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This video was redone 5 times for multiple reasons
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13 Sep 2018




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Blendinn Vor 6 Stunden
Jack Mazeika
Jack Mazeika Vor 14 Stunden
This is likes the seventh time I’ve seen this vid and I still laugh like a fucking idiot every time
Mig & Manglepuff
Mig & Manglepuff Vor 15 Stunden
I am drinking bread because i am gorgest
SparklingGarbage l-/ !
SparklingGarbage l-/ ! Vor 16 Stunden
3:32 L I P B Y C H O N K
Dale Harden
Dale Harden Vor 17 Stunden
tomato cocosmut( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hannah Vor Tag
neo letsplays
you do kwt ha^va breed
Herospider Vor Tag
Man, io replpepuy liekedssk thissokwk vdieoeokskskwkwkkdkk
Sausscery Vor Tag
Guardian KuChan
Fecal Future is a thing. aka bad parenting.
Jaksen Robertson
I excange hold hostag Hitler Obame for hold hostag hitler. hitler hold hostag but also hold, hand hook car dorr
Jacob Velasquez
Scouthoose go denk bread
Primidoxal Vor Tag
What manga is the gorgest boi from *I M U S T K N O W*
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Vor 2 Tage
what the text at 6:06 says: I know what manga this guy is from I know what chapter he is from I don’t support these lil troll fucks jeez. Please don’t comment dumb shit, I’ve had to re-Edit this video 4 times.
sweetname Vor 2 Tage
3:09 sound like sims
Lemmy Winks
Lemmy Winks Vor 2 Tage
Tube of corn=funny Corn tube=groddy
Pink bunny
Pink bunny Vor 2 Tage
Oh, WhAt?
Sherman Jonathan
Sherman Jonathan Vor 2 Tage
Me was living good what? Hmmmm mm. Ahhhhh! Blimp!
This is my new favorite sbubrettidsfjwf
lienke Vor 2 Tage
KagamineKitty Vor 2 Tage
Can somebody please tell me where to find a pic of that menu? (I'm 50% sure that's a menu...)
gogobobo Vor 2 Tage
ij4wjhjkfk asd
little rabbit27
little rabbit27 Vor 2 Tage
I laughed so much tea came out of my nose...
Satan Vor 2 Tage
0:38 I’m a very confused metalhead hello
ZackAttack0321 Vor 2 Tage
Tomato cocomut 5:00
99 Gaming Lives
99 Gaming Lives Vor 3 Tage
I hostage Hitler Hitler Trlumpr man
For The Love Of
For The Love Of Vor 3 Tage
Bibimbap is a delicious Korean rice dish.
WolfPaw 377
WolfPaw 377 Vor 3 Tage
6:00 that’s Schnoz from Berserk.
aidan myers
aidan myers Vor 3 Tage
Ew colour
cicinndy N
cicinndy N Vor 3 Tage
bibimbap and kalbi are both real korean dishes lol, the names just seem weird because they're literally the korean words for the foods just romanized into an english spelling...
DJ Wise Pariah
DJ Wise Pariah Vor 3 Tage
This all honestly sounds like people from The Sims games are trying to communicate with us
• Karma •
• Karma • Vor 4 Tage
Young man There are leaves all around I said young man Eat a leaf off the ground I said YOUNG MAN! Won’t they make a cool sound? When you... Stuff! Them! In! Your! *_Leaf hole_*
bepis Vor 4 Tage
whas the deal with the gorgest boy? why is he evil?
I0n Nation
I0n Nation Vor 4 Tage
I like how they were laughing at Bibimbap, and that’s an actual food lmao
Gopnik boy Blyat
Gopnik boy Blyat Vor 4 Tage
Eat pant, and drink it down with bread
Briana Patrick
Briana Patrick Vor 4 Tage
Whats the foonf?
Orion loves Metal
Roses are Red My cousin's a Hippie *CHUNKY DUNK HYDRATING LIPPIE*
nick nick allen nick588
Text here text here text hear text hear text hear text hear text hear text here
Bibimbap is a real dish and it is DELICIOUS. It's like Korean Molcajete and it has a fried egg on top!
Len Kagamine
Len Kagamine Vor 5 Tage
Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie is my new insult. some b: bruh u gay me: chunky dunk hydrating l i p p i e
laminated glass
laminated glass Vor 5 Tage
6:06 whet magnbo are thif
• Karma •
• Karma • Vor 5 Tage
Ah yes My favorite place to go Boston Masturbates
• Karma •
• Karma • Vor 4 Tage
s fridisow are you alright
s fridisow
s fridisow Vor 4 Tage
Lps World
Lps World Vor 5 Tage
I would like a AAAAAAAAAAAA in a hole
DragoXD Vor 5 Tage
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner Vor 5 Tage
Yes I will be there in a few hours and I can do it tomorrow night I will have to get my kids ready and so I will be there in the dysgenic I will work uwhhhh wI uwuwuwuuwywy gene is the best way around here and there are a bunch more than you are in dbebebe this one the way.
hey guys cancer dog is get 15 times cancer they youi and mu Holy crap, I didn't know that!
daf no nseesn Please don't put me on r/ihadastroke. This is a joke. I hate edited comments.
sushie snail
sushie snail Vor 5 Tage
the DISRESPECT, bibimbap is GREAT
Mop Vor 5 Tage
This sounds like The Sims talking
Molly Perez
Molly Perez Vor 5 Tage
3:27 he sounds like a Sim.
Big Quaq
Big Quaq Vor 5 Tage
Reply if you actually drink bread
Tristan  Faivre
Tristan Faivre Vor 5 Tage
Why is my man Schnoz is in this video
Boro Phile
Boro Phile Vor 5 Tage
Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie, i'm dying
Rassy Vor 6 Tage
Kevin S
Kevin S Vor 6 Tage
7:20 leik dis if u cri evryteim
GuyFromSomeWorld Vor 6 Tage
What manga is The Gorgest Boy from?
stemed hams
stemed hams Vor 6 Tage
guys im sorry im going to drink bread y5nubu34 j'4g6ahahahahh9utxbiytv4
Jerrick Bak
Jerrick Bak Vor 6 Tage
Do you have 15 cance
Rusty Boi is a snacc
Rafael Biazon
Rafael Biazon Vor 6 Tage
Thanks for making my day! I've been feeling really sad lately, and your videos made me happy again!
チップ Vor 6 Tage
You have gay
JuicBoxz Vor 6 Tage
A plop dump tour de force!
alberto Villavicencio
This just sounds like the sims
Gilrain Vor 6 Tage
i died watching this died of laughter!
1982 Chevrolet Impala
“I know what manga this guy is from I know what chapter he is from” “I don’t support these lil troll fucks hers please don’t comment dumb shot I’ve had to re-edit this video 4 times”
Endboi Vor 6 Tage
Hi I'd like a cat wich is aaaaaa, I need to put a didlo in a hole! I need a cat for that! It's urgent! I also need some pant and beans!
Ice_wallow _come
Ice_wallow _come Vor 7 Tage
(hamster dance) dee da dee da dee dee do do dee da dee dee do, dee da dee dee da dee man door hand hook car door do
Springlocker25 KeK
My grandma had her 6th last week
Gatex 33d
Gatex 33d Vor 7 Tage
Who is the gorgest boi?
MadamFoogie Vor 7 Tage
iowa goat
iowa goat Vor 7 Tage
McMudbun Vor 7 Tage
Sorrow said “Oh lord” like middle aged white mom
McMudbun Vor 7 Tage
Just how calmly Rihanna says “Dad scotum”
Sydney Harrell
Sydney Harrell Vor 7 Tage
Sorrow’s laugh brings me back to life goddamn
Cannella Orso
Cannella Orso Vor 7 Tage
How does this even happen?
Roses are red Karen’s a whore Man door hand hook car door
Heather and her OCs
That's goregus
Seamus Greene
Seamus Greene Vor 7 Tage
Bibimbap is actually a dish made of marinated beef and white rice, not a stroke
Blue JayJuly
Blue JayJuly Vor 7 Tage
Me before I edit my chapters
Disappointment's Games
*Tomato cocomut*
Something Clever
Something Clever Vor 7 Tage
5:02 that word gives me anxiety.... No wait, that’s just my stomach growling for the Tomato Cocomut.
Sir Unofficial
Sir Unofficial Vor 7 Tage
All hail the Gorgest Boi
goblinfing Vor 7 Tage
Big dicks in his little brothers bum *cat you can choose one, choose wisely Big cat in his little brothers bum Big dicks in his cat brothers bum Big dicks in his little cat bum Big dicks in his little brothers cat
Victoria Briggs
Victoria Briggs Vor 8 Tage
This makes them sound like sims
zoeycuten 1987
zoeycuten 1987 Vor 8 Tage
The awnser is PANT
zoeycuten 1987
zoeycuten 1987 Vor 8 Tage
You have gay
zoeycuten 1987
zoeycuten 1987 Vor 8 Tage
I got an ad about a game called adventure communist
Kithia Vor 8 Tage
bibimbap is an actual word though. it is a korean dish :(
Redwyvern my Kiros
i loce yiur vbofrpd a,mr ee
Mark Mahan
Mark Mahan Vor 8 Tage
Who shall win? Stone grilled bibimbap Or tomato cocomut
Ok is it just me or does all this sound like I'm watching Sims talking to each other
blakE o.
blakE o. Vor 8 Tage
Idiot_ on_the_internet
I am concerned that nobody knows what bibimbap is.....
Kit.12 Vor 8 Tage
3:27 sounds like the plumbus commercial 😂😂
Kit.12 Vor 8 Tage
3:33 sounds like the plumbus commercial 😂😂
holyhotpockets Vor 8 Tage
ive seen this video at least 7 times and i never get tired of it
froomite Vor 8 Tage
man this is the next best thing to having a group of friends over to hang out
Rogue God
Rogue God Vor 8 Tage
bimbimbap is a real thing
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles Vor 8 Tage
Bibimbap is an actual food, so with Kalbi Kuppa.
Nico Funnell
Nico Funnell Vor 8 Tage
Answer to question- the entire jewish population
sen_dd Vor 8 Tage
*T o m a t o c o c o n u t*
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