbillyHell Vor 6 Monate
Don't forget that mice are overrunning the country.
butterfliesinsidemj Vor 6 Monate
@Cytheria Catt Unbelievable. I realise Sky was an exeption. Every country has a couple of truthsayer stations. Or so I hope. Used to think Aussie and NZ were the free spirited minds in the world. This plandemic sure exposed the long arm of fakestreammedia has taken over down under as well as other parts of the world. Stay strong and fight for truth to unfold. Meanwhile all the muzzled and jabbed won't know what hit them coming flue and cold season.
Sally Gomez
Sally Gomez Vor 6 Monate
Hell, I live in Arizona and we have that plus Gila monsters, Bob cats, mountain lions, scorpions and bats.
Cytheria Catt
Cytheria Catt Vor 7 Monate
Nope, as an Australian, I can tell you you wouldn't want to move here. Sky News is the ONLY news channel calling it like it is, the rest of our media is all lies and manipulation. And in the city I live, we have just been slammed into a fourth lockdown and are not supposed to move 5km from our homes, else our charming police force will arrest us. People all around me wearing their masks like good soldiers believing they are doing 'the right thing'.
Marion Siempre
Marion Siempre Vor 7 Monate
They’re barely parents: a two year old and one on its way... It’s easy -at such stage- to believe you figured out the art of parenting. But the real challenges are yet to come. As a mother of four: 3 out of college and in the workplace and one entering his 3rd year of high school, my greatest advise is “HUMILITY”. Don’t run around bragging about how much better you will do than your parents did. Just do it. And wait for your kids verdict, once they are the adults. In the meantime try your best and pray for their best. And keep in mind that if they’re at all like the two of you, you will shed tears of the kind of pain you have not experienced yet...
Teresa Spensley
Teresa Spensley Vor 6 Monate
Well said 👏
Aitch Gee
Aitch Gee Vor 7 Monate
Little kids little problems. Big kids bigger problems! He aint seen nothing yet!
Marion Siempre
Marion Siempre Vor 7 Monate
@Ron Lehmann You must be a parent...and if not, you’re blessed with a lot of common sense. Thank you for your kind response. 🙏
Ron Lehmann
Ron Lehmann Vor 7 Monate
What an awesome response! Congrats to you and your family. If only Harry had a clue...
CutThroat B
CutThroat B Vor 8 Monate
They've been parents for a minute- please, rookies, don’t offer advice...
H.R.H le be
H.R.H le be Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor gosh that's a bit extreme. How do you come to that conclusion?
H.R.H le be
H.R.H le be Vor 6 Monate
@Sally O'Connor they all mess around IMO
Bobbi Blevins
Bobbi Blevins Vor 6 Monate
I’m not sure there are any children.
H.R.H le be
H.R.H le be Vor 7 Monate
@Sally O'Connor Diana did her fair share of running around with men too at least Charles was a solid rock to the boys and he did his best i doubt H or m will do any better he is going to bring his kids up in california and the media spotlight he is already a shame on the family with his petty childish nonsense they need a good telling off. He also needs to pay the guy whom they rented the house from when they first moved there apparently its being sent to the courts. So its all.a mess and he has a long way to go with parenthood. All. My opinion of course
Sally O'Connor
Sally O'Connor Vor 7 Monate
@H.R.H le be he will make a better father than Charles could possibly BE
Heather Warner
Heather Warner Vor 8 Monate
That parting last remark. Absolute Genius! "People don't abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using." That quote should be heard around the world.
Daniel Wetmore
Daniel Wetmore Vor 7 Monate
Hello how are you doing hope you are having a wonderful day? Thanks for commenting... Your comments are worth viewing i hope all is well..
Fire NA
Fire NA Vor 8 Monate
Yes. And laughed at for the simplistic ignorance it implies.
alex boland
alex boland Vor 8 Monate
His mother would be heartbroken if she was alive. What a disappointing child.
Retha Carriere
Retha Carriere Vor 6 Monate
@Jack Rogers baldness comes from the mother's side.
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers Vor 6 Monate
i had thought they were half bros but i notice they have identical bald heads
David Reed
David Reed Vor 7 Monate
I doubt that she was the biggest whiner of all complaining about the Royal firm, Charles etc. She was even partly responsible for her own death not wearing a seat belt and let's not forget the few suicide attempts. Ridiculous that you would laud the mother and disparage the son for similar behavior.
alex boland
alex boland Vor 7 Monate
Well your entitled to your own opinion. Have a good day.
Dina Yates
Dina Yates Vor 7 Monate
What an assuming idiot you are! His mother would have been very proud, may she RIP.
kismit100 Vor 6 Monate
Love this wonderful man, he gets it spot on every time.
Sandra Hedlund
Sandra Hedlund Vor 8 Monate
My sympathies to the entire family in the UK and US. Harry is struggling and like most people who struggle he is doing more damage trying to avoid damage. Unfortunately for his family he is doing it in front of the world.
Daniel Wetmore
Daniel Wetmore Vor 7 Monate
Hello how are you doing hope you are having a wonderful day? Thanks for commenting... Your comments are worth viewing i hope all is well?
Lila Tan
Lila Tan Vor 8 Monate
Peirs Morgan said he should "put a cork in it". Ha ha love you both!
He threw it all away, Harry was the Prince everyone liked. Now he comes across as entitled. Just cause he was the popular Royal, doesn't translate into being the popular Joe Blogs
Liam Ward
Liam Ward Vor 6 Monate
He and Meghan have honestly cast William and Catherine in a fantastic light. Harry and his nasty wife are unfit for any sort of ruling and neither deserve to be part of the royal family.
Antoinette Novella
Antoinette Novella Vor 7 Monate
It's not that simplistic. To understand why he has changed to the extent that he has is to understand his codependence on Meghan. He will need help once this relationship ends or once he comes to the realisation that she has no concern for anyone but herself or those that she can utilise to obtain her goals. He has had one child with her and the second is on the way, has he not noticed that she carries on with life as normal with exception of pity garnering? No, he still has the rose tinted glasses on, believes she empowers him when all he is to her, is a puppet.
hotelier id
hotelier id Vor 7 Monate
Now I have new favorite show. Alan Jones, 2 thumbs up for you.
Tyler Kraft
Tyler Kraft Vor 7 Monate
His home has 16 bathrooms, and a silver spoon in each.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane Vor 5 Monate
@Faith Mills She’s got to have someone to bully and browbeat.
Faith Mills
Faith Mills Vor 6 Monate
@David Appleton I doubt she cleans anything & probably has a nanny...
Elton Golden
Elton Golden Vor 6 Monate
@David Appleton that's for the cocaine
David Appleton
David Appleton Vor 6 Monate
I wonder if his wife cleans them all ?
Hoa Le
Hoa Le Vor 8 Monate
Definitely "they abandoned their family when they using them!. " well said
Jon Gillin
Jon Gillin Vor 8 Monate
“The tactic of an unworthy person” - sums up his character. Well said.
Baron Readus
Baron Readus Vor 8 Monate
Melodye Grochowski
Melodye Grochowski Vor 8 Monate
As well as his unworthy as royalty wife, that was an impossibility from day one, dimwit harry just doesn't listen to reality
Hawa Ahmad
Hawa Ahmad Vor 7 Monate
Hahaa ... He nourishes us with more of his stupidity. This is epic 😂
Jeff Spicolli
Jeff Spicolli Vor 7 Monate
Exploring your personal psychosis with a ambulance chasing host like Winfrey makes a lot of sense.
Patricia Freeman
Patricia Freeman Vor 7 Monate
Awesome, I couldn’t have said it better.
Loretta Ricci
Loretta Ricci Vor 6 Monate
It's obvious that MM's upside-down, inside-out, Philosophy and Vision of their position in the Royal Family has become Harry's .... very sad!
Lynne Barkas
Lynne Barkas Vor 7 Monate
It seems all me,me,me. Extremely privileged person. Look around the world a see poverty. People hanging on to life. He’s disappointing.
John Cena
John Cena Vor 8 Monate
it's sad to see that an Australian news company is more open and honest about stuff in the news than any American news company's have done in years
Carl Bryson
Carl Bryson Vor 8 Monate
@Vance Wankel “extreme right wing agenda”. 😂 😂 Whenever we hear that kind of rubbish bandied about, you know the person has nothing of substance to say and is just parroting lines they’ve read elsewhere.
Marina Keller
Marina Keller Vor 8 Monate
@Opelo Kabasia we definitely have a different understanding of words “respect” and “intelligent”. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️☺️☺️☺️
ye ye
ye ye Vor 8 Monate
The Daily wire r gud
Mann Made
Mann Made Vor 8 Monate
Opelo Kabasia
Opelo Kabasia Vor 8 Monate
This guy is not being honest at all. Prince Harry gave an honest interview and was respectful to his family and he is twisting his words to form his own narrative. Also saying no one should listen to 90 minutes of Harry. Well I listened to Harry and he is way more intelligent that his words twisting lying self
Lady Tamaya
Lady Tamaya Vor 7 Monate
I luv your honesty Alan - downright to the point !
Daniel Wetmore
Daniel Wetmore Vor 7 Monate
Hello how are you doing hope you are having a wonderful day? Thanks for commenting... Your comments are worth viewing i hope all is well?
Gayane Khachatryan
Gayane Khachatryan Vor 7 Monate
The way Alan Jones says "mmm... the genetic pain" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa Vor 6 Monate
I thought at the time of her wedding how strange that she only had one family member in attendance.
Susan Duncan
Susan Duncan Vor 6 Monate
Yeah Harry is really struggling. 30 million dollar mansion
jermain amburayan
jermain amburayan Vor 8 Monate
People don't abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using .Brilliant statement. and a reminder to a lot of us in personal or professional life.
Seahunt 60
Seahunt 60 Vor 7 Monate
Don't give them publicity that's what they really want even though they said they didn't want. He's really ruined his good name since he hooked up with her. No one will ever respect him again. They both are just sickening. Don't patronize anything they do that will make them richer.
JR but not Ewing
JR but not Ewing Vor 5 Monate
No matter what he ever does in the future I would not trust him with his niece and nephews or any royal secrets. He will spill the beans for sure!
Nathalie G.N.
Nathalie G.N. Vor 7 Monate
"Thought for the night: People don't abandon the people they love, they abandon the people they were using." end quote. Such thought provoking words.
Toni Vor 7 Monate
They are indeed. I'd like to think I'll never forget them.
Irene Migliaccio
Irene Migliaccio Vor 7 Monate
It's his wife's fault. She's a great schemer we must admit. Catching him while he was vulnerable and leading him to the despare he's in now. No surprise if she would come up one day like" i have to leave him because he's out of his head, for the sake of my children".... I think without her narcissistic encouragement he would have never done this.
Sue Harwood
Sue Harwood Vor 6 Monate
@Dina Workman I agree with you. Meg la Mania is absolutely awful, a greedy liar and possibly a sociopath, but Harry is a grown man and and as such, is entirely responsible for his own despicable behaviour.
Dina Workman
Dina Workman Vor 6 Monate
Harry is as evil as her . He is not 15 he is a grown man-child
Paige Crawf
Paige Crawf Vor 6 Monate
@Renee Bowen i said the same thing the day they got married. You are 100% correct
Renee Bowen
Renee Bowen Vor 6 Monate
She will leave as soon as someone better comes along... she’s a social climber and always in the lookout for the next millionaire to latch on to... like the blood sucking tick that she is...
Jacqueline Bataille
Jacqueline Bataille Vor 7 Monate
I agree, SHE is the one to blame. He is a puppet.
Avrenim Edragal
Avrenim Edragal Vor 8 Monate
Why ponder then on them. We can just ignore them, going forward. In that way, they will naturally stop if no one minds them and even what they have to say.
Doug Meyer
Doug Meyer Vor 8 Monate
I grew up in a foster home and I made successful and happy life for me I don’t blame my parents
Chichi Chi
Chichi Chi Vor 7 Monate
@MoOn ChiLd He's complaining about how his life has been so miserable. Right? So the point is there are millions of people who have it harder than him but never complain. Can you relate to somebody who was born into one of the richest royal families on earth, now live in a million dollar huge mansion in one of the most expensive places in the US complaining about their life?
Avrenim Edragal
Avrenim Edragal Vor 8 Monate
@Aasen Private it seems that he is being pushed by MM to say something not good to his own family... which is only making him look bad in the eyes of the public.
Aasen Private
Aasen Private Vor 8 Monate
Your comments is moving but I"m not sure this narcissist would even care, he is too self-absorbed and unaware of what real life is.
Avrenim Edragal
Avrenim Edragal Vor 8 Monate
@MoOn ChiLd oh..i was responding to kms25253's comment on his reaction to Doug Meyer's post.
MoOn ChiLd
MoOn ChiLd Vor 8 Monate
@Avrenim Edragal Harry isn’t blaming his parents, his saying it’s generational. What has happened to him happened to his father and so on. He hasn’t called anyone out for bad treatment
x chen
x chen Vor 8 Monate
Thank god, he is not the first son of Charles.
David Appleton
David Appleton Vor 6 Monate
Renee Bloggs Oh yes he does look like Hewitt. There’s separate pics of both of them in profile put together on DE-vid. They look like twins
Renee Bloggs
Renee Bloggs Vor 6 Monate
@Malibu Dolphin Harry looks more and more like Charles every day. His features are not those of James Hewitt at all.
Liam Ward
Liam Ward Vor 6 Monate
@to the south No, there's been strong debate for years because Diana WAS unfaithful to Charles and Harry resembles a man named James Hewitt.
to the south
to the south Vor 7 Monate
Isn't Harry is not Prince Charles real son?
Malibu Dolphin
Malibu Dolphin Vor 7 Monate
He's NOT even Charles Royals need to stop the facade Compare harry to Charles & than to Diana's boyfriend at that time. It appears there a real chance Harry is not the son of Charles
Cheryl Mcintire
Cheryl Mcintire Vor 7 Monate
Harry's advice lying, self-pity, and finger pointing are ways of showing relevance. Meh!
RITA Sieberz
RITA Sieberz Vor 7 Monate
His wife is the reason for all that, she is insane and catch him to destroy him. She was successful 😡
TheSporehacker Vor 7 Monate
You mean Harry's husband
Gloria Lakey
Gloria Lakey Vor 6 Monate
Harry has always been a bit of a loose cannon with his antics. But hay ho! We all know hes not the brightest of people, easy pickings for a evil manipulative woman like meggy, it's no excuse for his lies though none at all
Scharliem Vor 5 Monate
The soap opera becoming soapier by the day……
Yiena Salin
Yiena Salin Vor 6 Monate
Dressing like a Nazi and ridiculing a East Indian....not signs of kindness and compassion they want to preach. Two self serving, entitled hypocrites that should be kicked out of the royal family and stripped of their titles!
Patty Vor 8 Monate
"People don't abandon the people they love they abandon the people they were using. " Spot on Alan !
Michael Bastin
Michael Bastin Vor 8 Monate
National Socialist
National Socialist Vor 7 Monate
"Cocaine is a hell of a drug" - Rick James
Jennifer Marrs
Jennifer Marrs Vor 7 Monate
This journalist is amazing !! "People dont abandon people they love, only ones they were using" how true amazing.
Teresa Hughes
Teresa Hughes Vor 6 Monate
What could Harry ever know enough about to talk about for 1 1/2hrs? He has never done anything relevant in his pathetic existence!
Frances Kronenwett
Frances Kronenwett Vor 5 Monate
The only thing he could talk about for hours on end is his life as a Royal and how hard done by he allegedly was. He would probably talk for another few hours about how awful his father was as a parent. Pathetic.
L Smith
L Smith Vor 6 Monate
@M Cheatle of course there was protection you idiot, but not just for him, it was for the whole regiment, they all would have been targeted had it leaked he was there, and who leaked it and put the whole regiment in danger, AN AUSTRALIAN MAG and he was not shooting at civilians
M Cheatle
M Cheatle Vor 6 Monate
Oh please. He was protected the whole time he was in Afghanistan shooting at innocent civilians..
L Smith
L Smith Vor 6 Monate
he was a full time working royal, like his father and brother, thats relevant and he fought on the front line, that was relevant
Maimitti Vor 7 Monate
The pair of them is "a pain in the ass" of everybody !!
Bob Vor 7 Monate
yes, the pair of them are a pain in the ass
Carrie Alston
Carrie Alston Vor 8 Monate
Alan Jones, you are by far my favorite news anchor 😂
Daniel Wetmore
Daniel Wetmore Vor 7 Monate
Hello how are you doing hope you are having a wonderful day? Thanks for commenting... Your comments are worth viewing i hope all is well
Karen Hart
Karen Hart Vor 8 Monate
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Unseen footage Megan Markle interview!! Truth revealed!! de-vid.com/video/video-uSWS3fQVx8A.html😅😮
ragdolly22 Vor 8 Monate
Yes absolutely agree 🇬🇧
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Vor 8 Monate
@Daphne Thurlow yes he is !
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Vor 8 Monate
He's my fav. To ! When he had his radio show I phoned him about 5 years ago and told him that the Government should put him on the " board of common and pay u Allan to advise them " 🥰from Australia
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils Vor 7 Monate
Thank You, you said it perfectly.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Vor 7 Monate
Well said Alan, thanks
MST3Killa Vor 8 Monate
The more he talks the less relevant he becomes as more of his idiocy is revealed.
Lisa Just Visiting
Lisa Just Visiting Vor 7 Monate
@Tina Dooley I don't really know anything about this Mk ultra but it sounds interesting. I will look this up as it may be playing a part in an agenda?
Tina Dooley
Tina Dooley Vor 7 Monate
@Lisa Just Visiting Is Harry actually spouting his own thoughts / his own words? Or is he quoting MM's words that she has programmed him to say? I'm convinced that she has him on a mind control programme (MK-ULTRA is the one that I'm thinking of).
Lisa Just Visiting
Lisa Just Visiting Vor 7 Monate
@Tina Dooley I agree about the level of toxic where meghan is concerned but with regard to the RF only what Harry says really matters. Meghans family already know what she's like so no raised eyebrows there. But I bet even the Markle clan have been shocked at the stuff Harry has been coming out with.
Tina Dooley
Tina Dooley Vor 7 Monate
@Lisa Just Visiting Harry's behaviour is certainly Very Bad, most people would agree on that. However, it is his toxic, malicious and very manipulative wife who is totally EVIL.
Lisa Just Visiting
Lisa Just Visiting Vor 7 Monate
@Dina Yates I'm sorry, I call out bad behavior when I see it. Harry's behavior is not bad. It's evil
Mr X
Mr X Vor 7 Monate
I see Harry is taking a page out of Edward the 8th's book and causing havoc wherever he goes... a pity I remember when Harry and the rest of the family especially his brother were relatively close...
MsKK909 Vor 7 Monate
“We shouldn’t point the finger”...he then proceeds to point the finger. They seem to think that because his mother was who she was, people will blindly accept him. They’ve vastly overplayed their hand.
MsKK909 Vor 7 Monate
@Dina Yates Well then, he shouldn’t contradict himself. Hake a stand up and declare, “I’m pointing the finger”. But much of what he says makes no sense. BTW…. I do believe has being bullied….. by his wife. I agree that must be difficult and detrimental to one’s mental health to be known as the world’s most inept limp dick
Dina Yates
Dina Yates Vor 7 Monate
Are you being serious.... if you're being bullied you speak out!!! Jeez
NCB Vor 7 Monate
Alan, you’re priceless. More! More!
PaulainSC Vor 5 Monate
I love this channel! I especially love it when they get on our current President and ensemble in the US.
Mihaela Negritu
Mihaela Negritu Vor 8 Monate
I pay my respect to you,Mr.Alan Jones.
Eileen Pollock
Eileen Pollock Vor 8 Monate
Wow, this man has the last word. "People don't abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using."
Gregory Smart
Gregory Smart Vor 8 Monate
@Lori Miller add me on Whatsapp +1334-801-2240
Lori Miller
Lori Miller Vor 8 Monate
@Gordon Lawrence I hear you and I get it, I really do. Ive paid with my energy and now I have none left. Family can do horrible things to you if you don't comply with their bull. Cyber hugs {{{{♡}}}} 🫂 🙂
Geoff Lewis
Geoff Lewis Vor 8 Monate
@Gordon Lawrence Boo-hoo, how sad. Moving on: generally, "People don't abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using" makes a lot of sense, especially in the case of the ginger whinger and his social-climber. However, there can be exceptions, but they don't make the initial statement wrong.
Gordon Lawrence
Gordon Lawrence Vor 8 Monate
@Gregory Smart But however it's not true. EG in my case: abandonned my family because I was sick to the back teeth of being blamed for everything including some things that happened before I was even born. It was me being used by them. EG I was paying £60 a week rent to my mum way back in 1985. That's over £185 per week in todays money. Plus food etc of course which I would buy them my mother would eat leaving me nothing for my sandwhiches for work the rest of the week. I ended up having to spend my bus fare on food and walk 9 miles each way to work and back. Needless to say I left home (still in my teens) because it worked out a lot cheaper. That's just the things I am willing to share on an open forum but there was worse a lot worse and a lot of it.
Frederika27 Vor 8 Monate
Really! And what is Jones doing if not using the Sussexes to earn money! Takes one to know one!
Daisy Huntsmen
Daisy Huntsmen Vor 7 Monate
I absolutely fell in love with this announcer. Now I’m a subscriber. It takes an Aussie to TELL IT LLIKE IT IS!!!! ❤️ I’m moving there in my retirement.
Cat Co
Cat Co Vor 7 Monate
Bravo, I love the honesty of the Australian coverage! 😁❤️
Princeharry david
Princeharry david Vor 7 Monate
It is my pleasure to meet you here currently. and I wish you all the best in any ramification .thank you very much for your beautiful comment as well too. If you didn't mind please add me up on my personal Gmail hangout so that we can be able to contact each other effectively. Princeharrydavidduk540@gmail.com
SGT Vor 7 Monate
Birds of a feather fly together. He and his wife deserve each other, they're both nasty. Much respect to all my brothers who chose good women.
Renee Bowen
Renee Bowen Vor 6 Monate
Nasty and not very bright.....
MerryLearning Vor 7 Monate
The truth always comes out & here we have it from the horses' mouth (i.e. Harry). As it turns out he is an ungrateful child. I am sorry you are being attacked for stating the obvious conclusion from their in own words and actions.
Sally O'Connor
Sally O'Connor Vor 7 Monate
Watch what you say it always comes back and bites you on the ass!!!
Rouguiyatou Bangoura
U are nastier. Watch your words
David Herridge
David Herridge Vor 7 Monate
These two are unbelievable, can't they just disappear and stop their whingeing and constant moaning about their 'lot'.
Mimi Ridgway
Mimi Ridgway Vor 8 Monate
My daughter was once involved with a sociopath. One of their tactics is to separate you from everyone else in your life and make it seem like they are doing you a favor. One way this is accomplished is by making you feel like you were mistreated by everyone in your life before you met them.
G Aguilo
G Aguilo Vor 7 Monate
Absolutely true! I have a family member who has been made more mentally unstable by a spouse that did those same tactics
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown Vor 8 Monate
@Diadora Blank you're right about that. Do you think she was worried when he came back to England for Prince Philip's funeral.
Diadora Blank
Diadora Blank Vor 8 Monate
@Edward Harley any narcissist actualy does that, and if male narc...they hate women, if female narc they hate men. Isolating victim of narc supply is high on agenda of any narcissist. That way victim can not be helped to open up eyes and leave narcissist by help of frirnds and family.
Lentil girl
Lentil girl Vor 8 Monate
@Melody ah! you've hit the nail on the head. He is not "thinking" . his wife does that for him. sad but true.
Lentil girl
Lentil girl Vor 8 Monate
@de k i find it offensive that Diana and harry's wife are even mentioned in the same breath. Absolutely no comparison, and to try to formulate one is incredibly insulting to Diana. She had class, dignity and breeding. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
Elly Neilsen
Elly Neilsen Vor 8 Monate
Harry needs to grow a pair and use HIS words not other peoples or his wife’s!!
Elly Neilsen
Elly Neilsen Vor 7 Monate
Well Pat as the saying goes, “every dog has his day” so I wouldn’t be betting my house on it!!
Pat Thompson
Pat Thompson Vor 7 Monate
@Elly Neilsen Dream on, they'll never be nobodys. One thing is certain, he wouldn't have the 🏀s to spout this lark here in UK, he'd be turfed out to LA where in now belongs with his aspiring wife.
Elly Neilsen
Elly Neilsen Vor 7 Monate
Protecting his family from what James?? Wonderful lesson to your children is to stand on the world stage and lie your head off, belittle your family and not take responsibility for anything because it is so much more mature to blame everyone else!! The man is closer to 40 than 20 and is behaving like a complete twat just to put dollars in the bank. He obviously needs mental health help but the public aren’t going to put up with sh.t forever and what are they going to do when they are Mr & Mrs nobodies just like the rest of us??
James Spencer
James Spencer Vor 7 Monate
His been using his words for years even before meeting his wife. People just called him rich and put him in a corner like an untrained puppy. It when he started putting action to his words all of the sudden he an AH. Everyone has a short memory or just don’t care because BS & LIES sells better. “Grow a pair” what he doing now protecting his family is him growing a pair. Instead of the stiff upper lip.
James Spencer
James Spencer Vor 8 Monate
Being rich doesn’t make you a great parent. Just like money doesn’t buy happy. There’s a reason for the saying. I know a rich kid when I was younger & he had more of connection with his nanny then parent. Think about that u get love from parent & the only love he had was someone being paid to be nice to you.
Maureen Duffy
Maureen Duffy Vor 7 Monate
I agree but we only have to look at William and Catherine they try to spend as much time with their children and it really shows when you see the family together.
Colorado PatriotBaker
Thank you Allen, you’re doing real journalism.
Princeharry david
Princeharry david Vor 7 Monate
It is my pleasure to meet you here currently. and I wish you all the best in any ramification .thank you very much for your beautiful comment as well too. If you didn't mind please add me up on my personal Gmail hangout so that we can be able to contact each other effectively. Princeharrydavidduk540@gmail.com
Mimi 74
Mimi 74 Vor 8 Monate
I love you Alan Jones! Well said!
Max Maxim
Max Maxim Vor 8 Monate
"Who the hell do these people think they are?" Millennials, of course.
Carmen Zarina Hernández Ramos
Sí, actuan inmaduros como millenials .
Sweeny Todd70
Sweeny Todd70 Vor 7 Monate
Jade Vor 8 Monate
We’re surrounded by narcissists.
Cathy Santos
Cathy Santos Vor 6 Monate
So true love alan jones 🙏
Are You Kidding?
Are You Kidding? Vor 8 Monate
Harry is making a real ass of himself!! This all started when he got married!
Dina Workman
Dina Workman Vor 6 Monate
And before. He can do it himself
Hazel Ritchie
Hazel Ritchie Vor 7 Monate
Not when he got married !!! he was a pain in the arse when he was in school ,under age drinking lude
TelBoy! Vor 7 Monate
@Malibu Dolphin Ass or arse?
Malibu Dolphin
Malibu Dolphin Vor 7 Monate
He has a long history of being an ass
Sir Hillman Rootes-Arrow
Harry,...the gift that keeps on giving !....He's keeping a lot of reporters employed. Mr Windsor, formerly known as "Prince"
Georgia Brown
Georgia Brown Vor 6 Monate
RF broke rules for the divorcee, marrying in white & in the church no less. Her thumbing her nose immediately with her nail polish, lack of nylons while crossing her legs. Rules & customs are what life is all about whether you are in the RF or a biker bar.
Misty Payne
Misty Payne Vor 8 Monate
I love Australian News..they tell it like it is. Hello from 🇺🇸
Sussex squad Family T.V
Am sure you watch fox news
Zaid Rodriguez
Zaid Rodriguez Vor 8 Monate
Another fellow American here as well. We love this network and Alan. You see, we don’t have many conservative channels here at home, compared to the mountain of liberal outlets all calling us ‘alt-right.’
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Vor 8 Monate
Love and best wishes back to u from Australia we love Allan to🥰💜❤🐨
bowling bill
bowling bill Vor 8 Monate
I love this guy 🤣
patricia graham
patricia graham Vor 7 Monate
Thank you Alan, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Sarah Staggs
Sarah Staggs Vor 2 Monate
Love Alan Joe’s! The Best! I look forward to him daily!
Vivian Muñoz
Vivian Muñoz Vor 8 Monate
Please , tell them to shut up !!! I can’t stand anymore how they go thru live weeping every day their misery’s. Come on , stop it!!!!
Daniel Wetmore
Daniel Wetmore Vor 7 Monate
Hello how are you doing hope you are having a wonderful day? Thanks for commenting... Your comments are worth viewing i hope all is well?
509Cougs Vor 8 Monate
I love, love, love Aussie coverage of Ginge and Cringe. Thank you!
LeatherCladVegan Vor 2 Monate
@Red One That was genius. You are special, and not annoying at all.
Red One
Red One Vor 2 Monate
@LeatherCladVegan todays stupid comment...stupid
509Cougs Vor 7 Monate
@Lesley Hogg troll#
Marisol Vor 7 Monate
Haha Gringe and cringe!!
Dina Yates
Dina Yates Vor 7 Monate
@509Cougs lol not at all! You need therapy 🤣
Peter Hümmer
Peter Hümmer Vor 7 Monate
Love your coverage. Telling it how it is
Emilie Raphael
Emilie Raphael Vor 6 Monate
I love this guy!