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15 Okt 2019



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Braeden Furman
Me: why do asians look the same Ghengis Khan: good question
Semaj of AcillateM
4:30 That was not a facepalm, that, my friend was on purpose.
Tsling Vor 2 Tage
That was the New Zealand flag not Australian flag
ML Games
ML Games Vor 2 Tage
Boyyyy you mean humans are mammals?!?!!
Xero Vor 4 Tage
9:23 R/facepalm "Mammals are humans chief" No, humans are mammals Damien...
J. Rabbit
J. Rabbit Vor 5 Tage
Peepee poopoo
pokebrouserkat Vor 6 Tage
Cookie starts with C, and so does Chicken. Idiot however... we’ll just go with Yes
pokebrouserkat Vor 6 Tage
6:45 its a scanner.
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes Vor 6 Tage
3:21 Real life Pixar easter egg.
SCP 079
SCP 079 Vor 7 Tage
Thanks now I can Break in!😁😁😁😁😁
Caitlin Lujan
Caitlin Lujan Vor 8 Tage
5:15 Anyone else see it?
Potato With 10k subs by 2020
I put “mammals are humans chief” on r/ facepalm
Recorpse Vor 10 Tage
I've watched at least 15 of these videos in a row and i have legitimately heard the same damn comment in every video and many others repeated MANY times. Please just at least try with your simple content
Dan Gleeson
Dan Gleeson Vor 11 Tage
The clock one is what happens in American schools. Can't afford textbooks, stationary, or clocks, but yea, new football field, sure.
KitsWorld Vor 11 Tage
8:37 I’d bet money this is 5 minutes crafts or troom troom.
Just Me
Just Me Vor 14 Tage
8:15 Excuse me? I'm brazilian and I'm pretty sure that there's no koalas in the Amazon rainforest lmao
Mace Massingill
Mace Massingill Vor 14 Tage
No stupid they might be using the water not the ocean
Andrew D
Andrew D Vor 14 Tage
Black Bin meaning the large trash can outside.
Ilu Vor 15 Tage
Can somebody explain to me why the airbag dude has a card reader in his car?
clarko 7274
clarko 7274 Vor 15 Tage
I saw an advertisement, it said today I will be drawing an arrow, they were drawing a face.
Dod aade
Dod aade Vor 15 Tage
The moon actually is hollow, Chief.
Radiated Leader
Radiated Leader Vor 16 Tage
"mammals are humans" No. Humans are mammals you dumb git
Swap MarioYT
Swap MarioYT Vor 17 Tage
Before i watched this video i watch Ma kill count and the sinister 2 kill count
Dragon Witha pencil
Damian... the moons a planet
DOOM Vor 18 Tage
that iraq guy was talking about things that is going to happen in a meeting
BinaryNightowl Vor 18 Tage
Octagon = 8 sided
Любен Иеанов
Salm Oneela? Nah
Brett Woffington
Brett Woffington Vor 20 Tage
3:24 did anyone else notice the A113? Disney Pixar reference.
VortexLegend101 Vor 20 Tage
The nuclear bunker in kelvedon hatch is not secret at all, it is open to tourists, it has videos of old nuclear warnings and stuff, I’ve been there, it calls itself secret because it used to be secret I think, and it attracts tourists and stuff, that’s why there’s a sign for it.
Karl Wilson
Karl Wilson Vor 20 Tage
there was nothing wrong with that parcel notice at 2:28 there is no need to put the address as it wouldve already been posted through the door
Victoria Sheffield
Koalas don’t live in the Amazon rainforest🤔🤔
Kairin Clearwater
Whats wrong with the australian flag ?
Cretyn Vor 22 Tage
the australien one triggers me, the flag is the new zealand flag (where I'm from) and that fact that it's spelt wrong >:(((((
Meeperz - Science & More
The Amazon one is a double face palm because Koalas don't live in the Amazon...
Tomdra Gamer
Tomdra Gamer Vor 23 Tage
8:06 Koalas are native to Australia and do not live in the Amazon rain forest so I'm confused when he says he works for Amazon and in his words "as in the rain forest" how does he have koalas?
L Wright
L Wright Vor 23 Tage
6:15 * wheezes like I don't know how to breathe *
ً Vor 25 Tage
8:05 You kill a lamb tho
Matt Wakeford
Matt Wakeford Vor 26 Tage
Did anyone else notice that one of them mentioned a guy works for "the amazon Rainforest" like that's a real job then follows it up with saves koalas from the fire... koalas live in Australia. The amazon is in Brazil.. how. Just how.
KitsWorld Vor 11 Tage
Yeah ether he’s a troll and she’s stupid or they are both stupid.
Σπυρίδων Δούκας
Oh God you're right. So they're both people who shouldn't be allowed to make important decisions
sleeping willow
sleeping willow Vor 26 Tage
The pizzas one actually looks like it's from a language learning app called duolingo. So pizzas might actually not be the right answer there. I wouldn't know cuz I don't speak any other languages. I don't actually know if it the app, it just looks like it.
Dallas McCullough
Dallas McCullough Vor 28 Tage
Which Terminator movie is that?
HuMan bEing
HuMan bEing Vor 28 Tage
Person: iPhone turned me gay No that's the £2000 phone or I should say *_Samsung_* Android is cool but I prefer iOS MY OPINION but fu*k Samsung any other phone brand that runs android Is fine with me
LuniZunie Gamer
LuniZunie Gamer Vor 29 Tage
9:22 no humans are mammals lol 🤦‍♂️
Gye Fd
Gye Fd Vor 29 Tage
2:25 , r stands for retard😂😂😂
RaddieB YR
RaddieB YR Vor Monat
Coming up: r/whydoyoureviewthen?
Axon Dendrite
Axon Dendrite Vor Monat
5:33 are we going to talk about how there’s apparently 3 *billion” people who are blind, deaf, and or illiterate? What the fuck?
morphman86 Vor Monat
To explain the one-star Google reviews: If you stay in a location with Google Maps and/or GPS turned on, Google Maps will recognize that you have "visited" that place and will ask you to rate your experience. If you were just passing by, or went to an adjacent place, or the app crapped out on you (as it sometimes does), it will mark you as having visited a place you've never been to. After being asked to rate it 10 times in a week, some people get fed up and just throw a one-star rating out, just to get the app to shut up about it. This is not really the reviewer being an asshole, it's Google creating yet another sub-par product when dipping their fingers in the social connection pot. They didn't learn a thing from the Google Plus experience. Google has done a LOT of great and awesome thing, but somehow, whenever it comes to social interaction, they just completely and utterly fail. Exhibit A: DE-vid
morphman86 Vor Monat
M&S, Marks & Spenser's, is a UK store that also has an in-store restaurant. It's a weird thing, they are a clothes store, food store and restaurant all baked into one. Anyway, that is in the UK. In the UK, an All Day Breakfast is what most of the rest of the world has named English Breakfast. Of course, being in the UK, they would not call it English Breakfast. It is called All Day Breakfast, because it is supposed to give you enough energy to last all day until you get home again to eat Tea (what most of the rest of the world call Dinner). If you have an All Day Breakfast, you would most likely have a lighter Dinner (what most of the rest of the world calls Lunch). Probably just a fruit or something. Now you know!
Dylan Vidal
Dylan Vidal Vor Monat
9:28 "mammals are humans"
Ellis Smith
Ellis Smith Vor Monat
John Wick be like 5:45
rendy andhika
rendy andhika Vor Monat
Breyden Campbell
mammals are human 9:21 HUMANS ARE MAMMALS...
KingMB XJ Vor Monat
12:19 gesundheit
will_warrior Vor Monat
8:11 i am from Brazil (where amazon IS) and i have to say... WE DON'T HAVE KOALAS!!!! How stuped can that guy be!!!
Tariq Privott
Tariq Privott Vor Monat
7:37 There is a new thing called edible tattoos
J.D Murphy
J.D Murphy Vor Monat
pretty sure that`s a girl @ 12:27
OcusticClear92 Vor Monat
If "Sub-" means below the surface, and "Super-" means above the above the surface, would an Aircraft Carrier be a Supermarine?
Not an Fbi agent
0:41 thats actually just australia in german
Derrick Vor Monat
All day breakfast is the portion size not the time its served.
Spidey Fan28
Spidey Fan28 Vor Monat
0:41 ahh yes let's go to Australien and see the aliens.
ExoticKiller HD
ExoticKiller HD Vor Monat
Australien is australian in french
Nix Vor Monat
around 9:00 Theres a city called London in canada but this guy is still a dumbass
Kechi papasito
Kechi papasito Vor Monat
I dont get the car thing at 30 secs
The Arkham Knight
I watched this already subscribed to dead meat
Martin Watson
Martin Watson Vor Monat
8:23 mymathlab struggles
Cesar Ángel
Cesar Ángel Vor Monat
2:27 which DC film tho?
Dannydotme Vor Monat
I don’t know if the thumbnail should be on r/FacePalm, r/ThereWasAnAttempt, or r/NotMyJob.
Indie Vor Monat
For the first thing, 12 am is known as noon
IHCTerra Vor Monat
5:08 some shooters are cross eye dominant. That means the opposite eye from your dominant hand is dominant. Right handed and left eye dominant or left handed and right eye dominant. They shoot right handed and use their left eye to look down the sights. You kind of facepalmed yourself.
Typhoid Mary
Typhoid Mary Vor Monat
Ok but if I’m correct, the duolingo one about Pizza, was in German and “und” is and in German. I forgot what “bist” was though. I don’t think German has a different word for “pizza”, but then again I am a beginner so idk :/.
Evan Miller
Evan Miller Vor Monat
you are so unfunny
Gbizzle Vor Monat
Am I the only one who thinks his commentary is cringey
Y.U.R.T Vor Monat
Who the hell doesn’t love James? He’s the homiest homie
Petalstar125 Vor Monat
8:40 Who- who made that video? I feel like it's Troom Troom...
Shawn Muench
Shawn Muench Vor Monat
#2 f'ed me-- can't handle that!!
Mackenzie Turner
0:42 1. That is not how you spell my countries name (Australia) 2. That is the flag of New Zealand
MinerB4 Vor Monat
is the moon a planet is the moon is the moon full tonight _Good_ is the moon a star is the moon full _Good_ is the moon made of cheese is the moon bigger than the earth is the moon a satellite _Good_
Woodside Media
Woodside Media Vor Monat
0:40 Thats The New Zealand Flag thank you Very Much
Just Why
Just Why Vor Monat
9:40 you guys are on ios 13 i am stuck on ios 9 with my iPhone 5 s
Shogun Shotgun
Shogun Shotgun Vor Monat
3:25 it isn’t a mistake there is an old bunker you can go in near kelvedon hatch
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles Vor Monat
A shawl is a cloak basically
boltyyy Vor Monat
some of these people are just dumb
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